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Chapter 736: Change in the Situation

Ying Huanhuan watched the incomparably chaotic situation on the mountain from the skies outside of the Demon Sound Mountain. A pair of delicate hand gently landed on the Heavenly Phoenix Zither from time to time. She would lend a hand should the situation turn bad.

Although she would be greatly exhausted from using the Heavenly Phoenix Zither with her current strength, she did not have the time to bother about such an issue at this moment.

The young lady quietly watched the Demon Sound Mountain. Soon after, she discovered that her help seemed to be unnecessary. The Lin Dong trio had already turn the entire Demon Sound Mountain upside down. They had completely obtained the upper hand against their respective opponents.


Ying Huanhuan quietly sighed in relief when she saw this scene. However, just as she was about to withdraw her finger from the Heavenly Phoenix Zither, her eyes suddenly hardened. She suddenly turned around, only to see a handsome white clothed man standing there with a smile there.

“Who are you?”

Ying Huanhuan’s face turned slightly cold. Her large eyes were filled with caution.

“Miss, there’s no need to be afraid. I am Shen Yun from Yuan Gate, one of the eight soul generals.” The white clothed man laughed.

“Yuan Gate?”

Ying Huanhuan’s already slightly cold face turned completely to ice when she heard these two words. She sneered, “So it is actually a Yuan Gate dog. This lady does not have the time to chat idly with you. Get lost!”

“Hehe, little beauty, it is no good to speak in such a manner.”

Shen Yun was clearly startled by this sudden sneer of Ying Huanhuan. He immediately frowned slightly. The corners of his mouth lifted to form a playful smile, as his body moved and approached Ying Huanhuan in a ghost like manner. He extended his hand in an attempt to lift the young lady’s chin.


However, chilliness surged within those large eyes of Ying Huanhuan the moment he extended his hand. Her fingers instantly strummed the zither strings. A fiery red brilliance followed by a wild and violent sound wave viciously blasted at Shen Yun.

Shen Yun’s expression changed slightly when the wild and violent sound wave swept out. His toes pressed on the empty space and an afterimage appeared. Immediately, this afterimage was forcefully shattered by the sound wave.

“What an unruly little beauty. However, this will be more interesting no…”

Shen Yun’s body surfaced a short distance away. He smilingly looked at the icy cold face of Ying Huanhuan and softly said, “This Pure Yuan treasure is indeed powerful. However, I wonder just how many times you can activate it with your current strength?”

“Enough to kill you!”

Ying Huanhuan’s face was slightly pale. She immediately laughed coldly as her delicate hand landed on the zither string. Suddenly, she pulled at it and a clear phoenix cry once again sounded out. A pair of enormous fiery red wings extended from the Heavenly Phoenix Zither. After which, they were accompanied by a shocking sound wave as they violently swatted at Shen Yun.

Shen Yun did not dare to underestimate the strength of this Heavenly Phoenix Zither. With a clench of his fist, a black stone seal transformed into a black waterfall that collided heavily against the fiery red wings.


A loud and clear sound reverberated over the place. The black waterfall was forcefully reflected back. However, Shen Yun had borrowed this moment to once again withdraw explosively and pull away from the offensive range of the wings.

Shen Yun was clearly extremely cunning. He was aware how exhausting activating the Pure Yuan Treasure was given Ying Huanhuan’s strength. Hence, he did not face her head on. Clearly, he was planning to drag things out until Ying Huanhuan had completely run out of steam.

It must be said that his plan was indeed quite effective. If Ying Huanhuan’s condition was at her peak at this moment, she might still be able to put up a good fight with him by using the Heavenly Phoenix Zither. However, breaking the Demon Sound Mountain’s formation earlier had greatly exhausted Ying Huanhuan despite it being done in a seemingly casual fashion…

Hence, Ying Huanhuan’s aura began to wither at a shocking rate due to Shen Yun’s strategy. While her aura withered, the speed at which her delicate hands plucked at the zither strings also became increasingly slower, while her attacks undoubtedly lost their earlier sharpness.

Shen Yun was clearly extremely experienced in combat. He had immediately sensed that Ying Huanhuan’s attacks had slowed. A cold smile flashed across his eyes as his body suddenly shot out explosively.

Ying Huanhuan watched Shen Yun, who was once again shooting explosively towards her. She clenched her silver teeth and was about to pluck at the zither strings again.

“That friend of yours appears to be unable to endure any longer?” Shen Yun’s soft laughter was suddenly transmitted into her ears the moment Ying Huanhuan’s fingers were about to move.

Ying Huanhuan’s fingers suddenly froze for a moment. Her peripheral vision involuntarily drifted towards the spot on the Demon Sound Mountain where Lin Dong was located.

However, she did not see the situation that Shen Yun described when her eyes looked over. Soon after, Ying Huanhuan’s heart suddenly sunk. A figure had already approached her just as her fingers were about to pluck at the zither again.

“Little beauty, you are still a little too inexperienced…”

Shen Yun laughed softly. Immediately, a formidable palm force landed on Ying Huanhuan’s shoulder without any hesitation.



Two sounds appeared almost simultaneously. Ying Huanhuan’s figure flew backwards. While her figure was flying backwards, her fingers moved across the zither strings. A wild and violent sonic wave also smashed onto Shen Yun’s body at lightning speed.

Shen Yun rapidly retreated. Vigorous Yuan Power wildly surged on his body. By the time he had stabilized his body, his clothes had already become rather tattered, while a bloody scar had appeared on his chest.

Shen Yun’s expression darkened almost immediately when he saw his ragged appearance. He quickly raised his head to look at the pale face of Ying Huanhuan. His body suddenly rushed out. In a flash, he appeared in front of Ying Huanhuan. Majestic Yuan Power whistled as his palm viciously slapped downwards.

Lin Dong’s green dragon arm swung the black tree. Its terrifying power directly caused the air to explode. It left behind an afterimage as it unceremoniously smashed ruthlessly onto the body of the giant gold leopard that was charging at him.

A deep sound spread across the forest. The giant gold leopard was ruthlessly smashed into the ground. Numerous enormous cracks instantly spread outwards from under its body.

After flattening the giant gold leopard, Lin Dong was just about to make his next move when he suddenly seemed to have sensed something. His expression abruptly changed as he turned his head. The scene of Ying Huanhuan being sent flying in the distant sky was reflected in his eyes.

Lin Dong’s expression turned completely dark in an instant when he saw the young lady’s delicate figure shooting backwards. His body rushed out. However, a pain was suddenly transmitted from his right leg. The giant gold leopard had actually ferociously bit him.

The violence within Lin Dong’s eyes erupted at this instant. Green light surged over his legs and they directly transformed into green dragon legs. After which, a leg was lifted and violently stomped downwards onto the giant gold leopard with a heavy mountain like strength.

Thud thud thud thud!

A series of incomparably deep sounds echoed in the forest, while an enormous crack swifty extended. By the time Lin Dong’s foot landed, the surface of the ground within a dozen feet had already crumbled, while the giant gold leopard’s head was stomped into meat paste. Fresh blood seeped into the ground, forming an extremely dark and bloody scene.


Lin Dong stomped the giant gold leopard that the leopard skin man had turned into. He grabbed the latter in one swift motion and suddenly rushed out explosively with a flap of the green dragon wings on his back.

“Little beauty, obediently hand over the ancient zither!” Shen Yun gazed at the pale faced Ying Huanhuan in front of him. He extended his hand and smilingly said.

Ying Huanhuan stared at him with ice-cold eyes. She did not utter a single word. Her fingers landed on the zither strings but her mouth ended up emitting a muffled groan just as she was about to strum. A trace of blood seeped out from the corner of her mouth. The strength within her body had already been completely exhausted when she used the Heavenly Phoenix Zither earlier. Thus, she ended up suffering some backlash when she tried to forcefully activate it again.

“How stubborn. Since this is the case, I can only destroy this flower. Such a pity…” Shen Yun chuckled. He clenched his hand as a long black spear appeared in a flash. After which, a cold light flickered over it and a monstrous ripple directly rushed out from the long spear and pierced towards Ying Huanhuan.


The Heavenly Phoenix Zither in Ying Huanhuan’s embrace was placed horizontally as it was used to block the tip of the spear. However, the vast and mighty strength of the latter still caused a sweetness to be transmitted from her throat.


The smile on Shen Yun’s face grew even wider when his spear was blocked. His body moved as the tip of the spear was tilted slightly. This time around, it drew an extremely tricky arc and pierced towards Ying Huanhuan’s brow.


However, a hurried rushing wind sound that carried a dense bloody scent suddenly shot over the moment this spear of Shen Yun thrust forward. His expression sunk slightly. The tip of the spear turned and it pierced forward explosively. After which, it penetrated the bloody pile of flesh that used to be a giant gold leopard.


Shen Yun appeared to be slightly startled when the spear pierced through the giant gold leopard. His pupils suddenly shrunk in the next moment. The giant gold leopard in front of him suddenly exploded. A dragon leg that was covered with green scales tore through the air. It was accompanied by fresh blood that seemingly permeated the sky as it came smashing down at lightning speed. Finally, the leg was ruthlessly swung onto his body in front of Shen Yun’s face, which had undergone a drastic change.


A deep sound echoed outwards. Shen Yun was sent flying a hundred meters back by this kick. He steadied his body as a trace of blood appeared at the corner of his mouth.


Shen Yun laughed. His eyes sized up the skinny young figure that had appeared in the sky.

“Lin Dong, be careful. He is one of the eight soul generals of Yuan Gate!” Ying Huanhuan’s heart relaxed when she saw the figure that had appeared in front of her. However, she also hurriedly warned him.

Lin Dong’s expression were dark and stern as he stared at Shen Yun. Immediately, the corners of his mouth slowly lifted into a savage smile.

“There is no need to worry. He will be a dead dog very soon.”

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