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Chapter 751: Unique Devil Region

The Unique Devil Region was situated in the middle of Eastern Xuan Region. This region was considered as one of the most well known areas in Eastern Xuan Region. The great war during the ancient times was too distant of a memory for the people now and they did not know the backdrop of that earth-shaking battle. However, they were aware that countless experts from the ancient times died within the Unique Devil Region. Hence, many alluring ancient treasures and inheritances were hidden in this extremely dangerous land.

Even during a typical day, the area around the Unique Devil Region was always bustling with people. Although the Unique Devil Region was extremely dangerous, there were still countless experts continuously visiting it. After all, in this world, the allure of treasures was sufficient to cause one to be unable to resist and forget about death…

Outside of the Unique Devil Region, there were many cities. Amongst them, the Unique Devil City was the grandest one. As it was a chaotic place filled with all sorts of people, the city did not have anyone managing it. However, in any place, as long as there was a large group of people, there would naturally be rules being borned. Regardless of whether it was an open rule or an unspoken one, one must naturally obey them in order to survive. Hence, this Unique Devil City, which supposedly belonged to no one, had its own unspoken set of rules and managed to survive on its own order…

When the large group from Dao Sect gradually entered the Unique Devil Region, they were also able to see that there were quite a number of people flying across the sky and rushing over from all directions in the sky. Everyone’s destination was clearly the same.

Since it was an extremely grand event in Eastern Xuan Region, there was no need to even mention about Great Sect Competition’s ability to attract participants.

“It is truly spectacular…”

A admiration flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes when he saw this scene. Although he had experienced the Hundred Empire War and it was quite a large event, it was clearly inferior when compared to the Great Sect Competition. After all, during that Hundred Empire War, a six Yuan Nirvana Stage practitioner was already the top participant, while in this competition, that cultivation level was merely the entry qualification to participate…

“We have already entered the Unique Devil Region. It is likely that we will reach the Unique Devil City soon. All of you will know what is called spectacular when we reach that place. Haha.” Pang Tong laughed from beside Lin Dong.

Lin Dong nodded slightly. He lifted his eyes and looked into the distance. Ever since he had entered this region, he noticed that the colour of the ground had turned dark black. This colour gradually became even richer as he extended his sight. In the end, it was as though the distant sky had become extremely dark, causing one’s heart to feel pressured.

This dark colour caused Lin Dong’s heart to feel somewhat uncomfortable. He had obtained some memories left behind from the ancient times before. Therefore, he was aware of just how frightening and evil these unknown dark creatures were. No one knew just what was hidden within this grand ancient battlefield…

While Lin Dong lowered his head and fell into a deep thought, large groups of people flew past them rapidly. This continued for around ten minutes before an enormous mountain appeared. After which, an earthshaking noise suddenly spread across the sky.

Lin Dong lifted his head after being disturbed by this noise. Soon after, he saw a seemingly endless black city in his sight. The city was just like an ancient black dragon that stood in a lonely manner and emitted an ancient and icy cold feeling.

Human figures entered and left the sky around the black city like a locust swarm. A monstrous and deafening noise also swept out from it and covered this entire area.

“This is the Unique Devil City…” Pang Tong pointed towards the enormous black thing, parted the corner of his mouth and laughed.

“Follow me into the city. The Unique Devil City is chaotic and has all sorts of people. Everyone should be careful.”

Standing in front of the group, Qi Lei warned them in a stern manner. After which, he exchanged glances with Chen Zhen and the other hall chiefs. Only then, did he rush out and led the large group to fly into the enormous city.

Although the human figures who had arrived around the Unique Devil City were just like locust, it was still rare for such a large group of people to enter the city all at once. Hence, the Dao Sect group attracted the eyes of the entire place when they approached the Unique Devil City.

“Ah, are they from Dao Sect? Even they have arrived…”

“They are indeed one of the eight super sects. Four Mysterious Life Stage experts leading the group. This is quite grand.”

“They are not the ones participating in the Great Sect Competition. Instead, it will be a fight between their disciples. During the last competition, it is rumoured that Dao Sect suffered quite a heavy loss. Even their most outstanding disciple back then died in the hands of Yuan Gate. To be honest, those fellows from Yuan Gate are truly ruthless.”

“That’s right. The grudge between Yuan Gate and Dao Sect is very deep. I wonder who will be able to gain the upper hand this time around.”

“It is likely going to be Yuan Gate again. The reputation of the three little kings in Yuan Gate is extremely well known. It is likely that no one amongst the Dao Sect younger generation members can compete with them…”

“Some time ago, there was a pretty renowned newcomer in Dao Sect. He seems to be called Lin Dong and he even defeated Yao Ling from Devil Seal Mass…

“I have heard about this matter as well. However, Yao Ling cannot be compared with the three little kings in Yuan Gate. In any case, there is going to be a good show during this Great Sect Competition…”

Private conversations swiftly spread over the entire place and some of them also landed into the ears of the Dao Sect’s disciples. Immediately, their eyes became a little furious and gloomy.

“Darn the Yuan Gate. If I fail to kill a few of them during this Great Sect competition, how can I be accountable to the juniors from Desolate Hall…” Jiang Hao’s expression was dark and solemn as he gritted his teeth and said. Quite a number of Dao Sect’s disciples beside him nodded in agreement.

Lin Dong curled his mouth. It seemed like the enmity between Dao Sect and Yuan Gate was quite deep. It was likely that they would not pass by each other peacefully within the Unique Devil Region should they meet…

Qi Lei and the others had indifferent expression in contrast to these outraged disciples. They were not overly concerned. Their expression suddenly changed when they led the disciples and walked inside the Unique Devil Region. They turned their heads and looked towards another part of the sky. Some hurried rushing wind sound also appeared from that spot. After which, a similarly large group of people appeared in front of their eyes.

“They are…”

Lin Dong narrowed his eyes and looked into the distance. There were quite a number of people in that group as well and they were all wearing gray robes. Moreover, a dark and stern ripple was being vaguely emitted from their bodies, involuntarily attracting one’s attention.

“The people from Thousand Puppet Sect.” Pang Tong softly said.


Lin Dong’s brows were lifted faintly. The Thousand Puppet Sect was also one of the eight super sects. However, their method of fighting was exceptional. Moreover, they were extremely troublesome to deal with. That was because every Thousand Puppet Sect’s disciple possessed a Life Essence Puppet. Since he had a puppet before, Lin Dong was naturally clearly aware of this.

“Do you see the person right in front? If I am not mistaken, he should be the most outstanding person amongst the Thousand Puppet Sect younger generation members, demon Gui Li…”

“Demon Gu Li.” Lin Dong’s eyes looked over. All he saw was a man standing straight behind two gray robed elders. It was a gray clothed young man with an indifferent expression. A grayish-white colour appeared on the young man’s face. Moreover, the dark and cold ripple that was vaguely emitted from within his body was also unusually powerful. Clearly, he had reached the nine Yuan Nirvana Stage.

“It is rumoured that his Life Essence Puppet has also been refined to a grade nine Soul Puppet and it is not inferior to a nine Yuan Nirvana Stage expert. We must be careful if we meet him in the future…”

A surprised tinge flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. Grade nine soul puppet. Putting it in this context, this fellow could basically use two to fight one when battling others.

It appeared that the gray clothed young man sensed something as well when Lin Dong was looking on him. His eyes, which contained a greyish hue, shot over indifferently. It appeared as though there was a trace of dark and cold feeling vaguely penetrating through the air and engulfing him.


Lin Dong’s expression was calm. An invisible Mental Energy spread apart and directly expelled the dark and cold aura, which felt just like maggots in one’s bones. A trace of Devouring Power was adhered to his Mental Energy, which directly devoured all the dark and cold aura, which was difficult to deal with, before expelling them.


That gray clothed man’s expression changed only when his dark and cold aura was being devoured. A surprised expression flashed across his face. This dark and cold aura was something unique to their Thousand Puppet Sect. Once it wrapped over someone, it would cause that person to feel a great headache. However, that disciple from the Dao Sect was actually able to resolve it so easily…

“Interesting… it is unexpected that Dao Sect actually has another outstanding person besides Ying Xiaoxiao…” The gray clothed young man laughed softly. Immediately, he slowly withdrew his gaze.

“Let’s go.”

Two gray clothed old men in front of that gray clothed disciple exchange glances with Qi Lei’s group. They did not say anything as they waved their hands and led the disciples from Thousand Puppet Sect into the city.

After they reached the city, Qi Lei also led everyone and headed towards part of the city.

Everyone in the surrounding sky looked at these two super sects, which had arrived in the city. After which, they rubbed their hands together with an eager expression in their eyes. A grand event in Eastern Xuan Region was finally about to begin. No one knew which party would be able to come up on top.

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