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Chapter 733 Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva

“Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva?”

A soft exclamation escaped from Ying Huanhuan’s mouth. At the same time, there was a somewhat stunned expression on her pretty face.

There were countless natural treasures in the world. These treasures were gifts from nature and they all possessed extremely mysterious powers. This so-called ‘Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva’ not only possessed the ability to improve one’s strength, but more importantly, it also helped one to create a Yuan Spirit. It was incredibly miraculous.

It should be known that the formation of a Yuan Spirit was an event that would only occur near the peak of the Nirvana stage. After all, only after one reached the peak of the Nine Yuan Nirvana stage, would the Yuan Spirit Qi within one’s body gradually strengthen. Nonetheless, unless one was truly blessed, one would still be unable to successfully form a Yuan Spirit. In fact, most practitioners had to wait till they reached the Mysterious Life Stage. Only by fusing Yuan Power and mysterious life Qi together, could they successfully form a Yuan Spirit.

However, all these complicated steps could be greatly simplified by this ‘Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva’. Therefore, there was no need to elaborate about its miraculous properties. Should news of such an object spread, it would definitely attract countless experts that wanted to attempt the Mysterious Life stage. The allure of forming a Yuan Spirit was simply too overwhelming.

Only by successfully forming a Yuan Spirit, would one be able to escape from the shackles of one’s physical body. Even if one’s physical body was destroyed in the future, one would not immediately perish. As long as one had sufficient tricks and a powerful backer, recreating one’s physical body was not impossible.

“You have actually found such an item…”

Even with Lin Dong’s calmness, he could not help but narrow his eyes slightly at this moment while he muttered to himself.

The strength of the Yuan Spirit Force was something that he had personally experienced. His Dragon Yuan Ring was formed by Yuan Spirit Force. Thanks to its power, he defeated Yao Ling and Wang Yan, opponents who were extremely difficult to deal with.

Even though the Yuan Spirit Force was extremely powerful, the current Lin Dong was unable to create such a thing in his body. This was because only by stepping into the seven Yuan Nirvana stage, would one’s body begin to produce a small amount of Yuan Spirit Force. The current Lin Dong was still not at that stage yet. Hence, attempting to form an initial Yuan Spirit now was probably an absurd idea.

However, the appearance of this ‘Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva’ had would slowly changed such a whimsical thought into reality.

“Heh heh, are you interested?”

Little Marten laughed proudly as he looked at Lin Dong, whose eyes still contained some remnant shock. Such a treasure was not something that one could encounter so easily.

Lin Dong smiled slightly before immediately nodding excitedly. Soon, the Great Sect Competition would begin. Before that, he must raise his strength using every means possible. Judging from Ying Xuanzi’s words, he could sense how powerful the Yuan Gate disciples were. Those so-called three little kings were personally taught by the three great sect masters of the Yuan Gate. Although Lin Dong did not openly speak about it, he did feel a little pressured in his heart.

After all, the other party not only had the advantage in numbers, but their quality was also top-tier. On the other hand, amongst the younger generation disciples in their Dao sect, the only ones who could contend against them were Lin Dong, Ying Xiaoxiao and Wang Yan…

Therefore, there was no reason for Lin Dong to give up on this ‘Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva’ that was delivered to him.

“What are the creatures that are guarding the ‘Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva’?” Lin Dong asked.

“There is an overlord in this Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range guarding it. That fellow is also a Demonic Beast and is a Yellow Golden Ghost Owl. Its strength is at the Initial Mysterious Life Stage. There are also some Demonic Beasts working under it. The strongest are his two generals, whose strength are around that of nine Yuan Nirvana stage experts.” Little Marten rubbed his chin and said.

“Yellow Golden Ghost Owl, Initial Mysterious Life Stage…”

Lin Dong was startled for a moment. He asked, “It should not be too much of a problem for you, right?”

Little Marten’s current strength was comparable to an Advance Mysterious Life Stage practitioner. Since that Yellow Golden Ghost Owl was merely at the Initial Mysterious Life stage, why couldn’t he take care of the later?

“Didn’t I mentioned that the fellow has some special tactics…” Little Marten spoke helplessly.

“A human head owl… it is the Owl Sonic Formation right?” Ying Huanhuan’s eyes suddenly flashed as she softly said.

Little Marten looked at Ying Huanhuan with some shock. Clearly, he did not expect that this girl would actually be this intelligent. Merely after hearing the words ‘human head owl’, she had already deduced everything.

“Yes, that Yellow Golden Ghost Owl had spent quite a great amount of effort to groom over ten thousand human head owl beasts. These owl beasts specialize in sonic wave attacks. Additionally, due to the terrain of the Demon Sound Mountain, the Sky Sonic Formation, which is also called the Owl Sonic Formation, has become extremely powerful. Even I am unable to break through.” Little Marten nodded and said.

“Ten thousand…”

Lin Dong was utterly stunned by this number. This Yellow Golden Ghost Owl was truly willing to put in the effort. No wonder it was able to become the overlord of this Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range.

“Little Flame was originally training within this mountain range. A few days ago, the Owl Sonic Formation was inactive and he had barged in by mistake. In the end, he discovered the Earth Core Spiritual Brewing Saliva hidden within the Demon Sound Mountain.”

“However, this fellow was eventually discovered by that Yellow Golden Ghost Owl. That beast is truly vicious. Moreover, his strength clearly surpassed Little Flame, yet, he brought over a dozen subordinates to play with this foolish tiger. In the end, dozens of his bones were broken. If it was not because I eventually managed to hurry over, this foolish tiger would have been turned into roast meat.”

A sharp glint clearly appeared within Little Marten’s eyes when he spoke until this point. He glared at Little Flame and scolded the latter in a resentful manner because the latter had failed to meet his expectations. “Useless fellow.”

Little Flame scratched his head and gave Lin Dong a silly smile. This time around, however, Lin Dong had sensed a surging ferocity deep within the former’s eyes.

“So ruthless huh…”

Lin Dong patted Little Flame. His face had quite a brilliant smile surfacing on it. From the side, Ying Huanhuan glanced at him. She knew that this fellow was truly pissed off.

“How shall we do it?” Little Marten looked at Lin Dong and asked.

“What do you mean?” Lin Dong knitted his brows. Soon after, he clapped his hands together and declared, “Soak the Demon Sound Mountain in blood.”

These words had just been spoken when a baleful aura that had been suppressed within Lin Dong’s body finally erupted at this moment. That baleful aura was many times stronger than Wang Yan.

“I was waiting for those words!” Little Marten curled his lips. His handsome face was immediately covered with a demonic aura.

Beside them, Little Flame nodded immediately. That metal tower body of his had some brutalness spreading from it at this moment, causing one to feel palpitations in one’s heart upon seeing him.

Ying Huanhuan glanced at the trio as she quiety marvelled, “They are indeed brothers”. Their ferocious auras appeared as though they had originated from the same source…

“Leave the Owl Sonic Formation to me.”

Ying Huanhuan gently beckoned with her hand. A fiery red Heavenly Phoenix Zither flashed and appeared in her hands. A shocking ripple spread from it. Even Little Marten involuntarily threw his eyes over. At this moment, the young lady’s hand was touching the zither string. She raised her head and smiled sweetly at Lin Dong.

“Can you do it?” Lin Dong was a little worried. Ying Huanhuan’s current strength might be at the eight Yuan Nirvana stage, but that Owl Sonic Formation was something that even Little Marten could do nothing against…

“Everything has a weakness. The Owl Sonic Formation is strong, but my Heavenly Phoenix Zither is its achilles heel.” Ying Huanhuan spoke proudly.

“Heh heh, you are bold. This girl’s age is similar to that girl Su Ruo, but her character is much tougher.” Little Marten smilingly said.

“Su Ruo?”

Ying Huanhuan’s eyes rotated a little. Her big eyes looked at Lin Dong.

“A friend.”

Lin Dong sensed that there seemed to be something not quite right with Ying Huanhuan’s expression. However, he did not care. He merely casually replied before turning around to look at Little Marten. He said, “Let’s go. We should head to the Demon Sound Mountain.”

Little Marten nodded. Without wasting anymore time, his body moved, transforming into a ray of light that rushed towards the deep parts of this spacious mountain range. Lin Dong, Little Flame and Ying Huanhuan closely followed from behind. The group of four had quite a vast and mighty aura.

Soon after Lin Dong’s group travelled towards the deeper parts of the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range, some rushing wind sounds were being transmitted from the sky on the other side of the mountain range. A moment later, three figures came drifting over.

The leader of the three was a long haired old man wearing long brown robes. Both of his hands were placed behind him. His expression was indifferent and there was a faint but shockingly majestic aura being emitted from him.

Behind the elder, were two men clothed in black and white respectively. The two of them appeared quite handsome. However, their eyes contained some haughtiness that was difficulty to hide. Of course, from the ripples that were being emitted from their bodies of these two, they did indeed possess the rights to be this arrogant.

Additionally, there was an insignia of a black sun on their chest. Black and white criss-crossed each other like Ying and Yang sinking and floating. This mark belonged to the strongest sect in the Eastern Xuan Region, Yuan Gate!

Golden threads lingered around the edges of the badge, appearing extremely respectable. A person familiar with the clothing of the Yuan Gate would be aware that this badge was something only bestowed upon the strongest disciples from the eight divisions of the Yuan Gate.

The top disciples from the eight divisions were also known as the eight soul generals!

These two actually had this mark on them!

While the direction that they were heading in was also the Demon Sound Mountain!

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