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Chapter 597: Lanying

The bright red light pillar on the mountain peak that charged towards the sky gradually scattered. A moment later, it transformed into a thin ray of light and completely disappeared into the night sky.

The light pillar disappeared entirely into Little Flame’s muscular body. One could vaguely see a kind of deep golden light surging under his skin. The strength and intensity of the glow was several times stronger compared to the past.

Little Flame’s tightly shut eyes also suddenly opened at this moment. Intense golden light shot out as though it was an actual substance. It caused one to be afraid of looking at him.


The golden light gradually became dim, before it finally calmed down. Little Flame finally stood up. His powerful body immediately caused Mo Ling’s group, who were seated beside him, to experience an intense pressure. Immediately, they retreated a little while their expressions gently changed.

It was not that they had never seen experts at four Yuan Nirvana Stage. However, it was the first time they saw someone who possessed such a shocking aura, after just advancing to the four Yuan Nirvana Stage.

“Have you succeeded?”

The only ones on the mountain peak who were unaffected by Little Flame’s aura were likely Lin Dong, Little Marten and Su Rou. Immediately, the three of them turned around and glanced at Little Flame.


Little Flame parted his mouth and smiled at Lin Dong. His eyes contained an excitement that he could not hide. He was able to sense a powerful energy coursing through his body just like a furious dragon. If the current him was to meet Meng Lie from the Wind Cloud Empire again, it was likely that he would be able to completely cripple the latter in less than five blows and he would definitely not have such a hard time like before.

“It has really been quite tense because of your tribulation.” Little Marten lazily said.

Little Flame gave a silly smile. After which, he raised his head and looked at the surrounding night sky. At that moment, his originally stiff face was suddenly filled with a fierce viciousness. He was just like an awakened and peerless ferocious tiger. Monsterous black Qi surged out from within his body and actually transformed into an enormous black tiger figure. The fierce aura spread and covered the entire night sky.

Those empires and experts that were still observing this place in the surrounding night sky had a drastic change in their expressions because of the fierce evil aura that covered this place. They could sense the powerful ripple that filled in it. Immediately, their faces changed drastically. This strength could be directly compared with some experts at the peak of the four Yuan Nirvana Stage…

“Another ruthless character…”

Quite a number of people cursed harshly under their breaths. Originally, both Lin Dong and Little Marten was sufficient to deter them to the point whereby they did not dare to do anything. In the end, this fellow, who had just endured the fourth Nirvana Tribulation was actually this ferocious as well. Who would dare to offend such a group?

Those people under the night sky, who were originally intending to target Lin Dong’s group, completely abandoned this thought at this moment. They faced each other before they all turning around and slipped away.

Lin Dong looked at the surrounding group of people that had scattered extremely quickly. There was no need to be overly afraid of these people who had the thoughts of a thief but lacked the courage to do so.

“Let’s go. It is nearly morning. We should speed up and hurry to the Hundred Empire Mountain as soon as possible.”

Since Little Flame had successfully endured the Nirvana tribulation, there was no need to linger here anymore. Lin Dong raised his head, looked at the sky before waving his hand and said.

Currently, almost all the empires and experts in this Core Region were all heading towards this Hundred Empire Mountain. Lin Dong knew that he would be able to witness the true top experts within the countless number of empires in the Eastern Xuan Region at that place.

Perhaps their achievements could be considered decent amongst those who had taken a similar path into the core region. However, at the same time, there were also other outstanding individuals, who had stood out in their respective paths.

Ultimately, these geniuses, who had stood out after experiencing many challenges, would finally battle it out at the Hundred Empire Mountain region.

That battle over there would likely cause one’s blood to turn boiling hot!

A year’s tough training would also be given the final confirmation at that place.

One would also know whether one would become a dragon or a worm.

News of their deeds spread rather quickly in this core region. Soon after the Great Net Empire was completely finished off by Lin Dong’s group that night, news of this matter began to spread like the wind.

Quite a great uproar was naturally stirred when the news spread out. Many people knew how powerful the Great Net Empire was and they were definitely not ordinary individuals. Even so, they still ended up miserably defeated by Lin Dong’s group. This involuntarily caused the other super empires, which originally were targeting Lin Dong’s group, to restrain those thoughts.

Quite a number of people also let out a harsh gasp when they heard the news. Unknowingly, the reputation of Lin Dong’s group had become increasingly powerful. Currently, their numerous feats led many people to understand that they would definitely stand out within this Hundred Empire War.

In the previous Hundred Empire Wars, those competitors who had come from a low rank empire would definitely not be able to obtain a seat in the Nirvana Golden Ranking.

That area was always the territory of the super empires. However, they did not know if some special event would occur this time around.

Lin Dong’s group did not rest because of any situation during their subsequent journey. Hence, by the afternoon of the next day, their rushing figures had finally come to a slow stop. Their bodies moved and landed on a giant tree. After which, they looked in front of them with some fiery hot eyes.

The area in front was a basin like deserted forest. At one glance, one was unable to see the end. An extremely dense fierce aura spread from within the forest.

At the middle of that desolated forest was an extremely majestic mountain peak. The top of the mountain was flat, appearing as though it had been hacked apart by a person.

The mountain peak stretched to a thousand yards and the desolated forest was extremely eye-catching. Moreover, one could vaguely feel as though there was a unique ripple being emitted from the top of the mountain.

“Is this the Hundred Empire Mountain…”

Lin Dong was startled as he looked at the mountain peak which penetrated through the clouds. The fiery glow within his eyes became a little denser as he muttered to himself.

Mo Ling, Su Rou and the others by Lin Dong’s side, were also filled with excitement. After years of bitter training and competition, they have finally reached their final destination…

“Haha, Hundred Empire Mountain, we are finally here!”

There were countless number of figures rushing over towards the midair of this desolated forest from all over the place. Their expressions were similar to Lin Dong’s group as they landed in midair. After which, their eyes became wildly hot. Some people were unable to control the excitement in their hearts as they laughed out loud towards the sky.

Everyone had put in a tremendous amount of effort in order to reach this place. They fought with others, they fought with the Heavens and they fought with themselves. All of them had squeezed their own potential dry in hopes of being able to reach this place!

An increasing number of figures rushed over from every direction. Finally, they stopped outside of this desolated forest. In an instant, this entire place became unusually noisy.

“What should we do next?” Lin Dong lifted his eyes to look at the mountain before he suddenly asked.

“Those people who have came here will enter that Hundred Empire Forest and engage in a final fight. However, in order to advance onto the Hundred Empire Mountain, one must step into the Nirvana Golden Ranking.”

Lin Dong congelated his eyes slightly upon hearing this reply. He was about to speak when he suddenly recovered. That voice did not belong to anyone from their group. Immediately, he turned around, only to see a figure standing against the wind, on a giant tree not far towards the left.

That person was wearing blue clothes and her face was as white as snow. Her nose stood out while her eyebrows were sculpted like the moon. Although that figure dressed like a man, her feminine aura as well as her melon seed like face completely revealed her identity as a lady.

At this moment, this beautiful woman, who was wearing male clothes, was staring at Lin Dong’s group with some interest in her eyes.

“Thank you for the information.”

Lin Dong’s eyes paused on this blue clothed lady. Immediately, he cupped his hands together and laughed. However, some caution surged within Lin Dong’s heart as he did so. This was because he was able to sense that this blue clothed lady in front of his eyes was not a simple person.

“Are you Lin Dong? I have heard about your group. It is unexpected that you have even finished off the Great Net Empire. Haha, it had been many years since someone like your group has appeared amongst the low rank empire.” The blue clothed lady laughed. Her manner was as though she was unaware of the wariness in Lin Dong’s heart.

“I am called Lanying and I come from the Celestial Empire.”

The lady magnanimously extended her snow white hand towards Lin Dong in a graceful manner. That smile on her face was extremely alluring.

However, just as she spoke, Lin Dong discovered that a shock that there was a shocked expression on Su Kui’s face.

Lin Dong did not ask Su Kui anything. This was because his eyes had also suddenly shrunk as this moment.

He could see a flickering purple-gold coloured Nirvana Seal on her snow white hand!

That was the sign that she had advanced into the Nirvana Golden Ranking!

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