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Chapter 722: Fight

A silent atmosphere enveloped the mountain top. Countless pairs of stunned and uncertain eyes looked over from all directions. Finally, they gathered on the skinny young man who had stepped forward.

“Junior brother Lin Dong, don’t be reckless!”

Pang Tong and the rest were startled, before they hurriedly cried out. Although Lin Dong’s previous battle with Qing Ye had thoroughly conquered them, Wang Yan was not someone whom Qing Ye could compare with. Even someone as powerful as Ying Xiaoxiao was defeated by him. Therefore, although Lin Dong was powerful, what could he do against Wang Yan?

Lin Dong shrugged his shoulders somewhat helplessly at them. He did not want to fight with a ruthless person like Wang Yan, who had similarly experienced countless life and death battles. However, he had no other choice in the current situation.

Lin Dong did not intend to play hero. However, he was also a disciple of the Dao Sect. He did not want to see his sect, which he had some good feelings for, end up suffering a heavy loss because of Wang Yan’s reckless decisions. Perhaps… he did not wish to see the usually lively young lady, the same adorable girl who infused colour into the dull training lives of many disciples, to be so heart achingly devastated. Of course, he knew that he was not the only one who had such thoughts.

From the shattered arena, Ying Xiaoxiao and Ying Huanhuan stared at Lin Dong in shock. The latter bit her lip and hesitated for a moment, before speaking, “Lin Dong, don’t mess around… he is very strong.”

“Is there any other choice?” Lin Dong glanced at her and laughed.

Ying Huanhuan was quiet. At this moment, Ying Xiaoxiao had also stood up. She stared at Lin Dong deeply, before softly speaking, “Do your best and be careful.”

She was aware that amongst the current disciples in the Dao Sect, the only other person who could stop Wang Yan was perhaps Lin Dong, who had yet to reveal his true fighting strength since the start. Although she was aware that Wang Yan was ferocious, Lin Dong might be the only one who could contend with him.

Lin Dong gently nodded. His body moved and landed on the stage. His eyes looked directly at the figure carrying a black broadsword a short distance away.

“You are not my match.”

Wang Yan’s footsteps also stopped at this moment, however, he did not turn around. Only a hoarse and indifferent voice sounded out.

“Regardless, I should still try, right?” Lin Dong said with a grin.

Wang Yan’s body paused. A moment later, he finally slowly turned around, and stared intently at Lin Dong. His eyes were as sharp as blades, while a fearsome and menacing aura once again spread out from within his body.

However, Lin Dong’s expression did not change in the face of Wang Yan’s menacing and evil aura. Instead, a slight trace of chilliness climbed up upon his smiling face.

He was different from ordinary Dao Sect disciples. Wang Yan might have experienced countless life and death battles, but Lin Dong had similarly climbed out from a pile of corpses. No one knew how many life and death battles he had experienced over the years. Therefore, Wang Yan must be mistaken if he believed that he could intimidate Lin Dong with his aura.

Wang Yan looked straight at Lin Dong. The chilliness that had rose up on the latter’s face caused a trace of surprise to flash across his eyes. He remained silent for a moment, before speaking, “Since you insist, we will do as you say. However, I shall say the same thing I had said earlier. I will not hold back in a fight.”

“What a coincidence, me too.” Lin Dong grinned and said. After which, his eyes turned towards the seats on the tall stage.

Seeing Lin Dong look over, Chen Zhen, Qi Lei and the other hall chiefs also turned to faced each other. Finally, they looked towards Ying Xuanzi.

Ying Xuanzi’s ocean- like eyes stared at Lin Dong. A moment later, he appeared to laugh softly, before he gently nodded.

Chen Zhen and the rest sighed in relief after seeing Ying Xuanzi nod. The latter stood up. His eyes swept over the entire place as he spoke in a low and deep voice, “This match will be the final one, and the victor will be the final champion. At the same time, he will also possess the authority to command the disciples during the Great Sect Competition.”

“If you are both ready… let the fight begin!”

After Chen Zhen’s last few words faded, the atmosphere of the place suddenly froze!


However, the frozen atmosphere merely lasted for a couple of breaths. Soon after, a shockingly baleful aura suddenly erupted from the stage. One could only watch as Wang Yan’s body transformed into an afterimage. With his broadsword in his hand, his body shot forward in a straight line and ferociously pierced at Lin Dong’s throat with surprising speed.

When Wang Yan made his move, the long cautious Lin Dong’s eyes hardened. His foot stomped on the ground as majestic green light swept out from within his body. Both his arms immediately wiggled and transformed into savage and mighty green dragon arms. His palm clenched as a black tree trunk appeared in a flash. Green light surged on his arms, while the strength within his body poured out. In the end, he furiously hacked downwards with the black metal-like tree.


The broadsword and black tree suddenly collided in an instant, as sharp gales swept apart.

The green scales on Lin Dong’s arms flashed wildly, blocking the force that encroached upon his body. The next moment, his eyes turned cold. His left foot stepped forward and his body made a half-twist, while his right leg swung out like a whip.


Green light surged on Lin Dong’s leg as it swung out like a whip, and transformed into a green dragon foot. Accompanied by an indescribably wild and violent strength, it ruthlessly swung towards Wang Yan’s chest.

The force from Lin Dong’s kick was extremely terrifying. Previously, Qing Ye’s defences had been completely obliterated by such a kick. Even his Heavenly Soul Treasure was forcefully sent flying back into the latter’s body.

It was obvious that Lin Dong did not plan to take it slow. The first strike was already extremely fearsome. He knew that any warm up or probing was completely useless against a fearsome opponent like Wang Yan.

Lin Dong’s leg swung outwards. The frightening strength tore the air and ground apart as it fell towards Wang Yan’s chest at lightning speed. A deep and piercing rushing wind sound could be heard.

A fierce glint gathered within Wang Yan’s eyes. He had similarly sensed the great strength from Lin Dong’s kick and had no intentions of underestimating it. If someone like him adopted such a mindset, it was likely that he would have died countless times.

“Black Killing Fist!”

Wang Yan’s broadsword blocked the black tree that was smashing over. Meanwhile, his other hand formed a fist. Black light suddenly erupted from his hand as a punch blasted forward!


Wang Yan’s punch did not possess a mighty momentum. However, his fist contained a monstrous killing intent. That murderous desire was so cold that it seemed almost life-like. The seemingly covered the skies as it arrived, like the punch of a death god.


The black light fist heavily collided with the dragon leg, and green light and black light swept out at the same time. They were just like two fearsome evil wolves that were maniacally trying to devour each other.

Bang bang bang!

The ground under the two directly collapsed. Numerous enormous cracks frantically extended from their feet like a spider web. The entire arena crumbled at this moment, causing the Dao Sect disciples to tremble in fear.


Lin Dong’s eyes were ice-cold. they narrowed when he saw that his ferocious attack was blocked by Wang Yan. The next moment, he suddenly pulled back his leg. A moment after doing so, his savage and mighty dragon foot once again whizzed out. It was accompanied by numerous afterimages and a deafening sonic boom as it enveloped Wang Yan at lightning speed.

The green dragon leg, which contained a frightening force, rapidly magnified in Wang Yan’s eyes. Lin Dong’s storm of attacks caused ferociousness aura to climb into Wang Yan’s eyes. He clenched his right fist tightly before suddenly throwing it forward.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Fist shadows covered the sky in front of Wang Yan. The fist shadows contained monstrous black light that surged with shocking undulations.

Bang bang bang!

The wind from the kick and the fist shadows finally collided all over the sky. Such power was undoubtedly earthshaking, and the entire mountaintop appeared to tremble intensely at this moment. The surrounding stages were also shattered to dust due to the powerful resultant force.

All the disciples were stunned as they watched the crumbling mountaintop. Clearly, they did not expect that the clash between thee two would actually be so fearsome.

Ying Xiaoxiao and Ying Huanhuan had already landed outside of the arena. They watched the clash on the stage as their expressions changed.

“Big sis, Lin Dong…”

Ying Huanhuan tugged at Ying Xiaoxiao’s sleeve, some worry in her large eyes. She was aware that Lin Dong was quite powerful. However, this did not mean that he could face Wang Yan head on…

“Don’t worry, he knows what to do. He and senior brother Wang Yan are the same kind of person. Perhaps, in order to subdue a ruthless person like senior brother Wang Yan, one must be even more ruthless than him…” Ying Xiaoxiao’s eyes stared intently at dust-filled stage as she softly replied.

Ying Huanhuan pursed her lips and nodded gently. She had seen Lin Dong fight before. His ferocity and ruthlessness would never lose to senior brother Wang Yan.

Every gaze contained thick shock as they observed the dust-filled stage. The stage had already collapsed, as a gentle breeze scattered the dust, rushing wind sounds hurriedly appeared. Two figures shot backwards from the dust. Their feet drew a hundred metre long scar on the ground.


Everyone turned to look at the two figures that had shot backwards. Soon after, a low uproar was heard.

Currently, Wang Yan’s hair was in a mess. The black broadsword in his hand was titled towards the ground, while a trace of blood dripped down from the tip of his sword. One could vaguely see numerous glaring foot marks on his chest.

On the opposite end, green dragon wings had once again appeared on Lin Dong’s back. The green dragon scales on his body protected him like a scale armour. Nonetheless, everyone could still see some blood on his arm. Fresh blood followed the grooves of the scales and dripped downwards.

The two of them had merely exchanged blows for a split second. However, it was incomparably ferocious. Each party had left their own scars on the other. This battle truly intense.

As they gazed at the two people in the arena, who were coldly staring at each other, the breathing of quite a number of Dao Sect disciples slowed. Those two were just like two fierce tigers that dominated their own grass plains. When they clashed, it could only be described as desperate.

Yet, at this very moment, no one knew who would remain laughing in the end.

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