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Chapter 652: Five Yuan Nirvana Stage


Faint spider-web like cracks rapidly appeared on the surface of his scale armor, and the green glow enveloping them grew extremely faint. Small pieces of scales continuously broke off, before they were grinded to dust by the frightening surrounding pressure.

Lin Dong looked at his rapidly crumbling scale armor before his face turned incredibly solemn. However, he did not panic. Although the pressure from his surroundings is fearsome, it had not reach the level where he had no choice but to retreat.

“I’m curious to see how terrifying this pressure actually is!”

Lin Dong cracked a smile as a tremor tore through his body. At this moment, the layer of scale armor emitted cracking noise, before it broke into countless pieces and shattered. Finally, it was reduced into dust and scattered off.


Following the dissipation of his scale armor, endless torrents of frightening pressure instantly swarmed every inch of Lin Dong’s body. Immediately, a few bloody wounds started forming on his body.


Following the swarm of frightening pressure, a mysterious black shade started to seep bit by bit out of Lin Dong’s body. At the end, it transformed into a glowing black membrane that fully enveloped his body.

On the surface of the membrane were innumerable microscopic black holes, which were swirling around and emitting pulses of Devouring Force. They proceeded to gorge and devour the thick Nirvana Golden Qi in his surroundings and that formless pressure!”

Obviously, the pressure originating from the depths of the Pill River, was not something that could content with the overbearing Devouring Force that could swallow everything in the world!

Vigorous amounts of Nirvana Golden Qi accompanied the pressure and endlessly entered Lin Dong’s body. Under the all out swallowing, the surrounding golden glow started to shrink bit by bit. At the same time, the aura that was emanating from within Lin Dong started to grow in strength…

After completely settling the problem within his body, the outside pressure was no longer able to cause much trouble for Lin Dong. At this rate, this lump of Nirvana Golden Qi would actually be completely swallowed by him…

The domineering nature of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol was once again clearly displayed!

Time passed rapidly at the depths of the Pill River as the golden glow continued to grow dimmer. At the same time, the temperature of Lin Dong’s body gradually started to rise, causing steam bubbles to form within the icy cold river water.

As the water started to boil, the Yuan Power fluctuations that was slowly spreading out from Lin Dong’s body suddenly turned violent. Ripples started to spread endlessly out from Lin Dong’s body before fully dissipating at a distance away.

From the looks of it, the Yuan Power within Lin Dong was in an unstable state. And this unstable state was an indication of an upcoming Nirvana Tribulation!

By drawing support from Pill River Head Immersion, Lin Dong’s strength had increased, allowing him to officially attack the Five Yuan Nirvana Stage!

Lin Dong quietly sat at the bottom of the Pill River, as violent Yuan Power seeped out of his body. Even the frightening pressure present here was scattered by the emissions, forming a region of a few feet around Lin Dong’s body.

“Has it finally arrived…”

Lin Dong’s skin was bright red as he slowly opened his eyes, revealing a relieved and joyful expression within them. He had been waiting for this day for quite some time now.

The fifth Nirvana Stage Tribulation was not an easy task for most Nirvana Stage experts. However, considering the resilience of his body, Lin Dong did not have much to fear. The Green Heaven Materialized Dragon skill not only made Lin Dong’s skin and muscles hardy and resilient, even his internal organs and viscera were much more stronger than those experts of similar cultivation levels.

“Since it has arrived, let me experience just how frightening the fifth Nirvana Tribulation is!”

As he pursed his lips, Lin Dong formed a seal with his hands, before shutting his eyes tight again. Soon after, a frightening heat wave erupted from within his body and radiated outwards. Crackling sounds were formed as violent waves spread across all directions.

Boom Boom!

Wild and explosive Yuan Power violent erupted from Lin Dong’s body, causing the river water surrounding him to explosively vibrate. In contrast, his body was just like an old tree with deep roots, which did not move a single inch within those violent water flows.

Clearly, Lin Dong’s fifth Nirvana Tribulation had officially arrived!

The bottom of the Pill River hand was violently churning due to the fluctuations caused by Lin Dong. However it was still calm and serene on the surface of the Pill Over. Occasionally, waves would swell up, causing the Nirvana Qi to spread and fill the air.

The various platforms surrounding the Pill River were now completely filled with people. Currently, Lin Dong had already stayed at the bottom of the Pill River for eleven days. This news had rapidly spread throughout the entire Dao Sect and the resulting commotion was clearly inevitable.

Within the Dao Sect, there would always be a few elite disciples that would undergo the Pill River Head Immersion every year. However amongst them, the longest amount of time one endure was eight days. And these few people were without a doubt the most outstanding individuals within the younger generation sect members.

However this time, there was actually a person who managed to stay at the bottom of the Pill River for eleven full days!

This result clearly outshone every other younger generation member. This was also something that the current most outstanding younger generation member,Ying Xiaoxiao could not compare with!

What made people suck in their tongue the most was that, the fellow who achieved such a frightening result, was actually a new disciple that had just entered the Dao Sect…

When this news spread, it undoubtedly attracted attention from everywhere. Many disciples came over after catching wind of the news as they wanted to clarify their doubts. This was the main reason why the Desolate Hall was so lively these few days.

On the platform that was closest to the Pill River, stood an ample amount of people. These people had formed four distinct circles, and within each of them, stood an individual who stood haughtily.

There were gazes from the surrounding people that continuously glanced over the four people. Their gazes were all filled with respect and admiration. The reason for this was that these four people, were the most illustrious senior direct disciples within the Desolate Hall.

Standing at the rightmost was a man with an exceptionally muscular body. Dressed fully in grey, he had a tense expression that was devoid of smiles. With arms longer than usual and resembling that of an ape, he exuded a frightening aura. This person was the big senior disciple of the Desolate Hall, Pang Tong!

The person who was closest to Pang Tong, had a totally different physical stature. He was thin and small, with eyes brimming with intelligence and the occasional piercing gaze. Although there was quite a large number of well built Desolate Hall disciples standing behind him, their imposing aura was incomparable to his. He was the second senior disciple of the Desolate Hall, Song Zhou.

On the left of Song Zhou, stood a man fully dressed in dark red showing a cold and stern face. Hands crossed in front of his chest, he coldly stared at the Pill River in the distance while his gaze devoid of compassion. At his side, stood Tong Chuan with an awkward expression, who was seemingly hesitating about saying something.

“You good for nothing. You let the chance of having the Pill River Head Immersion slip away from your hands. Furthermore you were actually beaten by a newbie, truly disgraceful…” the man dressed in red mocked in a cold voice.

“Big brother Jiang Hao, Lin Dong’s actual skills are not weak. It is justifiable that I lost to him. Please calm down.” explained Tong Chuan bitterly.

“I know what to do, and I don’t need you to teach me! Hmph! He may be skilled, however, I, Jiang Hao ain’t a person who is easily bullied! I would like to see how arrogant this batch of newbies are! They didn’t even show big senior respect!” said Jiang Hao casually.

Hearing that, Tong Chuan only laugh bitterly and shake his head. Jiang Hao’s short fuse was famous within the Desolate Hall. Adding to the fire, the incidents that Lin Dong had churned up was too large, which even made those senior direct disciples of the Desolate Hall feel slightly irritated.

“Hey, senior brother Jiang, this new guy is quite extraordinary. Enduring at the bottom of the Pill River for eleven days is something that even the current you and me would find difficult to accomplish. If you want to take action, please be careful not to hit a brick wall…’

On the far left stood a youth dressed in white. This youth was the youngest member amongst the four of them.

He was the fourth senior disciple of the Desolate Hall, Fang Yun. He was the youngest amongst the four, however his talent and intelligence was truly frightening. Just after entering Desolate Hall for two years, he had managed to reach a cultivation level similar to Pang Tong.

“Hmph! Only by testing, would we know how capable he is! This isn’t measured by the lips of a glib talker!”

Jiang Hao shot a look at Fang Yun and said: “I wouldn’t have thought that even you guys who had shut yourselves off to cultivate, would be attracted by this sight. Looks like you guys also hold Lin Dong in an important light.”

“One must be taken seriously if one is able to endure the Pill River Head Immersion for eleven days…Haha, there is a possibility that the contenders for the Great Desolation Scripture this year would increase by an extra person…”

Fang Yun teased and laughed before turning his gaze towards the calm Pill River. He muttered, “In the past, senior Zhou Tong only managed to endure for twelve days…”

Jiang Hao’s gaze narrowed slightly and he did not reply. However that gaze was gradually turning solemn…

While it was noisy and lively within the surroundings of the Pill River, a sudden gust of strong wind blew past a mountain top far away. Two shadows descended from the sky and landed on top of a huge tree, while looking down towards the Pill River in the distance. From their appearance, one could immediately tell they were the big senior sister of the Sky Hall, Ying Xiaoxiao and her sister Ying Huanhuan.

“That fellow has yet to surface …”

Ying Huanhuan uttered as she stared at the Pill River. Unable to resist and biting her lip, she resentfully said: “It can’t be? Is that fellow truly able to reach the same result as senior Zhou Tong? How is this possible? Is there any justice in this world? How could that fellow ever match up to the likes of senior Zhou Tong!”

“It would be great if he did not surface today. If so, his result would only equal that of senior Zhou Tong…”replied Ying Xiaoxiao on a soft voice as she held on to her green sword.

After hearing that, Ying Huanhuan gawked before understanding her meaning in a short while. Lin Dong had endured all this while because his goal was actually the same as that of senior Zhou Tong. And that was to fully absorb every last bit of Nirvana Golden Qi from the bottom of the Pill River. Hence, if Lin Dong was to surface now, it would mean that he only took eleven days to completely absorb all of the Nirvana Golden Qi at the bottom of the Pill River.

In the past, senior Zhou Tong took twelve days!

If that were to happen, Lin Dong’s result would be even more terrifying than that god like existence that was in the hearts of many Desolate Hall disciples!

When she thought about this possibility, Ying Huanhuan could not help but use her pearly white teeth to bite her lips. She was truly unable to imagine, how the fellow who regarded himself as infallible, could actually surpass the idol in her heart.

“He should continue and stay in there…” muttered Ying Huanhuan as she rolled her eyes.

Ying Xiaoxiao shot a look at her helplessly. Just when she tried to reply, her facial expression suddenly changed and she turn quickly turned and faced towards the direction of the Pill River. At there, the tranquil river surface suddenly started to bubble and boil. A frightening Yuan Power fluctuations started to erupt in waves from the Pill River.

“It seems like this matter would not end up the way you wanted…”

Ying Xiaoxiao stared towards the now bubbling Pill River and took a deep breath of the icy cold air. Letting that trace of coldness invade her heart and mind, she muttered this statement softly.

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