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WDQK Chapter 75: Shattering Yuan Shrapnel

Inside a wooden house, Lin Dong was seated down quietly with both of his eyes tightly shut. The air around him rippled, as streams of Yuan Power were continuously synthesized from Heaven and Earth, before they were absorbed into his body through his skin.

Currently, Lin Dong was fully concentrating on his Dan Tian. Now that he had stepped into Heavenly Yuan Stage, there were some noticeable changes happening in his Dan Tian.

The original Yuan Power in his body had taken on a deep blue hue because he had absorbed the Yin Energy from Qing Tan’s body. As such his Yuan Power contained a rich and vibrant Yin Energy.

However, now that he had advanced to Heavenly Yuan Stage, Lin Dong was finally able to absorb Yang Energy from Heaven and Earth. Naturally, Yang Energy had an entirely different attribute from Yin Energy. One was bright and scorching, while the other was cold and icy. Therefore, when the two of them interacted with each, it was akin to water mixing with fire. They were completely incompatible.

Right now, the Yuan Power in Lin Dong’s body was largely deep blue in color. Only a tiny portion appeared light-red in color. Compared to the rest of the Yuan Power, it seemed far too insignificant.

Red and blue, interwoven in his Dan Tian, distinct like two immiscible liquids.

Lin Dong could only helplessly shake his head as he observed the state of his Dan Tian. After all, the Yin Energy in his Dan Tian was extremely powerful and potent while the Yang Energy that he absorbed recently was of the most ordinary grade. As such, it was clearly unable to contend against the potent Yin Energy inside his Dan Tian.

“To reach Heavenly Yuan Late Stage, I must balance the Yin and Yang Energy in my body. Only then, can I proceed to the next step of attempting to fuse them together, reaching the step of successfully synergizing Yin and Yang and then condensing them to form Dan.”

As this thought flashed across his mind, Lin Dong gradually opened his eyes, a pained smile on his face. It seems like there was a downside to absorbing such potent Yin Energy. After all, even though he could directly obtain Yin Energy from Qing Tan’s body, but what about Yang Energy? Where exactly can he find such a potent Yang Energy that could counter the Yin Energy from Qing Tan’s body?

In fact, the Yin Pearls condensed from Qing Tan’s body were considered Grade 5 Yin Energy. To makes matters worse, Lin Dong had directly absorbed Yin Energy from Qing Tan’s body thus the Yin Energy he had absorbed was even more potent. This allowed Lin Dong, who was merely at Earthly Yuan Stage, to match up against a Heavenly Yuan Early Stage practitioner like Wu Sha. However, now that he had reached Heavenly Yuan Stage, it also started to impede his progress…

“I must continue finding a way to obtain some special Yang Energy. If I rely solely upon the Yang Energy from Heaven and Earth, who knows how long it will take before I balance off the Yin Energy in my body?”

Lin Dong sighed as he stood up. In this past half a month’s time, he has been thinking about this problem daily. However, where can one obtain special Yang Energy? Even Lin Zhentian and the rest absorbed normal Yang Energy from Heaven and Earth. Therefore, though Lin Dong had racked his brains over this matter, he was still unable to come up with a solution.

As he thought about this, Lin Dong helplessly shook his head. Promptly, he decided to temporarily suppress this thought. He lifted his palm as ten black shadows instantly flew out from his sleeves before they unexpectedly stopped and suspended themselves in the air around him.

On closer inspection, it turned out that these black shadows were actually ten thumb- sided pitch-black shrapnel. They were about an inch long and had sharp jagged ends. Although they were small, one look would reveal that these tiny items were in fact deadly weapons.

As these black shrapnel hovered around Lin Dong, if a Symbol Master was nearby, he could perhaps sense that these tiny shrapnel were being wrapped with a layer of Mental Energy. That was the reason why they were able to dance around in mid-air.

Lin Dong gazed at these black spots around him, a prideful smile on his face. Ever since he mastered the “Spiritual Movement Chapter” given to him by Master Ruo, his Mental Energy had gotten increasingly stronger. Furthermore, since these shrapnel were crafted from the Shattering Yuan Metal fragments: a victory spoil from Black Dragon Stockade, Lin Dong could control them rather smoothly and easily.

Lin Dong had termed these shrapnel as “Shattering Yuan Shrapnel”. These items had a strong penetration effect and they would be perfect to defend oneself and conduct sneak attacks. Furthermore, since they were secretly being controlled by Lin Dong’s Mental Energy, these “Shattering Yuan Shrapnel” would undoubtedly become one of Lin Dong’s secret killing moves.


As these shrapnel hovered around Lin Dong’s body, Lin Dong suddenly extended his arm. Instantly, these ten shrapnel swiftly flew together in a straight line before a successive clear ‘tu-tu’ sound rang out. These shrapnel had hit and penetrated half an inch into a thick pillar!

If this attack was directed towards a person, he would undoubtedly suffer.

After witnessing this sight, Lin Dong nodded in satisfaction. With a wave of his arm, these “Shattering Yuan Shrapnel” immediately flew back into his sleeves and concealed themselves.

Lin Dong then decided to push open the door and exit. Just as he opened the door, the sounds of a bustling atmosphere entered his ear. Streams of people were constantly entering and surfacing from the mining lode as they carried with them pieces of freshly harvested Yang Yuan Stones.

“Young master Lin Dong.”

When they saw Lin Dong emerge, regardless of status, everyone stopped as they respectfully greeted him. During this period of time, the news that Lin Dong had defeated Wu Sha had spread like wildfire. Everyone now knew that this secretive person, was actually the most talented person in the entire Lin Family.

In response to their respectful greetings, Lin Dong smiled and politely nodded his head. Since he had advanced to Heavenly Yuan Stage, he was able to take up some part of the responsibilities in the family. Therefore, Lin Zhentian decided to hand over operation of the Steel Wood Manor’s mining lode to him.

Naturally, even though he was in charge, Lin Dong did not have to do much beside occasionally inspecting the amount of stones harvested. After all, the rest of the matters will be handled by experienced managers.

Lin Dong stood on a boulder as he stared into the deep mining lode, before he gently nodded his head. Now that they had become more proficient at mining, the amount of stones harvested had multiplied by several times. The enormous profits they now enjoyed, was like heaven and earth compared to before.

After a casual inspection, Lin Dong decided to head back to the manor. However, just as this thought emerged in his head, he suddenly saw a commotion erupt at the exit of the mining lode. Instantly, his eyebrows furrowed as he instructed Qin Ying, who was nearby: “ Uncle Qin Ying, could you go and take a look?”


Upon hearing his words, Qin Ying nodded his head as he swiftly rushed towards the mining lode’s exit. Moments later, he quickly walked back.

“Young Master Lin Dong, when one worker was harvesting Yang Yuan Stones, he seemed to have discovered something else…” Qin Ying walked to Lin Dong’s side as he softly said.

“Oh? Let’s check it out.”

Lin Dong was stunned for a moment before he promptly whistled, Little Flame, which was sunbathing on another boulder, immediately dashed over.

After he saw that Lin Dong was planning to go into the mine personally, Qin Ying immediately waved his hands as a dozen elite guards immediately crowded over and followed Lin Dong into the mining hole.

The current mining hole had grown very large and spacious as they had mined for half a year. However, because this used to be a volcano, there were many tunnels and tiny passages in these mountain. Therefore, even the experienced workers did not know exactly how many passages there were.

With the head worker leading the way, they were able to swiftly traverse inside the mining hole. They followed the twisting passages and finally stopped after ten minutes. At the end of this passage, was a tiny crevice that was barely big enough for one person to squeeze into. Based on the scratch marks on the walls, it seems like this passage was only recently excavated.

“That worker accidently unearthed a tiny tunnel here. Out of curiosity, he decided to explore it. However, in the end, he got severely burnt instead. It seems like it is filled with an extremely hot substance.” The head-worker carefully said.

Lin Dong gently nodded his head before he took two steps forward. With his eyes glued onto the crevice, he suddenly stretched out his hand before slowly reaching in.

As his palm entered that crevice, Lin Dong suddenly felt as if his entire arm was boiling. A powerful and violent hot energy was flowing into his body through his skin, before it was eventually deposited into his Dan Tian. Instantly, an exceptional burning sensation arose in his Dan Tian.

As he felt the changes occurring in his Dan Tian, Lin Dong’s eyes immediately lit up. Moments later, surprise surfaced in his eyes.

That was because, he realized that contained within that burning air, was a special lava-hot Yang Energy!

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