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Chapter 696: Great Desolate Tablet

There was an extremely large mountain deep within Desolate Hall. The mountain was withered yellow in color and there was not the slightest greenery on top. From a far distance away, it looked like a barren land filled with a desolate aura.

In the sky above this mountain peak, an enormous Pill River whistled past. At this moment, this Pill River, which would usually not stop flowing, revealed a strange phenomenon. Not only did the whistling speed slowed down, but an incomparably vast and mighty Nirvana Qi was continuously pouring down from the Pill River. That manner was as though a huge hole had been formed in the Pill River.

Nirvana Qi whizzed down like floodwater before it finally poured onto the large mountaintop.

Buzz buzz.

That mountain actually began to tremble when the Pill River poured down. Rock fragments continued to fall and numerous large crack lines began to form on the mountain.

Swoosh swoosh!

When this drastic change occurred on the mountaintop, countless rushing wind sounds were also emitted from the sky all around. After a couple of minutes, the surrounding sky, large trees and mountain were immediately occupied by a densely packed sea of people. The originally quiet mountain forest turned incomparably lively at this moment.

Various noises gathered together and spread in a deafening manner. Even the clouds in the sky were scattered.

These people not only consisted of the disciples from Desolate Hall. Even the disciples from the three other halls had all rushed over. This was because they were clearly aware that what was going to happen next could perhaps alter the ranking of the four halls.

Other than the Hall Competition, it was extremely rare to see the disciples from all four halls gathering together. Even when the disciples from Sky Hall learned the “Sky Emperor Scripture”, it did not cause such a commotion. From this, one could tell the degree of respect the Great Desolation Scripture had in the hearts of the Dao Sect’s disciples…


Numerous rays of light rushed over from the distant sky. Finally, when they were about to reach this mountaintop that had undergone a drastic change, they revealed themselves. The two of them in front were Chen Zhen and Wu Dao.

There were six people following behind them. All six of them were quite old. Their auras were all powerful and mighty and were not the least bit weaker than Chen Zhen.

Amongst the six, three of them were not strangers. They were the deputy hall chiefs of the three other halls whom Lin Dong had met when he first entered Dao Sect. Clearly, the remaining three, who had even more powerful auras than them, were naturally the chief of the three other halls!

This time around, the opening of the Great Desolate Tablet had actually attracted all the three other hall chiefs over…

“Even the chief of Sky, Earth and Flood Halls have come…”

Jiang Hao, one of the senior direct disciples of the Desolate Hall, stood in the midair and looked at the few figures in front. He involuntarily smacked his mouth and laughed.

“What is there to be surprised about. Other than these hall chiefs, I believe that perhaps even some extremely senior elders are observing this place secretly. Studying the Great Desolation Scripture is a major event for our Dao Sect.” Pang Tong said.

“If we can successfully comprehend the Great Desolation Scripture this time around, our Desolate Hall will likely be able to improve its ranking in the upcoming Hall Competition.” Fang Yun stared at the shaking mountain and was ready to get into the action.

Pang Tong turned silent when he heard this and he did not utter even a single word. Being the most experienced senior direct disciple in Desolate Hall, he clearly understood the difficulty of comprehending the Great Desolation Scripture. In the past hundred years, everyone was left disappointed after the Great Desolate Tablet opened up. Who knows if today will be the exception?

“Hey, where is that fellow, Lin Dong? If he ends up missing such a major event, would he not end up knocking himself to death from regret?” Fang Yun’s eyes swept around before asking in a surprised manner.

“He went to meet the sect master half a month ago. They brought back the Immortal Yuan Ancient Seed and performed a deed of great merit. The sect master should have given him a reward. However, you can be rest assured that given his character, it is impossible for him to miss this chance to study the Great Desolate Scripture.” Pang Tong said.

“That fellow Lin Dong… I heard that he even wounded Yao Ling, who was ranked fourth on the sects’ wanted list. What an abnormal fellow…” Jiang Hao laughed bitterly.

“Junior Lin Dong is also a disciple of our Desolate Hall. The stronger he becomes, the better it is for our Desolate Hall. You should not feel unhappy just because you lost to him.” Pang Tong knitted his brows and lectured. Being the most experienced senior direct disciple, his prestige in the Desolate Hall was clearly quite high.

“How is that possible. I am not such a petty person. If he can comprehend the Great Desolation Scripture this time around, I will be happy as well. Otherwise, our Desolate Hall will end up losing face again during the upcoming Hall Competition.” Jiang Hao spoke helplessly.

Pang Tong nodded with satisfaction when he heard this. He was just about to speak when a great number of rushing wind sound were suddenly transmitted from a distance away. After which, dozens of figures rushed over and landed a short distance away from them.

The surrounding Dao Sect’s disciples immediately erupted into an uproar when this group appeared. Those many gazes that shot over also became a lot more respectful.

“That is big senior sister Xiaoxiao and her group… There is also senior Qing Ye from Earth Hall and senior Mu Li from Flood Hall. Tsk tsk, it is rumored that the three of them have all comprehended the mysterious scriptures of their respective halls. They can be considered as the most outstanding trio amongst the Dao Sect younger generation members…”

“That’s right. It is especially the case for big senior sister Xiaoxiao. It is rumored that she has reached nine Yuan Nirvana Stage. Along with the strength of the “Sky Emperor Scripture”, it is likely that she would be hard pressed to find a worthy opponent unless one is an expert who has stepped into the Mysterious Life Stage.”

“You have forgotten about Lin Dong from Desolate Hall. Previously, he fought with Yao Ling, a former deacon of Yuan Gate and even managed to injure him. That Yao Ling is an expert who had stepped into the nine Yuan Nirvana Stage a long time ago.”

“Yes, I have also heard about this. If this is true, that Lin Dong is simply too perverse. Coincidentally, he is also a disciple of Desolate Hall. This time around, he should also possess the qualifications to study the Great Desolation Scripture. I wonder if he will succeed…”

“No one knows. Although his performance has been extremely stellar ever since he joined Dao Sect, the Great Desolation Scripture is something that even big senior sister Xiaoxiao was unable to learn…”

This group of human figures that broke through the air and arrived was naturally Ying Xiaoxiao, Ying Huanhuan and the rest. Following beside them were Qing Ye from Earth Hall, Mu Li from the Flood Hall and some other extremely famous senior direct disciples from the other three halls. This lineup was considered to be the most magnificent one amongst the current younger generation members in Dao Sect. Therefore, all the gazes in the mountains gathered towards them when they appeared.

Ying Xiaoxiao and Ying Huanhuan, who were standing in front, were naturally the focal point of all their attention. However, comparatively speaking, most of the gazes from the younger disciples were gathered on the young lady with a black ponytail, who appeared extremely pure and lively.

This did not mean that Ying Xiaoxiao lacked charm. However, her prestige amongst the younger disciples was simply too high. Furthermore, her usual cool demeanor also caused some disciples to treat her with exceptional respect. Hence, they naturally did not dare to look at her in the same way as they looked at Ying Huanhuan.

Although Ying Huanhuan was merely wearing a simple white blouse and pants today, her figure appeared exceptionally lithe and delicate. Her clothes outlined a figure that was filled with liveliness and attracted a great attention. Together with her ponytail that jumped gently when she turned her head and the gentle blink of her bright charming large eyes, her appearance was so innocent that it was a complete mess.

Ying Huanhuan’s large eyes scanned her surroundings. However, she did not find that familiar figure. Her eyebrows were bunched up as she said, “That fellow Lin Dong is actually not around? Is he going to give this opportunity a miss?”

“It is not strange for him to do so. Although junior Lin Dong brother is extremely talented, he has merely just joined Desolate Hall.” Standing beside her, Qing Ye laughed faintly.

“The reason that fellow joined Desolate Hall is because he is after the Great Desolation Scripture. How is it possible for him to give up on this opportunity? Moreover, he is already a senior direct disciple of Desolate Hall and he possesses the qualifications to study the Great Desolation Scripture,” Ying Huanhuan rolled her eyes at Qing Ye and said.

Qing Ye felt extremely displeased in his heart when he saw Ying Huanhuan talking about Lin Dong as if she was extremely familiar with him. However, he did not reveal anything as he did not want to be seen as a petty person. Immediately, he could only turn his head in a somewhat unnatural manner and softly speak to someone else besides him.

Ying Xiaoxiao quietly shook her head when she saw this scene but did not say anything else. She merely threw her gaze towards the shaking mountain. Following the spread of the crack line, a greyish-yellow colored gigantic tablet was slowly breaking out of the mountain at that spot. A desolate aura that originated from the ancient times quietly fluctuated within this place.

Ying Xiaoxiao’s eyes were somewhat complicated as she watched the mountain. Her character was quite haughty. Back then, she arrogantly tried to learn the Great Desolation Scripture. However, she ultimately failed after sitting there for months. This caused her to suffer quite a heavy blow…

“Great Desolate Tablet…”

Every pair of eyes in this place turned towards the enormous ten thousand feet large tablet that had broken out of the mountain. That large tablet was just like a mountain that was towering above the mountain peak. Its towering and majestic manner caused it to look just like a divine artifact from the ancient times.

“Elder sister, do you think that anyone from Desolate Hall will succeed this time around?” Ying Huanhuan’s large eyes were a little shaken as she looked at that enormous object that had broken out from the mountain. After which, she tugged Ying Xiaoxiao wrist and softly asked.

“Jiang Hao and the other three hardly stand a chance.”

Ying Xiaoxiao glanced at Ying Huanhuan. She paused for a moment before she continued, “If it is Lin Dong… he may stand a decent chance.”

“Oh…” Ying Huanhuan nodded quietly. Her long eyelashes blinked gently. The expression on her small face was a little complicated.

“Why?” Ying Xiaoxiao asked uncertainly.

“If that fellow really comprehends it… wouldn’t that meant that I will have to do whatever he says…” Ying Huanhuan hesitated for a moment before she spoke haltingly with a reddened face.

Even Ying Xiaoxiao felt neither able to laugh nor cry when she heard these words. She glared at Ying Huanhuan. “You deserve it.”


The mountain, which was shaking violently, finally came to a gradual stop. Everyone raised their heads and looked at the top of the mountain, where an enormous stone tablet, whose top had almost touched the Pill River, had appeared. All of them were as tiny as ants before that stone tablet.

This was the Great Desolate Tablet.

The most powerful scripture of the four great mysterious scriptures, the Great Desolation Scripture, was hidden within. However, since a hundred years ago, the question on whether anyone could understand it has been left unanswered.

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