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Chapter 710: Wang Yan

There were at least a thousand figures atop the gigantic platform. At this moment, every gaze was cast in the same direction. Every gaze was filled with amazement as whispers spread rapidly across the platform like the plague.

The spot where all the gazes had gathered at was a set of stone steps that led to the platform. On the stone steps was a figure who was slowly walking towards the platform.

This figure was the cause of the disturbance on the platform.

“That is…”

Lin Dong eyes narrowed as he stared at the figure that was slowing walking on the stone steps. By relying on his outstanding eyesight, he could see a person dressed in gray robes, with messy long hair draped behind him. Moreover, the most eye-catching feature was the black greatsword on his back. The greatsword was roughly three metres long. Faintly, an astonishing yet sinister fluctuation radiated from the sword.

Although the gray-robed figure was not considered handsome, he was decent to look at. However, the gaze below his hair appeared to be filled with numbing indifference and his dark and gloomy eyes caused one’s heart to tremble when they saw it.

Furthermore, what made Lin Dong’s expression turn grave was the extremely rich sense of danger emitted from gray-robed figure’s body.

This was a feeling that would only appear when two vicious wolves, which had experienced hundreds of battles, faced each other on the prairie…

Amongst all of the Dao Sect disciples, even Ying Xiaoxiao could not give Lin Dong such a feeling. However, the sudden appearance of this unfamiliar gray-robed man caused Lin Dong’s pupils to harden.

“Who is he?” asked Lin Dong in a soft voice. He did not recall such a dangerous figure amongst the Dao Sect disciples.

“Wang Yan,” replied Ying Huanhuan as she gently bit her lips. Her originally clear and pleasing voice had turned somewhat gloomy at this moment.

“What’s the matter?” asked Lin Dong as his eyes narrowed slightly. This was the first time he had seen such an expression from her.

Ying Huanhuan grew quiet for a while before replying in a soft voice, “ Do you still remember what I told you about the previous Great Sect Competition? The incident when our senior sister from Sky hall was killed by Yuan Gate?”


“That senior sister… is Wang Yan’s older sister.” Ying Huanhuan clenched her jade-like hands and said after taking a deep breath.

“At that time, senior brother Wang Yan was also a disciple of our Sky Hall. Moreover, in terms of seniority, he is more experienced than big sis. If we were to compare, he would be the person with the highest seniority amongst the Dao Sect younger generation members.”

“After that incident, senior brother Wang Yan was dealt a great blow, causing his character to change drastically. On top of that, for the sake of the entire sect, my father had forcefully suppressed the rage and the call for vengeance. At that time, as anger and revenge had overwhelmed his reasoning, senior brother Wang Yan rushed into the great hall, pointed at my father and scolded uncontrollably.”

“After which, senior brother Wang Yan stayed in the Dao Sect for half a year before he left. In the past few years, we would occasionally hear some news about him. It is said that he has killed many members of Yuan Gate. This has caused Yuan Gate to finally list him on the sects’ wanted list. Furthermore, senior brother Wang Yan is ranked second on the sects’ wanted list.”

Lin Dong’s pupils faintly contracted for a while. Only after hearing her words, could he truly feel the viciousness and valiantness of senior brother Wang Yan, whom he had yet to meet. He had previously crossed blows with Yao Ling, hence, he knew how difficult those criminals were. However, Yao Ling was only ranked fourth, while senior brother Wang Yan was actually two ranks higher than him…

“In response to Yuan Gate’s actions, our Dao Sect has secretly aided senior brother Wang. However, he might not know about it…”

Ying Huanhuan pursed her lips and seemed slightly sad as she said in a soft voice, “Really, such matters can’t be blamed on father…”

Lin Dong remained silent and nodded his head. Ying Xuanzi was the sect master of a super sect. Every decision he made would affect the life and death of countless Dao Sect members. Although Lin Dong had yet to witness the scale of a battle between two super sect, he was able to surmise that it would definitely be earth shattering. Furthermore, the number of deaths would be extremely terrifying.

When senior Zhou Tong fell into the hands of Yuan Gate, he was Ying Xuanzi’s favourite disciple, and was perhaps even treated as a son by the latter. One could only imagine the pain and suffering in his heart, as he forcefully suppressed the anger within his sect.

“For the past few years, senior brother Wang Yan has never returned to Dao Sect…”

Ying Huanhuan tightly clenched her jade-like hands and tilted her head to stare at Lin Dong. The charming glint that was previously present was no longer there. Instead, it was replaced with unease, “However… he has now returned.”

Lin Dong frowned deeply. His eyes flickered for a moment, before he suddenly spoke, “Is it because of the… Hall Competition?”

“Perhaps… it might be what comes after the Hall Competition… the Great Sect Competition.” Ying Huanhuan replied somewhat bitterly.

“The champion of the Hall Competition will become the commander of all the participating disciples from Dao Sect in the upcoming Great Sect Competition… senior brother Wang Yan… might have returned this time because he wants to borrow the strength of Dao Sect to take revenge on Yuan Gate during the Great Sect Competition…”

Lin Dong sighed deeply. This fellow…

“Senior brother Wang Yan is prejudiced and stubborn. If we follow his lead, it would definitely lead to the death of more disciples.” Ying Huanhuan said. As such a conclusion crossed her mind, Ying Huanhuan looked as if she was about to cry. This was the first time Lin Dong had seen this lively yet deeply stubborn young lady reveal such an expression.

Seeing her expression, Lin Dong fell silent. He had only been a disciple of Dao Sect for a short period of time and there were many things he was not aware of. Therefore, after the sudden appearance of senior brother Wang Yan, even he felt a little unprepared.

“There’s no need to worry too much about it. Maybe senior brother Wang Yan returned this time without such thoughts in mind.” Lin Dong consoled after softly sighing. Right now, the only thing he could do was to console her.

“I want to see him. Will you accompany me?” Ying Huanhuan said as she looked at Lin Dong. Lin Dong could see a trace of rarely seen timidness in her big eyes. It seemed like she was actually a little afraid of senior brother Wang Yan.

“Let’s go.”

At this moment, there was no longer anything for Lin Dong to say as he nodded his head. This sudden matter caused his heart to feel somewhat heavy. After all, if such a matter was not managed well, it would result in a war between two super sects.

After seeing Lin Dong nod his head, a trace of gratefulness flashed past Ying Huanhuan’s eyes. She proceeded to twist her lovely body and shot forward, while Lin Dong closely followed behind.

On the platform, the gray-robed male carrying a greatsword with hair draped over his shoulders finally walked to the top of the stone stairs. The original clamour that was present on the platform instantly disappeared as everyone stared at the familiar yet foreign figure.

The man’s numb and indifferent gaze swept past the bodies of the Dao Sect disciples. There was not much fluctuation within them as this happened. He proceeded to raise his leg again and walked forward with a speed that was neither hurried nor slow.

As he walked forward, the crowd on the platform immediately split apart to form a path for him. A few experienced disciples watched the man with their mouths ajar and complicated expressions on their faces. Upon seeing this, a few newer Dao Sect disciples wanted to speak out. However, their mouths were immediately covered by their senior brothers and sisters standing next to them.

The gray-robed man seemingly did not notice the weird atmosphere as he continued to walk along the path. After quite a while, his footsteps finally came to a stop as he looked at a slender and elegant young lady in front of him. At this moment, a small light gathered in his numb eyes.

“You’re Huanhuan, you have actually grown up to be so beautiful…”

The gray-robed man stared at the young lady before him. His almost emotionless face seemed to twitch for a moment. However, in the end, a smile did not appear. Instead, an exceptionally rough voice slowly emerged from his mouth.

The young lady walked up as her large eyes gazed upon the gray-robed man face, which was covered in stubbles and scars. She could not resist but feel a sour feeling at the tip of her nose. She was somewhat unable to imagine how a person, who was so bright and brilliant like the sun and a big brother to them all in the past, could turn into this.

“Senior brother Wang Yan, you’ve finally returned. Big sis and I really missed you.” Ying Huanhuan replied with a forced smile, while trying to resist the sour feeling on the tip of her nose.

The gray-robed man looked towards the young girl for a moment, before shaking his head, “You have been very intelligent since young. You should know why I’ve returned.”

“Tell Xiaoxiao that I will show no mercy during the Hall Competition.”

The gray-robed man’s rough and cold voice slowly descended, before he reached out his hand, seemingly wanting to pat Ying Huanhuan’s shoulders. However, he suddenly stopped and gently withdrew his hand, before he walked past the young girl.

Ying Huanhuan’s eyes immediately turned red.

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong softly sighed before finally walking to out. Under the complex gazes on the platform, he finally stopped in front of the gray-robed man.

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