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Chapter 769: Getting Someone Else to do One’s Dirty Work

“It seems that most of the people who entered Unique Devil Region this time have come here…” Ying Xiaoxiao watched the locust like human figures shuttling within the enormous basin and said as surprise flashed across her eyes.

“Although there were quite a number people who came here in past competitions, the numbers have never reached such a scale. It seems that everyone has come in hopes of getting a share after hearing that Yuan Gate seems to be confident in opening the Burning Sky Ancient Stash.”

Lin Dong nodded slightly. There was some surprised within his heart. Although he was unaware of just what use the light tablet formed from the melted copper cauldron had, it was definitely related to the Burning Sky Ancient Stash. However, could it be that Yuan Gate had also obtained something similar to this light tablet of his?

“Let’s head over too.”

Ying Xiaoxiao’s eyes looked towards the middle of the bright red basin. After which, her body rushed forward while Lin Dong and the rest immediately followed behind.

After approaching this middle area, Lin Dong’s group could clearly sense quite a number of powerful hidden presences begin to appear. It seemed that this place was truly filled with hidden experts. There were quite a number of nine Yuan Nirvana stage experts present.

“As expected, the other super sects have all arrived.”

Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly swept over certain spots in the central area. He could see a few large groups of people. These people were all disciples of the other super sects. Even those from Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace were amongst them.

After the appearance of this large group of disciples that included Lin Dong, many eyes from the area began to shift over. However, mocking expressions that suggested that they were watching a show involuntarily flashed across the faces of these people when they saw the former.

Everyone knew that Yuan Gate would definitely be present at this Burning Sky Ancient Stash. From the way they saw it, these Dao Sect disciples, who had an extremely deep grudge with Yuan Gate, should think of ways to avoid this place instead. However, from what they could see, it was obvious that the Dao Sect disciples did not do so…

Hence, the Dao Sect disciples would definitely meet the Yuan Gate disciples. A good show would likely be unavoidable at that time.

“It’s big brother Lin Dong.”

Su Ruo, who was with the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace disciples, gazed at Dao Sect disciples flying over from far away. Joy immediately surged on her face.

“The Dao Sect disciples have also come huh…” Ling Qingzhu also raised her head and looked in the same direction. Immediately, she knitted her brows slightly. After which, her gaze turned towards most central spot in the area. A large group of people were quietly seated there and gave off a faint but astonishing undulation. Those were the disciples from Yuan Gate.

“I wonder just what these fellows are thinking. Don’t they know that Yuan Gate would also be here? And yet they still swaggered over in such a manner. Do they really think that Yuan Cang and the two are kind individuals?” A handsome man stood behind Ling Qingzhu. He was called Wu Qun and was also one of the top experts amongst the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace younger generation. He had seen the confrontation between Lin Dong and Lei Qian at Treasure Seeking District back then. Similarly, he had also seen the subsequent exchange between Lin Dong and Ling Qingzhu. Although the latter still appeared indifferent, he was able to sense an unusual fluctuation under Ling Qingzhu’s calmness due to him being acquainted with her for many years.

This fluctuation of Ling Qingzhu’s state of mind caused Wu Qun to feel somewhat uncomfortable. This was because he was clearly aware that such a situation rarely occurred for Ling Qingzhu.

“Big brother Lin Dong is definitely not a reckless person. He will give serious consideration to whatever action he takes. Since he dares to bring the Dao Sect disciples over, he is definitely not afraid of Yuan Gate making things difficult for them.” Su Ruo involuntarily retorted after Wu Qun spoke.

The opponents that Lin Dong had met in the Ancient Battlefield back then also far surpassed them in terms of strength. There were many people who were gloating just like how it was at this moment. Each time however, that young man, who had merely come from a low rank empire, was able to survive with a smile on his face. Behind him was a bloody aura that rose to the skies.

Although Su Ruo had currently joined Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace, Su Ruo still believed that the skinny figure, who had led her and her elder brother to walk out from Wanxiang City and eventually stood at the peak of the Hundred Empire Mountain, was the one person in this world that could not be shaken…

She firmly believed that no one in this world would truly be able to knock down that figure.

“Don’t tell me that you think that he will be able to exchange blows with the three little kings?” Wu Cao smiled faintly. He had seen the face off between Lin Dong and Lei Qian back then. Although the latter was forced to withdraw in a dejected manner at that time, it was due to his earlier boasting. If the two were to directly face each other, Wu Cao did not believe that Lin Dong would truly be able to contend against Lei Qian.

Su Ruo was stunned for a moment. The current her was after all no longer that timid young lady from back then. Therefore, she was clearly aware of the strength of the three little kings from Yuan Gate. However, after some hesitation, she seriously nodded and said, “Big brother Lin Dong is not afraid of them!”


Wu Qun shrugged his shoulders noncommittally. Given his status, there were seldom any disciples within Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace who dared to argue with him. However, this Su Ruo in front of him was clearly not within this category. Although she had joined Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace for less than a year, the improvement in her strength could be considered frightening. Moreover, he was also aware that if the latter was to really go all out, it was likely that only Ling Qingzhu amongst the younger generation of the entire Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace would be able to subdue her.

Ling Qingzhu quietly listened to the argument between the two. The extent to which Su Ruo worshipped Lin Dong caused even her to be a little surprised. She could be considered to have some understanding of this junior sister, whose reputation within Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace was currently soaring. Although her character was weak when she had just arrived, her heart clearly had a certain persistence. Although Su Ruo was usually quite respectful towards her, it was far from the blind worship of Lin Dong that she had…

Of course, being unaware of what happened during the Hundred Empire War back then, she was naturally unable to understand this. The pair of siblings, who had been chased after by others to the point of not daring to even enter Wanxiang City had met three people at a bonfire during that icy cold night. At that moment, the gentle and friendly smile on the face of the skinny young man was akin to salvation towards this pair of sibling, who were had almost fallen into despair…

The Dao Sect disciples slowly landed in the middle area before the eyes from all over the place. Their eyes briefly swept around and coincidentally looked towards a spot right at the front. It was the place where the Yuan Gate disciples were

“We have indeed encountered them…”

Lin Dong narrowed his eyes. There was little surprise within them. Clearly, he had expected such a situation.

Ying Xiaoxiao gave a hand signal. The many Dao Sect disciples began to sit down and recuperate. However, there was caution within their eyes. They were scattered apart in an orderly manner. If anything happened, they would be able to immediately form a formation and meet their enemy in battle. The effect of the training over the past ten days was clearly rather substantial.

“Everyone be careful.” Lin Dong softly whispered to Ying Huanhuan beside him.


Ying Huanhuan nodded. She spread her hand and a jade green zither appeared in a flash. Her appearance was also that of someone waiting cautiously.

Soon after Lin Dong’s group had landed, numerous rushing wind sounds suddenly appeared. Lin Dong raised his head, only to be momentarily startled. This was because that person who had come was actually Xue Ling from Sword Sect whom they had met some time before.

Lin Dong’s group frowned slightly when they saw him. Could it be that this fellow was still bearing a grudge towards them because of the matter from last time?

“Heh heh, it’s surprising that you have all managed to escape from the demon corpses. Your abilities are not bad.” Xue Ling landed from the air. Immediately, his eyes looked towards Lin Dong’s group with some surprise as he laughed.

Seeing that Xue Ling did not appear to be hostile towards them, Lin Dong’s expression also warmed a little. He smilingly said, “Brother Xue is also quite skilled. Those two demon corpses were not easy to deal with.”

“*Sigh*, we were not able to deal with them. We were helplessly chased for a long time, and having no other choice, we drew them towards a place with many people before secretly fleeing…” Xue Ling spoke in a helpless manner.

Lin Dong’s group immediately exchanged glances when they heard this. This fellow was really ruthless. When he realized that he could not resolve the matter himself, he had actually used others as a diversion. Those whom the disaster had been lured towards were truly unfortunate. No one knew if they managed to finish off the two demon corpses in the end…

“However, all of you are quite bold. You are aware that Yuan Gate is here, yet you have still come…”

Xue Ling looked towards the direction of Yuan Gate in the distance. After which, he said, “On the account of you having the intention to share the Mysterious Life Bone Beads equally last time, I shall remind you as a friend that Yuan Gate will definitely come and clear this place later. All of you should be careful. Give in a little if there is no other choice. Do not let things end up like the last Great Sect Competition…”

“Thanks.” Lin Dong cupped his hands together towards Xue Ling and smilingly said.

Xue Ling cupped his hands together and did not speak any further. He led a couple of Sword Sect disciples to return to the area where they had been at.

Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly narrowed after Xue Ling left. This was because he saw two disciples stepping away from the Yuan Gate area. After which, they walked towards two factions that seemed to be considered super sects, but had yet to reach the level of the eight great super sects.

Soon after, the two groups began to stand up. They slowly marched towards the Dao Sect disciples in plain sight. From the looks of it, they bore ill intent.

“Getting someone else to do your dirty work huh…”

Lin Dong lowered his eyelids. A cold gleam bubbled within his eyes.

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