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Chapter 679: A Troublesome Situation

Swoosh swoosh!

The sound of wind splitting continuously resounded over the skies above the mines. Lin Dong’s group watched as numerous figures with powerful auras walked through the skies towards them, before finally coming to a stop and hovering in the skies above the mines.

Lin Dong’s watched the figures that had rushed over from the skies as his expression gradually turned solemn. He could sense a rather formidable and oppressive pressure from their bodies. Evidently, none of them were ordinary individuals.

“We are in trouble…” Yuan Fang’s face also gradually turned ugly because of these newcomers. Soon after, she clenched her teeth and softly whispered.

“Do you know these people?” Lin Dong softly inquired.

Yuan Fang laughed bitterly and said, “Look at the northern area, the one in green is called Xiao Tian. People call him the Eroding Demon Hand. He is fifth on the sects’ wanted list and an eight Yuan Nirvana stage expert…”

Lin Dong’s looked over and sure enough, he caught sight of a person clad in green. He appeared to be around thirty years old, was rather tall and had quite a handsome face. However, an evil aura lingered around him. At this moment, both his hands were placed behind his back, his gaze containing some suspicion as they locked onto Lin Dong’s group.

“That fellow to the south is known as Luo Yi. People call him the butcher. He is ranked sixth on the sects’ wanted list and is also at the eight Yuan Nirvana stage.”

Lin Dong’s gaze shifted and was slightly taken aback. He saw a white clothed man that looked extremely scholarly. His face was pale and the so-called butcher nickname did not suit him at all.

However, Lin Dong would naturally not judge a book by its cover. Although the white clothed man wore a smile on his face, Lin Dong could sense a faint bloody scent from the his body. One could tell that this fellow was quite a vicious character.

“There are still a few who are quite infamous around the Blood Rock Grounds…” Yuan Fang bitterly said. It seemed like it would not be an easy matter to successfully escape today.

Lin Dong sighed quietly within his heart. However, he did not panic. He had experienced far too much over the years. What kind of dangers had he not faced before? Although they were in a rather grave situation now, it was not so easy to force Lin Dong into a dead end.

While these thoughts swirled in Lin Dong’s mind, he suddenly felt something cold on his palm. A round ice cold object had been pushed into his palm, causing him to be startled. He was just about to speak when a pretty young lady’s face appeared in front of him.

“Lin Dong, you must bring the seed back no matter what.”

Ying Huanhuan gently bit down with her silver teeth. There was a resolve on her face that did not match her age. Clearly, she could also tell that the current situation was quite dire.

Lin Dong knitted his brows slightly but did say anything. He merely flipped his hand and stored the seed into his Qiankun bag, before he softly said, “Don’t worry. Things have not reached that stage yet. Even if the situation reaches that point, there is no need for a girl like you to bear that burden.”

“Hehe, can anyone tell me what just happened? What was the green light from before?”

Just as Lin Dong’s voice faded, the white clothed person in the distance, whom others called the butcher, Luo Yi, grinned and asked Yuan Fang’s group.

Yuan Fang’s expression changed slightly but she did not reply. Clearly, she did not wish to leak news of the Immortal Yuan Ancient Seed.

“Heh heh, I’ve heard it’s an Immortal Ancient Yuan Seed…” However, Su Lei from the Devil Seal Mass laughed in a strange manner while Yuan Fang remained quiet. He was not worried that the seed would be snatched by others should news of it be leaked. Clearly, he had great confidence in the power of their group.

“You!” Yuan Fang expression changed drastically as fury surged within her eyes.


An uproar broke out in the sky when his words sounded out, while greed surged in the eyes of many. A person licked his lips and laughed, “It is unexpected that there would actually be such a treasure here…”

Luo Yi was similarly startled due to the so-called Immortal Yuan Ancient Seed. Immediately, an intrigued expression surfaced on his face. He stared at Yuan Fang and said, “I have never seen an Immortal Yuan Ancient Seed before. Could Miss Yuan Fang kindly take it out and allow me to broaden my horizons?”

Yuan Fang’s expression turned cold. She was just about to speak when Lin Dong stepped out from beside her. He stared at Luo Yi but he did not say anything unnecessary. Mental Energy spread out at lightning speed, quickly scanning everyone’s faces.

“Brat, what are you doing?” Luo Yi was startled by Lin Dong’s action. Immediately, his eyes turned cold as he cried out.

Lin Dong ignored him. He waved his sleeve and his Mental Energy transformed into numerous light curtains in front of him. On the light curtains were faces drawn with Mental Energy. They belonged to Luo Yi’s and the rest.

Swoosh swoosh!

Lin Dong sleeves trembled. Numerous jade stones flew out. Promptly, he imprinted his Mental Energy with everyone’s faces into those jade stones. With a wave of his hand, the hundred over jade stones flew into the hands of the Dao Sect’s disciples below.

“Everyone, regardless of what happens today, as long as one person returns to Dao Sect and hands the jade stone to the Elders, I think that they will know what to do!”

Lin Dong’s low and deep voice spread out in the sky and was transmitted into everyone’s ears.

The expressions of the mob in the sky changed a little when they heard his words. Their eyes flickered and rapidly alternated between viciousness and hesitation.

Lin Dong’s tactic was truly vicious. He had directly imprinted the faces of everyone present and used the Dao Sect’s name as a deterrence. Although the people here were not ordinary individuals, the Dao Sect was one of the eight great super sects and one of the overlords of the Eastern Xuan Region. If the fury of the Dao Sect really poured down on them, it was likely that none of them had the ability to resist.

“What a ruthless fellow. However, aren’t you afraid that we will be equally ruthless and butcher all of you?” The corner of Luo Yi’s eyes twitched a little. He stared directly at Lin Dong before he chuckled coldly.

“Come and try if you have the ability to do so!”

Lin Dong took a step forward, his expression immediately turning savage. A shockingly vicious aura spread out from within his body, causing quite a number these ruthless characters, who had even taken lives before, to feel fearful. Why did this Dao Sect disciple seem even more vicious than them?

Beside him, Yuan Fang, Ying Huanhuan and the rest glanced at each other. They could clearly see the hesitation on their faces. All of them secretly sighed. It seems like in order to deal with these vicious characters, they had to be even more ruthless than them.

“Heh, times are really changing. A mere five Yuan Nirvana stage brat actually dares to act so arrogantly in front of me? Could it be that the disciples taught by the Dao Sect these days all don’t know their limits?” A cruel expression flashed across Luo Yi’s pale white face at this moment. His tone had also become sinister.

A short distance away, Su Lei and the others observed this scene with a cold smile. However, they did not attack immediately.

“Everyone, all of you here are fairly famous individuals. Don’t tell me that you are actually intimidated by this brat?” Luo Yi turned his head. He looked to the many figures hovering in the sky as he sneered.

Some people frowned when they heard his words. While varying thoughts ran through their minds, Xiao Tian, that green-clothed man nicknamed Eroding Demon Hand slowly stepped forward.

The fifth on the sects’ wanted list had quite a solid reputation in this place. Hence, quite a number of people turned to look when he walked forward, and even Luo Yi’s eyes become a little more serious.

Yuan Fang and the rest looked at Xiao Tian with some anxiety. If the latter was to attack them at this moment, the situation would be completely disadvantageous to them.

“You are Ying Huanhuan right?” However, under the crowd’s attention, Xiao Tian’s gaze paused on Ying Huanhuan before he slowly opened his mouth and asked.

Ying Huanhuan gently knitted her brows. There was some doubt in her eyes. Clearly, she did not recognise him.

“Although I should interfere in today’s matter given my character, I still owe your sister Ying Xiaoxiao a favour from back then…” Xiao Tian spoke faintly.

Yuan Fang’s group sighed in relief when they heard his words. However, Luo Yi’s and Su Lei’s expressions darkened.

“The Immortal Yuan Ancient Seed might be rare, but the Dao Sect is no pushover either. I am unable to handle the weight of such an object. If you guys are interested, go ahead and snatch it.” Xiao Tian’s indifferent gaze swept over everyone before he suddenly withdrew. His manner clearly indicated that he had no intention to interfere.

“Haha, it is unexpected that even you, Xiao Tian, would be afraid of the super sects…” Luo Yi coldly mocked.

Xiao Tian glanced at him. An icy glint flashed within his eyes but he did not respond.

“Alright, since you lack the courage, I shall do it. I want to see just what gives this arrogant brat the qualifications to utter such words in front of me!”

Luo Yi strided forward. His finger pointed towards Lin Dong. Immediately, he curled it as a derisive smile appeared on his face.

“Brat, if you are able to handle ten attacks from me, I will no longer interfere in this matter. What do you say?”

Lin Dong stared at Luo Yi. Immediately, a sinisterly cold arc slowly formed on his face.

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