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Chapter 731 Borrowing the Zither

“Would it be possible to borrow your Sky Hall’s Heavenly Phoenix Zither for a few days?”

When Lin Dong made his request, a few shades of embarrassment appeared on his face. In fact, after he saw a tinge of bewilderment flash across that young lady’s charming face, he felt even more embarrassed.

“You are saying, that you want to borrow the Heavenly Phoenix Zither?”

Ying Huanhuan involuntarily raised her brows. With regards to Lin Dong’s request, she naturally felt extremely surprised. After all, she knew how precious a Pure Yuan Treasure was and it was an object that even some Sky Hall disciples could not look at. However, Lin Dong actually wanted to borrow it?

If it was another person making this request, she would have most likely asked him to dream on…


Lin Dong summoned his courage and nodded. Looking at that young lady’s knitted brows and her bright and beautiful eyes, he could not help but laugh bitterly before saying, “I urgently require that item…”

“Senior teacher-uncle Qi Lei will not agree. The Heavenly Phoenix Zither is a precious treasure of the Sky Hall after all. At time, even if a sect elder wish to borrow it, senior teacher-uncle Qi Lei would not agree.” Ying Huanhuan said after pondering for a while with knitted eyebrows.

“Therefore, I can only ask this of you…” Lin Dong said in an awkward manner.

“You want me to help you to obtain it through the back door?” The young lady replied as she gently raised her beautiful face. As sunlight shone down from above, it formed a halo that was akin to a beeswax candle glow around her, causing the young lady to look especially alluring.

“But, why should I be so kind to you?” The young lady twirled a lock of her fine black hair with her jade-like hands, before smiling sweetly at Lin Dong and asked in a innocent and puzzled manner.

Facing the young lady’s gifted gab, Lin Dong found it hard to manage and could only helpless reply, “I’ve helped your elder sister to obtain the commanding authority. That should count for something, right?”

“Hmmm…” Ying Huanhuan muttered as she earnestly pondered for a while before nodding her head and saying in an absent minded manner, “ However, I recall a certain boorish and rude fellow during the Hall Competition. Therefore, your small contribution is only enough for me to forgive your behaviour during the Hall Competition.”

With the matter of Little Flame hanging in his heart, and after being provoked by Ying Huanhuan for a few times, a small bit of anger unknowingly sprouted within Lin Dong’s heart. He frowned and was just about to lose his temper, but managed to forcibly suppress it in the end. After all, Ying Huanhuan did not owe him anything. Moreover, his request was truly a little overboard.

When his thoughts reached such a point, Lin Dong could not help but to feel his interest waning. It seemed like he would have to think of another way to resolve this issue.

“Hey, are you mad?”

When she saw Lin Dong’s expression change, the playful expression on Ying Huanhuan’s beautiful face receded somewhat as she asked cautiously.

“No…” Lin Dong forced a smile and shook his head, before replying, “Nevermind, I’ll not trouble you anymore. I will think of another way.”

“I never said I will not help you. Moreover, why doesn’t your face show even a hint taking offense? You’re a grown man, however, your identity is completely at odd with your the way you speak.” muttered Ying Huanhuan. However, her big eyes involuntarily still glanced at Lin Dong’s expression.
It’s not like I refused to help you. And look at that face of yours, it’s as if you aren’t concerned about it? How can a man like you go back on his word?

“You have a way?”

Lin Dong awkwardly shrugged before asking.

Ying Huanhuan’s jet-black eyes seemed to rotate a little, before she waved at Lin Dong, “ Follow me.” After which, she turned around and swiftly floated away like a butterfly. Lin Dong hesitated for a moment, before quickly following behind.

The two of them rapidly shuttled within the gigantic Sky Hall. After ten over minutes, they had obviously enter the inner regions of Sky Hall. At this area, the security was very tight. However, with Ying Huanhuan leading the way, the two of them were not stopped.

“We’ve arrived.”

Said Ying Huanhuan, before she suddenly stopped in front of an extensive and vast hall. Present was a layer of light that was shaped like a bowl, which enveloped the entire great hall within.

Lin Dong looked at the light barrier in front of him. From it, he was able to sense a frightening fluctuation. It seems like this great hall must be an important place in Sky Hall. Else, there would be no need for such a valiant protection.

With a wave of her jade-like hand, a piece of white jade flew out from her palm. When it touched the light barrier, it immediately provoked a violent reaction from the latter. Finally, after the ripples spread, it turning into a light door.

“Let’s go.”

Ying Huanhuan carefully and cautiously looked at her surroundings before scuttling into the light barrier. Pushing open the big doors of the great hall, she proceeded to walk in. Behind her, Lin Dong was also closely following her every step of the way.

The great halls was extremely vast and there were quite a few gigantic pillars within it. The surface of those pillars were filled with abstruse runes, which faintly resembled a giant array.

Lin Dong’s gaze swept across the interior of the great hall for a round before suddenly congealing in the middle of the great hall. At that spot, stood a pillar of jade, and on top of it, sat a fiery red zither.

Present on the surface of the zither were pictures of phoenixes flapping their wings. From afar, it looked like the wings were oscillating, similar to a seedling of fire in ascension. A frightening fluctuation slowly radiated out from within it, causing traces of spatial distortion in the surrounding space.

“Is that the Heavenly Phoenix Zither?” asked Lin Dong as his eyes continued to fixate on the fiery red zither. There was a tinge of joy in his eyes that could not be concealed. After all, only a Pure Yuan Treasure could give off such a frightening fluctuation.


Ying Huanhuan replied while nodding her head before continuing, “We can secretly take it away and return it after we are done.”

“Steal it? Lin Dong was shocked.

“Don’t tell me you really want to ask senior teacher uncle Qi Lei for permission? There is no way he would agree. Even if you ask my father to plead on your behalf, it would still be of no use!”

Ying Huanhuan rolled her eyes at Lin Dong before waving her jade-like hand. Curling her lips, she said: “ Relax, if we run into any problems, I will shoulder it. I don’t want somebody to lose his temper again.”

Lin Dong was now completely filled with embarrassment. He could only laugh bitterly while shaking his head. Finally, he told her sincerely: “Thank you.”

“There’s no need.”

Hearing his words, Ying Huanhuan beamed like a little fox. Typically, Lin Dong always had a devil-may-care attitude. However, he had revealed his helpless expression a couple of times in front of her today.

While she was smiling, Ying Huanhuan faintly tilted her head and used her bright and big eyes to stare at Lin Dong before saying, “ Furthermore, elder sister asked me to tell this to you. She said that at the moment when you took the initiative to hand over the commanding authority, you looked utterly dazzling…”

“ I’m not good with that. If I kept it, I might recklessly use it and mislead all those seniors and juniors. Senior sister Xiaoxiao is much better in that aspect. Thus, that position should naturally belong to those who deserve it.” said Lin Dong with a smile.

Ying Huanhuan pursed her lip and smiled, before extending her jade-like hands and suddenly forming a seal. In the next moment, the Heavenly Phoenix Zither floated from the stone pillar before finally descending in her arms.

“Let’s leave and return quickly.” said Ying Huanhuan as she smiled while hugging the Heavenly Phoenix Zither.

“Err…are you coming along as well?” Lin Dong looked at the young lady in astonishment before he involuntarily asked.

“Although I don’t know why you need the Heavenly Phoenix Zither, but let me tell you this. I am the next owner of the Heavenly Phoenix Zither. Therefore, the only person that can control it would be me. Unless that person is powerful enough to erase away the mark left by my father within…” replied Ying Huanhuan as she grinned and stared at Lin Dong while hugging the Heavenly Phoenix Zither.

Lin Dong was completely speechless. At Little Marten’s current strength, it was obviously that he would not be able to erase the mark left by Ying Xuanzi.

“Do you have any more questions?” asked Ying Huanhuan with a beautiful smile as she tilted her head and looked at Lin Dong, who had already shriveled up countless times in front of her.


Lin Dong hesitated for a while before finally giving a bitter laugh and nodded his head. As he turned around and left the great hall, Ying Huanhuan looked at his back before a cunning glint flashed across her big eyes. After this, she leisurely followed behind him.

After the two of them left, the great hall was once again silent. A few minutes later, the space above a stone pillar started to squirm before two figures slowly appeared. From their appearances, they were precisely Ying Xuanzi and Sky Hall hall master, Qi Lei.

“That lass…”

Qi Lei looked down at that empty stone pillar before his face twitched. Finally, he involuntarily blurted out: “Sect master, are we just going to allow two juniors to take the Heavenly Phoenix Zither out of Dao Sect?”

“Relax, have some confidence in them. Just treat it as if they are going out to train for once. Moreover, there is a brand on the Heavenly Phoenix Zither. If a major accident occurs, I will be able to detect it.” said Ying Xuanzi as he faintly smiled.

Hearing what Ying Xuanzi said, Qi Lei could only nod his head. Promptly, he didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry as he said, “That lass Huanhuan, she is a disciple of our Sky Hall. Yet, she actually helped Lin Dong to steal a treasure from her own house. What is going on? It seems like that lass…”

Ying Xuanzi gave a faint smile. However, he did not say anything more about this topic. With a wave of his sleeve, the two of them once again slowly disappeared from the top of the stone pillar.

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