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Chapter 749: Do You Still Remember

Time swiftly passed one day after another amidst the tensed atmosphere within Dao Sect. If the earlier Hall Competition was considered lively, the current atmosphere was truly the prelude of a storm.

This was because everyone knew that the Great Sect Competition was no longer just a sparring session between seniors and juniors. That place was filled with danger. If one was careless, one would easily end up dead. Besides facing those ferocious monsters in the Unique Devil Region, one would also have to be constantly on the lookout for any sneak attack by disciples from the other super sects.

If one wanted to survive in that environment, not only was there a need for close cooperation within one’s team, but there was also a need for them to be powerful. Otherwise, a mistake would not only get oneself killed, but might also end up implicating one’s companions.

In the face of that danger and pressure, the atmosphere within Dao Sect during this period of time was undoubtedly even more stifling as compared to before the Hall Competition.

Lin Dong was seated on a cliff near the Pill River. Waves after waves of mighty natural Yuan Power continuously surged from around him before they finally poured into his body. There was a faint river-flowing sound being emitted from within his body.

Below Lin Dong was a ten thousand feet large platform. At this moment, there were at least ten thousand Dao Sect disciples quietly seated on it. Vast and mighty Yuan Power flowed within the platform. Finally, threads of it were being absorbed by these disciples.

If one was to discuss in terms of individual strength, these disciples might not be considered as the elite. However, with such a huge lineup, the absorption momentum was quite a sight to behold.

Lin Dong observed the vast and mighty scene below before he promptly stretched his lazy waist. Ever since he returned to Dao Sect, he was generally quite relaxed. Even though he did not skimp on his usual training, as one of the senior direct disciples, Lin Dong did not need to participate in these collective training session. Most of his training was done on his own.


After stretching his lazy waist, Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly swept towards his right. He subsequently saw a familiar black robed human figure seated on a rock a short distance away. The black heavy sword on his back caused this figure to appear exceptionally lonely.

“Come over for a talk?” Wang Yan spoke faintly. He also turned his head over when he saw Lin Dong’s eyes looking at his direction.

Lin Dong hesitated for a moment after hearing this before he finally nodded. His body moved and he blotted over before sitting down beside Wang Yan.

Seated beside Wang Yan, Lin Dong glanced at the stubble and injury filled face of the former. He was likely quite handsome in the past. However, he seemed exceptionally old and bitter now.

“I heard that the your group killed a Yuan Gate Elder and two soul generals?” Wang Yan turned his head and looked at Lin Dong. At this moment, his originally soulless eyes had an extreme heated emotion flowing within them.

Lin Dong was momentarily startled. Other than Ying Xuanzi, he never told anyone else about what happened. How did Wang Yan know about it?

“Huanhuan told me… she seems to worry that I will hate you because of the incident during the Hall Competition. Therefore, she secretly came over and told me…” Wang Yan explained.

Lin Dong was speechless. Immediately, he smiled and shook his head. That lass had never appeared in front of him ever since she returned to Dao Sect. It was rumoured that she was forcefully dragged by her elder sister to undertake a retreat and train. Unexpectedly, she would actually tell Wang Yan about this. However, her good intentions still caused Lin Dong to be a little touched.

“She has underestimated senior Wang Yan magnanimity.” Lin Dong laughed.

“She understands me very well. The reason she did this is likely because she was concerned.” Wang Yan replied in a faint voice.

Lin Dong was stunned but he had no idea how he should reply to this. Hence, he could only remain silent.

“The matter this time around is truly a joyous one… I have muddled outside for so many years, but the Yuan Gate disciples that I killed were hardly significant. Compared to the Elder and two soul generals that you guys finished off, it is hardly worth mentioning.” Wang Yan parted his mouth and laughed. His eyes appeared to be scarlet.

“That is only because there was a friend who was tagging along. At my current strength, I am still unable to kill an expert at the advanced Mysterious Life Stage.” Lin Dong shook his head and said.

Wang Yan nodded. He mused for a moment before speaking, “With your current strength, you can be considered outstanding even amongst the super sect younger generation members in Eastern Xuan Region. However, there is still a gap when compared to the top disciples in Yuan Gate.”

“Senior Wang Yan is referring to… the three little kings in Yuan Gate?” Lin Dong narrowed his eyes and asked softly.

“Little Yuan King, Little Ling King, Little Lei King. The three of them are personally taught by the three chiefs in Yuan Gate and they are the strongest younger generation members in Yuan Gate. From a certain point of view, they can be considered as the strongest younger generation members in the entire Eastern Xuan Region. They will likely be our greatest threat in the upcoming Great Sect Competition.” A dark and stern obscure colour flashed across Wang Yan’s eyes as he slowly said.

“Just how strong are these three little kings?” Lin Dong curled his mouth and asked.

“The three of them had once exchanged blows with Mysterious Life Stage experts. Although they were not victorious, they were able to withdraw without being hurt…” Wang Yan replied faintly.

Lin Dong’s pupils hardened. Even the current him could only retreat when facing an expert at the Mysterious Life Stage. This was because the two of them were at completely different levels and it would be very difficult for him to force himself to exchange blows with such an expert. Those three little kings were actually able to achieve this. It seems like they were indeed worthy of being personal disciples of the three sect chiefs in Yuan Gate.

“I have once exchanged blows with Little Lei King, Lei Qian…” Wang Yan lowered his eyes and said.

“Oh? What happened in the end?” Lin Dong lifted his brows and asked.

Wang Yan was silent for a moment before he promptly unbuttoned his shirt. Promptly, Lin Dong saw that there was a glaring palm imprint injury on Wang Yan’s chest. There were numerous slight scars at the edge of the palm imprint, that appeared to have been burnt by flames.

Although the scar of this palm imprint had diminished greatly, Lin Dong was still able to deduce just how serious of an injury Wang Yan had suffered at that time. That palm was likely sufficient to kill him.

“A punch in exchange for a palm. However, after this palm, I ended up seriously wounded while he was still able to fight. If it is not because I was quick to escape, I might have died in his hand…” Wang Yan mocked himself.

Lin Dong’s eyes were somewhat solemn. He had exchanged blows with Wang Yan and was clearly aware of just how powerful the latter was. Yet, that Little Lei King, Lei Qian could defeat Wang Yan. His strength… has likely reached the peak of Nine Yuan Nirvana Stage. It was even possible that his body had began to form some Life Qi and he has touched the entrance to the Mysterious Life Stage…

“Amongst the three little kings in Yuan Gate, Lei Qian is merely ranked third. Above him, there are still Little Ling King and Little Yuan King.” Wang Yan’s expression was gloomy as he slowly explained.

“Even he is merely ranked third…”

Lin Dong curled his mouth. The seriousness in his eyes became increasingly dense. The Dao Sect had typically been suppressed by Yuan Gate. Just in terms of the quality of the disciples alone, the latter far surpassed the former.

“This time around, even if you are included, there are only three Dao Sect disciples who can rival a nine Yuan Nirvana Stage expert. Even if we exclude the three little kings and exclude the two soul generals whom you killed, there are at least six individuals who are at nine Yuan Nirvana Stage…”

Lin Dong laughed bitterly. Not only were they inferior in terms of quality, but there was also such a big gap in terms of quantity.

“It seems like the upcoming Great Sect Competition does not spell well for our Dao Sect.” Lin Dong sighed. He subsequently asked, “Besides the three little king in Yuan Gate, are there any troublesome individuals from the other six super sects?”

“The other six great super sects are no pushovers as well. The strength of their disciples will not be inferior to our Dao Sect. However, the most outstanding person amongst them should likely be Ling Qingzhu from Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace.

“Ling Qingzhu…”

The hand under Lin Dong’s sleeve was basically clenched almost instantly. His straight body also suddenly stiffened for a moment. He was clearly unable to remain calm and indifferent when he heard her name.

Wang Yan glanced at Lin Dong in a strange manner. Clearly, he had sensed the change in the latter’s body. However, he did not probe. All he did was said, “Ling Qingzhu’s reputation amongst the younger generation in Eastern Xuan Region is not inferior to any of the three little kings in Yuan Gate. She is also an extremely rare genius and she has already been selected by the palace chief of Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace to be her final disciple.”

“Back then, Xiaoxiao once exchanged blows with Ling Qingzhu. However, she was defeated by the latter…”

“However, the relationship between our Dao Sect and the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace is quite decent. Unless some great accident occur, they will likely not attack us. Of course, if we can join forces with them, it will be good news for us. Ling Qingzhu is extremely powerful. At the very least, that Little Lei King, Lei Qian, will be no match for her…” Wang Yan appeared to mock himself when he spoke of this point. Although both parties were not considered enemies, Ling Qingzhu would clearly not intervene in the grudge between Dao Sect and Yuan Gate. At the very most, she will just standby idly. Not helping either party was already the best she could do.

“So powerful huh…”

Lin Dong muttered to himself. Some heat gradually surged out from deep within his lowered eyes.

“The other super sects also have some renowned and powerful young experts. The upcoming Great Sect Competition will be quite interesting. I only wonder how our Dao Sect would fare…” Wang Yan slowly said.

Lin Dong grinned and nodded. After which, he raised his head. At this moment, storm clouds drifted over from the horizon before they finally covered the entire sky.

“I really look forward to it…”

The sky became a little darker. However, Wang Yan could hear the soft laughter that was being transmitted over from beside his ear. He tilted his head slightly before seeing the young man beside him lifting the corner of his mouth into an arc.

Hot and sharp. On top of that, there seemed to be a little anticipation.

Ling Qingzhu, do you still remember that tender youth from Great Yan Empire?

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