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Chapter 662: Huang

Lin Dong sat quietly in front of the black stone tablet. He shut his eyes tightly while the Yuan Power fluctuation over his entire body was being gradually suppressed at this moment.

At a short distance behind him, the blind old man quietly observed this scene. The complicated expression on his wizened face was gradually withdrawn. He had indeed practiced this “Desolate Demon Eye” before. However, he eventually failed because of an accident, resulting in both of his eyes becoming blind. The price was really quite a heavy one.

The fact that Lin Dong ultimately chose this risky martial art also exceeded his expectations. Back then, that fellow Zhou Tong hesitated for a long while before finally giving up on the “Desolate Demon Eye” and ended up practicing the “Great Desolate Body” instead.

Although these two martial arts were comparable, the blind old man knew that there was an essential difference between the two. The Great Desolate Body could strengthen one’s physical body and improve one’s overall combat strength. However, the “Desolate Demon Eye” is a purely aggressive move. If one was to discuss the damage that they could cause, the latter was clearly superior to the former.

Of course, this did not mean that Zhou Tong’s talent was lacking. Rather, it was not suitable for him to learn “Desolate Demon Eye”. Moreover, given Zhou Tong’s character, it was not surprising that he chose the “Great Desolate Body” instead.

“Whether you can successfully learn it will depend on your own luck. Relax, our Desolate Hall has rarely had a young person, who could be compared with that fellow from back then. This old man will not stand by and let you suffer the same fate as me.” The blind old man stared at Lin Dong’s back. A moment later, he sighed and softly muttered.

He was aware that Chen Zhen and Wu Dao had high expectations for Lin Dong. If the latter became blind just like him in the martial arts hall, it was likely that those two old fellows would be furious beyond belief.

The blind old man sat down after his voice sounded. He could sense that even though Lin Dong had not moved, at this moment, there were waves of Mental Energy being emitted from his Niwan Palace. Finally, it lingered over the black colored eye of the stone tablet.

“Four Seal Heaven Symbol Master…”

The blind old man merely probed casually before he was immediately able to detect Lin Dong’s Mental Energy cultivation level. Instantly, he gently nodded his head. If Lin Dong’s Yuan Power and Mental Energy were to be considered separately, he might not be considered overly outstanding amongst members of his generation. However, considering the both of them together, he was considered as extremely decent…

The blind old man gradually quietened down. Everything once again became silent within this light film. Lin Dong’s body suddenly trembled a little at this moment. An unusually vast and mighty Mental Energy suddenly rushed out from within his Niwan Palace. Finally, it shot into that black colored eye on the stone tablet.


Lin Dong’s mind suddenly became absent-minded just when his Mental Energy shot into that black eye. Immediately, he realized that his surrounding had started to distort. By the time he completely calmed his mind, he discovered that he had landed in a large barren land.

The land was completely flat. At a glance, it appeared that the plains were extended to the horizon. There, the sky and the land formed a single line, appearing as though they were connected together.

A desolate aura that was accompanied by an ancient vicissitude, brewed and rose within this place. It appeared as though this was an ancient land.

Lin Dong stood on the ground and looked at the sky and land. He involuntarily felt the insignificance of his existence. A helpless sensation climbed from deep within his soul and spread across his body, causing him to be unable to move.


Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath of air before his eyes suddenly turned sharp. His straight spear like body forcefully suppressed this powerless sensation. He was aware that this place was likely the mental realm within the stone tablet. A fight in this place might not cause fresh blood to spurt like in reality, but it was dangerous and vicious as well.

Should one end up being at a disadvantage in a Mental Energy fight, it might perhaps leave a sequela, which would have serious repercussions for his future training progress.

Suppressing the tiny and helpless sensation within his heart, Lin Dong took a stride forward. When his foot landed on the soft ground, an endless sensation appeared to seep in from under his foot and spread into his body.


At this moment, the ground suddenly began to tremble intensely. Numerous ripples that were visible to the naked eye, spread over this boundaryless land. It swiftly spread apart just like a pulse.

Lin Dong’s eyes quietly observed this scene. Under his calm observation, the distant ground suddenly began to tremble before it cracked, forming a large crack line. The crack line spread at a shocking speed. Within a short instant, it had reached tens of thousands of feet in length. That manner appeared as though it was an endless abyss.


After the deep abyss was formed, an extremely strange loud whining sound suddenly resounded across the land. An invisible ripple swept over the sky and it directly stirred a monstrous hurricane.

Lin Dong’s eyes were slightly focused as he observed the deep abyss that had been split and formed. That place was where the sound had originated from and he could vaguely see an enormous shadow moving within the darkness.

Lin Dong’s eyes stared intently at the deep abyss before his eyes suddenly shrunk a moment later.


Monstrous dust sputtered out from the deep abyss while Lin Dong’s eyes shrunk tightly. After which, an indescribable black shadow suddenly flew out from the deep abyss like an earth dragon. Its enormous shadow covered the sun…

Lin Dong looked at the enormous beast that had flown out from the deep abyss. Immediately, he gently inhaled a breath of air…

The enormous beast’s body was like a snake. However, it was ten of thousands of feet in size and its entire body was black in colour. Meanwhile, an icy cold evil aura swept apart like a storm.

On the head of that giant beast, the spot that attracted the most attention was not its large mouth which was filled with sharp teeth. Instead, it was a large black eye on its forehead!

The enormous eye was currently shut. However, for some unknown reason, the hair all over Lin Dong’s body stood up when he saw that eye.

“Is that… Huang?”

Lin Dong’s voice was harsh. If he was right, this enormous beast that covered the sun should be the so-called “Huang”…

Judging by its frightening aura, Lin Dong did not doubt that this unusual beast possessed the terrifying ability to turn tens of thousands of kilometre radius of land into barren land.

“Huang” flew into the sky. Its enormous body meandered in the sky. Finally, it slowly lowered its enormous head and stared at Lin Dong, who appeared as tiny as an ant on the ground below.

Lin Dong’s expression suddenly turned solemn when “Huang” shifted its attention. He could sense that the ground he was on had actually begun to wither rapidly.

“Such frightening Desolate Force…”

Although Lin Dong was clearly aware that this was a mental realm and all that he had witnessed was not reality, he still felt an enormous pressure.

The ground where Lin Dong stood on swiftly withered. A desolate colour spread apart at a blinding rate. However, Lin Dong remained calm. He inhaled a violent breath of air before he stared back directly at that enormous being in the sky. If his mind showed signs of retreating at this moment, it was likely that he would be completely defeated in this metal battle.


However, being directly stared at by Lin Dong clearly caused “Huang” to turn a little impatient. After which, the former’s eyes shrunk when he realized that the enormous eye that “Huang” had kept shut, was actually slowly opening up.


As “Huang”’s enormous eye slowly opened up, Lin Dong could immediately sense the energy of the entire place turn wild and violent. Even the natural Yuan Power was fleeing from this dangerous region.

The enormous eye slowly opened. There was an endless dark greyish colour within the eye and it was as though light could not penetrate through…

Lin Dong’s entire body was drenched in cold sweat when he saw this enormous eye opening. He immediately felt the skin on his head turn numb.


The enormous eye finally opened completely. Instantly, a thousand feet large grey light erupted from within that enormous eye!

A grey beam flashed past, before the entire land instantly withered. The originally lush green colour completely disappeared. Instead, taking its place was a desolate scene without life…

Everything within thousands of kilometres had turned into barren land!

However, Lin Dong’s mind did not pay attention to his desolate surroundings at this moment. He could see that the enormous greyish beam was headed towards him at a terrifying speed.

The greyish light was extremely fast. Within a flash, it had flashed past the sky. Its size also swiftly shrunk when it approached Lin Dong. By the time it reached Lin Dong’s head, it was merely as tiny as a thumb.


The greyish glow appeared to contain an extremely frightening energy. However, Lin Dong did not show any signs of avoiding it. This was because he was aware that this was a path that he must cross…

“Come, allow me to witness just how frightening the Desolate Demon Eye is…”

Lin Dong slowly spread his arms. There were a sharpness and stubbornness flashing deep within his eyes. After which, the greyish glow shone onto his forehead in an unceremonious manner.

A shocking headache spread across his mind instantly. Lin Dong’s eyes also began to swiftly turn dark, appearing as though the light had disappeared…

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