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Chapter 605: Taozong Fierce Spirit

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Chapter 605 Taotie Spirit


Majestic Yuan Power spiralled around the bone spear. The powerful energy that it contained made it trembled slightly. Waves of weird humming sound that caused the air to undulate constantly were given off by the spear as well.

From Lin Dong’s cold-blooded face, everyone could tell that he was about to erupt after being in the disadvantageous position for the previous exchanges.

In front of Lin Dong, Song Zhen’s face was terrifyingly sombre. When Lin Dong passed through the Nirvana Tribulation in front of his eyes, he felt as if he was being played like a monkey. Since the day he entered the Ancient Battlefield, his journey had been smooth. After obtaining the inheritance from the four great demon sects, his already-powerful strength was taken up another notch. From his perspective, only the leaders of the top three super empires in the entire Ancient Battlefield would be able to repress him. A mere individual like Lin Dong was not even worth his time and attention!

However, it was also the case that the one whom he considered a mere individual dared to ridicule him in front of so many people!

“If today I don’t rip you apart into a thousand pieces, what face will I Song Zhen have?”

A sinister look rose upon Song Zhen’s face. Torrential dark glows suddenly erupted from his body. These dark glows were extremely odd. As they wiggled, traces of bizarre energy seemed to emit from them.

The energy was somewhat similar to the Devouring Ancestral Symbol’s Devouring Power. The only difference was that this energy was much more frigid and tyrannical!

The dark glows congregated in Song Zhen’s hands and materialized into a huge black-colored trident. There was a weird picture atop the trident. Indistinctly, it looked like an enormous beast that was roaring in the direction of the sky. Its huge mouth was extremely eye-grabbing. The beast looked as if it wanted to devour the entire heaven and earth.

As the trident was formed, a roar that seemed to come from the ancient times resounded throughout the area. The picture on the trident seemed to come to life as it started to wiggle and devour the Yuan Power between the Heaven and Earth continuously.

“Lin Dong, I will show you what Taotie Sect’s inheritance is like!”

Song Zhen snarled in a low voice as killer intent gushed through his eyes. With a jolt of his body, a shadow surged forward. With a swish, the shadow appeared before Lin Dong in a ghost-like manner. The trident in his hands brought upon a torrential dark glow that engulfed Lin Dong like a deathly black hole.


The torrential black glow was reflected in Lin Dong’s eyes. However, he did not show any signs of dodging even when he faced such a powerful attack from Song Zhen. With a glint of chilliness in his eyes, he jerked the bone spear in his hands. A ancient hissing sound broke out from the spear and a chilling glow ripped through the air. That kind of chilliness created eerie spear sparkles at the tip of the spear.

The spear sparkles spread out like the blossoming of a flower. However, a chilling killer intent was concealed within that magnificence.

As the spear sparkles formed and ripped through the air, they collided ferociously with the violent trident.


Accompanied by flame and sparks, a crisp sound resounded through the air. At this moment, a ripple broke out in the formless air and extended in all directions with a terrifying speed.

“Swish swish swish!”

Horrifying gales swept across the area. Without any changes in his facial expression, Lin Dong jerked the bone spear in his hands again. An explosion of spear sparkles broke out and they hovered in the air like fallen flower petals. Like a bunch of exceptionally sharp daggers, they then pierced towards Song Zhen’s vital points with an extreme speed.

This unforeseen event was rather sudden. Even Song Zhen was stunned by this sight. By the time he returned to his senses, the deadly aura had reached him.


Even though Song Zhen was in a dire straits, he did not show any signs of panicking. Instead, he gave a sarcastic snort. Dark glow surged through his body and oddly formed a black-colored huge mouth on his chest. A terrifying swallowing force erupted from the black mouth and completely swallowed the deadly spear sparkles.

“The Taotie Beast devours all living things in the heaven and earth. Even though your attack is powerful, it’s useless against me! Haha!” Song Zhen laughed heartily towards the sky. Soon after, with a glint of chilliness in Song Zhen’s eyes, the black glow of the trident in his hands began to dance and blasted in the direction of Lin Dong.

“Swallowing Power?”

Lin Dong brandished the bone spear in his arms and warded off Song Zhen’s attack. His eyes froze slightly. Reportedly, the Taotie Beast possessed a kind of terrifying swallowing power. There was nothing in the heaven and earth that it could not swallow. From a different perspective, its swallowing power was somewhat similar to the Devouring Ancestral Symbol’s Devouring Power.

However, the only Swallowing Power could do is to swallow. From a different perspective, it was not as powerful as the Devouring Power. Of course, there was nothing strange about this fact. After all, Devouring Power was bestowed by the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. And the Devouring Ancestral Symbol was the one of the eight great Ancestral Symbols between the Heaven and Earth. Even though the Taotie Beast was rather ancient and iconic, it was still considerably weaker than the Devouring Ancestral Symbol.

“Haha, Lin Dong, your strength will be continuously swallowed by the Taotie Beast during the battle with me. The more you fight me, the weaker you get. How are you going to challenge then?”

The trident in Song Zhen’s hands became an intense dark glow and engulfed Lin Dong. Every time it made contact with Lin Dong’s bone spear, the Swallowing Power would surge and swallowed some of the Yuan Power that was imbued within the spear.

If the situation was to carry on, Lin Dong’s Yuan Power would be lesser and lesser. Eventually, he would be in a dire straits.

However, this would happen if it was any other ordinary individual that was fighting Song Zhen. Clearly, Lin Dong did not belong to this category of individuals. It was rather childish to display the so-called Swallowing Power in front of Lin Dong, who actually possessed the Devouring Power.

Therefore, a ridiculous smile appeared on Lin Dong’s face when he heard Song Zhen’s mocking comment. Song Zhen was enraged when he saw Lin Dong’s smile. Just as he was about to intensify his attack, his facial expression suddenly changed. That was because he could sense the dark energy that shrouded his trident was disappearing trace by trace.

Swoosh swoosh!

As the energy that shrouded his trident disappeared, Lin Dong looked as if he had consumed steroids and his attack became extremely ferocious all of a sudden. It was as if the energy that Song Zhen lost had been transferred to Lin Dong.

“How can this be!?” Song Zhen’s facial expression changed drastically. Clenching his teeth, he quickly activated his Swallowing Power and tried to swallow Lin Dong’s power. However, this time around, the result let him down. Lin Dong’s Yuan Power seemed to be protected by something that completely neglected his Swallowing Power!

The most shocking thing was when his Swallowing Power made contact with Lin Dong’s Yuan Power, the Swallowing Power was not only unsuccessful in swallowing the Yuan Power, but also it was disappearing rapidly trace by trace.

“There’s something wrong with this fellow!”

Song Zhen shot a glance at the mocking look on Lin Dong’s face and a tinge of chilliness crept up the former’s back. He could not understand what Lin Dong had done exactly, but he knew this weird occurence definitely had something to do with the latter.

“It should be the inheritance that he obtained from the Green Dragon Temple. However, there definitely shouldn’t be any artifact that could give him such a weird power in the Green Dragon Temple!”

“Damn it, what trick is he exactly resorting to?”

Song Zhen’s eyes were flickering. After a moment, he still could not figure it out. He could only clench his teeth and retreat helplessly.

Numerous gazes from the onlookers around the rubble land were focused at the retreating Song Zhen. Soft whispers then broke out abruptly from the onlookers. Clearly, this was due to the obvious fact that Song Zhen was escaping from Lin Dong’s fearsome offense.

“Lad, don’t you be pleased with yourself so early!”

Song Zhen retreated. His facial expression became increasingly sinister. Since his slow-and-steady strategy did not work, he was going to use an absolute offense that could deliver instant victory!

Torrential weird dark glow pour out continuously from Song Zhen’s body. In a blink of an eyes, half the sky was engulfed in darkness. That kind of sun-blotting sky appeared rather terrifying.

Song Zhen was infuriated…

Everyone could tell from this scene that Song Zhen was truly infuriated by Lin Dong.


Dark glow was wiggling frantically around Song Zhen’s body. Finally, under the numerous gazes from the onlookers, the dark glow materialized into a gigantic ancient pitch-black beast.

The body of the beast appeared extremely odd. The color of its entire body was pitch-black and its nose could not be seen at all. Only its enormous pitch-black mouth was extremely eye-catching.

As this ancient beast appeared, a horrifying swallowing force erupted from its mouth. At this moment, a tumult of huge winds broke across the area. Waves of Yuan Power between the heaven and earth were being swallowed by it.

“This is…”

Numerous dumbstruck gazes were focused at the black-colored beast. Gasps broke out among the onlookers around the rubble land.

Taotie Spirit!

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