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Chapter 653: Emerging from the River

Splash splash splash!

The water on the Pill River suddenly boiled while numerous large waves rose and churned. Finally, they slammed onto the surrounding platforms, emitting a loud bang.

The sudden commotion in the Pill River also attracted the attention of countless pairs of surrounding eyes. All of them immediately became alarmed and uncertain. Looking at this commotion, could it be that Lin Dong was about to leave the river?

Quite a number of people extended their necks when this thought appeared. They really wanted to see whether this new person called Lin Dong had merely wasted eleven days below or if he had truly absorbed all the Nirvana Golden Qi at the bottom of the river in one go.

The black whirlpool that directly linked to the bottom of the river also showed signs of collapsing at this moment. Numerous unusually wild and violent energy shockwaves continuously emitted from the deep parts of the whirlpool.

“This shockwave… it’s the Nirvana Tribulation.”

In the sky above the Pill River, Chen Zhen and Wu Dao were a little shocked as they observed the black whirlpool. With their ability, they were naturally able to sense that this fluctuation was a sign of a incoming Nirvana Tribulation.

“This fellow. Looks like he has really absorbed all the Nirvana Golden Qi at the bottom of the Pill River…” Chen Zhen’s eyes revealed a solemn expression as he softly said.

“Moreover, he only used eleven days…” Wu Dao gently fondled his beard. The expression on his face also became a little complicated. Senior Zhou Tong was not only viewed by the disciples of the Dao Sect as a god. Even they, the hall chiefs, also felt an admiration from deep within his heart. Yet, a disciple of their Desolate Hall was currently able to surpass that person in terms of the Pill River Head Immersion result…

“Although I do not know what tactic he had used, but being able to absorb all the Nirvana Golden Qi is sufficient to prove his ability. This time around, your eyesight is very accurate. Looks like our Desolate Hall will no longer be overlooked…” Chen Zhen laughed. His voice actually possessed some heat. After all, the Desolate Hall had been neglected for too many years…

“You should not think too highly of this little fellow. It is merely just one Pill River Head Immersion and it does not mean much. If you really want our Desolate Hall to return to glory, we must at least wait until he has truly understood the Great Desolation Scripture before discussing about it. Otherwise, he would still be unable to fight with the top disciples from the three other halls who have understood the three other great mysterious scriptures…” Wu Dao voiced his thoughts. He had always thought highly of Lin Dong. At this moment, however, he could see the situation clearly and he did not wish to place too much burden on Lin Dong. Although this young person was extremely resilient, he was still too young.

“I know what you are thinking. However, with him having performed this matter in this manner, not only us, but even some of the other elders will quietly pay attention to him. The disciples of the three other halls will also focus their attention on him. If he fails to understand the Great Desolated Scriptures, it is likely that the fallout will be quite severe. At that time, there will definitely be some gossips. After all, his performance in this Pill River Head Immersion is a little too shocking.” Chen Zhen was quiet for a moment before speaking.

“Let’s wait and see. There are less than three months left before our Desolate Hall’s annual competition. Currently, only Pang Tong and three other disciples are qualificated to study the Great Desolated Scripture. Lin Dong would have to surpass the four of them if he wants to obtain the same qualification. These four fellows are no ordinary individuals. In order to preserve their dignity as seniors, it is likely that they will not allow Lin Dong to pass so easily.”

Wu Dao smiled bitterly and nodded. He had no choice either. After today, all the disciples from the four halls would become aware of Lin Dong. After all, the only one who could obtain such a result in the Desolate Hall during all these years was senior Zhou Tong, who was viewed as a god by many disciples. Therefore, many people would quietly compare Lin Dong with senior Zhou Tong. In this way, it would undoubtedly cause Lin Dong to be covered under an enormous shadow.

The pressure that came from that person would be a huge mountain that was placed in front of Lin Dong’s training route. If he was unable to surpass it, it might end up as an enormous blow in Lin Dong’s cultivation.

Even Wu Dao did not know whether this matter was beneficial for Lin Dong. He was clearly aware that Lin Dong had extraordinary potential. However… the person that he needed to surpass was a demon like genius, who had once shook the entire Eastern Xuan Region…

While Wu Dao and Chen Zhen were conversing, the ripple on the Pill River also become increasingly intense. Waves after waves of wild and violent Nirvana Qi continued to erupt from within the whirlpool. In the end, even some disciples on the surrounding platforms could sense it.

Everyone was highly knowledgeable about the Nirvana Tribulation. Hence, they managed to identify it after a short while. Immediately, their expressions changed a little. Could it be that Lin Dong had truly absorbed all of the Nirvana Golden Qi and was even using it to attempt the Nirvana Tribulation?

Pang Tong and the three other senior direct disciples on a platform also looked at this scene with surprised eyes. This was especially the case for the man named Jiang Hao. His brows were knitted slightly. Immediately, he curled his mouth and said, “He does possess some skill. However, even if he endured through it, he is merely at five Yuan Nirvana Stage.”

Being one of the four senior direct disciples, Jiang Hao’s strength had already reached the seven Yuan Nirvana Stage. At the same time, he possessed many powerful martial arts and an outstanding combat strength. Lin Dong might have defeated Tong Chuan previously, but this was not sufficient to strike fear in Jiang Hao’s heart. After all, the name of the four senior direct disciples of the Desolate Hall was not just empty words.


A light pillar that was agglomerated from the Nirvana Qi violently broke through the surface of the river while carrying a shocking sound along with it.

Bang bang bang!

After this light pillar shot out, it appeared to have sparked a chain effect. The surface of the river broke. Numerous light pillars continuously charged out from it. That wild and violent Nirvana Qi also swiftly spread apart. The vague fiery heat that was mixed within it caused everyone to understand that Lin Dong was currently undergoing a Nirvana Tribulation at the bottom of the Pill River.

“I wonder if that fellow is really able to endure the Nirvana Tribulation. It will really be a joke if he fails…”

Many people’s eyes were gathered on the surface of the river. The Nirvana Tribulation was the most terrifying event for any Nirvana stage expert and no one dared to underestimate it. Hence, no one was aware if Lin Dong was able to successfully endure the tribulation.

While the surface of the river was churning, the whirlpool on the surface also became increasingly small. At the end, only a ten feet tunnel remained.

“He is coming out!”

Ying Xiaoxiao’s pretty eyes suddenly became focused while she stood at the top of a distant mountain. Besider her, Ying Huanhuan also hurriedly lifted her eyes. Her eyes did not blink as she stared at the Pill River.


Ying Xiaoxiao’s voice had just sounded when a bright golden light suddenly erupted from the whirlpool that was about to disappear. After which, it charged out of the Pill River’s surface and headed towards the clouds.


The moment this golden light charged out of the river surface, a shocking ripple also instantly swept apart from the golden light.

Everyone’s eyes were all gathered at the golden light at this moment. It appeared as though there was a figure roaring towards the sky within the golden light. A whistle was mixed with powerful Nirvana Qi as it rolled and spread.

The golden light gradually scattered under the focus of the countless number of gazes. After which, a skinny young figure appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

There was a golden light lingering over that human figure. Looking from a distance away, that light seemed quite extraordinary. Moreover, many people sensed a kind of pressure within the golden light.

“Is that… Yuan Spirit Qi…”

The eyes of Pang Tong’s group shrunk slightly. After they advanced into seven Yuan Nirvana Stage, the Yuan Power within their body begin to form some Yuan Spirit Qi. Hence, they naturally knew about this kind of ripple. However, the thing that caused them to be a little afraid was that the Yuan Spirit Qi ripple on Ling Dong’s body appeared to be even stronger than them…

“He has absorbed all the Nirvana Golden Qi…” On the mountaintop, Ying Xiaoxiao tightened her long delicate hand as she slowly said.

At this moment, there was no longer any doubt. With Lin Dong’s five Yuan Nirvana Stage strength, it was impossible for him to create Yuan Spirit Qi. Hence, there was only one explanation. It was that Lin Dong had genuinely absorbed all the Nirvana Golden Qi at the bottom of the Pill River.

Ying Huanhuan bit her red lips with the back of her teeth. The expression on her pretty face was currently a little complicated. Originally, she disliked this fellow that had just joined. She even gave him an opinionated and complacent evaluation. However, she did not expect that within less than half a month, this fellow had directly shook the entire Dao Sect…

“What’s so great about it? It is merely a Pill River Head Immersion. If he has the ability, he should go and comprehend the Great Desolated Scripture…” Ying Huanhuan muttered. However, her confidence at this moment had disappeared as she no longer dared to look down on Lin Dong. She had similarly experienced the Pill River Head Immersion and clearly understood just how difficult it was to do what Lin Dong had done…

“Let’s go, there is no need to continue watching on. The Desolate Hall has found quite a good seedling. However, this is insufficient to study the Great Desolated Scripture. Hopefully he can succeed. I also wish to experience just how overbearing the strongest Great Desolate Scripture amongst the four great mysterious scripture of our Dao Sect is.”

Ying Xiaoxiao turned around and ceased staying any longer. Her delicate figure turned into a ray of light that rushed into the distance. Ying Huanhuan also closely followed after a brief moment of hesitation.

In midair, Lin Dong appeared to have sensed something when Ying Xiaoxiao and Ying Huanhuan left. He turned his head and looked towards their direction. Both of his eyes narrowed slightly. It seemed like he was the focus of quite a number of people this time around. However, this was just as well. The future will likely be even more interesting…

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