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WDQK Chapter 74: Massacring the Black Dragon Stockade

The next day, when the sky was still shrouded in darkness, many men gathered in the Steel Wood Manor. These men were dressed from head to toe in black, even the horses hooves were bounded with layers of cloth. Everyone worked in an eerie silence as a faint icy-cold murderous intent hung in the air.

Lin Zhentian gazed at the assembled men as a cold glint flashed across his eyes. Without any needless words, he waved his hand, signalling the entire troop, as he, Lin Xiao and Lin Mang led the group out of the manor like a black tidal wave.

Atop the manor walls, Lin Dong stood while he gazed at the Lin Family troops, that were quickly fading away into the darkness of the early morning, and let out a soft sigh. This was the first time he had seen the Lin Family muster such a large force. It was easy to imagine the shocked expressions the other factions in the vicinity would have, after they heard of the complete extermination of the Black Dragon Stockade.

Looks like Lin Zhentian and his group no longer planned to continue enduring like before…

The sky gradually brightened as the sun broke through the restraints of the horizon to once again shine its warm rays upon the vast lands and the endless seas.

Quite a few of the Lin Family younger generation members were crowded on the manor walls: Lin Dong sat on a stone block as he chatted with Qing Tan, Lin Xia and the rest.

While they chatted, he noticed that Lin Xia and the rest constantly glanced towards the distance, with slight worry and concern in their eyes.

“*Chuckles*, don’t worry. Although the Black Dragon Stockade is strong, this time, our Lin Family has gathered all our forces and set out in full strength, and even grandfather has personally joined in. This can end in no other way for the Black Dragon Stockade.” Lin Dong smiled as he consoled them.

Upon hearing Lin Dong’s comforting words, the expression on Lin Xia and the rest slightly brightened.

“Lin Hong and I should be able to break through to Earthly Yuan Stage in two months time. Though we cannot match up to you, at that time we will be able to help out.” Lin Xia brushed away some of the fine black hair on her forehead, as she suddenly declared softly.

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong gently smiled in response. Due to the existence of the Yang Yuan Stone Mining Lode, the amount of resources that Lin Xia, Lin Hong and the rest had access to, was far more bountiful than before. In fact, that they could even obtain Yang Yuan Pills now. In the past, such a scenario would be a mere pipe dream. However, now that they were blessed with these plentiful resources, their training speed had likewise increased substantially.

“They’re back…”

Lin Dong leaped off the stone block and just as he was able to advise the crowd to get some rest first, his heart suddenly thumped. Feeling slightly elated, he lifted his head to gaze in a distance. At the fringe of his line of sight, the faint sound of galloping sounded out.

After hearing Lin Dong’s words, Lin Xia and they rest were also rather joyous as they hastily stood up. As expected, a huge group of men appeared at the limits of their sight. Finally, bringing the thundering of hooves, the group transformed into a powerful current that flooded into the opened gates of the manor.

As these men charged into the Steel Wood Manor, a slight bloody scent could also be smelled from their bodies. Evidently, they had just experienced a bloody battle.

After they watched them return triumphantly, ear shattering cheers erupted from within the manor.

“Father, is the problem settled?”

Lin Dong leaped down from the manor walls and asked Lin Xiao in a low voice. The former was able to see the dark red traces of blood on Lin Xiao’s clothes.

“Yes, from now onwards, the Black Dragon Stockade will cease to exist in this world.” Lin Xiao wore an extremely excited expression as he beamed and patted Lin Dong’s shoulders before pulling away a black cloth on one of the carts behind him, revealing the fully packed contents within, which comprised of gold and other items.

“These were taken from the Black Dragon Stockade. The bandits had a rather large collection indeed, if you find anything of interest, feel free to take it.” Lin Xiao declared.

Lin Dong’s gaze somewhat curiously turned towards the cart. His hands flipped through the various items; gold, silver and precious stones held no interest for him, thus his gaze only stopped at those items that appeared somewhat bizarre or strange.

After searching through the pile for half a day, Lin Dong had yet to find anything of interest. Just as he could bear with it no longer and thought of giving up, a piece of black metal that was half the size of his head appeared within his line of sight.

This piece of black metal was covered in dust, therefore it was very much inconspicuous. However, when Lin Dong first laid eyes on it, he could feel a slight undulation from the Mental Energy in his mind.

“Heh heh, you have quite a good pair of eyes, this is a fragment of Mysterious Yuan Metal. It has a rather good Yuan Power Dispelling effect. If a bit of its fragments were mixed into weapons, then even a Heavenly Yuan Stage expert would not dare to be struck by the weapon directly. Else, he would be instantly reduced into a bloody pulp.” Lin Xiao chuckled and explained when he saw Lin Dong’s gaze stop at that piece of black metal.

“Of course, what’s even more special about this Mysterious Yuan Metal fragment is that it is able to help to strengthen and direct Mental Energy.

“I see…”

Upon hearing Lin Xiao’s words, Lin Dong finally understood. A trace of Mental Energy slowly drifted out from his mind and twisted around the piece of black metal before suddenly floating upwards a bit.

At this scene, Lin Dong’s eyes lit up as he stretched out his hand to grab the black metal piece, smiling: “Now this item belongs to me…”

Not long after Lin Zhentian and the rest returned to the Steel Wood Manor, news of the Black Dragon Stockade extermination travelled through various channels before arriving at the ears of other factions

As Lin Dong expected, this matter caused some waves in the community. Although the Black Dragon Stockade bandit’s strength was not considered top tier, with two Heavenly Yuan Stage experts, they were considered as one of the stronger factions. However, no one could have expected that even with that level of strength, they were still easily wiped out by the Lin Family. This caused several factions to begin losing some of the contempt that they had before.

Qingyang Town, Lei Family.

“Heh, this Lin Family, are they purposely flaunting their power to our Lei Family?” In a lavish room, Lei Bao sat in the head’s chair as he held a teacup while sneering.

“Father, it seems like Lin Zhentian might have deduced that our Lei Family was the one that instigated the Black Dragon Stockade to raid the Steel Wood Manor.” Lei Pi frowned as he said.

“So what if he knows? What can he do?” Lei Bao shook his head. Soon after, his eyes flashed as he continued: “The reason why the Lin Family travelled to Yan City this time, was to sell Yang Yuan Stones, right?”

“Indeed, there must be a Yang Yuan Stone Mining Lode in the Steel Wood Manor! Or else the Lin Family could never have procured so many Yang Yuan Stones in such a short period of time.” Lei Pi muttered in a low voice.

Lei Bao slowly nodded his head, as a greedy and sinister light flickered in his eyes.

“Oh by the way Father, according to my sources, the reason why the attack by the Black Dragon Stockade on the Steel Wood Manor failed, was because Lin Dong from the Lin Family had advanced to Heavenly Yuan Stage!” Lei Pi slightly hesitated before he suddenly reported.

“Lin Dong? That sixteen year old brat from the Lin Family? How is that possible!” Upon hearing Lei Pi’s words, Lei Bao was slightly dazed. However, soon after, he involuntarily asked in a hoarse voice. His voice had become much sharper because of shock.

At this sight, Lie Pi also let out a bitter laugh. He did not want to believe it, but this was indeed the case.

Lei Bao’s aged face twitched violently before finally turning malevolent. In a deep voice, he said: “Lei Pi, find a chance to get rid of that brat. As for the Lin family, heh, they will not be arrogant for long…”

“Father, are you going to breakthrough soon?!”

After hearing Lei Bao’s words, Lei Pi was first shocked, though an ecstatic expression subsequently surfaced on his face as he asked.

“On the day when I successfully make a breakthrough, this Qingyang town would completely become our Lei Family’s domain!”

Lei Bao’s sinister smile turned even creepier as he looked in the direction of the Steel Wood Manor. Fuming with rage between gritted teeth, he muttered: “Lin Zhentian, I want your entire Lin Family to become a pack of homeless stray dogs!”

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