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Chapter 674: Ape King

A dust storm spread within the forest. At this moment, the gazes of Lin Dong’s group penetrated through the dust and focused on the enormous being a short distance in front.

The enormous figure looked similar to the previous Fire Crystal Demon Apes. However, it was even larger and the colour of its body was also deeper. Looking from a distance away, the figure appeared to be wearing a thick fiery red crystal armour. Moreover, its savage red eyes actually had a human-like cunningness and ferocity surging within it. At a glance, one could tell that it was quite intelligent.

“A Fire Crystal Ape King huh?”

Lin Dong’s eyes also hardened because of Ying Huanhuan’s soft exclamation. He could sense an extremely wild and violent energy fluctuation from its body. It was likely that its strength far exceeded those ordinary Fire Crystal Demon Apes.

“It is unexpected that even a Fire Crystal Ape King has appeared… this fellow is fairly famous around the Blood Rock Grounds. However, it usually trains deep within the mountains. Unexpectedly, it has actually barged into our place this time around.” Yuan Fang’s eyes were slightly cold as she looked at the enormous being with a stern aura and coldly said.

“Huanhuan, are you alright?” At this moment, Jiang Kun and Mo Ling rushed over to Lin Dong’s side. After which, they looked at Ying Huanhuan and asked.

“I’m fine.”

Ying Huanhuan glanced at Lin Dong. She hesitated a little and was just about to thank the latter for his help when she saw that Lin Dong was already waving his hand. After which, the latter’s stared at the Fire Crystal Ape King a short distance away in an unblinking manner. His attitude caused Ying Huanhuan to involuntarily grit her teeth.

“All of you get lost now. I am the one who first discovered it!”

That Fire Crystal Ape King in the forest was fanning his large hand in front of him in a violent manner. Wild wind scattered the dust. Its scarlet eyes stared at Lin Dong’s group as it cried out explosively with a mouth filled with an evil aura.

After training till this stage, the Fire Crystal Ape King clearly possessed an intellect that was not inferior to a human. If it was not because of its impure bloodline, it would have likely taken on a human form already.

“What a joke. This mineral vein belongs to our Dao Sect. Since when is it your right to claim the items within here. Fire Crystal Ape King, if you know what is good for you, you should take your minions and return to the mountains. Otherwise, once the experts from our Dao Sect hurry over, your years of bitter training would likely end up coming to naught!” Yuan Fang laughed coldly.

“Heh, there is nothing I haven’t been through all these years. Don’t use the Dao Sect name to scare me. Just you young fellows alone do not have the qualification to get me to obediently withdraw!”

“Such arrogant words!”

Fury flashed across Ying Huanhuan’s large eyes before she said: “Big fellow, you merely have the strength of a seven Yuan Nirvana Stage expert. Therefore, you do not have the qualification to act so arrogantly in front of us!”

Although Demonic Beasts typically have powerful fighting strength, this Fire Crystal Ape King was merely at seven Yuan Nirvana Stage. However, from his appearance, he clearly possessed a fighting strength that was not inferior to an eight Yuan Nirvana Stage expert. Nonetheless, if they were to include Lin Dong, who possessed a fighting strength that far exceeded his appearance, their side would possess four seven Yuan Nirvana Stage experts. It was likely that the Fire Crystal Ape King would not gain much advantage if the four of them were to join forces.

“Lin Dong, we must obtain that Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree…”

Ying Huanhuan’s eyes looked towards Lin Dong after her words sounded. Her mouth moved slightly and a soft whisper was transmitted into Lin Dong’s ears.

“Is that thing very rare?” Lin Dong asked instead. He did not know much about this Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree.

“Yes. Moreover, it is extremely useful for our sect. This Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree is able to automatically absorb the natural energy and agglomerate them into fruits. Those fruits are extremely beneficial for disciples like us…”

Lin Dong’s glanced at the five bright red fruits hanging on the black tree. He could indeed sense a powerful energy from within them. However, isn’t this amount a little too insignificant for a super sect?

“The Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree that we see in front of our eyes is merely a seedling. We do not know if there are any seeds within. If there is a seed… its value would soar by a hundred times!”

“Seed?” Lin Dong’s eyes became slightly focused.

“There is an Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree in Yuan Gate. However, that ancient tree has already matured through their grooming. Currently, it is rumored to be tens of thousand of feet in size. Each time the ancient tree bears fruits, it will produce thousands of Immortal Yuan Fruits. The Immortal Yuan Tree is one the key reasons why Yuan Gate disciples are far stronger than that of the other sects…” Ying Huanhuan bit her lips with the back of her teeth. Her pretty face turned unusually grave at this moment.

Lin Dong’s heart skipped a beat. A few thousand fruits together? If that was truly the case, it would be a little too frightening. However, in order to groom an Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree till that extent, the amount of hard work and effort required would be terrifying as well. A single person is unlikely to be capable of doing so…

“If this Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree really has a seed within, it is likely that the upper echelons would be shocked when this news is transmitted back to the sect…” Lin Dong muttered to himself. In the next instant, he appeared to have thought of something as his expression suddenly became stern.

Since this seed was so valuable, it would likely cause a commotion should news of this spread. Moreover, this Blood Rock Grounds was not a peaceful area. At that time, there would be an unknown number of people targeting this place. In fact, there might even be a few stealthy individuals who might try to secretly steal it. With such a valuable prize in sight, even the deterrence brought by Dao Sect’s name will be significantly weakened.

Based on them disciples alone, it might be very difficult to intimidate those lawless criminals in Blood Rock Grounds.

Lin Dong turned his head and coincidentally saw Ying Huanhuan staring at him. Her large black eyes were filled with a solemn expression. Originally, they thought that this was going to be an ordinary mission, instead, it turned into such a troublesome one.

Lin Dong’s lips were curled. After which, his eyelid narrowed. Using a soft voice that only a few of them could hear, he softly said, “In that case… this ape king… we must not let him escape.”

Lin Dong’s voice was very soft, but the hearts of Ying Huanhuan, Jiang Kun and the rest skipped a beat. From former’s words, they could hear an icy cool bone piercing killing intent that was contained within it.

All of them turned silent. They also knew that if the Fire Crystal Ape King escaped and end up spreading news regarding this Immortal Yuan Ancient Tree, it would wound up causing them a great deal of trouble. However, they were still unable to form a heartless killing intent instantly…

After all, they did not go through what Lin Dong had experienced.

“Lin Dong is right… we cannot let him escape.” Yuan Fang was clearly a lot more mature compared to Ying Huanhuan and the other two. Her eyes immediately flickered before she nodded solemnly.

Ying Huanhuan also clenched her silver teeth after hearing Yuan Fang’s words. She decisively said, “Jiang Kun, Yuan Ling, the both of you will attack and block him at the front. Lin Dong, you will aid them from the side. Elder sister Fang, arrange for the disciples to lock down this area!”

Although Ying Huanhuan knew that Lin Dong could match up evenly with Jiang Hao, she did not arrange for him to be at the frontline. After all, this Fire Crystal Ape King was much stronger than Jiang Hao. If he was not careful, he might end up being seriously wounded.

Lin Dong did not say anything after hearing Ying Huanhuan’s arrangement. He merely looked towards Yuan Fang and softly said, “Elder sister Fang, those Fire Crystal Demon Apes that have been put to sleep earlier… do not even let one of them off.”

Fang Yuan’s heart was startled as she looked at Lin Dong’s young and calm face. Clearly, she did not expect that Lin Dong’s mind was so cautious and ruthless despite this tender age. She involuntarily sighed quietly. It was fortunate that he was a disciple of their Dao Sect. Otherwise, it would really cause one to have difficulty sleeping and eating in peace…

“Junior Lin Dong, it is fine for you to stop the Ape King from the side. Leave the rest to us!” Jiang Kun flickered his sleeve and laughed with great boldness.


A soft cry was suddenly sounded from Ying Huanhuan’s mouth. At the next moment, mighty Yuan Power suddenly erupted from Jiang Kun’s and Yuan Ling’s body. Immediately, their bodies rushed out with a lightning-like speed. A sharp aura quickly covered the Fire Crystal Ape King a short distance away.

Just when Jiang Kun and Yuan Ling attacked, Ying Huanhuan leaped and her lovely body landed on a large tree. Immediately, she waved her hands and an emerald-like green zither appeared. After which, a wave that caused Lin Dong to be surprised slowly spread from the zither.

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