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Chapter 596: A Reunion

A green figure stood on the mountain top that was permeated by nightfall. That handsome face was pernicious with distortion. A kind of undescribable evil aura continuously scatter from within his body, causing the air around him to appear as though it had turned dark and chilly.

That familiar face was naturally Lin Langtian, who had many unresolved grudges with Lin Dong. Judging from his appearance, it seemed like this fellow managed to survive even after being seriously wounded by Lin Dong previously.

“He is really a tough bug to squash…”

Killing desire spread throughout Lin Dong’s eyes. Although he had felt a killing intent towards quite a number of opponents during these many years, there was not a single one of them who surpassed what he felt towards Lin Langtian. Lin Dong clearly understood in his heart that based on the grudge that he had with Lin Langtian, only one of them could survive.

If the one to survive was Lin Langtian, given the latter’s character, not only would Lin Dong fail to keep his life but even his father and his other family members in Great Yan Empire would not be spared as well. It was because of this that Lin Dong knew that he must not be allowed to live!

This was because if he wanted his family to live peacefully in Great Yan Empire, he must eliminate this scourge!

The densely cold killing desire that suddenly seeped out of Lin Dong immediately stirred the attention of quite a number of people. Immediately, numerous gazes followed the direction of his sight and turned. Finally, they looked at the green clothed figure standing on the mountain peak in the distant.

From the looks of it, it seemed that another one of Lin Dong’s opponent had appeared.

“There is something wrong with that fellow’s aura…” Little Marten appeared beside Lin Dong at this moment. He stared at the distant figure before suddenly frowning slightly and said.


Lin Dong also nodded. He also sensed Lin Langtian’s aura appeared to have become much stranger compared to before.

At the same time, he was also a lot more powerful.

At the very least, even Lin Dong could sense a trace of a peculiar dangerous aura from him.

“Just what happened to him?” Lin Dong knitted his brows slightly and whispered to himself.

Although Lin Langtian had become much stranger, Lin Dong was still not afraid of him. If it was not because he did not wish to leave Little Flame’s side at this moment, it was likely that he would have taken the initiative to attack and probe this fellow.

While Lin Dong was observing Lin Langtian in the distance, the latter’s sinister pair of eyes was also locked onto him.

However, the strange thing was that this person, whose eyes were filled with viciousness, did not show any signs of attacking. His eyes slowly swept over Lin Dong and Little Marten. There was clearly fear flashing past the deepest region of his eyes.

“Lin Dong, I will wait for you at the Hundred Empire Mountain. We will completely settle our scores at that time!”

Acting beyond Lin Dong’s expectations, Lin Langtian’s cold eyes focused on their group for a moment, gave a dense smile and drifted back in retreat. From the looks of it, he actually did not intend to attack at this moment.

Lin Langtian had clearly realized that currently, Lin Dong was no longer alone like he was before. A lineup that was quite powerful had already been gathered by his side. Even though Lin Langtian was currently different, he was definitely unable to finish off Lin Dong by himself. Therefore, he could only withdraw unwillingly after weighing the situation.

Of course, he believed that he would definitely have the chance to fight one-on-one against Lin Dong in the subsequent Hundred Empire War. At that time, he would allow the latter to understand that the one who would have the last laugh would be him, Lin Langtian.

“That guy…” Lin Dong’s eyes were slightly chilly as he watched Lin Langtian disappear into the horizon. He was not afraid of the latter directly charging over and attacking. In this way, he could directly end this trouble tonight. In fact, he would definitely not allow Lin Langtian to even have the slightest chance of survival.

“His aura has some of the fluctuation that originally belonged to that Yuan Spirit within his body.” Little Marten’s purple-black eyes flickered as he suddenly uttered softly.

“What do you mean?” Lin Dong asked in a surprised manner.

“I think that the current Lin Langtian is no longer the Lin Langtian that you know in the past.” Little Marten voiced his opinion.

“The last time, you caused Lin Langtian to suffer extremely serious injuries. If he was an ordinary person, it is likely that he would have already died. However, he is currently living well and he has become more powerful instead.”

“From what I could sense earlier and if I guessed correctly, it is likely that the Yuan Spirit that originally existed in his body should have already somewhat fused with Lin Langian’s spirit.”

“Fusion? Are you trying to say that the Yuan Spirit has taken over Lin Langtian’s physical body?” Lin Dong asked. His eyes flashed as he understood the hidden meaning behind Little Marten’s words.

“Snatching away a physical body is not so easy. As long as Lin Langtian’s spirit still exists, even that Yuan Spirit would not be able to easily snatch his physical body. Of course, if Lin Langtian took the initiative and did not resist, that Yuan Spirit would be able to slowly erode his spirit and finally swallow him. However, the person who appeared again at that time would no longer purely be the Yuan Spirit or Lin Langtian. Instead, it will be a merger of the two.”

“That new person would represent both Lin Langtian and that Yuan Spirit. At the same time, he would also possess both their memories and even their characters…”

Little Marten fondled his chin. He looked towards Lin Dong and said, “From the looks of it, Lin Langtian really hates you to the bone. In order to kill you, he would actually choose this method. He should also understand that once they fused, he would also lose full control.”

“What a sickening guy.”

Lin Dong curled his lips. No wonder he felt that the current Lin Langtian had become a lot stranger. Lin Langtian had actually used this kind of extreme method of self-destruction in order to obtain strength. However, from the looks of the familiar viciousness in his eyes earlier, it was likely that even after the fusion, that vicious emotion would still propel him to view Lin Dong as a thorn in his sight.

“Typically speaking, the drawbacks from fusion is extremely great. One’s future achievement would at most reach the peak of Nirvana Stage! It is likely impossible for one to step into the Mysterious Life and Death stage. Looks like that Yuan Spirit also hates this and wants to bet with his life.”

Little Marten sighed. He was also a demonic spirit existence in the past and understood the feebleness of being in that condition. If it was not because Lin Dong had helped him obtain the Samsara pill, it was likely that the current him would still be unable to escape from the body of a demonic spirit.

“You should be a little more careful the next time you see this fellow. This is because the current him is no longer purely just Lin Langtian. If you attack, you will face the combined Lin Langtian and that Yuan Spirit…” Little Marten reminded.


Lin Dong nodded. His lowered eyes had a cold glint surging within it. The Hundred Empire War was already approaching the climax and he must completely settle this score before the war was over. Otherwise, if Lin Langtian was to catch the eye of a super sect, Lin Dong would lose his best opportunity. Furthermore, if Lin Langtian entered a super sect, the position of his Lin family in the Lin clan would not reach the stage where Lin Dong would no longer need to fret.

Therefore, he must completely settle the score between them the next time they met!

Everyone in the night sky looked at Lin Langtian, who possessed quite a strong aura, simply leaving in this manner. Quite a number of their eyes had a disappointed expression flashing past them. Clearly, they were hoping that someone could upset the situation and allow them to gain from the chaos.

“Bang bang!”

An extremely wild and violent Yuan Power ripple spread apart on the mountain top in the night sky. That shocking heat expelled the dark coolness of the night, causing the Yuan Power in quite a number of people to show signs of attempting an uprising. All of them hurriedly moved away.

“It seems like that person is about to successfully survive the tribulation…”

The eyes of some people flashed as they looked at the mountain peak with envy. Since they have also experienced the Nirvana Tribulation, they were naturally able to sense the kind of eruption that happened at the end.

From the intensity of the Nirvana Tribulation, they were also able to guess that Little Flame was undergoing the fourth Nirvana Tribulation. If that was the case, the strength of Lin Dong’s group would greatly soar once Little Flame successfully survived the tribulation. It would also become increasingly difficult to target their group.

While everyone felt helpless because of this, a crimson light pillar suddenly shot towards the clouds. A glaring intense light tore through the darkness within a fifty kilometre radius.


A tiger roar that shook the entire mountain forest suddenly sounded when the light pillar shot towards the sky. It carried a dense pressure as it spread in all directions. The powerful energy ripple contained within it caused the expressions of quite a number of people to undergo an intense change.

“Has he succeeded…:”

A joy surged up Lin Dong’s face at this moment. He knew that Little Flame had successfully endured the fourth Nirvana Tribulation this time around!

Therefore, they had successfully survived a somewhat perilous night.

“Let’s go!”

Xiao Shan, who was a short distance away, had a sunken expression when he sensed this fluctuation. He did not dare to remain any longer. Clenching his teeth violently, he turned around and left. He understood that once Little Flame successfully enduring through the tribulation, another person with great fighting power would appear on Lin Dong’s side. Hence, it was completely useless for them to remain here.

If he wished to get back the terrible losses of tonight, he would have to think of other ways. Just the strength of their Great Net Empire alone was currently unable to deal with Lin Dong’s group. This group of people, who had come from a low rank empire, had already become this powerful. Even a super empire like them could only retreat.

However, it was a little too early to say anything now. The subsequent Hundred Empire Mountain would be the true Hundred Empire War. That place is the genuine place where one would face-off against each other!

Currently, no one could be certain who would have the last laugh. Even Lin Dong’s group, a group of dazzling dark horses, might end up in a situation where things turned around!

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