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Chapter 617: Battling Lin Langtian Again

An enormous light barrier floated in the sky. Contained within was a battle stage formed from majestic Yuan Power. From a distance, the stage looked as if it was real.

Lin Dong’s figure directly penetrated the light barrier, before landing on the stage. Lin Langtian’s figure also closely followed behind, quickly appearing before the former with a dark and gloomy expression.

“Can the current you still be called Lin Langtian?” Lin Dong raised his head and stared at the now rather unfamiliar person before him, before suddenly speaking out in a soft voice.

“Cheche, relax. Thanks to you, my willpower is extremely strong. Currently, I am still in control of this body. As for the name Lin Langtian, it’s of no concern. Nothing matters besides killing you.” Lin Langtian’s expression become a little distorted due to his maliciousness as he laughed sinisterly.


Lin Dong faintly smiled. The once the famed genius of the Lin Clan had now ended up in such a state. Even his personality had something else mixed into it.

“This is all because of you, you wretched thing. If it were not for you, how else could I have ended up like this? You lowly filth from the branch family!” Lin Langtian’s expression was sinister as he snarled. He stared at Lin Dong as if he wanted to pluck out the veins of the latter.

“Back then, there was no need for you to participate in the clan meeting. However, in order to show off, you used my father as a sacrificial lamb and seriously crippled him until he fell into depression for several years. Everything I have done is merely for the sake of repaying my father’s grudge. It can be considered an eye for an eye. You can only blame yourself for this matter.” Lin Dong’s face was expressionless as he replied in a flat voice.

“Ch ch, it’s your father’s fault for being utterly useless. I only regret not having killed you at the Ancient Tomb outside Great Yan City back then. Otherwise, there would not be so much trouble now!” Lin Langtian maliciously laughed.

His words were truly from the heart. When he first saw Lin Dong at the Ancient Tomb back then, the latter was merely an ant in his eyes. Just a tiny bit of pressure from his aura was able to pressure Lin Dong to an extremely sorry state. However, in a short couple of years, this ant had grown at a shockingly rapid pace. That speed was something that even he, the most dazzling genius from the Lin clan, could not match.

Lin Langtian had regretted this more than once. If he had completely finished Lin Dong off back then, things would be completely different now. At the very least, he would not have wounded up in this miserable state where he was neither a human nor a ghost…

“Arguing with words is a special right for the useless. Make your move, allow me to see how powerful you have become after transforming into this ghastly thing.

Lin Dong smiled slightly. He slowly extended his hand as an icy bone-piercing killing intent surged out from deep within his eyes. “Like I said, this time around, you will not be able to escape.”

“Ch ch, those are my words!”

Lin Langtian smiled viciously. He suddenly stepped forward as an incomparably violent Yuan Power ripple swept out from within his body like a wave.

“Is this all the Five Yuan Nirvana stage has to offer?” Lin Dong’s was unaffected as he indifferently spoke upon feeling the Yuan Power ripple.

“It is more than sufficient to finish you off!”

Lin Liangtian’s face was hideous. His large hand suddenly clenched as mighty Yuan Power whizzed out, transforming into many Yuan Power light spears which flew towards Lin Dong’s vital spots at lightning speed.


Lin Dong closed his fist around the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear that suddenly appeared. The spear jerked, transforming into numerous afterimages. Mighty Yuan Power surged out, directly shattering the numerous light spears.

“You actually have the audacity to display such an attack?” Lin Dong sneered. He gripped his hand as a black metal seal emerged on his palm. Wave after wave of incomparably wild and violent ripples swiftly outwards.


The wind furious roared when the black seal appeared. Black light lingered around it while the crouching black dragon once again showed signs of opening its eyes.

“Suppress him!”

A cold glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. The black metal seal immediately whizzed out. Like a black metal mountain, it rushed towards the sky above Lin Langtian, before violently slamming down.

“Yi Mo Hand!”

Lin Langtian’s expression changed slightly when he sensed the wild and violent strength contained within the black seal. He did not dare to underestimate it. His hand suddenly grabbed out as monstrous Yuan Power surged forth. One could see that Lin Langtian’s hand become strangely pitch-black. After which, a palm clashed against metal seal head-on.


A clear metallic sound resounded in the sky. A circular energy ripple that was visible to the naked eye directly spread outwards from Lin Langtian’s palm. The wild and violent pressuring black metal seal had actually been forcibly withstood.

“Ch ch, Lin Dong do you think that I am as easy to deal with as before?” Lin Langtian chuckled maliciously at Lin Dong. Immediately his eyes became ferocious, while his palm transformed into a fist at lightning speed as it ruthlessly smashed against the black metal seal.


An extremely terrifying strength overflowed from Lin Langtian’s black hand. With a single punch, he forcibly sent the black metal seal flying.

“That fellow can actually send Lin Dong’s Heavenly Soul Treasure flying with one punch…”

Currently, extremely earthshaking battles had erupted within the light barriers all over the sky. Everyone felt their blood boil as they watched the intense battles within the light barriers.

There was not a single fight in this place that was not interesting. Those who could enter the Nirvana Golden Ranking basically possessed extremely great abilities. The intensity of the fights between the top experts of these empires was naturally something that one did not even need to mention.

After all, not everyone possessed the qualifications to fight in this arena. Only the elites could challenge one another in this place.

On the mountain top, Liu Bai and the rest were naturally focused on Lin Dong’s battle. All of their faces changed a little when they saw that Lin Langtian had actually sent Lin Dong’s Heavenly Soul Treasure flying.

“That fellow… is very powerful…” Yan Sen’s expression was solemn as he stared at Lin Langtian. He could sense a dangerous sensation that was even greater than the Sky Devil Empire’s Song Zhen.

“Both Lin Dong and him seem to come from the same empire. However, from the looks of it, these two appear to be sworn enemies…” Liu Bai frowned and said.

Beside him, the Mo Ling trio released a bitter laughter. Their expressions were somewhat complicated as they watched the interior of the light barrier. The five of them had entered this ancient space together a year ago. Yet, Lin Dong and Lin Langtian were now far ahead of them…

However, they felt a little sad at this conflict between Lin Dong and Lin Langtian. They were not fully aware of the grudge between the two. However, they could clearly sense the degree of enmity between them.

“Relax. Lin Dong has exchanged blows with Lin Langtian several times before and has always obtained the upper hand. There are not many in the Ancient Battlefield that can defeat Lin Dong.” Mo Ling said. Although all of them were from the Great Yan Empire, they clearly stood on Lin Dong’s side.

Liu Bai’s group nodded upon hearing this. They had never doubted Lin Dong’s abilities. However, Lin Langtian was also no ordinary individual.

“As expected of the Nirvana Golden Ranking battle…”

Liu Bai and Yan Sen exchanged a look with each other. They could see both desire and regret in each other’s eyes.

“That fellow’s arm…”

Lin Dong eyes focused. His gaze was fixed onto the metallic pitch-black arm of Lin Langtian. He could sense an extremely strange undulation from it. It was likely that this was an unusual martial arts that he was not aware of.


Lin Langtian’s figure suddenly rushed out. Numerous after images flashed across the sky before flying towards Lin Dong at a shocking speed. The black arm that cut through the air left behind a faint black scar.


Lin Dong’s toes pushed down onto the air upon seeing this. His figure rushed backwards as his hand seals changed. The black dragon on the blown away black metal seal rose into the air and roared at the heavens. The dragon roar directly transformed into countless black sonic waves that swept towards Lin Langtian from all directions.

“Killing Dragon Sonic Swirl!”

The black sonic wave swept out as Lin Dong viciously clenched his fist. Countless black sonic waves swiftly gathered together, transforming into a wild and violent rotating sonic wave whirlwind that contained a terrifying strength as it tore through the sky like a sharp sonic blade and viciously charged towards Lin Langtian.

“Yi Mo Soul Shattering Palm!”

Lin Langtian’s laughed in a savage manner as he faced this ferocious attack of Lin Dong. He showed no signs of avoiding the attack. His black hand suddenly slammed outwards. Immediately, a monsterous black light gathered together. Various piercing sounds were continuously emitted from within the black light.

The black light whizzed out, transforming into a large black palm. It was as if there was the silhouette of a howling demon god within the black palm, an extremely shocking sight.

Creak creak!

The large black light hand ruthlessly grabbed the sonic wave. After which, it suddenly clenched. Immediately, a sharp ear-piercing sound frantically rang out, while accompanied by an astonishing ripple.


Lin Langtian’s expression was sinister. He let out a sharp cry as the black light surged. Numerous cracks immediately formed on the sonic wave, before it was forcibly crushed to pieces. This violent scene caused the expressions on Liu Bai’s group to change.

“Ch ch. Lin Dong. I have said it before. My current strength is something you will be frightened of. Enjoy the great death feast that I have prepared for you!”

Lin Langtian roared at the heavens. Overflowing black light swept unfurled from his body, covering half of the sky within the light barrier. The black light gathered behind him, vaguely transforming into the enormous figure of a demon god, while a dark chilling aura permeated the sky like an icy wind.

Lin Dong raised his head and gazed at Lin Langtian, who appeared just like a demon god descending from the sky. The corners of Lin Dong’s mouth slowly lifted to form a savagely cold smile. Green light began to surge on his body as green scales faintly appear.

“This should be a little interesting. However, it might not be good for you to be overly pleased…”

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