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Chapter 604: Four Yuan Nirvana Stage

The scarlet flame that contained the black-colored fire seedlings, began to spread out in a ring shape. All the huge boulders that were in the path of the extending flame were burned to nothing. Even the small pebbles on the ground were not spared. It appeared that even the dust on the ground had completely disappeared as well.

At this moment, the gazes from the onlookers surrounding the rubble land froze. All the commotion disappeared and were replaced by a weird dead silence.

Nirvana Demon Flame… Nirvana Tribulation…

Following which, the frozen gazes shifted gradually and landed upon the youth that was standing in the arena with his head lowered. The onlookers’ eyes were filled with an intense fear.

Those who were able to make it here were considered rather capable. Passing through Nirvana Tribulation was an essential experience that everyone here had before. As such, they were extremely familiar with the energy undulation from a Nirvana Tribulation.

Usually, no one would have such a big reaction to this kind of energy undulation. After all, all of them had experienced personally. However, it was a different situation now. That was because the person who was experiencing the Nirvana Tribulation now was not seated down quietly and fighting with the tribulation. Instead, he was battling a practitioner whose strength had reached Five Yuan Nirvana stage!

Undergoing the Nirvana Tribulation in the midst of a battle!?

Everyone felt deeply absurd when they thought of this. Nirvana Tribulation was the most frightening experience for any Nirvana stage practitioner. Every time this tribulation arrived, everyone would immediately look for a secluded area, or seek protection from friends in hopes of battling it in peace?

Most of the Nirvana stage practitioners did not die in the battles with their enemies, but rather they died during the Nirvana Tribulation. This goes to show just how terrifying the Nirvana Tribulation was. However… currently, they witnessed with their own eyes, someone who dared to undergo the Nirvana Tribulation in the midst of a battle!

This created a mind-boggling sensation in their minds.

Everyone was so shocked that they turned speechless.

“This fellow…” Liu Bai and his counterparts’ offense were slightly slowed down when they saw what happened. They finally understood why Lin Dong went all-out defensive in response to Song Zhen’s attacks. It turned out that this fellow had used a huge part of his energy to deal with the Nirvana Tribulation in his body.


They could only use this word to describe Lin Dong’s action. Previously, if he could not keep up with Song Zhen’s attacks, he might lose control both externally and internally and death would be imminent for him.

Mu Honglin’s stared at the distant figure of Lin Dong and pursed her red luscious lips. This fellow had been creating miracles non-stop since the day they met.

In contrast to Liu Bai and his counterparts’ amazement, the Xue Ying duo’s faces became solemn at this sight. Shock and horror were surging through their eye pupils. Clearly, they had been intimidated by Lin Dong’s action.

“Phew, such a worrisome lad…” Little Marten pursed his lips and heaved a sigh of relief. He did not worry much about Lin Dong’s action. After being together for so many years, he clearly understood Lin Dong’s prudent nature. This fellow liked to save up numerous trump cards. Sometimes, even Little Marten was amazed by some of the trump cards he had.

“Previously, I have reminded you not to celebrate so early. It seems like you have not heeded my advice,” Little Marten smirked as he casted a mocking look at Song Que, whose face was extremely gloomy.

“Humph, what’s there to be proud of? Even if that lad successfully passes through the Nirvana Tribulation, he will be at most be at the Four Yuan Nirvana stage!” Song Que sneered.

Little Marten curled the corners of his mouth slightly and did not reply Song Que. With a grasp of his palm, boundless energy gushed out and formed a powerful attack that surged towards Song Que.

Upon seeing Little Marten’s incoming attack, Song Que did not dare to hesitate as well. He quickly activated his Yuan Power to face the incoming attack. After the previous exchange, he could clearly sense the deadliness of Little Marten. Even after he activated all the energy in his body, he merely stabilized his body. If he was to hesitate for a moment, he would be defeated utterly.

Apparently, Lin Dong’s party’s morale increased significantly at this moment. As long as the most troublesome Song Devils could be impeded, they would have a high chance of winning this battle. Lin Dong’s initially dangerous situation had unexpectedly taken a new turn.

“This bastard….”

Under the gazes from the audience, Song Zhen’ face gradually became solemn and the smile on his face disappeared bit by bit. He was staring at Lin Dong sinisterly. He was just as shocked as everyone else. However, at the same time, he was extremely furious as well. He could not imagine Lin Dong could multi-task and exchanging blows with him while undergoing the Nirvana Tribulation at the same time. Even he did not dare to do such a thing. However, Lin Dong was actually able to do it…

“I cannot let this fellow passes through the Nirvana Tribulation successfully!”

A glint of chilliness flashed across Song Zhen’s eyes and his body surged forward abruptly. Violent Yuan Power gushed out and formed an enormous monstrous claw. Accompanied by an odd energy, the claw swiped at Lin Dong ruthlessly.

“It’s too late… to discover it now…”

Lin Dong raised his head slowly and revealed a smirk on his face. He reached out his palm before a streak of black-colored flame shot out and blasted towards that odd claw.


As the streak of black-colored flame left Lin Dong’s palm, a powerful wave of Yuan Power gushed out from his body as well. Even his aura seemed to expand immensely at this moment.

“Has he successfully passed through the Nirvana Tribulation? How can it be so fast!”

Upon sensing the sharp rise in Lin Dong’s aura, Song Zhen’s face turned ashen in an instant. He could not believe that Lin Dong could pass through the fourth Nirvana Tribulation in such a short time!

Song Zhen did not really know much about Lin Dong. Therefore, he would not know how powerful Lin Dong’s physical body was, after the latter mastered the ‘Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill’. Even though the fourth Nirvana Tribulation was considerably tough, it did not deal a fatal blow to Lin Dong. With an exceptional determination and vigorous physical body, Lin Dong was able to endure through the Nirvana Tribulation in a relatively short time!

Lin Dong could feel the surging Yuan Power in his body. As compared to the past, the boundless energy within his body was numerous times stronger. By making such a risky move, Lin Dong was able to close up the gap between the two men’s strength.

“You’re right. It’s indeed impossible to kill you with the strength of the Three Yuan Nirvana stage. However… I will be able to do so now!” Lin Dong raised his head and looked smilingly at Song Zhen’s ashen face. Then, he stretched his back and a sharp smile that contained chilliness appeared on his face.

After the first exchange of blows, Lin Dong could sense the huge disparity between Three Yuan Nirvana stage and Five Yuan Nirvana stage. Even if he used other methods to compensate for this disparity, it was still extremely arduous to obtain a victory. Clearly, Lin Dong was not satisfied with such a victory.

Therefore, after thinking through his strategy, he chose to take the risk and tackle the Nirvana Tribulation. As long as he could reach the Four Yuan Nirvana stage successfully, Song Zhen’s dominance would decrease significantly and rapidly.

“Arrogant lad, even if you reached the Four Yuan Nirvana stage, the gap between us is still immeasurable. Trying to challenge me by moving up in Nirvana stage? Do you really think I am those trash that you fought in the past?” Song Zhen replied sinisterly as his eyes flickered.

Lin Dong smiled. Then, he reached out his palm face-up and bent it slightly. It was an obvious provocation.

“A piece of shit that is courting death!”

Song Zhen was enraged, Resplendent golden light gushed out from his body in an instant. Following which, he stamped his right foot on the ground. Immediately, the earth trembled and numerous earth dragons that were imbued with violent Yuan Power erupted from the ground. They then formed a circle around Lin Dong and blasted towards the latter with an earth-shattering force.

Upon seeing such powerful attack from the earth dragons, Lin Dong merely smiled. With a flip of his palm, the black metallic seal expanded instantaneously. An enormous black shadow descended from the sky and the berserking earth dragons exploded with a loud bang.


Mud and soil flew everywhere. The dust that pervaded the air dissipated rapidly after a short while. A huge metallic seal appeared and Lin Dong was standing atop it.

This time around, Lin Dong did not show any signs of dodging Song Zhen’s attack. Instead, he forcibly crushed the latter’s attack with a resolute posture!

Everyone could tell that the situation within the arena was changing gradually. The previous lopsided battle had turned around!

Lin Dong stood atop the metallic seal while facing the wind. His gaze was fixated on Song Zhen. Traces of chilliness were seeping out from his eyes.


Frantic Yuan Power was whizzing around Lin Dong’s body. With a grasp of his palm, the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear appeared in his hand. He swiped his spear upward and pointed it at Song Zhen. All the Yuan Power in his body was spiralling around the bone spear, giving off a resplendent dazzle.

“Now… shall we have some fun?”

Meanwhile, atop the huge boulder, the corners of Lan Ying’s mouth curled slightly as she saw the explosive expansion in Lin Dong’s aura. She then turned to Qing Feng and said, “Do you believe my words now? Lin Dong is no pushover…”

Qing Feng nodded his head as a solemn look appeared on his face. He then muttered softly.

“He is indeed not simple… The situation is starting to take a turn. However, Song Zhen is not an ordinary individual as well. It’s still too early to tell who will emerge victorious…”

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