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Chapter 672: Blood Rock Grounds

“The place where we will be going is called the Blood Rock Grounds. It is going to be approximately a five days’ trip from Dao Sect. Since that area is located at the intersection between the borders of a few super sects, it has turned into a fairly chaotic region. Even some of the most fearsome wanted individuals frequent that place.”

The green condor flew across the azure blue sky. Ying Huanhuan, who was on it, was currently briefing Lin Dong and the rest about the mission.

“The sects’ wanted list…”

Lin Dong was slightly startled. He had also gained some knowledge about the Eastern Xuan Region during this period of time in Desolate Hall. The sects’ wanted list was issued together by some super sects. Those who appeared on this list were all powerful experts with shocking abilities.

“Back then, senior Zhou Tong was also on this list. Moreover, he was placed at the top of the list. Of course, this was issued by the Yuan Gate and it was eventually removed due to objection from our Dao Sect.”

Lin Dong was stunned. Promptly, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This senior Zhou Tong really caused trouble wherever he went. After arriving at Dao Sect, many of the things that Lin Dong heard about this person were related to his numerous great achievements.

However, from this, Lin Dong was able to deduce the quality of this so-called sects’ wanted list. If one was not truly skilled, it would be really difficult to end up alive after offending some super sects.

“Therefore, it is best to avoid causing any problems when we reach the Blood Rock Grounds. Although we are disciples of Dao Sect, the prestige of a super sects is diminished in a chaotic place like the Blood Rock Grounds,” Ying Huanhuan looked at Lin Dong with her large eyes and warned.

Lin Dong curled his lips helplessly. Being lectured by this girl, who was around the same age as him, really felt a little strange.

“Our Dao Sect has a Nirvana Crystal mine there. This time around, there are some disturbances there that have interfered with the mining process. Our mission is to observe the area. It is likely some demonic beasts causing the problem. This mission is not difficult and if things go smoothly, we will be able to return in half a month’s time.” Ying Huanhuan said.

Lin Dong nodded slightly. He knew a little about Nirvana Crystal mines and they were similar to Nirvana Pills. Within those crystals were pure natural Yuan Power mixed with Nirvana Qi. Furthermore, these crystal mines were an extremely important resource to the various super sects. That was because the Pill Rivers within the sect would have to be replenished with a large amount of Nirvana crystals every year. Otherwise, the Pill River would wound up being gradually exhausted.

“Haha, with senior sister Huanhuan in charge, it is likely that there will not be much problems during this mission. We’ll just treat it as coming out to take a tour. Although the Blood Rock Grounds is chaotic, the auction house there is quite developed and we can see various interesting items. At that time, we might even be able to go and take a look.” The white clothed man beside Ying Huanhuan also opened his mouth and laughed.

After chatting along the way, Lin Dong also gained some understanding of the two other men. The white clothed man was called Jiang Kun. He was a senior direct disciple in Earth Hall and he was also at seven Yuan Nirvana Stage. The black clothed man was called Yuan Ling and he was also a senior direct disciple of the Flood Hall and was as powerful as Jiang Kun.

Judging from the surface alone, amongst the four of them, the strongest one should be Ying Huanhuan. The Yuan Power fluctuation around her body was stronger than the Jiang Kun duo. It was likely that she had reached the peak of seven Yuan Nirvana Stage. Moreover, for some unknown reason, Lin Dong was unable to sense any extraordinary fluctuation around her. One could tell that the young lady in front of him was definitely not as simple as she appeared on the surface.

Lin Dong smiled and his heart also relaxed a little. In any case, he had yet to come out after having reached the Eastern Xuan Region. This time around, he could take it as a chance to explore the outside world.


The Blood Rock Grounds was quite a great distance from the Dao Sect. Even though the green condor flew at a rapid rate, the journey still took around five days.

Lin Dong, who was seated on the green condor, suddenly sensed something when the morning of the sixth day arrived. He raised his head and looked into the distance. He could see that the originally lush green forest a great distance in front, had suddenly come to a halt. A somewhat bright red colour spread apart from the area that he could see. That colour was just like the earth was being invaded by fresh blood. A faint yet fearsome evil scent arose from the land…

When approaching this region, Lin Dong could sense that the aura around the place had became much messier. These auras mostly contained a degree of ferocity. Some were hidden in the darkness, while others were ferociously sweeping their dark and cold eyes over the green condor that was flying across the sky.

This is an unfriendly place.

Lin Dong knitted his brows slightly when this thought appeared within his heart. It seemed like it was just as Ying Huanhuan had said, this was quite a chaotic area.

“We have arrived at the Blood Rock Grounds…”

At the head of the condor, Ying Huanhuan stretched her lazy waist. She immediately spoke with a smile: “Let’s head to the mine first. There are disciples of our Dao Sect situated there.”

The Jiang Kun duo would naturally not oppose her instructions. Moreover, Lin Dong was unfamiliar with the area since it was his first time here. Therefore, most of the decisions were made by Ying Huanhuan…

Seated on the green condor, Ying Huanhuan waved her hand gently before the green condor immediately flapped its large wings changed its direction and upped its speed.

This leg of the trip merely lasted for half an hour. After which, Lin Dong saw a bright red mountain appearing in his sight. In fact, it was even possible to see some buildings and well spaced human figures within that mountain range.

Ying Huanhuan appeared to be quite familiar with this place. Her eyes merely drifted downwards before she directed the green condor to reduce its speed and finally encircled above a mountaintop before slowly descending.

Their landing spot was coincidentally a stone square. Soon after the green condor landed, some rushing wind sound were emitted from a short distance away. After which, over a dozen figures rushed over. From the badge in front of their chest, they were all clearly disciples of the Dao Sect.

The originally cautious expression on their faces quickly disappeared upon seeing Ying Huanhuan. Taking its place, was a respectful expression instead.


In front of them was a lady, who had a somewhat small and delicate figure. Although she was not as beautiful as Ying Huanhuan, she possessed a gentle demeanor. Her face contained some joy when she saw Ying Huanhuan. Her mannerism clearly indicated that she was somewhat familiar with the latter.

“Hehe, elder sister Fang.”

Ying Huanhuan also grinned and stepped forward when she saw that lady.

“Elder sister Fang, with regards to the disciples who are following me for this mission, all of you should be familiar with Jiang Kun and Yuan Ling. The last guy is a new disciple from Desolate Hall, Lin Dong…” Ying Huanhuan chatted a little with the one called elder sister Fang, before pointing her delicate finger towards Lin Dong.

“A new disciple from Desolate Hall?” That elder sister Fang was clearly startled upon hearing this. Her eyes looked over Lin Dong and spoke uncertainly, “Five Yuan Nirvana Stage?”

The Blood Rock Grounds is quite a chaotic place. As such, the Dao Sect would typically dispatch powerful disciples to this area and it was very rare to see someone like Lin Dong.

Of course, she was not the only one who felt this way. Even the other Dao Sect’s disciples following her were staring at Lin Dong with surprise in their eyes. Clearly, they did not understand why such a weak new disciple would be dispatched here this time around…

“You should not underestimate this fellow. He has only joined the Desolate Hall for less than a month, but he has already become a senior direct disciple of Desolate Hall. Even Jiang Hao is unable to do anything to him.” Ying Huanhuan was also clearly aware of the thoughts in the hearts of elder sister Fang. She immediately spoke softly behind the latter’s ear.


The expression of this lady changed a little. Being promoted to senior direct disciple within less than a month? This speed was truly a little frightening. It seems like Lin Dong should be quite capable…

“This is senior Yuan Fang and she is also a senior direct disciple of Sky Hall. These mines are all managed by her.” Ying Huanhuan smiled at Lin Dong and introduced.

“Greetings to senior Yuan Fang.” Lin Dong cupped his hands together towards that lady. Although he did not need to address her as a senior given his status as a senior direct disciple of the Desolate Hall, Lin Dong clearly did not feel that this would cause him to lose face.

“Junior brother Lin Dong is too courteous.”

Lin Dong’s manner of address also caused that lady’s expression to soften. Clearly, Lin Dong’s respectful greeting caused her to experience some favourable feelings towards him.

“Elder sister Fang, bring us to take a look at the problem that has appeared this time around. If it is those irritating demonic beasts again, don’t blame this little grandaunt for being ruthless.” Ying Huanhuan grabbed violently with her hand. Her action, along with her lovely appearance, caused everyone to laugh involuntarily.

Yuan Fang also laughed. She dotingly patted Ying Huanhuan’s little head. Immediately, her eyes became a little grave as she said, “The problem this time around is a little strange. I shall bring all of you to go and take a look first…”

Yuan Fang directly turned around and rushed out as she spoke. Ying Huanhuan, Lin Dong and the rest also followed her immediately.

After Lin Dong’s group disappeared, a pair of eyes containing a dark chilling glint, gradually disappeared within the darkness at the top of a distant mountain…

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