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Chapter 646
Tong Chuan was defeated.

The atmosphere on the platform above the Pill River quieted down. There was some dense shock that still remained in the eyes of quite a number of people. Clearly, the end results had exceeded their expectations.

Tong Chuan might not be considered to the elite amongst the Desolate Hall disciples, but he was fairly famous amongst the direct disciples. Hence, these Desolate Hall’s disciples were filled with shock when they saw this result.

“Tch tch, this Hundred Empire War champion name really contained some real substance to it.”

“That’s right, Lin Dong has just joined the Desolate Hall. If he is allowed to train here for some time, it is not impossible for him to even catch up with senior Pang Tong and the others.

“Looks like our Desolate Hall is going to produce another outstanding person. Haha, it’s just as well. In this way, it will boost the reputation of our Desolate Hall. Otherwise, we might end up being firmly suppressed by the other three halls during the annual Hall competition.”

“Ugh, base on what I know, there are people amongst the top disciples of the other three halls who have already begun to study the three great Mysterious Scriptures. On the other hand, our Desolate Hall…”

“There’s no choice. What can we do since our Great Desolation Scripture is so damn abnormally difficult. Just endure it. As long as someone successfully understands the Great Desolation Scripture, our Desolate Hall will definitely obtain the number one spot!”


Private conversations spread from the flat platform. The eyes, which those disciples from the Desolate Hall, looked at Lin Dong with, no longer had a playful tinge. Instead, a seriousness replaced it. Although Lin Dong was a new disciple, his strength was sufficient for them to take him seriously.

At this moment, Tong Chuang’s expression changed in a volatile fashion for a moment before he sighed helplessly. Although Lin Dong’s Yuan Power mastery had only reached the four Yuan Nirvana Stage, he was able to match up to a six Yuan Nirvana Stage expert when his strength was combined with his equally powerful Mental Energy. Moreover, Lin Dong’s powerful physical body caused Tong Chuan to feel an even greater fear in his body. The punch from earlier allowed him to understand that if Lin Dong truly intended to kill him, he would definitely not only appear this miserable on the surface, even though he had the protection of the Nirvana Golden Body.

“Junior Lin Dong, I admire you. With this strength of yours, I have nothing to say if it is your turn for the Pill River Head Immersion.” Tong Chuan cupped his hands towards Lin Dong and said.

Lin Dong hurriedly cupped his hands together. Tong Chuan was quite a good loser. He did not end up becoming angry from embarrassment just because he lost. This caused Lin Dong to form a good impression of the former. Often, the enemies that Lin Dong met within the Ancient Battlefield continued to plot against each other and would use any means to achieve their objectives. It could be said to be quite a scheming place. Compared to that place, Desolate Hall was undoubtedly much more peaceful and quieter. Although there was competition, it’s intensity was much more subdued compared to the Ancient Battlefield.

Liu Bai’s group quietly sighed in relief within their hearts after seeing Tong Chuan adopt a softer stance. It seemed like Lin Dong’s actions had successful establish a deterrence effect.

“Haha, this place is quite lively.”

A laughter was transmitted from the sky just when Liu Bai and the rest were signing in relief. After which, two figures appeared on the platform and smiling looked at everyone.

“These disciples greet the two hall chiefs!”

All the disciples from the Desolate Hall immediately revealed a respectful expression and spoke in usion when these two figures appeared.

Wu Dao smilingly waved his hand. He glanced at Lin Dong and teasingly said, “Since it is your turn, you should begin the Pill River Head Immersion. Also, this is the hall chief of the Desolate Hall, Chen Zhen.”

Lin Dong involuntarily curled his mouth when seeing that smiling face of Wu Dao. This old fellow had clearly arrive a long while ago. However, he did not show himself. His intention was to wait for Lin Dong to personally act and resolve this issue.

“This disciple Lin Dong greets hall chief!”

Lin Dong ignored Wu Dao and turned his eyes towards the white haired old man beside the latter. The latter also had a face full of smiles and he appeared quite friendly. However, with the help of his Mental Energy, Lin Dong was able to sense a vast and mighty Yuan Power ripple that was even more majestic that Wu Dao’s.

This ripple was just like the ocean. It was deep and unfathomable.

“This is hall chief Chen Zhen and he has likely reached the Advance Mysterious Life Stage level.” Lin Dong was speechless as he quietly noted to himself.

After the Nirvana Stage was the Mysterious Life and Death Stage. This stage is divided into the Mysterious Life Stage and the Mysterious Death Stage. Each stage is further divided into three levels.

Initial, advance, perfect.

Chen Zhen should be at the level of the Advance Mysterious Life Stage. If he takes one more step, he would be able to reach the Perfect Mysterious Life Stage and form an undying body.

The Life Stage of the Mysterious Life and Death Stage. For the Life Stage, it will give rise to the Life Qi. After it fuses with the Yuan Power, it will cause the Yuan Power within one’s body to grow and become boundless like the oceans. Usually, as long as one steps into the Mysterious Life and Death Stage, one would be able to heal oneself regardless of what terrible physical injuries one suffered, unless one’s Yuan Spirit was badly damaged.

As the Life Qi within one’s physical body becomes increasingly majestic, it could even raise a skeleton of the dead. Once one’s strength reach the Perfect Mysterious Life Stage, one would be able to regenerate one’s limbs. From a certain point of view, it could be considered as an undead body!

One’s physical body at that time would truly be terrifying!

If the Life Qi of the Mysterious Life Stage can allow one to possess an extremely powerful physical body, the Death Qi of the Mysterious Death Stage would enable those who possess it to have an extremely terrifying destructive strength, with just the raise of his hand.

Everything ceased to exist under the Death Qi!

Of course, this level was really a little too distant to the current Lin Dong. Even in this Eastern Xuan Region, one would be considered as the elite as long as one could step into the Mysterious Life Stage. As for the Mysterious Death Stage, someone at this level would be an Elder rank bigshot even within the Dao Sect and the other super sects.

Chen Zhen glanced at the young man in front, who had a respectful expression. His sharp eyes enabled him to sense the ferocity that hidden under his friendly eyes. This hidden ferocity enabled him to understand that the young man in front of him definitely hid a wolf in his bones. This wolf was usually hidden. However, if someone truly touched it, those ferocious teeth would definite be bared.

“No wonder he is able to rely on his low rank empire origin to come out on top within the Ancient Battlefield.” Chen Zhen sighed softly in his heart. He had a clear understanding of the situation in the Ancient Battlefield. At the same time, he also clearly understood just how much effort someone from a low rank empire had to put in in order to become the champion of the Hundred Empire War. This young person in front of him had definitely experienced many things.

A trace of unknown emotion involuntarily rose within Chen Zhen’s heart when he thought of this point. He had also experienced the Ancient Battlefield a very long time ago and he merely came from a middle rank empire.

This young person in front of him was no different from him back then. It was just that this person was even more persistent than him.

“You will be the direct disciple of the Desolate Hall in the future. Just treat this as your home.”

Chen Zhen’s old and wrinkled face had a faint but genuine smile on it. He gently extended his shrivelled hand and rubbed Lin Dong’s head.

Lin Dong was stunned for a moment because of Chen Zhen’s action. He looked at the elderly face behind him before moving his lips a little. However, he did not say anything. All he did was slowly lower his head. Deep within his heart, he began to feel a rare emotion towards this place that he had just joined.

This emotion would usually only appear within that little Lin family in Qingyang Town in the past.

Although this emotion was extremely slight, only those who knew Lin Dong well would be able to know that it was not an easy matter to get his usual cautious self to reveal such an emotion.

“This old fellow…” Little Marten raised his eyebrows slightly. However, there was a gentle arc on his handsome face. Lin Dong was not someone who was easily moved by a sentence or anyone’s actions. As such, this current scene was clearly not a bad start.

Before one is integrated into a sect, one must at least approve of it.

“Haha, begin the Pill River Head Immersion. Little fellow, normally speaking, one would obtain more benefits the longer one endures. What level you can reach will be entirely dependant on your ability.”

Chen Zhen smiled slightly. He withdrew his rough hand before looking towards Wu Dao. The two of them moved and they rushed from the flat platform and charged into that majestic Pill River.

“Lin Dong, enter the Pill River!”

Lin Dong withdrew his emotion after hearing Wu Dao’s low cry. He nodded slightly. After which, his toes pressed on the platform and his body rushed out. Finally, it charge into the Pill River with a surging Nirvana Qi in front of the many envious eyes!

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