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Chapter 697: Ripple

The collapse of the mountain finally slowly came to a stop at this moment. A thousand feet tall stone tablet now stood atop the mountain peak. The ancient yellowish hue on the tablet was due to centuries of sedimentation. An unusual and ancient ripple was emitted from the stone tablet, causing a desolate aura to fill the area.

A desolate aura enveloped the land. It was as though the colour of the sky had turned yellowish. In that moment, many felt as though they had been shuttled to an ancient land…

Everyone’s expression grew solemn as the desolate aura pervaded the air, while the commotion slowly died down. Numerous intensely interested and respectful pairs of eyes stared at the enormous stone
“It has finally opened again.” Wu Dao looked at the incomparably large stone tablet. Emotion flashed across his eyes as he muttered.

“Ever since our Dao Sect discovered this stone tablet back then, we decided to establish our sect in this place. The Desolate Hall was also born as a result. Thousands of years have passed. However, only a rare few individuals have managed to comprehend the Great Desolation Scripture…” Chen Zhen softly sighed.

“Old fellow, you really speak unceremoniously. The Great Desolation Scripture is no ordinary martial arts. If it were so easy for an ordinary disciple to successfully learn it, the strength of our Dao Sect would likely have long since exceeded the Yuan Gate.” A burly middle-aged man standing beside Chen Zhen laughed and chided.

This person was wearing black robes, and his demeanor was quite extraordinary. Both of his eyes swept around like hidden lightning, causing even space itself to become slightly distorted. He was the current master of the Sky Hall, Qi Lei.

Chen Zhen also smiled when he heard this. After which, he glanced at the sky and said, “It is about time…”

“It seems that Lin Dong has yet to arrive.” Wu Hao’s eyes swept around before speaking with a frown.

“Relax, how is it possible for that little fellow to miss such an event…”

Chen Zhen smiled as he shook his head. He turned around and looked at Jiang Hao and the three others senior direct disciples of the Desolate Hall. With a deep voice, he said, “All of you should prepare yourselves. Remember, don’t force yourselves. This martial art relies on one’s luck and affinity and it cannot be forced.”


Jiang Hao and the other three replied respectfully, while excitement coloured their faces. After which, they exchanged a knowing glance as their bodies rushed out, before landing in front of the stone tablet at the mountaintop, under the countless gazes from the surrounding mountains.

There were a couple of green rocks protruding from the cliff at that spot. The green rocks were as smooth as mirrors. They sat on them and raised their heads to gaze upon the thousand feet tall tablet. At this moment, the feeling of being an ant suddenly arose in their hearts.

Jiang Hao and the other three had grave expressions as they sat on the green rocks. Although they hid it well, there was still a trace of panic deep within their eyes. It was due to the enormous pressure that the enormous stone tablet gave.

After Jiang Hao landed in front of the stone tablet, some noise once again arose from the surrounding area. Soon after, some people seemed to have discovered that something was missing. Immediately, their eyes began to sweep all over the mountains in an attempt to find that figure…

“That fellow is really a bigshot. Everyone is always waiting for him…”

Ying Huanhuan naturally understood who these people were looking for. Lin Dong might have just joined the Dao Sect but his reputation had soared rapidly. Not only did he obtain an impressive result at the bottom of the Pill River, which had surpassed even senior Zhou Tong, but he had even successfully learnt the Desolate Demon Eye that senior Zhou Tong was unable to learn. Furthermore, he was also chiefly responsible for bringing back the Immortal Yuan Ancient Seed…

These various achievements were sufficient to allow Lin Dong to become a dazzling new star within the Dao Sect. This time around, everyone undoubtedly believed that he was the one who had the highest chances of understanding the Great Desolation Scripture.

“His previous achievements are simply far too outstanding…” Ying Xiaoxiao softly said.

“Oh?” Ying Huanhuan was startled when she heard this. Her big eyes suspiciously watched Ying Xiaoxiao. Clearly, she did not quite understand the meaning behind her words.

“Lin Dong is quite a prideful person. This was something that one could see ever since he joined the Desolate Hall. He was using senior Zhou Tong as a benchmark.

Ying Xiaoxiao’s eyes looked at the enormous stone tablet before she slowly said, “As a fellow disciple of the Desolate Hall, he is unwilling to see his path being overshadowed by that figure. Therefore, he wants to surpass senior Zhou Tong.”

“His potential can be ranked amongst the top three within the current Dao Sect. It is likely that his future achievements will be quite substantial. However, the monstrosity of genius senior Zhou Tong is sufficient to cause many geniuses to feel inferior. Using him as a benchmark is not a good idea. Should he fail, he would likely find it difficulty to overcome that shadow.”

“There are some people who will not be hurt even if they fall…”

Ying Xiaoxiao laughed bitterly when she spoke until this point. She softly said, “Lin Dong is aiming too high. I’m afraid that should he meet a setback, he will end up suffering quite a big blow.”

When Ying Huanhuan heard Ying Xiaoxiao words, her brows slightly knitted together, before she spoke, “Elder sister is worried that Lin Dong will not recover from should he fail to comprehend the Great Desolation Scripture?”

“It would not be to the extent of not recovering from this setback. What he has been through, perhaps far exceeds what I have experienced. However, I’m afraid that this setback will affect his resilience. After all, it has been a smooth sailing trip for him on this journey of challenging senior Zhou Tong.”

Ying Xiaoxiao shook her head and said, “However, the ones before were merely small tests. The current one… is the true gordian knot.”

Ying Huanhuan’s bright eyes blinked gently. She thought for a moment before raising her small face. Sunlight shone onto her exquisite face, and she hesitated for a while longer before speaking, “Elder sister, although I do not know what Lin Dong has experienced, I think that elder sister has underestimated that fellow’s resilience. Moreover, I have never seen that fellow fear anything. Even when he stayed behind alone to block Yao Ling and the Devil Seal Mass, I did not see any fear in his eyes…”

“Moreover, I think that even though senior Zhou Tong enjoys a reputation that is greater than father within the hearts of our Dao Sect disciples, it is likely that Lin Dong does not feel too much respect. He only views senior Zhou Tong as someone whom he will surpass on his journey…”

The sunlight from the sky was sprinkled down while she spoke, shining on the pure and exquisite small face of the young lady. A light arc extended along her white chin, causing her to appear extremely beautiful.

The young lady at this moment also appeared to have recalled what Lin Dong had told her in the mountain crevice. She was simply unable to imagine how Lin Dong had already understood how to hide his hatred like a snake in the abyss and quietly evolve, when he was merely just a boy, who was even younger than she currently was. After enduring for so many years, he ultimately relied on his own strength to kill his enemy, who had once been able to easily destroy his small family…

Ying Huanhuan was truly unable to imagine how someone like that who possessed such frightening resilience, would end up being unable to recover from this so-called failure.

Ying Xiaoxiao was also stunned by Ying Huanhuan’s words. She immediately turned her head and stared at the young lady beside her. A moment later, the corners of her mouth lifted into a half smile. “From the looks of it, you seemed to think very highly of him?”

“I am merely speaking the truth. Elder sister, you should not speak nonsense!” Ying Huanhuan’s face turn red as she mumbled.

Ying Xiaoxiao declined to comment. She continued, “Since you think so highly of him, let’s see what happens. This time around, he faces quite a huge amount of pressure. Should he fail to understand the scripture, it would be unavoidable for there to be some gossip. Whether he can avoid it will depend entirely on his ability.”

Ying Xiaoxiao’s eyes suddenly moved after her voice sounded. She turned towards the distant sky and smiled, “He has arrived…”


Just after Ying Xiaoxiao’s voice sounded, a hurried rushing wind sound was suddenly heard in the distance. Immediately, the gazes on the mountains swiftly turned towards that direction. The atmosphere also turned fiery hot.

“Lin Dong has finally arrived… I was under the impression that he had given up.”

“Heh, I wonder if he is able to comprehend the Great Desolation Scripture. His previous achievements are merely child’s play when compared to senior Zhou Tong. The current one will truly test his ability.”

“That’s right.”

Numerous private conversations spread like waves amongst the human sea. The rushing wind sound became increasingly loud while the voices spread. A few seconds later, a figure dashed through the air and appeared in the sky.

“My two teacher uncles, this disciple is late.”

When Lin Dong appeared in the sky, he was initially a little stunned by the densely packed sea of people in the mountains. Only after that did he raise his head and looked at Chen Zhen and Wu Dao. His voice contained an apologetic tone.

“Mm, it is fine since you made it here.” Chen Zhen smilingly nodded. His eyes contained a glint as they swept over Lin Dong, before they suddenly focused. With his eyes, he was naturally able to tell that Lin Dong’s strength had advanced quite greatly during the past half a month.


Chen Zhen exchanged glances with Wu Dao. They could see joy and surprise in each other’s eyes.

“Since you have arrived, you should head over. Remember do not force it. Although the Great Desolation Scripture is powerful, the most important thing is still one’s self.” Wu Dao waved his hand and laughed.

“This disciple will remember your advice.”

Lin Dong grinned and nodded. After which, he turned his head to look at the incomparably large Desolate Tablet. He inhaled a deep breath of air and suppressed the surging excitement within his heart. Ever since he had joined the Dao Sect, the thing that he coveted the most was naturally the Great Desolation Scripture, the strongest of the Dao Sect’s four great mysterious scriptures. This opportunity had finally arrived.

Lin Dong focused on the Great Desolate Tablet, while his body moved and floated out. In the end, it slowly landed on a green rock.

Lin Dong finally sensed the vast and mighty Desolate Qi when he stood in front of the Great Desolate Tablet. When he stood at this place, it was as though he had returned to the vast ancient land of the past.


While Lin Dong immersed himself within this grand vastness, a slight ripple suddenly scattered from within his body. Immediately, his pupils abruptly shrunk.

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