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WDQK Chapter 58: Lode

“Yang Yuan Stone?!”

As he stared at the light-red crystal stone that Lin Dong had placed in front of him, Lin Zhentian was slightly taken aback. Soon after, he also fished out a red crystal stone from his clothes and realized that it was identical to Lin Dong’s.

“Haha, you little chap. You are indeed lucky…” Lin Zhentian chuckled as he grabbed a tea cup nearby and took a sip before continuing: “Pass this Yang Yuan Stone to your Father. It just happens that he has need for it.”

“Grandpa, this was dug out from a deep part of the Steel Wood Manor. There is probably a Yang Yuan Stone lode hidden there!” Lin Dong’s face turned slightly flustered.


Just as Lin Dong finished, Lin Zhentian immediately spat out the tea in his mouth. He quickly stood up as he looked at Lin Dong with blood-red eyes, trembling as he spoke: “What did you just say? Yang Yuan Stone lode?!”

Standing in the giant hall, Lin Xiao and Lin Ken were also shocked after hearing Lin Dong’s words. They clearly knew how important and valuable these Yang Yuan Stones were. For Heavenly Yuan Stage practitioners, it was an irresistible item. If they were able to open up this lode, it would definitely be an exceedingly huge treasure trove. Compared to that, the Steel Wood business had become second tier.

Even the Lei Family who had been here for several years could never have imagined that hidden beneath this Steel Wood Manor, lay such an enormous treasure!

Of course, if they knew about it, even if someone were to tempt them with ten Fire Python Tiger Cubs, they would never even consider using this Steel Wood Manor as a wager.

Lin Dong nodded. Pointing at the light-red crystal rock, he said: “I dug this out from that place. Grandpa, all of you should know that this kind of Yang Yuan Stone seldom appears alone…”


Lin Xiao and Lin Kin breathed out deeply as they exchanged a look. Moments later, both of them hoarsely said: “The Steel Wood Manor used to be a volcanic region long ago. Hence, it possess the necessary conditions to create Yang Yuan Stones. It is not impossible for there to be a Yang Yuan Stone lode nearby.”

“Take me to the place!”

Lin Zhentian’s breathing sounded hurried as he paced around the giant hall before he urgently commanded.

Lin Dong nodded and replied: “However, there are two Demonic Black Steel Panthers there.”


After hearing about the two Demonic Black Steel Panthers, Lin Zhentian’s facial expression changed. Promptly, he gritted his teeth and said: “It doesn’t matter. If there is a Yang Yuan Stone lode there, let alone two Demonic Black Steel Panthers, even if there were more, we will utilize any means to get rid of them!”

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong nodded his head again. Without further ado, he turned and left the giant hall. He summoned Little Flame and mounted it as he swiftly led the trio of Lin Zhentian, Lin Xiao and Lin Ken back towards the deep forest grounds.

They travelled at full speed and in approximately ten minutes, they managed to arrive at the place where Lin Dong had discovered the Yang Yuan Stone.

“It is indeed a Demonic Black Steel Panther.”

As he stood at the top of the valley, Lin Zhentian looked at the two Demonic Black Steel Panthers below as he solemnly nodded his head. These two creatures were after all as powerful as a Heavenly Yuan expert. It was going to be troublesome to get rid of them.

Lin Zhentian muttered to himself before he turned around. Behind him, Lin Xiao and Lin Ken were hurriedly using shovels to dig around the hole where Lin Dong uncovered the Yang Yuan Stone. This matter was too important and it would be unwise to get ordinary folk to help out. Therefore, the two of them could only personally undertake this task.

To one side, Lin Dong involuntarily chuckled after he saw Lin Xiao and Lin Ken digging like laborers.

Lin Xiao and Lin Ken did not have to time to bother with Lin Dong. The two of them were concentrating on swinging their shovels as they ruthlessly increased the size of the hole.

Thanks to the efforts by these two Heavenly Yuan Stage experts, in approximately half an hour, the small hole that was only inches in depth became a large hole several meters wide. However, what puzzled Lin Dong was, even after they dug such a deep hole, they did not find any other Yang Yuan Stones. However, the vibration from the Stone Talisman embedded in his palm clearly hinted to him that there was something hidden below.

The sun gradually set down, sinking below the flat horizon as the gently glowing moon rose in its place. Very soon, the light rays that illuminated the land turned dimmer.

“Father, this time, I am afraid that Dong-er just got lucky…”

Inside the deep hole, Lin Xiao wiped his sweat as he lifted his head and looked at the tensed up Lin Zhentian, a forced smile on the former’s face.

At these words, Lin Zhentian also sighed as disappointment filled his eyes. It seems like he was overly optimistic. After all, it was not so easy to discover a Yang Yuan Stone lode.

“Let’s call it a day, it’s getting late…” Lin Zhentian waved his hands as a beaten look filled his face.

The two in the deep hole, Lin Xiao and Lin Ken also shook their heads with a pained smile. Things sure didn’t go their way today. First, they received a rotten Steel Wood Manor and now they acted as laborers here for almost a whole day…

As he saw their disappointed faces, Lin Dong’s eyebrows knitted even more tightly together. He immediately lept into the giant hole and took the shovel from Lin Xiao, before he proceeded to vigorously attack the ground.

Seeing Lin Dong’s sudden move, Lin Xiao knew that he did not want to give up so easily. With a gentle sigh, he patted Lin Dong’s shoulder. Just as he was about to ask him to relax, a crisp “ding” sound echoed out at the spot where Lin Dong’s shovel fell!

In the serene woods, this “ding” sound was not particularly loud. Yet this sound caused Lin Zhentian and the rest to tremble. As one, they turned to look at the area where Lin Dong’s shovel had hit. There, they discovered a faint light red glow peeking out from the soil.

The three of them stood in a daze as they stared at the traces of red light. A split second later, Lin Zhentian directly lept down. With a wave of his sleeves, a powerful gale emerged and immediately turned over the layer of earth.

As the soil was swept away, a bright red glow instantly emerged. What appeared before their eyes was a somewhat translucent light-red rock strata. On closer inspection, one could vaguely glimpse chunks of light-red crystal stone hidden within the rock strata, like gemstones that sparkled and glowed.

Red light reflected of the four faces, and on those faces, was a look of delight and awe…

“This is truly… a Yang Yuan Stone lode…”

Lin Ken foolishly stared at the red rock strata. Suddenly, his body began to tremble violently. Their Lin Family would undergo a transformation because of this!

“The heavens have blessed our Lin Family!”

Lin Zhentian looked up to the sky, so overwhelmed that tears trickled off his wrinkled face. Now that they possessed this lode, their Lin Family’s expansion rate would explode. At that time, besides Qingyang Town, even among the entire TianDu Region, their Lin Family will boast a considerable status!

As he gazed at their elated expressions, Lin Dong finally heaved a sigh of relief. He threw away the shovel in his hand and sat on the rock strata as he bathed in the warmth sensation emitted from it. A derisive smile emerged on his face as he imagined: If Lei Bao knew that there was such a treasure hidden below the Steel Wood Manor, would he vomit blood and die in rage?

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