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WDQK Chapter 65: Obstruction

The area where Lin Dong and the rest were at, suddenly become much quieter after that old man uttered those words. Not only did that young lady dressed in red turned stiff but even the shopkeeper and assistant who were respectfully standing to one side, were also dumbstruck.

“Symbol Master?”

Lin Dong was also taken aback as he looked at that old man in grey. Based on the respectful expressions from the people nearby, the latter must be a big shot in Yan City. However, he did not understand: Why did this big shot suddenly utter these words to him?

Lin Dong had always maintained a certain level of cautiousness towards strangers, especially in circumstances that seem almost too good to be true. His finger drew circles on his palm, he knew that his biggest secret lay within this flesh. Right now, he was not confident that he could completely hide this secret in front of some truly skilled practitioners.

“Old mister, right now I am still quite weak. If I further distract myself by practising Symbol Arts, I am afraid it will hinder my progress. I hope you can understand and forgive me.”

As thoughts rapidly swirled around in Lin Dong’s mind, he finally gave this reply which once again caused the facial expressions of that young lady clothed in red and the rest to change even more dramatically. They stared at him as though they were looking at a fool. This fellow… Does he know how many people dream of becoming Grand Master Yan’s disciple? How dare he reject his offer?!

“Haha, becoming a Symbol Master is not only about inscribing Mystical Symbols on objects. A real Symbol Master can easily shake mountains and move rivers.” This rejection clearly caused the old man dressed in grey to be slightly startled. Promptly, he smiled as he elaborated. After all, he felt that it would be a huge waste not to develop this outstanding Mental Energy potential.

However, the more gracious he was, the more Lin Dong did not dare to agree. If he had no secrets, he would gladly accept the offer from this almost certainly extraordinary man of power. It was a pity that he was now in possession of the mysterious Stone Talisman.  He was not certain if the person before him would still be this friendly if this secret was exposed…

“Old mister, please allow me to go back and discuss this with my family. Once I reach a conclusion, I will return here to look for you.” After deliberating for a while, Lin Dong finally replied.

“Since you are currently not interested I won’t force you. Once you have thought it through, you can bring these items to the Thousand Gold Merchants and look for me. After all, it seems like we were fated to meet, so let me give you these items to help you better understand the path of a Symbol Master.” With regards to Lin Dong’s insistence, the old man felt slightly resigned. Without further ado, he took out two items from his chest, a talisman and a book, and tossed them towards Lin Dong.

“Many thanks old mister.”

Lin Dong received these items before immediately shoving them into the newly purchased Qian Kun bag. When he saw the perplexed gazes from the crowd nearby, he decided that he could not afford stay any longer. Instantly, he turned towards that handsome young man, who was still in his way, and asked: “May I?”

After hearing these words, that young man regained his wits. His lips twitched for a second, but in the end, he finally decided to step aside. Previously, based on his own background, he need not even bother with Lin Dong. However, the situation had now reversed. Since Grand Master Yan had taken a liking towards Lin Dong, the young man was unable to be as unbridled as before…

To one side, the young lady’s lips twitched a little, but she eventually calmed down. Judging from this situation, it seems like Grand Master Yan had taken a liking to Lin Dong. If Lin Dong really became his disciple in the future, then he would become a notable person in Yan City. Therefore, it would be unwise to offend him.

As they fell silent, Lin Dong straightaway passed that young man and swiftly exited this strange atmosphere in the Mysterious Objects Tower before quickly blending into the crowded streets.

After he entered into the crowd, Lin Dong finally heaved a sigh of relief. He did not bother to shop anymore as he directly went back to the guesthouse where they were resting at. Soon after he arrived at the guesthouse, Lin Zhentian and the rest also returned one by one.

“Father, how did it go?”

Lin Dong could not help but ask when he saw Lin Xiao and the rest return.

“Haha, not bad. After all, it’s really easy to sell these Yang Yuan Stones and we got a pretty decent price too. Three hundred Yang Yuan Stones were exchanged for thirty-two Yang Yuan Pills.” Lin Xiao smiled as he nodded his head. Based on his expression, it seemed like the sale worked out pretty well.

Standing beside him, Lin Zhentian also beamed as he nodded.

As they were conversing, the tightly shut door was pushed open once again and Lin Mang walk in with a dark expression on his face.

“What happened?” As he saw Lin Mang’s expression, Lin Zhentian furrowed his eyebrows and asked.

“The price of the Steel Wood was forcefully lowered by 30%. Damnit. It took me a massive amount of effort before I found out that the Lei Family had purposely pulled strings to shortchange us!” Lin Mang gritted his teeth as he said.

After hearing these words, Lin Zhentian and Lin Xiao’s facial expressions also slightly darkened. This Lei Family was truly persistent in causing trouble for them.

“Forget it, let’s drop this issue for the time being. The most important thing right now is the Yang Yuan Stones. We will make sure to settle everything else with them in the future!” After a moment of silence, Lin Zhentian finally exclaimed with a wave of his hand. So long as the mining lode was established, the sale of the Steel Wood was just a minor matter.


Lin Xiao and Lin Mang nodded their heads. As Lin Zhentian had said, currently, the most important matter was still the Yang Yuan Stones.

“Since our business here is settled, we should get moving.” Lin Zhentian muttered. After all, several elite members of the Lin Family were mobilized this time, and it was best that they did not stay away for too long.

With regards to Lin Zhentian’s decision, no one objected as they immediately nodded their heads. Then, they began to give instructions to organize the transportation and leave the city.

When Lin Zhentian and the rest were preparing to leave the city, in a certain room located in Yan City, two figures were seated. One of them, was Lei Pi from Lei Family.

“Haha, this time, we must really thank Manager Hua.” Lei Pi smiled as he poured a cup of tea for the greasy fat man seated in front of him.

“Based on our ties, this is just a small matter. Every wood resource that passess through Yan City is connected to us. We dictate the amount supply taken in. What can one tiny Lin Family do?”

Lei Pi smiled as he nodded his head.

That fatty rubbed his glossy and chubby face, before he turned to look at Lei Pi and said: “Based on my knowledge, the Lin Family actually went to two places to sell items. Steel Wood was just one of them…”

“Oh?” After hearing these words, Lei Pi was stunned. When he saw the inscrutable smile on that fatty’s face, in flash of understanding, he immediately took out five pieces of Yang Yuan Stone and placed them before the fatty. With a smile, Lei Pi said: “This is for all your troubles, Manager Hua.”

“They were split into two teams. Lin Mang was selling Steel Wood while Lin Zhentian and the rest went to the other merchants. If my source is reliable, they sold a batch of Yang Yuan Stones there.” The fatty smiled as he kept the Yang Yuan Stones in his sleeves before he finally replied.

“Haha, this is indeed peculiar. A small Lin Family could actually procure several hundred Yang Yuan Stones. I wonder how many years they have been collecting…”

“Several hundred Yang Yuan Stones?”

As he heard that fatty’s slightly unconvinced mutterings, Lei Pi’s expression slowly turned ugly.

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