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Chapter 691: Rest

His consciousness was in constant darkness. While he was semi-conscious, Lin Dong faintly heard some soft and gentle sounds ringing beside his ear. These sounds were melodious and very touching. It gave one the urge to open one’s eyes to see the appearance of the voice’s owner…

However, in the end, Lin Dong did not open his eyes. Deep weariness swelled and rushed out from the depths of his mind like a tide, causing his eyes to remain shut.

This weariness lasted for quite a long period of time. Finally, after a long struggle, his eyes forcefully pushed apart his eyelids and opened a small crack.

A gentle ray of sunlight shot down on him. This caused the crack between Lin Dong’s eyelids to grow increasingly large before the sunlight finally banished the darkness…

After opening his eyes, the first thing that appeared in Lin Dong’s vision was a quiet room filled with the scent of sandalwood. Vermillion red-coloured light reflected off his surroundings and bloomed within his eyes. It had a calm yet imposing atmosphere.

Lin Dong stared at the strange and unfamiliar environment around him. An extremely brief moment of absentmindedness flashed past his eyes. In the next instant, he suddenly stood up. Just as he was about to leap forth, his body turned soft. A powerless sensation started to spread from his limbs and his body, leaving Lin Dong with no strength…

The sensation of weakness within his body caused Lin Dong’s expression to change. However, he gradually calmed down. Slightly wrinkling his eyebrows, it was apparent that he seemed to have recalled something.

“Ying Huanhuan should have made it in the end…” muttered Lin Dong to himself. Thinking back to the last moment he could recall, he remembered hearing her familiar voice. From the looks of it, it seems like in the end, the Dao Sect members managed to reach there in time.

“I’m actually hurt this badly…”

Lin Dong lowered his head and looked at his pale white palms. Unable to resist, he started wrinkling his eyebrows. He could feel the waves of pain being transmitted from within his body. Even the revolution of his Yuan Power was faced with some obstruction. It was obvious that the injuries that he had received this time were extremely serious.

Of course, the frowning Lin Dong failed to consider what kind of adversary he had faced. He was only at five Yuan Nirvana Stage. Coupled with the fact that he was a four Seal Heaven Symbol Master, as well as the various tricks up his sleeves, it was still quite a stretch to go toe to toe with an eight Yuan Nirvana Stage expert. Moreover, Yao Ling was an expert who had reached the nine Yuan Nirvana Stage. If he had not relied on the explosive energy within the five Ancient Immortal Yuan Fruits, Lin Dong would never match up to him. Furthermore, he even managed to wound Yao Ling severely.

Placed amongst the various super sects, a nine Yuan Nirvana Stage expert would already be capable of being a top class disciple. In fact, one would even be able to garner a pretty strong reputation within the entire Eastern Xuan Region. Nonetheless, Lin Dong was actually able to accomplish such a feat while being chased by Yao Ling and the rest, who were trying to kill him. If news of this incident was disseminated, there would be a high possibility that an uproar would occur.

Lin Dong slowly walked down from his bed. At this moment, there was absolutely no Yuan Power within his body. It would likely require quite a few days of nursing in order to gradually recover his Yuan Power.


Walking across the room, Lin Dong pushed open the door. Warm sunlight vigorously poured down, enveloping Lin Dong’s entire body. Under the gentle warmth, Lin Dong could feel that the throbbing pain within his body had significantly subsided.

There was a spacious corridor outside the room. Before this corridor, there was a secluded courtyard. Within the courtyard, there were a few people calmly sitting on the floor. Hearing the sound of the door being opened, they hurriedly turned around. Immediately following that, a pleasantly surprised expression started to emerge on their faces.

“You finally decided to wake up, Lin Dong…”

Lin Dong looked at Mo Ling and the few others who were gathering around him and surprised expressions. He could sense their strong feelings of concern as well as the joy within their eyes. Feeling slightly warmed in his heart, he smiled and nodded while saying: “How long was I out for?”

“Ten days…” replied Mo Ling while indicating with his fingers.

Lin Dong was slightly startled. Although he had somewhat expected it, he had never imagined himself being in such a deep slumber after getting injured. It was likely due to the backlash from forcefully devouring five Ancient Immortal Yuan Fruits.

“You are really famous now. News about you has been transmitted across the whole Dao Sect. It is said that even though you were besieged by Devil Seal Mass and many other experts, you still managed to injure Yao Ling, who was ranked fourth on the sect’s wanted list. That fellow is a nine Yuan Nirvana stage expert and he has quite a strong reputation within Eastern Xuan Region…” praised Liu Bai while clicking his tongue. The way he stared at Lin Dong was unexpectedly filled with unconcealable admiration.

“Furthermore, the most important fact is that Yao Ling used to be a deacon of Yuan Gate. You don’t how much pride you have gained for us, disciples of Dao Sect…”

Lin Dong looked at Liu Bai and the rest who wore excited and flushed expressions on their faces. He could not help but feel somewhat speechless. He had almost lost his life this time around and he was nowhere as suave as they mentioned…

“Lin Dong, you’re awake?”

Just when Lin Dong was getting a headache from their frenzied discussions, a melodious and lovely voice filled with unconcealable surprise rang out suddenly from within the courtyard. At once, everyone turned towards to the location of the noise, which led them to stare at a corner of the courtyard covered in the shade of plants. At that spot, stood a young lady in the prime of youth.

The young lady stood under the shade. Her slender and soft body was wrapped up in her clothing accentuating her alluring curves. Light shone through the leaves and illuminated her exquisite and charming little face, showing her bright and beautiful big eyes, which are now brimming with delight.

The young lady’s features were certainly extremely beautiful. As her jet black ponytail hung down, it incited an arc filled vigor and vitality at the tip.

When Mo Ling and the rest saw the young lady, a sparkle flashed past their eyes, before they promptly turned and stared mischievously at Lin Dong.

“When you were in a coma, junior sister Ying Huanhuan was taking care of you most of the time. She would often come running to our Desolate Hall, which actually caused quite a few disciples of Desolate Hall to envy you…” said Mo Ling, who was now wearing a strange smile.

After hearing his words, Lin Dong clearly gawked for a moment. He was clearly aware of how popular Ying Huanhuan was amongst the Dao Sect disciples. Furthermore, she had quite a reputable background as well. Never would he had imagined that a young lady that was akin to a princess in the Dao Sect, would actually go out of the way to take care of him…

“Hey, did you turn into a retard after sleeping?”

Just as Lin Dong was still absent-minded, the young lady had already arrived in from of him. Extending her perfect and slender white hand that would make many men drool, she waved it in front of him, while a melodious voice akin to a musical instrument rang out.

Recovering his composure, Lin Dong proceed to stare at the delicate face in front of him before giving a smile and replied: “ At the final moment, thanks for making it on time. If not, perhaps I would not be able to return this time…”

“Hmph, you just love to flaunt and talk big. It was obvious that you can’t handle it yet you still had to act so fierce.” replied Ying Huanhuan as she curled her lip.

Lin Dong started choking for a while because of her reply. Promptly, he felt slightly helpless. This little great aunt was really not easy to satisfy. In that kind of situation, there was no way to ensure everyone’s safety. To save one of their lives was already a pretty decent scenario…

“Of course, I will not deny that you were indeed very dashing at that moment. If you did it a few more times, perhaps I will fall for you,” said Ying Huanhuan as she smiled sweetly after seeing Lin Dong’s depressed expression

Lin Dong chose not to reply. To him, experiencing such an incident once was already more than enough. He did not want to experience it again…

“What happened to those fellows in the end?” asked Lin Dong as if he suddenly thought of something.

“They’re all dead. There won’t be the Devil Seal Mass in the future. As for those people who crossed blows with you, so long as they took personal action, they would have been finished off…:” said Ying Huanhuan in an indifferent attitude while slightly lifting her eyelashes.

Lin Dong nodded his head in silence. “It looks like this time around, the Dao Sect got fairly furious. They were unexpectedly ruthless…”. However, this was the only way to establish one’s dominance. Otherwise, how could the disciples of Dao Sect travel outside in the future if anyone could easily humiliate them?

“This time, all the elders were very excited to see the Ancient Immortal Yuan Seed being brought back and you contributed the lion’s share of the work. After you’ve recovered, fa… lord sect master would like to personally see you.” said Ying Huanhuan with a smile.


Only at this juncture, did Lin Dong’s expression slightly change. Even with the strength of mind, after hearing this, he faintly cramped for a second. Regardless, that person was the head of Dao Sect. He was also one of the top practitioners within the vast area of the Eastern Xuan Region. A single thought by him alone could make countless empires vanish in a puff of smoke.

Mo Ling and the rest who were standing nearby all had faces full of envy. For one to be able to meet with the lord sect master, who was incredibly hard to even catch a glimpse of, was no simple feat…

“Relax. You’re now a hero in our Dao Sect.” comforted the young lady with a smile after discovering Lin Dong’s stunned reaction. She quickly proceeded to retrieve a basket from her Qiankun Bag, which was filled to the brim with various medicines and pills that were used to treat injuries.

“These medicines are very effective for treating wounds. I actually went to the pill room for at least half a day to collect all of them. This is an ointment to be applied externally. This is to be swallowed…”

The young lady used her fine jade like fingers to point at the bottles and jars within the basket while carefully explaining their contents. After she finished her explanation, she felt something amiss about the surrounding atmosphere. Raising her head, she saw Mo Ling and the rest with a weird expression on their faces.

There was no one within the entire Dao Sect who did not know how weird and mischievous Ying Huanhuan was. Who knew that this lively and vibrant young lady actually had such a gentle and tender side to her?

“What are you guys looking at! Have you never seen before a beautiful woman before!”

After being stared weirdly at by Mo Ling and the rest, a crimson shade flashed past her snowy white cheeks. Immediately, she glared at them. Seeing this, Mo Ling and the rest rapidly shrunk their necks before quickly turning away.

“Hmph, it can be said that you are more or less half my saviour. I don’t want others to say that I, Ying Huanhuan am ungrateful. Please take it.”

Ying Huanhuan’s big eyes turned around and faced Lin Dong while maintaining her awe-inspiring image. She proceeded to viciously shove the basket into Lin Dong’s hand before immediately turning around and leaving. Her free and easy actions were quite domineering. However, no one noticed that the moment that young girl turned around, her tender and delicate earlobes had already turned red.

Looking at the beautiful figure of the rapidly departing young lady, Lin Dong could not help but touch his nose. “It seems like the gentleness and softness she displayed earlier was merely a short-lived moment.”

“Hehe, younger senior sister Huanhuan is not bad. This is the first time I saw her take such good care of someone…” teased Liu Bai with a grin, as he raised his eyebrows towards Lin Dong.

“Stop speaking nonsense. She only did this because she was grateful to me for saving her life,” replied Lin Dong irritatedly.

“However, she did take good care of you during this period of time. Besides, I have to tell you a piece of bad news. You should be quite clear of junior sister Ying Huanhuan’s charm. Hence, since she had taken such good care of you, there will definitely be some people who would be displeased…”

Mo Ling patted Lin Dong’s shoulders while a helpless expression appeared on his face: “According to what I know, even Qing Ye has expressed discontentment over this matter. He is from Earth Hall and is the most talented person after elder senior sister Ying Xiaoxiao amongst the Dao Sect younger generation members. Therefore, you will have to be careful in the future.”

Unable to resist, Lin Dong’s face started to turn black. At this moment he wished to curse out loud. What the hell does this have to do with me? He simply could not understand how he would actually wound up provoking someone even while in a stupor?

“Femme fatale.” consoled Mo Ling.

“There is nothing between us!”

Replied Lin Dong. However, after he said those words, he saw Mo Ling and the rest continuously casting their gazes at the basket in his hand. At this moment, he felt wave after wave of stifling feeling in his chest.

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