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Chapter 776: Confrontation

In a flash, numerous people stood in confrontation in the sky. Majestic Yuan Power soared up towards the heavens, causing the atmosphere to be strained while sparks swiftly arose from the tense atmosphere.

The originally noisy area had also rapidly became deathly silent. The members of many factions stared at the sky as caution appeared within their eyes. They were clearly worried that they would be implicated when the battle started.

“Chen Gui, are you really intending on interfering with the grudge between my Yuan Gate and the Dao Sect?” Yuan Cang’s expression was a little gloomy as he gazed at Chen Gui who was blocking him. A cold tone was flowing in his low voice.

“I was assigned this task.” Chen Gui merely smiled faintly and said in the face of these threatening words.

“Lin Dong, our Yuan Gate will be an irreconcilable enemy if you kill Lei Qian!” Ling Zhen kept the foldable fan in his hand. His eyes were staring intently at Lin Dong, who had grabbed Lei Qian by the throat, as he slowly spoke.

“Isn’t it already the case now?” Lin Dong smiled as he said. His young and somewhat pale face seemed to be unusually cold in the eyes of Ling Zhen and the Yuan Gate disciples.

“Lin Dong, are you planning to start a war with our Yuan Gate here?”

Yuan Cang lowered his eyelids. His hand slowly tightened its grip on his sword. There appeared to be a strange grey glow rising deep within his eyes. “Believe me, that ending is not something that you would wish to see… even with Chen Gui’s aid…”

Yuan Cang lifted his face, which could not be considered handsome, after speaking. An unusually dark, cold, and bloodthirsty arc was lifted on his face. “Do not force my hand. Otherwise, Chen Gui will not be able to stop me.”

Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk at this moment. He stared at Yuan Cang. For some unknown reason, a slight unease had began swelling in his heart.

“Oh? In that case, I now really wish to give it a try.” Chen Gui laughed faintly. A chilling aura surfaced on his face which was wearing a ghost mask when he heard Yuan Cang’s words.

“Is that so?”

Yuan Cang’s eyes became increasingly dark. Ling Zhen and the others also leaned their bodies forward after appearing to sense the hostility in Yuan Cang’s tone. An unusually majestic Yuan Power fluctuation spread out in a wave like manner.

In response to this, the faces of Ying Xiaoxiao, Wang Yan and the remaining Dao Sect disciples behind Lin Dong immediately tensed up.

Bang bang!

A rumbling sound was suddenly emitted from the middle of the basin while both parties were facing-off against each other in such a hostile atmosphere. Countless eyes were shocked as they turned towards that spot. After which, they saw that a slight distortion had appeared in that space. Numerous unusually ancient halls seemed to vaguely appear within the distorted space. An ancient aura that could only be formed by the accumulation of time seeped out from the space and spread over the entire area.

“Burning Sky Ancient Stash!”

Many wild joyous exclamations sounded out following the appearance of this usual phenomenon. After which, those many pairs of eyes had suddenly became fiery hot and greedy.

They did not gather here to watch a fight between Yuan Gate and Dao Sect. Their aim was the Burning Sky Ancient Stash that was hidden here!

Earlier, they had placed their attention on the fight between both parties because they were waiting. Now that the main course had appeared, they had naturally begun to shift their attention.

“The ancient stash is about to appear huh…” Lin Dong’s narrowed eyes looked towards the distorted space. He did not expect that it would appear at this moment.

Although space was being distorted, everyone could see the vaguely visible ancient halls inside. However, this space had yet to show signs of being completely opened. It seemed to be lacking a key…

Every gaze in the place was finally thrown towards Yuan Cang without any prior agreement. The reason they had come was because they had obtained news that Yuan Gate would be able to open the ancient stash this time around. Given the situation at this moment, it seemed that it would be up to Yuan Gate to open this ancient stash…

Yuan Cang had clearly also sensed the gathering of these gazes. Immediately, his eyes flickered as he spoke indifferently, “Lin Dong, our aim this time is the Burning Sky Ancient Stash. Only if you release Lei Qian will our Yuan Gate be able to open the ancient stash and allow everyone to share the treasures inside. If you continue to be stubborn, it is likely that no one will be able to open this ancient stash today. At that time, you will end up angering everyone. I believe that you will not be able to bear this burden.”

Yuan Cang’s words was not spoken stealthily. Instead, it spread loudly under the cover of Yuan Power. Finally, it resounded besides everyone’s ear.

“This fellow is really cunning.”

Ying Xiaoxiao’s expression changed a little. This act of Yuan Cang clearly intended to cause Dao Sect to be placed in a position that opposed everyone. Through this, he would force Dao Sect to release Lei Qian. This tactic was really cunning.

The expressions of Wang Yan and the rest also sunk slightly. This was because they could sense that some gazes were already thrown towards them a short while after Yuan Cang uttered those words. There were few friendly intentions within them. Instead, there was only an impatient urging.

“Lin Dong, what should we do?” Wang Yan asked in a low voice. This situation was such that they were forced to face many due to a single sentence from Yuan Cang. It would not be good if this continued to drag on.

Lin Dong knitted his brows slightly as he stared at Yuan Cang. Immediately, he glanced at the red faced Lei Qian, whose neck was grabbed by him. A moment later, he finally laughed faintly, “Since brother Yuan Cang is so magnanimous, I will naturally have to give you some face. It was merely a spar earlier. I have no intention of taking any lives.”

The Yuan Gate disciples’ faces involuntarily when they heard these words. They could clearly sense the surging killing intent from Lin Dong earlier. All of them understood that Lin Dong was definitely intent on killing Lei Qian earlier. This was completely different from what he had said.

“Brother Lin Dong is truly someone who can see the big picture.” A smile surfaced on Yuan Cang’s face. However, this smile was filled with a kind of extremely dark and malicious feeling no matter how one looked at it.

“Since this is the case, please release Lei Qian. Consider yourself victorious in this spar.”

It was likely that Yuan Cang was definitely suppressing a violent anger and murderous intent when uttering these words. Given his status, there were hardly anyone amongst the younger generation of the Eastern Xuan Region whom he regarded seriously. There was even less need to talk about lowering himself in this manner.

However, Yuan Cang was after all an extraordinary person. Even though his heart was suppressing his killing intent, a smile had still surfaced on his face. However, this smile caused one’s hair to stand on ends.

Lin Dong tilted his head as he watched Yuan Cang. Immediately, he smiled brilliantly and nodded. Everyone were involuntarily a little speechless when they saw this. From a certain point of view, both parties were the type of people with great patience. They were aware that an old tiger that bared its fangs was not frightening. The one that was frightening was a poisonous snake that could lay quietly in ambush and wait to deliver a fatal blow…

Lin Dong and Yuan Cang seemed to belong in this category.

“How unfortunate…”

Lin Dong glanced at Lei Qian, whom he held in his hand. The corners of his mouth curled. He ceased hesitating and casually tossed Lei Qian aside. However, no one discovered that an unusual black glow had quietly entered Lei Qian’s body when Lin Dong’s hand removed itself from Lei Qian’s throat.

Lei Qian, who was tossed aside by Lin Dong, was quickly rescued by a couple of Yuan Gate disciples. After which, those unusually vicious eyes on his pale face stared intently at Lin Dong. A roar emerged from his throat, “Lin Dong, once you land in my hands, I will make it such that you will beg for death!”

However, Lin Dong merely smiled faintly in the face of Lei Qian’s vicious roar. It was as though he did not hear anything.

“All of us have really underestimated you…” The smile on Yuan Cang’s face withdrew slightly when he saw Lin Dong release Lei Qian. After which, he began to slowly speak.

“You are the most difficult person from Dao Sect to deal with this time around…”

“You are too kind.”

Lin Dong laughed. His appearance infuriated Lei Qian to the point that the latter had the impulse to spit out blood. A dark look also surged onto the Little Spirit King Ling Zhen’s face. Only Little Yuan King Yuan Cang continued to have an impassive face.

“However… the Great Sect Competition will not end so easily this time around. Lin Dong, trust me when I say that you will pay the price.” Yuan Cang stared at Lin Dong and spoke with a faint smile.

Lin Dong nodded while sharing the same thought. A brilliant smile had also surged onto his face at this moment. His subsequent words, however, caused Yuan Cang’s expression to involuntarily become ugly despite his willpower.

“If you have finished your nonsense, can you please open the ancient stash?”

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