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Chapter 742: Battle of Techniques

Yuan Gate.

As the strongest super sect within Eastern Xuan Region, the land taken up by Yuan Gate was in no way lacking when compared to Dao Sect. There were dozens of empires that existed with the boundaries of Yuan Gate alone and these empires all treated Yuan Gate as their supreme leader. Even the changing of leaders within these empires required the approval from Yuan Gate. In this area, Yuan Gate was undoubtedly the true overlord.

As for the region where Yuan Gate was situated in, it was known as Yuan Region. Within the region, the status of a Yuan Gate disciple was extremely exalted. If they were to walk into any of those empires, even the emperors would have to treat them with respect.

In the central most location of the Yuan Region, was where Yuan Gate was. Within the depths of Yuan Gate, three mountains floated in the air. Countless rays of light shot down from the peaks of the mountains like glorious suns, illuminating the entire Yuan Gate.

These three lofty mountains were the holy lands within the hearts of countless Yuan Gate disciple. They were the seclusion grounds for the three great sect masters of Yuan Gate.

Within the depths of the rightmost mountain, a peakless stone pagoda proudly stood. On the surface of the stone pagoda, laid the vestiges of time, motley and full of the vicissitudes of life.

Seated quietly atop this stone pagoda, was an old figure dressed in a purplish gold robe. There was not a single trace of Yuan Power fluctuation emitted from this man. However, if one was to carefully observe, one would discover that the Yuan Power fluctuation of the surrounding area was seemingly accompanying the figure’s breathing…

This peaceful scene lasted for an unknown amount of time before a faint snapping sound suddenly rang out. In the next moment, the quietly seated figure moved a little before slowly opening his eyes.


When his eyes opened, storm clouds and strong gales immediately filled the sky, causing all the tree leaves to violent dance and sway.

That figure had a head full of silver hair, while the vicissitudes of life pervaded the depths of his eyes. Oddly enough, the face on the figure was a fair and soft as a baby. This was obviously a very strange pairing, however, it gave one a feeling of incomparable harmony.

The figure slowly extended a palm from his sleeves which contained three pieces of broken jade. There were three distinct faces on the surface of these jades pieces and they were precisely Elder Jiang and the other two that had been finished off by Lin Dong and the others.

The silver haired man looked quietly at the broken jade pieces within his palm. A glint of radiance flashed past the depths of his eyes, carrying along with it a power that pierced the heavens.

“There are actually people who dare to kill an Elder of Yuan Gate… which great one could it be, looks like I’ll have to take a look…”

The silver haired man gave a faint smile before closing his eyes once again. In the next moment, a golden glow shot out from his forehead, immediately tearing apart the space in from of him. Transforming into a shadow, the golden glow drilled straight into the crack in space. 

Four figures shot out from within Demon Sound Mountain. After which, they hovered in mid-air before they turned to look at this messy ground. Right now, that mountain completely reeked of blood.

“The Demon Sound Mountain has an extremely terrible reputation and they commit heinous deeds daily. Conveniently destroying it today can be considered as performing a good deed,” said Little Marten with a smile as he looked at the scene before him.

Lin Dong smiled before retracting his gaze and saying, “Let’s leave this area and find a safe place to refine the “Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva”.”

“Yes, we have caused quite a commotion and there might be people rushing over here in a short while. Although destroying the Demon Sound Mountain is not a problem, the key lies in the three members from Yuan Gate. Once news of this matter reaches Yuan Gate, they will likely fly into a rage and come charging over.” said Ying Huanhuan.

Lin Dong nodded his head. Those three people were no ordinary individuals. Therefore, if they were killed, there was no way Yuan Gate would let this matter go. Therefore, it was best for them to leave this area as soon as possible.

With this thought in mind, Lin Dong ceased speaking. With a gentle wave of his hand, he transformed into a shade and shot outwards from the mountain range, while Little Marten the other two immediately followed closely behind.

After they left, the area turned completely silent once again, only leaving a thick smell that reeked of blood to drift in the air.

This silence, however, did not last for long. Approximately half a day later, the space suddenly fluctuated before a crack appeared and a golden shade slowly walked out from within. His gaze swept across the area before resting on the place where Shen Yun’s and Xia Yan’s bodies were smashed into dust, causing him to narrow his eyes.

“Even their Yuan Spirits were thoroughly shattered. These guys are truly thorough…”

The golden shade patted gently towards the Demon Sound Mountain with his palm, causing the entire mountain to immediately rumble and collapse. After a few short breaths, the entire mountain peak was directly patted and flattened by him.  

“However…can you guys escape?”

After crushing the mountain peak, the golden shade tilted his head slightly while looking towards the direction which Lin Dong and the rest had headed to. Giving a faint smile, the space in front of him ruptured open before his figure drilled into it once again.

Four figures traveled across a piece of sky far away from the Demon Sound Mountain, carrying along low sonic booms as they shot past. 


One of them suddenly froze in mid air. Upon seeing this, the other three could not help but be startled, before they hurriedly came to a halt and looked behind as well.

“What’s the matter?” Lin Dong asked, puzzled as he looked at Little Marten who had suddenly stopped.

At this moment, the expression on Little Marten’s face was abnormally grave and his smile had completely disappeared. His gaze closely scrutinized a position far away as if it could pierce through space.

“We are being chased by someone,” said Little Marten in a low voice.

Upon hearing these words, the expressions on Lin Dong and the rests’ faces instantaneously changed.

“Heh, there is someone that is shuttling through space to chase after us. He is very capable and he must be a bigshot. It might even be one of the three great sect masters in Yuan Gate.” Little Marten laughed grimly while his gaze turned somewhat gloomy.

Lin Dong’s pupils contracted immediately upon hearing this, as his face turned serious. He never imagined that the three great sect master were actually so capable. They were able to track them even while they were still in Yuan Gate. One can only wonder how powerful these beings were.

“What should we do?” asked Little Flame in a deep voice.

“Although your grandpa Marten can’t defeat him now, he won’t be able obstruct us if we want to leave!” said Little Marten with a sneer. His hands suddenly came together before a purplish black glow swept up from within his body. In the next instant, it transformed into a revolving purplish black light array. Around the light array, space seemed to show signs of fragmenting.

“Let’s go.”

After the light array appeared, Little Marten waved his sleeves and created a gale that brought Lin Dong and the rest into the light array. After they entered it, the light array started to rapidly revolve, causing space to shatter and fragment. With a swish, the light array and the four of them disappeared in a flash.

After the four of them disappeared, this patch of space returned to its original quiet state till approximately half an hour later. A space fissure tore open at a place not far from here before a golden figure stepped out from within once again.

“Spatial teleportation…capable indeed…”

As the golden figure appeared, he looked in the direction which Lin Dong and the rest had disappeared. Frowning, he mumbled to himself, “ I am getting more and more interested in you guys…”

After his words sounded out, that golden figure gave a forward pat with his palm, causing a mirror made of light to suddenly appear. It illuminated the area where Little Marten’s light array had disappeared. Under the illumination, the space started to squirm before transforming into a black channel. The mirror of light shone onto the black channel, trying to track the direction in which Lin Dong and the rest had disappeared to.


However, just as the mirror of light was searching, storm clouds suddenly aggregated in the surrounding skies. A bolt of light suddenly shot out from within the black clouds and swiftly smashed the mirror of light, causing it to directly explode.


This sudden turn of events caused the expression of the golden figure to change as he shouted out.

However, there was no answer as the black clouds in the sky started to rapidly dissipate, turning into the previous scene as if it was only an illusion.

The golden figure looked gloomily at the dissipating black clouds before looking at the black hole that had disappeared. The traces that were left behind had thoroughly disappeared and even he had lost the ability to track them.


Having reached this stage, even he had no choice but to give up. Giving an angry snort, he gazed chillingly at the patch of sky before turning around and disappearing.

As the golden shade disappeared, in a distant bamboo hut located deep within Dao Sect, Ying Xuanzi indifferently opened his eyes, before a mocking smile appeared from the corners of his mouth.

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