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Chapter 688: Killing Su Lei


A mighty and wild Yuan Power swept out from Yao Ling’s body in all directions at this moment. His eyes were unusually ferocious as he stared at the figure in the distance. The long spear in his hand shook suddenly. A buzzing sound appeared before a hundred feet large spear glow directly penetrated through the empty air and flew explosively towards Lin Dong with a lightning like speed.

The speed of the spear was extremely rapid and it covered all of Lin Dong’s escape paths in the blink of an eye, forcing him to once again halt his attack towards those weaker members of Devil Seal Mass. He forcefully turned his body around and swung the black tree in his hand in a vicious manner. A shocking strength spluttered out. Even the invisible air was blasted apart by his strength, that seemed to possess an actual form.


The two collided heavily. A shocking energy ripple spread apart wildly while being accompanied by a loud sound. Lin Dong’s body trembled as he hurriedly retreated by over a dozen steps. The black tree in his hand danced before he stabilized his body. Following which, a grave expression flashed across his eyes. There was still a huge gap between him and Yao Ling. Even after he received a temporary boost in strength from swallowing five Immortal Yuan Ancient Fruits, there was still a small gap when compared with Yao Ling.

“Su Lei, Luo Yi, attack together with me and kill this fellow. The others should gather together and lock down this place!” Yao Ling stared at Lin Dong with a dark and cold gaze before crying out explosively.

He had also calmed down after erupting in fury. Currently, Lin Dong’s strength had clearly soared and a seven Yuan Nirvana Stage practitioner was unable to pose any threat towards him. In that case, it was better for him to take the initiative and get those subordinates, who were unable to provide much help, to withdraw.

He believed that with his ability as well as Su Lei and Luo Yi, who had both reached eight Yuan Nirvana Stage, it was likely that Lin Dong would have difficulty escaping regardless of how many tactics the latter had.


Luo Yi and Su Lei nodded upon hearing this. Their eyes flickered as they stared at Lin Dong with a fierce glint flickering in their eyes. Of course, there was currently some fear on top of this fearsome glint. The ruthless manner in which Lin Dong destroyed two seven Yuan Nirvana Stage experts caused their hearts to quiver a little.

Vast and mighty Yuan Power fluctuated and slowly surged out from the bodies of the Luo Yi duo. The latter’s bodies moved and coincidentally formed a triangular formation together with Yao Ling, locking Lin Dong within it.


A low and deep cry was suddenly emitted from Yao Ling’s mouth. He took the lead and rushed forward as the long spear in his hand penetrated through the air. It carried a wild and violent ripple that could shred the Nirvana Golden Body of an eight Yuan Nirvana Stage expert as it ruthlessly targeted all of Lin Dong’s fatal spots.

Luo Yi and Su Lei also attacked when Yao Ling struck. Immediately, Yuan Power whistled in the sky. A chilling murderous aura completely engulfed Lin Dong.

Lin Dong’s eyes flickered. The enormous pressure that permeated towards him also caused his expression to turn extremely grave. When facing the combined attacks of a nine Yuan Nirvana Stage along with two eight Yuan Nirvana Stage experts, any slight opening that he exposed would definite lead to certain death!

“Desolate Demon Eye!”

A grey line was swiftly formed between Lin Dong’s eyebrows. After which, it transformed into a grey demonic eye. The moment his demonic eye appeared, the grey light that contained an extremely frightening destructive force directly shot out explosively and collided head on with the attack from the Yao Ling trio.

Boom boom boom!

Wild and violent energy fluctuation swept apart upon contact. However, as it was one against three, the might of the Desolate Demon Eye was clearly scattered significantly. Hence, it was unable to accomplish the same impact as before.


However, Lin Dong was clearly not so naive to believe that the attacks from the Yao Ling trio could be blocked so easily. After the grey light rushed out, his body also suddenly pulled back explosively. His footsteps flashed and he appeared in front of Su Lei.

Yao Ling was the strongest amongst the three, while Luo Yi and Su Lei were of equal strength. However, the latter was wounded by Lin Dong earlier and his aura was a little sluggish. Hence, he was considered to be the easiest person to deal with amongst the three of them.


Su Lei was also not a fool. The moment he saw Lin Dong’s action, he was aware that the latter wanted to break through the formation from his side. Immediately, he let out a cold snort before majestic Yuan Power wildly gathered on his palms. There was a wild and violent force vaguely being emitted.

“Shattering Yuan Palm!”

Fierce and brutal energy gathered wildly. After which, a palm slammed viciously towards Lin Dong amidst Su Lei’s low and deep cry. Thunder rumbled wherever the palm attack past.

However, Lin Dong did not dodge in the face of this fierce and brutal palm attack from Su Lei. Green light surged out from within his body before they quickly agglomerated into numerous green dragon scales on the surface of his body.

Lin Dong did not show any signs of attacking after his dragon scales appeared. He took a step forward before his entire body slammed violently against Su Lei.

Bang bang!

During the time that the green light surged, the shadow of a dragon seemed to be following behind Lin Dong. That collision seemed to possess a tremendous force that could even split mountains!

“Green Dragon Bump!”

A low and deep cry was suddenly transmitted into Su Lei’s ears as his eyes shrank abruptly. In the next moment, his formidable palm attack slammed directly onto Lin Dong’s body, which was covered with green dragon scales.


An energy ripple that was visible to the naked eye erupted and spread instantly after the collision occurred. The surrounding space became distorted because of that force.

Su Lei’s expression suddenly changed when his palm slammed onto Lin Dong’s body. At this moment, he finally sensed just how wild and violent the strength that was contained under the green scales was.

Under that kind of force, the strength of Su Lei’s palm attack was quickly negated. Finally, it completely collapsed and disappeared in front of his extremely ugly expression.


After his palm attack was dealt with, the strength of Lin Dong’s bump came pouring forth without restraint. Immediately, Su Lei’s face turned pale almost instantly. A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out as his body flew backwards in a miserable manner.

However, Lin Dong did not have the luxury of time to celebrate just because he wounded Su Lei. This was because, he could sense that during the split second when he attacked Su Lei, Yao Ling and Luo Yi had already joined forces and attacked him. An unusually fearsome attack had targeted all the fatal spots on his back.

Clearly, the two of them were also waiting for an opportunity like this to launch an attack. Only when one attacked, would one end up exposing an opening, just like now!

Lin Dong was unable to kill Su Lei in a single strike. However, with the combined attacks of Yao Ling duo, all they needed was to target a single opening from Lin Dong in order to completely devastate him!

“Brat, you’re finished!”

Lin Dong’s eyes glanced behind him. He could already see the ferocious expressions of Yao Ling duo behind. Their fierce attack was about to reach him.


A mouthful of white vapor was exhaled deeply from Lin Dong’s mouth. He glanced at the withdrawing Su Lei, whose aura was sluggish. This was clearly the best opportunity to kill the latter.

Lin Dong’s eyes flickered rapidly. In the next instant, a bright green light suddenly erupted from within his body. After which, the green light gathered and formed a large green bell around his body. There were some green dragon tattoos on the surface of the bell.

“Unmoving Green Dragon Bell!”

The large green bell was formed with lightning like speed under Lin Dong’s low voice. The fearsome combined attack from the Yao Ling duo also arrived the moment it was formed.


A deafening sound erupted upon contact. That wild and violent strength that was filled with murderous intent also arrived together with it…


Crack lines spread across the large green bell rapidly. Finally, it emitted a loud bang and was forcefully blasted apart.

Countless green light shot out. An enormous strength came overflowing from all directions. Lin Dong also borrowed this momentum to retreat. In a flash, he appeared in front of Su Lei, amidst the shocked and furious gazes of the Yao Ling’s duo.

“It’s over…”

Lin Dong’s eyes stared at Su Lei’s pale face, while an indifferent arc was lifted on his face.

“I want to see how you are going to kill me!”

Even though his aura was currently sluggish, Su Lei was also no pushover. He was aware that all he had to do was to delay Lin Dong for a moment. After which, the Yao Ling duo’s combined attack would be able to kill the latter. Hence, he maneuvered the Yuan Power within his body in a crazy fashion. Bright golden light erupted from within his body. Clearly, he had pushed his Nirvana Golden Body to its limit.

With such a defence, it was likely that even Lin Dong would not be able to kill him with a single blow.

However, Su Lei saw a ridicule flashing across Lin Dong’s eyes when he prepared his defence. In the next instant, he saw Lin Dong extending his hand towards him. On his palm, a golden glow flashed, before a palm-sized large golden wheel appeared.

Su Lei’s eyes shrunk immediately when that golden wheel suddenly appeared. A feeling of death quietly bubbled in his heart…


A hoarse cry had yet to be fully emitted from within Su Lei’s throat when it suddenly halted. The golden light wheel shot out from Lin Dong’s hand. After which, it quickly slashed Su Lei’s throat with a speed that could not be sensed. A bright red blood trail appeared.

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