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WDQK Chapter 66: Spiritual Movement Chapter

Seated on horseback, Lin Dong involuntarily heaved a sigh of relief when he finally saw the manor appearing in his line of sight. Although bandits were not very rampant on the route from Qingyang Town to Yan City, outlaws could still be found here and there. He had frequently heard stories of merchants being robbed. Thankfully, since they had mobilized such a powerful force this time, they encountered little trouble.

As they returned with a bountiful harvest, cheers and applause slowly began to sound out in the manor. Lin Dong lept off his horse’s back as he smiled at the red figure that was dashing towards him.

The red figure that was dashing towards him was naturally Little Flame. It intimately stroked its head against Lin Dong as it produced a deep purr.

Lin Dong smiled as he rubbed Little Flame. Then, he turned his sight to gaze at Qing Tan, who was slowly walking towards him. From his person, he took out a crystal-like bracelet and said: “A present for you.”

“Thank you Lin Dong-ge” After she saw this unexpected gift, the young lady instantly squealed in delight before she immediately rushed over to receive the bracelet and sweetly thank her brother.

“Haha, it’s getting late. Let’s all head back and rest…” To one side, Lin Zhentian dismissed the convoy with a wave of his hand as he smiled and said to the crowd.

Lin Dong chuckled before he turned to return home. On the journey back, he described  the various differences and peculiarities of Yan City to the young lady beside him which caused her to occasionally let out clear sounds of excitement.

The dim light illuminated the neat and tidy room. Lin Dong sat on his bed with both of his eyes tightly shut. Simultaneously, he was practising “QingYuan Arts”, which caused in the Yuan Power between Heaven and Earth to visibly ripple as streams of Yuan Power began to slowly seep in through his unblocked inner channels before they were subsequently absorbed by his body.

This type of quiet training lasted for nearly an hour before Lin Dong gently opened his eyes. He then removed a jade bottle from within his Qian Kun bag. Contained within this bottle, were five light-red Elixir Pills. These were Yang Yuan Pills.

This time, the Lin Family had successfully sold three hundred pieces of Yang Yuan Stones, acquiring thirty-two Yang Yuan Pills. Under Lin Zhentian’s direction, Lin Dong had been bestowed five of these pills. After all, Lin Dong was the one who had discovered the mining lode, thus no one objected to this.

The rest of the Yang Yuan Pills were split between Lin Zhentian, Lin Xiao, Lin Mang and Lin Ken. The four of them were at Heavenly Yuan Stage, therefore, this kind of Yang Yuan Pills were especially effective for them. If they took these pills regularly, it would definitely boost their training speed substantially.

Of course, despite so, some of the younger generation members in the Lin Family also obtained a few Yang Yuan Pills. For example, Lin Xia and Lin Hong both obtained one Yang Yuan Pill each. The current Lin Family was gradually becoming more powerful due to the existence of the mining lode. In the past, it would be unthinkable to hand over even a single Yang Yuan Pill to the younger generation.

“The quality of these Yang Yuan Pills cannot compare to those refined by the Stone Talisman…”

Lin Dong fiddled with a Yang Yuan Pill as his eyebrows slightly furrowed. He then took out the last Yang Yuan Pill refined by the Stone Talisman. Contrasting the two in his hands, the difference between their appearance and brightness was immediately apparent.

“It is said that one needs to be at Dan Yuan Stage before one is able to refine Yang Yuan Pills from Yang Yuan Stones. However, some powerful factions are able to use Symbol Arrays as a catalyst to lower the requirements, though the Yang Yuan Pills created would be at a lower grade. This must be how these Yang Yuan Pills were produced…” Lin Dong rolled Yang Yuan Pill between his fingers as he muttered thoughtfully to himself.

As he thought of these Symbol Arrays, a thought flashed through Lin Dong’s mind. He quickly retrieved the manual that the old man in grey had given him earlier today from his Qian Kun bag.

“Spiritual Movement Chapter.”

The name of that manual sounded rather impressive. However, after Lin Dong flipped through it, he realized that it was just a chapter on how to train Mental Energy and it seemed like only the first three parts were contained within this book. Nonetheless, this short manual was pretty valuable and he never expected that the old man would actually give away such a precious item during their first meeting.

Basically, Seal Masters were practitioners who utilize a different method of exerting Yuan Power. This method needed Mental Energy to propel Yuan Power.

Evidently, this “Spiritual Movement Chapter” was used to develop Mental Energy.

Lin Dong attentively flipped through this “Spiritual Movement Chapter”. After a long time, he started to nod his head gently. Simply put, the instructions written on this manual were very cryptic, however, for some reason, Lin Dong was able to comprehend it rapidly. This sensation was as if he possessed natural talent for training in these arts.

This discovery caused Lin Dong to become somewhat surprised. He could sense that this kind of talent was perhaps something that he was born with and not something given to him by an external force.

This was a talent that was a part of him, but was left undiscovered till now.

Lin Dong carefully kept the “Spiritual Movement Chapter” in his Qian Kun bag. Hesitating for a moment before he slowly shut his eyes, directing his five senses towards the heavens, eyes to nose, nose to heart.

“Spirit is split into Ying and Yang, Spiritual Movement begins with Life…”

As Lin Dong began to recite this mysterious chant in his heart, his thoughts gradually condensed together. Like a statue, he continued in this state for nearly half an hour before his Mental Energy was suddenly dazzled as bit by bit, his Mental Energy began to seep out from his mind and slowly spread itself.

As his Mental Energy slowly extended, even though Lin Dong’s eyes were tightly shut, he could clearly “see” his the interior of the room. Then, his vision once again expanded and he found his formless Mental Energy floating in the sky as every movement in nearly half of the entire manor was reflected clearly in his mind.

Mental Energy was able to penetrate through every surface and most people were oblivious with regards to the existence of this formless Mental Energy. Therefore, many of them did not know that their every movement was being spied on now.

This magical scene was a totally new and exciting experience for Lin Dong. Compared to Yuan Power, Mental Energy was faintly discernable like mist, however this form of energy truly existed.

Lin Zhentian sat peacefully in one of the rooms in the manor as streams of Yuan Power continuously rushed into his body. However, he did not remain in this calm state for long as both of his eyes suddenly opened. With a vicious glare, he stared at the air in front of him and shouted in a stern voice: “I don’t know who you are, but why are you spying on my Lin Family!”

After Lin Zhentian shouted, a powerful Yuan Power undulated as it burst out of his body and violently clashed with the air in front of him.


After that formless collision, an extremely soft echo sounded out before it was once again returned to nothingness. At this point, a serious look surfaced on Lin Zhentian’s face. The power he had sensed from before should be Mental Energy belonging to a Seal Master. However… since when did his Lin Family offend a Seal Master? Could he be sent by the Lei Family?

Just as Lin Zhentian’s facial expression darkened, in a distant room, Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly opened. Even though his face was pale, a look of delight and excitement danced in his eyes.

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