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Chapter 744: Breaking Core Brewing Spirit

The enormous light array transformed into countless number of light rays in the sky. It covered the entire place and poured down. Lin Dong quietly sat within the large array. His right hand held the Yuan Spirit, which had its consciousness removed while his left hand was holding the golden baby. Numerous rich golden light continued to seep out from these two items. Finally, they continuously tunneled into Lin Dong’s body.

Following the pouring in of these golden light, a circular faint golden arc was being formed on the surface of Lin Dong’s body. Meanwhile, a mysterious ripple slowly scattered from it.

Little Marten looked at Lin Dong, who had entered into training mode before he slowly nodded. Although Lin Dong had yet to form even a trace of Yuan Spirit within his body, by borrowing the Yuan Spirit of an expert at advanced Mysterious Life Stage and the Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva, it was likely that he had a seventy percent chance of forming an initial Yuan Spirit.

“The both of you should also take this opportunity to refine the Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva.” Little Marten’s eyes turned towards Little Flame and Ying Huanhuan before he smilingly said.


Little Flame immediately nodded upon hearing this. Currently, the natural Yuan Power in this place was sufficiently powerful. Along with Little Marten’s protection, it made this place an extremely ideal spot to undertake a retreat and train. Hence, he did not hesitate, pulled back and found a rock. He sat on it and clenched his hand before his Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva appeared. Its resplendent golden light caused the surrounding green leaves to be covered by a layer of faint golden powder.

Ying Huanhuan glanced at Little Flame. At this moment, her hand was also holding onto the Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva. However, she hesitated for a moment. Her pair of bright bewitching large eyes had an expression of great loss flashing over it without her even noticing.

However, that state of mind merely lasted for an instant. Ying Huanhuan also nodded slightly before she shut both her eyes. She held the Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva and began training.

Little Marten’s eyes turned away from Little Flame’s body before they paused on the young lady a short distance away. After which, he frowned slightly. His Celestial Demon Marten body blessed him with an extremely sensitive perception. Ying Huanhuan might not realized it when that bewildered expression flashed deep within her eyes, but Little Marten sensed an extremely strange and obscure fluctuation…

“This girl… is not as simple as she looks on the surface…”

Little Marten muttered to himself. That fluctuation was extremely obscure and even he could not probe deeper. Although he could not understand why that was the case, it was clear that the young lady in front of him was not as simple as she seems. Perhaps the underlying reason was something that even she herself was unaware of…

However, Little Marten did not dwell on this issue. Regardless of Ying Huanhuan’s background, as long as she did not hold any ill intent towards Lin Dong, Little Marten would not care……

Time began to swiftly flow by after the three of them entered into training. The sun rose and set. Within the blink of an eye, one month had passed in this manner…

Little Marten did not leave this mountain during this one month. This place was also one which was sparsely populated. Other than those who occasionally passed by, this place was rather desolated.

This desolation was exactly what Lin Dong’s group needed.

Little Marten was seated quietly within the light array. At this moment, his eyes were locked onto Lin Dong. The Yuan Spirit and Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva on the latter’s hands had paled by half compared to one month ago. However, as it turned pale, the golden light that covered Lin Dong’s body also became increasingly resplendent. Looking from a distance away, it appeared as though there was a layer of golden armour covering him.

Although the golden light on Lin Dong’s body was becoming increasingly bright, the Yuan Spirit did not agglomerate like he had expected…

“Has he yet to fill up his Yuan Dan…”

Little Marten frowned slightly when he saw this scene. Yuan Dan brewed the spirit. If he was unable to fill his Yuan Dan till the saturation point, it was naturally impossible for the Yuan Spirit to be brewed.

Buzz buzz.

Under Little Marten’s careful observation, the golden baby and the Yuan Spirit on Lin Dong’s hands continued to transform into traces of golden energy. It followed Lin Dong’s hands and entered his body.

If it was possible to see the interior of Lin Dong’s body at this moment, one would see two golden energy flowing in from the medians on both of his hands. After which, they would be circulated along the medians before they flowed into his golden Yuan Dan, which was suspended within his Dantian.

A black swirl was rotating above the Yuan Dan. Powerful Devouring Force was emitted from within. Two golden torrent were completely thrown into the swirl. After which, it agglomerated into an increasingly bright golden light on the other side of the swirl. It was just like a dark golden light that surged into the round golden Yuan Dan.

Following the pouring in of that mighty strength, his Yuan Dan also swiftly swelled at a rate visible to the naked eye. Even the luster on its surface became increasingly rich.

Although the size of his Yuan Dan and its colour were slowly changing, his spirit did not breakthrough his Yuan Dan as expected…

Lin Dong’s mind calmly observed this scene, though he did not feel overly disappointed in his heart. He was aware that since he was merely at six Yuan Nirvana Stage, it was impossible for him to even produce Yuan Spirit force, much less talk about forming an initial Yuan Spirit.

Although there was a powerful Yuan Spirit of an advance Mysterious Life Stage expect to aid him, it was still much more difficult for him to form a Yuan Spirit when compared to Ying Huanhuan…

At this juncture, only by waiting patiently would it be possible for him to succeed!

Another half a month quietly passed while Lin Dong quietly trained. Moreover, after that half a month passed, Lin Dong was a little sad to discover that he had already finished absorbing the Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva…

“This is like a pig that only eats without growing!”

Lin Dong felt a little grieved and irritated as he saw that his Yuan Dan did not exhibit any actual changes despite having absorbed so much energy. His heart involuntarily cursed angrily. This time around, he no longer had the Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva. With just a Yuan Spirit alone, it was likely quite difficult for him to form a initial Yuan Spirit…

After swearing twice within his heart, Lin Dong could only helplessly shake his head. However, just when he was about to stop training, he suddenly sensed his hand turn cool. Soon after, another wave of powerful Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva energy flowed into his body…


This unexpected change caused Lin Dong to be startled. Immediately, he seemed to have understood something as a warm sensation flowed through his heart. Each of them had gotten one of the four Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva. It was likely that Little Flame and Ying Huanhuan were currently using theirs. Hence, the only one remaining was likely the one in Little Marten’s possession…

Lin Dong exhaled gently within his heart as he gradually rid the traces of irritation within his heart. After which, he focused his mind and quietly absorbed the second Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva.

The absorption process this time around merely lasted for one week.

When the final trace of energy from the second Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva converged with the Yuan Spirit force and quietly flowed into his dark golden Yuan Dan, which already occupied half of his Dantian, that Yuan Dan, which had remained quiet for a long time, finally trembled.

Buzz buzz.

When that slight quivering sound spread within Lin Dong’s Dantian, his mind was instantly alerted. After which, his heart was joyous as he stared intently at his trembling Yuan Dan.

At this moment, the luster on the surface of his Dantain was so rich that it appeared to be pure gold in colour. At a glance, it appeared like a bright golden egg. Currently, this golden egg was continuously trembling.


As his golden Yuan Dan shook violently, an extremely slight but pleasing sound suddenly appeared. One could see that there were numerous small cracks appearing on the surface of his Yuan Dan at this moment.

Crack crack.

The crack lines spread at a shocking speed. Soon, it had spread to the entire surface of the Yuan Dan. There was a vague golden light shooting out from within those cracks.

Even with Lin Dong’s temperament, he turned excited when he saw this scene. After having fed it for so long, this greedy thing finally had a response.

The bright golden light finally reached its densest level before his entire Yuan Dan completely split apart. Golden light whizzed apart within the Dantian.

Lin Dong’s attention was focused intently on the middle as the golden light whizzed forth. Golden light continuously gathered at that spot before a palm-sized golden illusionary figure finally appeared slowly…

Lin Dong’s body immediately trembled intensely when this golden illusionary figure appeared. An extremely mysterious feeling suddenly sprouted forth within his body. At that instant, he was able to sense his soul and flesh being separated. However, there were still tens of thousands winding ripples rising within his heart.

“Is this a Yuan Spirit…”

Lin Dong’s mind watched the golden illusory figure appearing in his Dantian while he muttered to himself. His voice was filled with unconcealable excitement.

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