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Chapter 580: Defeat & Death


A deadly without equal force penetrated Feng Cang’s chest as fresh blood wildly spurted out. Under countless shocked gazes, Feng Cang’s body flew backwards before finally crashing into the ground, smashing through a dozen towering trees before slowly coming to a stop.

Complete silence. Every gaze was locked onto the sorry figure, whose leaning back on a giant tree as he violently coughed out mouthful after mouthful of fresh blood.

Feng Cang’s aura was currently extremely weak!

In their intense exchange, Lin Dong seemed to have emerged victorious…

The silence lasted for a moment before finally being broken by a series of gasps. Gazes tinged with the flavor of fear once again looked towards the young figure in the sky.

The young man stood in the air as fresh blood dripped from his body. As the wind blew past, the faint smell of blood spread out in the air.

The two of them did not look overly at ease, but of course, after witnessing the previous intense battle earlier, no one dared to sneer at Lin Dong’s current appearance.

Their fight could only be described as totally stunning even for Mu Lin and the rest. They clearly understood that it was impossible for them to push the Heavenly Soul Treasure wielding Feng Cang to such a step.

Thus, even though Lin Dong had obtained a hard fought victory, he had already far surpassed them!

Under everyone’s stare, Lin Dong’s figure gradually landed in front of the coughing Feng Cang. The former’s eyes were cold and indifferent.

“You win…” Feng Cang wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth, his face deathly pale as he lifted his head and looked at Lin Dong. His voice was hoarse while his expression was one of defeat.

Lin Dong eyed Feng Cang and smiled a little. He took two steps forward and gently patted the latter’s shoulder as if they were extremely familiar with each other. At the same time, the rippling Yuan Power on the surface of his body quietly weakened.

When Feng Cang saw Lin Dong approach, he was stunned for a moment. Soon after, he forced a smile as his hand moved a little. A sinister look suddenly flashed across his lowered eyes while a cold flash swept across his palm, before he viciously stabbing at Lin Dong’s heart.


The muffled sound of a sharp weapon cutting flesh was heard. The cold flash in Feng Cang’s hand abruptly froze half an inch to Lin Dong’s throat, the former’s mouth gaping as he stared at the still smiling face of the young man before him. The latter’s fingers had already penetrated his throat like a sharp sword.

“Since I am able to reach this stage of the competition, I am naturally not so naive…” Lin Dong softly murmured as he watched Feng Cang with blood frantically gushing from his mouth, as his incomparably bitterly resentful eyes stared back.

“The victor will obtain everything while the loser will lose everything. Since you’ve lost, you will have nothing. I know that if I was the one to lose, your methods would be ten times more cruel than mine. However, it’s a pity you don’t have the chance to use them.”

Lin Dong stretched out his right fist. At the center of his palm was a resplendent silver Nirvana Seal. He quickly grabbed Feng Cang’s palm. Within his palm was a golden Nirvana Seal. A Heavenly level Nirvana Seal.

Lin Dong’s palm gently touched it as the golden Nirvana Seal in Feng Cang’s hand faded at an alarming speed, while the Nirvana Seal in Lin Dong’s palm swiftly turned from silver to pure gold.

Absorbing Feng Cang’s Nirvana Seal had evidently upgraded Lin Dong’s Nirvana Seal to the Heavenly level.

Feng Cang bitterly stared at Lin Dong as the latter absorbed his Nirvana Seal, as if he wanted to say something. But the blood in his mouth had completely blocked his words. In the end, the life in his eyes swiftly started to fade and with a final thump, his immobile body slowly fell to the ground, causing a small cloud of dust to rise.

This super empire leader, whose name had once shook Wanxiang City had now lost the qualifications to fight just as he had entered the core area, becoming one of the countless departed spirits of this land…


Mu Lin and the rest gazed at those indifferent eyes as the blood soaked fingers were pulled out. Lin Dong’s indifferent attitude had caused a faint chill to run up their spines. Evidently, they had never imagined that this normally gentle looking fellow was actually so vicious when the time came for him to act.

“Feng Cang’s death is akin to crushing half of the Wind Cloud Empire…” Mu Lin sighed. Even he felt a little regretful to personally witness a powerful empire fall to such a state.

“I’m afraid it’s more than just half…” Mu Hanyue’s soft muttered, a complicated feeling in her voice.

Upon hearing this, Mu Lin’s expression abruptly changed. He immediately lifted his head to gaze at the forest a distance away. A berserk and cruel to the maximum aura had suddenly exploded from there.

“White Tiger Army Shattering Fist!”

A tiger’s roar followed by a shout filled with endless killing intent sounded out. As they faded, the forest trembled violently. The crowd faintly saw an enormous white tiger appear as a berserk to the maximum fist force containing killing intent and desperation flew forth!


The ground shook as that punch was executed and directly tore apart a hundred meter wide ditch on the ground!

At the same time, a soaring white tiger filled with endless ferocity and killing intent that was packed with every ounce of strength from Little Flame’s body, solemnly slammed against that muscular figure, who could not dodge in time.


A scalp numbing noise sounded out. That muscular figure was immediately blown away as he manically vomited blood. Meanwhile, the golden glow shimmering on his body had completely dimmed. Finally, under the stares of the crowd, his body flew out before he finally slammed hideously against a large boulder.

When the crowd saw that figure, whose upper body was covered by debris, all of their pupils violently shrunk. That was because they suddenly realized that the figure was Meng Lie from Wind Cloud Empire!

However, right now, it seemed like that originally fearsome Meng Lei’s body was twisted into a peculiar fashion.


At the distant forest, a fearsome killing intent gushed forth. Following which, a massive figure dashed forth just like a wild prehistoric beast, before he solemnly landed in front of Meng Lei. Without hesitation, he immediately punched the latter’s head viciously.

Everyone’s eyelids instantly jumped violently. Such a powerful and critical attack. Even if Meng Lie had nine lives, he would still die…

“Meng Lie is finished…”

As the dust settled, that giant figure quickly shrunk before it transformed back into Little Flame’s original body. Everyone could see that there were numerous hideous wounds plastered over his body. Even though he had eventually defeated Meng Lie, he had paid a heavy price as well.

Nonetheless, regardless of how heavy the price he had, compared to Meng Lie who lost his life, he was evidently several times much better off.

Under the stares from the crowd, Little Flame directly grabbed on Meng Lie’s body. Following which, just like what Lin Dong did, he directly sucked his Nirvana Seal into his palm. Immediately, the Nirvana Seal in his palm turned golden.


The crowds were stunned by this sight. At a distance away, another black figure was tossed until he eventually landed beside Meng Lie’s corpse. As the crowds turned to look, they saw that heavily injured man, was actually the final Four Yuan Nirvana stage member of Wind Cloud Member, Luo Tong.

Compared to the Feng Cang duo, Luo Tong had evidently kept his life. However, the fear in his eyes was so profound that no one could fathom its depth. Nobody knew what terrifying object he had witnessed in his previous bout with Little Marten…

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After Luo Tong was tossed out, five more figures were flung hideously towards him. At a distance away, Su Rou floated over with green glow surrounding her body, releasing extremely powerful vibrations.

Based on this sight, it seems like the five Three Yuan Nirvana stage practitioners from Wind Cloud Empire have been handled by her alone.

“Good job, Little Rou.” When he saw this sight, a tinge of shock flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. Promptly, he raised his thumbs at Su Rou.

The green glow surrounding Su Rou quickly disappeared. When she saw Lin Dong praising her, her face gently reddened. Promptly, she asked worryingly: “Big brother Lin Dong, your injuries…”

“No worries.” Lin Dong smiled as he shook his head.

“Ha, still a close fight. You guys were actually forced into such a sorry state.”

Little Marten’s figure leisurely walked over from a distance away. When he saw Lin Dong and Little Flame covered in blood, his eyes scanned across their bodies before he teased them sadistically.

“We got into a rather sorry state. However, it was truly satisfying.”

Lin Dong smiled and he did not elaborate. Feng Cang and Meng Lie were indeed powerful individuals. Since they entered into the Ancient Battlefield, they have encountered several opponents. However, this is the first time that they had such a close fight.

“Nonetheless… The Wind Cloud Empire is over…” Little Marten gently smiled as he said.

“Indeed they are…”

This phrase immediately popped up in the minds of everyone in the crowds. As their attention turned towards them, most of them deeply exhaled, as if they were trying to exhale the shock in their hearts.

The two leaders of Wind Cloud Empire had died right here. Evidently, their super empire will fall as well!

They were perhaps the first super empire to have been eliminated after entering the core region. Furthermore, the ones who accomplished such a feat were a group of men who came from a low ranked empire!

If news of this matter spread out, it would shock the entire core region!

Truly to make one’s name in a single battle!

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