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Chapter 586: Improving His Abilities

Rich black Qi was being continuously emitted from within the body of the Death Spirit General. At this moment, nearly half of his body had been crushed. If he was an ordinary person, it was likely that he would have died. However, he still had a remanent breath left, causing the situation to appear extremely strange.

Although he still had a breath remaining, the Death Spirit General was clearly seriously wounded. Even his flickering eyes became unusually dim at this moment and there was anger and panic vaguely flashing within his eyes.

He had never expect that he would end up falling into such a state. After all, his strength could be considered to be amongst the top even amongst those super empires and would not be inferior to them. Moreover, his original powerful five Yuan Nirvana Stage strength was also sufficient to allow him to reach the true top tier position within this core zone.

Additionally, his training method was strange. Even those top level experts who had similarly stepped into the five Yuan Nirvana Stage would definitely not be able to force him until such an extent even if they could defeat him, much less beat up this unique ‘dead body’ until such an extent…

“You are definitely not someone who comes from a mere low ranked empire!”

The Death Spirit General roared. Although he was not aware of Little Marten’s origin, he was certain that Little Marten, who possessed these various terrifying techniques was definitely not from a simple low rank empire. No matter what kind of unique or special encounter a person had, it would be impossible for this person to force him into such a state.

Little Marten’s eyes were indifferent as he looked at the roaring Death Spirit General. He ignored the latter as he extended his long hand. Threads of purple-black energy that caused one’s head to feel numb swiftly gathered together. There was a faint killing aura spreading apart.

“I have already told you that we are not interested in your schemes. Yet, you still choose to pester us. In that case, I can only kill all of you.”

The expression in the eyes of the Death Spirit General changed when he heard Little Marten’s voice, which was so calm that it was devoid of ripples. He laughed in a densely cold manner, “You are really too naive. You can only blame yourselves for being unlucky enough to learn of our plans. Since you have gotten involved in this matter, we will definitely not let you off unless you commit suicide!”

“We are not interested in dying. However, we do have quite a lot of interest in finishing you off!”

Little Marten parted his mouth and smiled. His eyes instantly turned icy cold and he ceased giving the Death Spirit General any additional chance to speak.

Little Marten flipped his hands and a purple-black light swept out. It transformed into a purple-black light spear that tore through the sky with lightning like speed. After which, it smashed onto the Death Spirit General’s crushed body with a lightning like speed.


The ground immediately began to tremble and formed numerous large crack lines as the wild and violent ripple swept apart from the light spear. Within the blink of an eye, it had covered the area within a thousand feet radius. The destructive force was quite powerful.

“That fellow. Is he finished?” Lin Dong rushed towards Little Marten’s side, looked down at the ground that had been blasted apart and softly inquired.

Lin Dong was able to sense the power of the Death Spirit General when Little Marten was fighting with the latter.

That fluctuation was much stronger than Feng Cang and the rest. In fact, that fellow might have already advanced into five Yuan Nirvana Stage and he could be considered top tier even amongst the entire core region. If it was not because Little Marten had fought this time around, even Lin Dong would have difficulty finishing off this Death Spirit General.

Regardless, currently, Lin Dong’s Yuan Power cultivation was merely at the three Yuan Nirvana Stage. Even though he was able to kill a four Yuan Nirvana Stage expert like Feng Cang using various tactics, he was unable to kill a five Yuan Nirvana Stage expert like the Death Spirit General.

Little Flame followed closely behind. His hand was holding onto his metal rod tightly as both of his eyes looked below him with a fierceness surging within it. He was also able to sense how powerful that Death Spirit General was.

Little Marten’s eyes stared intently at the area below. A moment later, both of his eyes congelated.


Just when Little Marten’s eyes focused, the crumbled land below suddenly exploded apart. Permeating black light spat out before sweeping towards all directions.

“It’s not so easy to kill me. Lin Dong, since your group has killed the Liu Cheng duo, there is now a deep grudge between us. Just you wait. Very soon, all of you will regret getting involved in this. Haha, at that time, all you geniuses from this Eastern Xuan Region will end up as slaves!” The black light scattered and fled while a dense and stern voice was emitted from within it. This voice lingered beside the ears of Lin Dong’s group.

Lin Dong’s expression changed slightly as he looked at this black light that permeated the sky. This Death Spirit General was incomparably mysterious. He actually still possessed such a unique move, despite being wounded till such an extent.

Mental Energy swept out from Lin Dong NiWan Place as he attempted to find the existence of the Death Spirit General from within the black light that permeated the sky. However, in the end, he failed to do so.


The eyes of Little Marten by the side suddenly became as sharp as an eagle while Lin Dong was frowning over this matter. He suddenly extended his hand and a purple-black light smashed onto a swiftly fleeing black light with lightning like speed.


The light force smashed onto the black light. A low and deep sound was immediately erupted. After which, the sharp miserable cry of the Death Spirit General was also emitted. Finally, the black light swelled. Within a few flashes, it managed to flee from the forest and vanish into the darkness.

“This fellow is merely at the five Yuan Nirvana Stage but he possess a wisp of Yuan Spirit. Looks like he does have some background.” Little Marten looked at the fleeing black light, knitted his eyebrows and softly said.

“Oh?” Lin Dong’s expression changed a little upon hearing this. Normally, one would at least have to undergo seven Nirvana Tribulation before a wisp of Yuan Spirit would be born within one’s body. At that time, one would have the chance to survive even if one’s physical body was destroyed. It was unexpected that this Death Spirit General was able to accomplish such a feat despite being a five Yuan Nirvana stage expert.

“However, his wisp of Yuan Spirit is a little strange. It does not appear to be formed naturally. Instead, some other method was used…” Little Marten said.

“Now that he has fled, it is likely that there will be quite a great deal of trouble in the future.” Lin Dong said.

“He destroyed his own physical body and fled as a Yuan Spirit. If I use the energy within my actual body, I can capture it. However, I am afraid that those super sects will sense my presence…” Little Marten shook his head and said.

“However, you need not worry. His physical body has been destroyed and that wisp of Yuan Spirit is incomparably weak. It will not be an easy matter for him to recover his strength again.”

Little Marten turned his head and looked at Lin Dong. A surprise flashed across his eyes as he said, “Your body…”

At this moment, there was a powerful Yuan Power ripple surging around Lin Dong’s body. Clearly, his injuries had been completely healed. Moreover, that ripple w
as a lot stronger when compared to before. Of course, the thing that truly shocked Little Marten was that he could see traces of unique green coloured glow lingering over the surface of Lin Dong’s body. These glow shuttled through the light around the pores of his body. It vaguely formed pieces of green scales that appeared and disappeared over his skin.

“Although the usage of the Heavenly Dragon aura this time around placed a tremendous burden on my body, it has also benefitted me greatly. Now, the rate at which my physical body is absorbing the dragon aura has increased significantly. Moreover, that “Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill” has also advanced to the second stage, Green Dragon Scale.”

Lin Dong smiled and he was unable to contain his excitement. The first stage of the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill was the Green Dragon Skin. That powerful defence was even stronger that the golden body of a four Yuan Nirvana Stage expert. That powerful defence was also one of the key reasons why Lin Dong was able to defeat Feng Cang.

Now, this second stage ‘Green Dragon Skin’ was even more powerful. Not only did it possess a great offensive strength, but its defence strength was likely comparable to some five Yuan Nirvana Stage experts.

If Lin Dong had mastered the ‘Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill’ till this stage when he had fought with Feng Cang, the result of the fight would definitely not be a painful victory, even if the latter had a powerful weapon like the Heavenly Soul Treasure.

“Looks like you have gained quite a lot from this big battle.” Little Marten smiled. He was able to sense that the Yuan Power within Lin Dong’s body had also reached the peak of the three Yuan Nirvana Stage. It was likely that Lin Dong would be able to attempt the fourth Nirvana Tribulation very soon. Moreover, with the great strength of the ‘Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill’, it was likely that those Nirvana Stage opponents that an ordinary person was terrified of, would not pose much problems to Lin Dong.

Standing beside him, the surroundings of Little Flame’s body had a real substance like surging energy fluctuation. Clearly, he had signs of a breakthrough. For Little Flame, which possessed a rare mutated constitution and a genuine Heavenly Demon Dragon tribe’s bloodline, his training progress far surpassed that of most ordinary people.

Although this battle was intense, the benefits that Lin Dong and Little Flame had obtained from it was tremendous.

“Let’s go. It’s time to get moving.”

Lin Dong stretched his lazy waist. Currently, he had completely recovered from his injuries. Next, it was time for him to truly embark into the core zone. It was likely that the place was already filled with many powerful individuals.

Perhaps there were already quite a number of them which were currently quietly searching for them, with the intention of snatching their Nirvana Seals. However, this thought also existed within Lin Dong’s heart.

It was finally time to confirm the result of their bitter one year training within the Ancient Battlefield…

Whether they would return miserably to their own empires or catch the attention of a super sects in a dazzling manner, would be determined by their subsequent performance.

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