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Chapter 645: Desolate Blade

The large parched blade suddenly hacked downwards. At that moment, the air around Tong Chuan disappeared at a shocking rate. A barren like ripple scattered around the place.

Tong Cheng’s blade appeared to be ordinary but the frightening strength contained within was something that only Lin Dong, who had been targeted by the blade glow, could sense.

“He is indeed worthy of being a direct disciple of the Desolate Hall!”

Lin Dong looked at the barren space around Tong Cheng. His eyes were quite solemn. However, he had no intention of withdrawing. A thought passed through his mind and the black dragon spirit that was whizzing down, grew increasingly powerful. As it bared its fangs and waved its claws, a frightening energy shockwave caused the crack lines on the platform to become increasingly dense.


Tong Chuan’s eyes were icy cold as he looked at the black dragon that was being rapidly growing in his eyes. A low cry was suddenly emitted. Immediately, a blade glow that was filled with a barren aura suddenly shot out from his parched large blade.

The blade glow was extremely mighty. It was a couple of dozen feet large as it swiftly flashed through the air in a lightning like manner just like a meteorite. After which, it heavily slammed onto the black dragon spirit with a shocking momentum.


A clear sharp loud sound suddenly sounded out in the sky. Soon after, an extremely wild and violent energy attack suddenly erupted from the sky.

The energy attack spread apart. Those people nearby hurriedly pulled back. Numerous golden light flickered on the flat platform in order to protect themselves from the eroding energy wind.

While the resisted, the crowd’s attention remained focused on mid-air. The Desolate Blade was a fairly powerful martial arts from the Desolate Hall. Since it was currently used by Tong Chuan’s six Yuan Nirvana Stage’s strength, it’s might became even stronger. Although Lin Dong was able to summon a dragon spirit, he might not be able to block such a sharp blade.

Sizzle sizzle!

The blade glow heavily hacked onto the head of the dragon spirit in front of everyone’s eyes. That unique barren aura was actually wildly eroding the body of the dragon spirit. That originally somewhat icy cool black dragon scale also swiftly shrivelled under the erosion from the Desolate Aura.

Tong Chuan also sensed the increasingly weak dragon spirit due to the erosion of the barren aura. The corner of his mouth was immediately lifted into a cold smile. The Desolate Blade in his hand once again hacked furiously downwards.

“Desolate Blade slaying dragon spirit!”

Crack crack crack!

Another incomparably wild blade glow attack appeared. This time around, the black dragon spirit immediately cracked, forming numerous crack lines in the process.

“That dragon spirit is unable to endure any longer.” Everyone quietly shook their heads when they saw this scene. It seemed that the dragon spirit that Lin Dong had summoned, was unable to endure the might of the Desolate Blade.

“The Desolate Hall’s martial art is quite unique. That barren aura that they had obtained from training is quite strong.” Little Marten looked at this scene in the sky and nodded.

“Is Lin Dong able to endure it?” Liu Bai’s and Mo Ling’s group involuntarily asked. Lin Dong was basically representing all of the newly joined disciples. If he was to be defeated today, it was likely that none of them would have a good time in the future.

“Relax, it is not so easy to deal with Lin Dong.” Little Marten spoke with a faint smile.

Mo Ling and the rest quietly sighed in relief after hearing Little Marten spoke in this manner. At this moment, they could tell that Little Marten seemed to be the most unfathomable person in the group. Hence, since he had spoken in this manner, it seems like Lin Dong would not be in deep trouble.

While they were conversing, that enormous dragon spirit in the sky also began to cracked apart inch by inch. Clearly, it had already reached its limit.

“Is it over?”

Quite a number of people contemplated this thought in their hearts when they saw this scene. However, they did not have any intention of mocking the other member. It was already quite an accomplishment for Lin Dong, who was merely a newcomer, to force Tong Chuan to use the Desolate Blade.

Tong Chuan also raised his head and looked at the collapsing dragon spirit. His face revealed a smile. However, his eyes suddenly shrunk before his smile could widen.


The cracking dragon spirit suddenly exploded at this moment. Soon after, a green light directly rushed out from within. After which, it flashed downwards at a shocking speed and appeared in front of Tong Chuan. With the help of the light reflection, everyone could clearly see that Lin Dong was within the green light!

At this moment, Lin Dong’s body was covered with green dragon scales that appeared like a layer of scale armour.

“Green Dragon Arms!”

Lin Dong’s eyes were icy cold within the green light. A low roar sounded within his heart. Immediately, his right hand instantly wiggled and swelled. Within a short instant, it had transformed into an enormous dragon arms. A terrifying strength erupted and shook the space until it became a little distorted.


Lin Dong did not hesitate after the green dragon arms took shape. His fists blew apart the air immediately before he rushed towards Tong Chuan in an incomparably fearsome manner.

A terrifying energy pounced over in a substance like manner. Immediately, even Tong Chuan’s Six Yuan Nirvana Stage golden body felt a kind of piercing pain. His eyes quickly turned exceptionally solemn. That was because Lin Dong’s punch posed a serious threat to him.


The parched large blade within Tong Cheng’s hand was lifted high up. After which, it once again hacked downwards with great force. That strange force was pushed to its limits at this moment!


The dragon arms and Desolate Blade directly collided together at this moment. Immediately, an indescribable wild and violent strength swept apart. Crack lines also spread in a lightning like manner on the ground.

“Chi chi!”

Traces of dark gray force rapidly flowed out from the Desolate Blade wherever the fist made contact with it. It swiftly flowed out from the Desolate Blade. After which, they eroded Lin Dong’s dragon arms from continuously. Under the erosion from that force, Lin Dong’s dragon arms actually showed signs of shrivelling.

“You have just joined the Desolate Hall. Allow this senior to teach you just how frightening the Desolate Force of the Desolate Hall is!” Tong Chuan looked at this scene, laughed coldly and said.

“Desolate Force huh?”

Lin Dong focused his eyes slightly. That strange energy seemed able to turn everything into a barren state and its eroding force was extremely strong. The dragon spirit from earlier had ended up losing much of its defences because of the eroding force, which resulted in it being destroyed with just a blade strike.

Other people might feel troublesome to deal with this kind of force but unfortunately, Lin Dong was not one of them.


A thought passed through Lin Dong’s mind before a powerful devouring force erupted from his Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Traces of black lines quietly spread over Lin Dong’s dragon hands and swallowed all of the Desolate Force that invaded Lin Dong’s body.

Tong Chuan’s expression drastically changed the moment he realized that his Desolate Force was being swallowed. Clearly, he had also sensed something.

“Your force is useless against me.”

Lin Dong raised his head slightly and smiled towards Tong Chuan, whose face had changed drastically. His dragon hands were immediately tightly clenched. Surging force spluttered out like tide water from an extreme distance.


The dragon fist violently collided onto the Desolate Blade. A wild and violent strength poured out in an extremely peremptory manner, ignoring that mysterious Desolate Force.


When this wild and violent strength seeped out, numerous crack lines immediately appeared on the Desolate Blade. After which, the crack lines widened and directly burst apart under the stunned gazes of Tong Chuan and many other Desolate Hall’s disciples.


After the Desolate Blade was shattered, the remaining shockwind swept towards Tong Chuan in a storm like manner. Immediately, it sent the latter flying and he was only able to regain his footing after he haphazardly retreated for a dozen over steps.

The platform became much quieter after Tong Chuan’s body stabilized in a miserable manner. The many disciples of the Desolate Hall faced each other before quietly inhaling a breath of cold air.

Lin Dong had actually shattered the Desolate Blade?

Being disciples of the Desolate Hall, they were clearly aware of just how powerful the Desolate Blade was. This was a martial art that the disciples of the Desolate Hall must learn and it was their preferred offensive strike. However, it was now shattered by just a single punch from Lin Dong.

When everyone watched Lin Dong, who had halted his attack in midair, they were aware that the victor of this spar was already decided.

Lin Dong’s swelled dragon’s arm wiggled rapidly. After which, they transformed into ordinary hands. He did not went overboard and chase after his opponent. This was the Dao Sect, not the Ancient Battlefield. The person in front of him was also his senior and not a life or death enemy. Therefore, the rule in the Ancient Battlefield, where one must kill or completely cripple the other party, was not applicable here.

Lin Dong raised his head after his hands returned to normal. He cupped his hands towards Tong Chuan in the distance and softly said, “Senior Tong Chuan, thanks for letting me win!”

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