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WDQK Chapter 69: Calamity

On the manor walls: when Lin Xia and the rest heard Lin Dong’s words, their expressions turned white as sheet. Currently, most of the experts in the Lin Family were out protecting the shipment. With Lin Ken left as the only Heavenly Yuan Stage practitioner in the Steel Wood Manor, how could they possibly fend off the Black Dragon Stockade?

Just as panic set into their hearts, Lin Ken swiftly dashed up to the Manor’s wall. As he stared at that menacing yellow dust cloud, his eyes twitched and he promptly commanded: “Everyone, full alert!”

“Swish swish!”

After they heard Lin Ken’s orders, everyone in the manor instantly went into emergency mode. Some of the guards left in the manor immediately drew their weapons and hastily ascended onto the manor’s wall, staring nervously at the approaching dust cloud.

As the yellow dust cloud approached, a black banner vividly appeared in front of everyone’s line of sight. Revealing the picture of a menacing and murderous giant black dragon.

“It’s indeed the bandits from Black Dragon stockade!”

Upon seeing the banner, Lin Dong and the rest involuntarily clenched their fists.

“Looks like we have fallen into their trap. It is likely that the information Father received was deliberately leaked by the Black Dragon stockade with the intention of causing our Lin Family to dispatch a large amount of skilled members to protect our cargo. Meanwhile, they planned to attack our now vulnerable Steel Wood Manor!” Lin Ken said with a heavy voice.

“What should we do now?” Lin Dong asked. It seemed like many of the bandits from Black Dragon stockade had come. Could the guards in the Steel Wood Manor manage to hold them off?

“I have already sent word to the Raging Blade Dojo. We only need to hold them off for a while before reinforcements will arrive.” Lin Ken replied.

After hearing these words, Lin Dong softly heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed like the Lin Family was not completely unprepared.

“Haha, Lin Ken. It was not easy for us to finally meet each other, surely you won’t turn me away now?” Just as Lin Dong sighed, the sounds of horses hooves gradually died down as the yellow dust cloud slowly began to settle. A hearty laughter rang out as two black horses stepped forward. Seated on the horses’ backs, were two people.

The person on the left, was huge and muscular. His had the back of a tiger and the waist of a bear, yet a simple and honest smile hung on his face. Only people who were close to him knew that he was a despicable and vicious person. Truly worthy of his infamous title as the “Vicious Wind Ripper” Wu Sha.

The other person looked comparatively smaller and leaner. He did not have any unique facial features except the numerous blade scars that filled his face. This man was the real leader of the Black Dragon stockade, Yan Kuo.

The duo’s horses strode forward and behind them stood hundreds of bandits from the Black Dragon stockade. Right now, they were slowly spreading themselves out. Their sabers and blades gleamed with a cruel and menacing light. Meanwhile, a tense atmosphere of a looming major battle shrouded the Steel Wood Manor.

“Yan Kuo and Wu Sha. Both leaders of the Black Strong stockade have arrived.” As he gazed at the two of them, Lin Ken’s heart sunk. The two of them were true blue Heavenly Yuan Stage experts. In particular, Yan Kuo had advanced to Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage, the same level Lin Ken was at.

“Yan Kuo, Wu Sha. Our Lin Family and your Black Dragon stockade have never crossed paths. Aren’t you people being too overbearing today?” Lin Ken shouted while waving his hand, signalling the guards standing at the perimeter of the manor as they immediately armed and readied their bows.

“Heh heh, the two of us have heard that there was a great treasure hidden in this place. Therefore, we decided to check it out for ourselves. Brother Lin Ken, why must you be so nervous?” The lean Yan Kuo casually smiled as he answered.

“If you make a move against our Lin Family, your Black Dragon stockade will definitely regret it.” Lin Ken’s face instantly took on a sinister look. Right now, his Lin Family had four Heavenly Yuan Stage practitioners, hence if they really wanted to exterminate the Black Dragon stockade, it would not be an impossible feat.

“Humans will die for money, just like animals will kill for food. Bandits like us are always prepared to die at any moment. I know that your Lin Family is not weak. Heh heh, however if you exterminate us, someone else will naturally finish you off. No matter what, our Black Dragon stockade will loot clean your Steel Wood Manor today!”

Yan Kuo released a weird laughter as he suddenly drew a huge saber that was strapped on his horse. Then, he kicked his horse and abruptly dashed forward. A thick Yuan Power gathered on his giant saber as he swung it towards the Steel Wood Manor’s huge entrance.

Lin Ken was enraged by Yan Kuo’s unreasonable manner. The former randomly grabbed a spear as his body zipped through the air to intercept Yan Kuo.

“Clang clang clang!”

Sparks violently burst out in the mid air as a powerful explosive force spread out at the epicenter. Finally, the two of them were forcefully pushed back.

“Haha, wonderful! However Lin Ken, you are the only Heavenly Yuan Stage practitioner left in the Steel Wood Manor today. You may be able to obstruct me, but you cannot stop everyone else at the same time. Wu Sha, lead the rest of the men in!” Yan Kuo exclaimed as he straightened himself on horseback. With a weird laughter, he forcefully thrust his feet downwards. Resulting in a powerful impact that caused the horse’s hooves to shatter instantly as it neighed before falling on the floor with a thud.

“Haha, good! Brothers, follow me and charge!”

In response to Yan Kuo’s words, Wu Sha’s lips split open as he let out a hearty laugh. With a wave of his huge hand, he immediately took the lead and led the forces from the Black Dragon stockade as they ferociously charged towards the Steel Wood Manor.

“All Lin Family guards, attack!”

After witnessing this situation, a murderous intent flowed in Lin Ken’s eyes as he sternly shouted.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

Atop the manor walls, many of the Lin Family guards began to let loose their arrows. Sounds of arrows piercing through the wind sounded out as they flew towards the Black Dragon stockade bandits. Instantly painful cries followed.

The smell of blood slowly began to seep throughout the Steel Wood Manor. Upon seeing these murderous Black Dragon stockade bandits charge at them with no regards for their own lives, the younger generation members turned pale. Evidently, this was their first time witnessing such a scene.

In contrast, an extraordinary Lin Dong seemed pretty calm when faced with this situation. All the training that he did during this period was very effective. Such bloody battles no longer caused him to feel any unease.

As she gazed at the approaching Black Dragon stockade bandits, Lin Xia involuntarily gripped onto Lin Dong’s arm. Right now, he had become her pillar of support.

“When the Black Dragon stockade bandits rush in, everyone must take care. Qing Tan, I want you protect them together with Little Flame.” Lin Dong said in a low voice.

Upon hearing these words, Qing Tan, who was standing beside him, gently bit her lips as she nodded. Currently, she was the fastest person that had advance to Earthly Yuan Stage after Lin Dong. Furthermore, Lin Dong had personally taught her an array of martial arts. Therefore, discounting Lin Dong, she was definitely the strongest younger generation member.

As Lin Dong quickly instructed them, the Black Dragon stockade bandits had already reached the point just outside of the Steel Wood Manor’s front entrance. Seeing this situation, Lin Ken’s face turned pale and he quickly maneuvered to try and intervene but a sudden powerful attack was directed towards him, causing him to hastily retreat two steps.

“Heh, Lin Ken. Now its time for us to duel!” The person that had dashed up the manor walls was naturally Yan Kuo. With a smirk, Yuan Power gushed up the giant saber in his hand as he swung it at Lin Ken, causing him to be unable to do anything else.


Outside the manor’s front door, Wu Yun also jumped upwards, a vigorous Yuan Power burst out and undulated on his giant palms. Like a thousand pound rock, they slammed heavily on the thick door.


The giant door fell, the Steel Wood Manor’s front entrance was directly broken with one palm from Wu Sha. Instantly, the Black Dragon stockade bandits flooded into the manor like a tide.


Upon seeing the bandits burst into their manor, the head guard of the Lin Family immediately shouted out.


However, just as the shouted rang out, a muscular figure immediately dashed towards them. Wu Sha’s callous smile rapidly enlarged in their eyes as a palm attack was finally directed towards them, causing them to all fly back, violently spitting out blood.

With Wu Sha’s Heavenly Yuan Stage strength, he rampaged among them like a wolf in a flock of sheep. Because of this fact, the morale of the Black Dragon stockade bandits rose as they dashed, eyes full of battle lust, towards the surrounding Lin Family guards.

“Haha, a bunch of useless morons think they can stop us? This Lin Family is nothing!”

Wu Sha cruelly wounded several guards and arrogantly laughed, a look of disdain on his face.

“What should we do? What should we do? That fellow is too strong. With Father stuck in his own battle, there is no one left to stop Wu Sha!”

As the sight of Wu Sha easily ripping through the guards filled their eyes, Lin Xia and the rest turned pale. Just as she finished her words, she could abruptly sensed a figure beside her swiftly dash forward and his target was actually Wu Sha!

“Lin Dong!”

As they stared at that young man’s back, Lin Xia and the others uttered in shock. At this moment, even though he was being held down by Yan Kuo, Lin Ken’s expression also changed drastically!

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