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Chapter 712 Start of the Hall Competition

At the center region of the Dao Sect was an unbroken chain of mountains. Within the mountain range was a towering mountain. The peak of the mountain pierced through the skies, and was surrounded by clouds and mists. It appeared just like a paradise.

However, at this point of time, the usually peaceful mountain peak was bustling with life and noise. The noise from this area could be clearly heard even from a hundred miles away.

The Hall Competition was the grandest competition held by Dao Sect every year. The entire Dao Sect, regardless if one wasn an elder or disciple, held this competition in high regard.

When Lin Dong reached and gazed upon this majestic sight, he could not help but click his tongue. He flew directly towards a gigantic mountain peak located at very center of the area.

Since the number of participants for the Hall Competition was exceptionally huge, the mountain peaks around the area were filled with competition arenas. However, the most eye-catching arena belonged to the mountain peak Lin Dong was flying towards. This arena was where the most outstanding disciples of the four halls would compete. As such, the atmosphere on this mountain peak was far more lively and bustling than the others.

And at this point in time, this mountain peak was already overflowing with people. Lin Dong took a sweeping glance of the place, and found the area where all the Desolate Hall disciples were located, before he flew towards that direction.

“Senior brother Lin Dong is here!”

As Lin Dong arrived, the Desolate Hall disciples let out cries of surprise. Following which, numerous passionate gazes were cast at Lin Dong.

Ever since Lin Dong had successfully comprehended the Great Desolation Scripture, his reputation in the Desolate Hall had undoubtedly surpassed the experienced great direct disciples like Pang Tong and Jiang Hao. Pang Tong and the rest were not disturbed by this and were not resentful. Lin Dong’s ability to comprehend the Great Desolation Scripture had thoroughly convinced them of his strength and capability.

“You always have to be the last to arrive…” Pang Tong laughed as Lin Dong landed beside him.

“I’m a bit late.” Lin Dong smiled apologetically at Pang Tong and the rest.

“Haha, junior brother Lin Dong, whether or not our Desolate Hall’s ranking will rise in the Hall Competition this time around all depends on you,” Jiang Hao chuckled with a vigorous voice.

Lin Dong merely smiled in response to these words. He raised his head and looked elsewhere. Not far away in the opposite direction of the Desolate Hall district were the districts belonging to the other three halls. Two figures stood at the very front in the Sky Hall distract. They were the two most prominent figures of that district – Ying Xiaoxiao and Ying Huanhuan. Regardless of where this pair of sisters went, they were always the most eye-catching figures in Dao Sect.

Ying Xiaoxiao was quiet as usual. However, Lin Dong noticed a trace of solemness and helplessness in her eyes. These emotions must have been caused by the appearance of senior brother Wang Yan.

Beside her, Ying Huanhuan had regained her lovable and charming demeanor, and wore a familiar innocent smile on her face. A tall and straight figure stood beside her. It was Qing Ye from the Earth Hall. At this point in time, both of them seemed to be chatting happily about something.

When Lin Dong looked over, Ying Huanhuan appeared to have noticed. The young girl tilted her head slightly and cast a glance at Lin Dong. Following which, she indifferently withdrew her gaze. However, when she withdrew her gaze, Lin Dong clearly saw a look of joy in her large eyes.

When Qing Ye saw the Ying Huanhuan casually glance at Lin Dong, he could not help but stick out his chest a little more and give Lin Dong a slight smile. His smile contained a slightly pleased expression.

When Lin Dong saw the small actions of these two, he could not help but feel like laughing. Qing Ye seemed to have taken him as a rival in love.

“Junior brother Lin Dong, little junior sister Huanhuan is being eyed by an unknown number of people in Dao Sect. If you want to take action, you better hurry up. Otherwise, she will be taken by somone like Qing Ye,” Pang Tong and the rest teased mischievously when they saw Ying Huanhuan and Qing Ye standing together in the distance.

Lin Dong cast a glance at Jiang Hao and found out for the first time that this fellow actually had a cheeky side to him. Soon after, the former could only shake his head helplessly as he replied, “You think too much.”

“Heh, this is the first time in so many years that we have see little junior sister Huanhuan show such consideration. Junior brother Lin Dong, if you can get your hands on our Dao Sect’s little princess, it will be much more exciting than obtaining first place for our Desolate Hall,” The usually earnest Pang Tong chirped in and teased as well.

“Haha, senior brother Pang Tong is right. It’s all up to senior brother Lin Dong to revitalize our Desolate Hall’s reputation.” The Desolate Hall disciples around them roared with laughter upon hearing Pang Tong’s words.

In response to his fellow disciples, Lin Dong had nothing to say and could only shake his head. Just as he was about to speak, his mind suddenly jolted and he shifted his gaze towards the space above the mountain peak. A gray figure accompanied by a blood-reeking aura of chilliness flew across the sky. He descended from the sky and landed at the district where the Sky Hall disciples were.

When this figure appeared, the clamor in the entire mountain peak quieted down significantly. However, he ignored the complicated stares from the onlookers. At the same time, he did not get close to the Sky Hall disciples. When he landed, he merely cast an indifferent glance at the Ying sisters. Following which, he sat down and closed his eyes.

Ying Xiaoxiao looked at the gray-robed figure and lightly bit her lips. Soon after, she clenched her lily-white hands as a determined look gradually appeared in her clear eyes.

“Big sis.”

To the side, Ying Huanhuan’s lily-white hand gently grasped Ying Xiaoxiao’s wrist.

“I will stop him.”

Ying Xiaoxiao turned her head and gave Ying Huanhuan a smile. However, the latter could clearly sense the helplessness and bitterness in the former’s smile. Ying Huanhuan did not say anything else and nodded her head reluctantly. Even though she always had confidence in Ying Xiaoxiao, that confidence had declined significantly this time…

While Ying Huanhuan’s mood was slightly downcast, her large jet-black eyes unknowingly looked in Lin Dong’s direction, but she quickly laughed at herself. If Ying Xiaoxiao could not stop Wang Yan, even if Lin Dong had successfully comprehended the Great Desolation Scripture, it would be useless as well…

Meanwhile, ever since Wang Yan appeared, Lin Dong’s gaze had been fixed on the former’s figure. According to his senses, senior brother Wang Yan’s strength should be around the Nine Yuan Nirvana stage. Furthermore, his strength did not lose out to Ying Xiaoxiao, while a strong feeling of danger lingered in his mind.

“That’s senior brother Wang Yan… i didn’t expect him to be back…”

Pang Tong similarly looked over and sighed deeply, as a complicated expression appeared on his face. As the most senior disciple of the Desolate Hall, he clearly knew something about Wang Yan’s story.

To the side, Jiang Hao, Fang Yun and the rest also looked over. Soon after, they felt their hair stand on ends, as they muttered, “No wonder senior brother Wang Yan is ranked second on the sects’ wanted list. None of the disciples in the sect can match his presence.”

“This time around, there’s going to be a great show at the Hall Competition. I’m afraid senior sister Xiaoxiao will not allow senior brother Wang Yan to obtain the commanding authority over the disciples in the Great Sect Competition…” Pang Ting sighed.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Hao and his counterparts nodded their heads silently.

Lin Dong pursed his lips. Even though senior brother Wang Yan was merely sitting down with both his eyes closed, the atmosphere of the place had already become somewhat weird. Even though he had left Dao Sect for many years, his reputation did not lose out in the slightest to Ying Xiaoxiao…

Lin Dong’s gaze turned towards the platform to his front. The seats for the elders of the Dao Sect were located there. At this moment, the four hall leaders were seated in their respective chairs. At the utmost centre, was Ying Xuanzi, whose face looked as calm as a serene lake.

The atmosphere on the platform was not as lively as expected. The four hall leaders looked at each other and cast a glance together in Wang Yan’s direction. Their eyes were filled with helplessness and gloominess.

“Sect master, with regards to this issue…” Qi Lei, the Sky Hall leader, said in a soft voice as he clenched his teeth.

“Proceed according to the rules,” Ying Xuanzi replied plainly without batting an eyelid.

“According to the rules, Wang Yan can leave the Sky Hall and become a Dao Sect deacon. Therefore, he is not qualified to participate in the Hall Competition,” Qi Lei explained in a low voice.

“However, he’s still a disciple of the Sky Hall.”

Ying Xuanzi looked at Qi Lei and sighed. He waved his hand and instructed, “It’s about time. Announce the start of the Hall Competition.”

Qi Lei was helpless, and could only nod his head. He stood up and took a sweeping glance across the seemingly endless sea of people on the mountain peak with an intense and sharp look. Under such gaze from Qi Lei, the previously rowdy mountain peak gradually turned quiet.

“I assume that the rules of the Hall Competition have been explained to you by your respective hall leaders. Therefore, I shall not explain any further. However, be reminded that the Hall Competition is merely a platform for exchanging pointers and training, not a place where you settle your personal grudges. Hence, please take note of when to stop. If anyone has any intentions of killing their fellow disciples, the sect will not easily let you off!”

Qi Lei’s booming voice resounded throughout the area. Eventually, his voice echoed in between the nearby mountains. As he finished his last sentence, his gaze shot towards the gray-robed figure seated in the distance. However, the latter did not move, as if he had not heard anything.

“Before you came here, everyone should have obtained an arena number from their respective halls. Next, you will enter the arena based on your arena number!”

As Qi Lei finished his sentence, the mountain peak regained its boiling atmosphere. Many disciples flipped their palms as a jade token appeared in their hands. Subsequently, an overwhelming number of people surged out and flew towards the various arenas on the mountain peak.

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong smiled and flipped his palm as a jade token appeared in his hand. The word ‘A5’ was written on the jade token.

After taking a glance at the arena number on the jade token, Lin Dong’s gaze swept out before his body flew out. Under numerous gazes, he landed on a spacious arena.

When Lin Dong landed on the arena, his surroundings suddenly broke out into an alarmed uproar. This startled Lin Dong. Soon after, he saw a beautiful figure that was holding a jade-green zither gliding through the air. This figure landed gracefully in front of him.

Lin Dong suddenly felt a slight headache as he gazed upon that captivating face in front of him. Never did he imagine that his first opponent would be Ying Huanhuan.

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