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Chapter 573: Competition of Wealth

The black metal seal was only the size of one’s palm. As it silently hovered above Song Tai’s palm, the black dragon that sat atop it flickered with a strange light. Its ajar dragon mouth seemed to emit an incorporeal dragon roar that caused the surrounding space to solidify.

All the gazes in the auction ground were currently concentrated on the black metal seal. Every gaze was boiling hot and greedy as if they wanted to melt the black metal seal.

“A Heavenly Soul Treasure huh…”

Lin Dong’s eyes was similarly focused on the black metal seal with a rather serious expression. He could sense a kind of extremely obscure yet powerful ripple from within the black metal seal.

That kind of fluctuation far exceeded that of an Earthly Soul Treasure!

The four super empire leaders at the front involuntarily trembled a little. Their faces were filled with desire for the Heavenly Soul Treasure.

“Black Dragon Sky Roaring Seal. Heavenly Soul Treasure. Auction price – eight million.”

Song Tai’s eyes shifted away from the black metal seal in his hand. After which, he turned towards the enormous auction ground. His voice trembling a little as he uttered in a faint voice.

Eight million. An extremely expensive price. However, no one in the auction ground was alarmed by this. It was not surprising that a Heavenly Soul Treasure was worthy of this price.

“Eight million eh.” Lin Dong muttered to himself. This price was not considered too high. However, it would likely soar intensely during the subsequent fight for it. Such a large sum also posed some pressure to these super empires. When he now thought of the wealth that the Lin clan from the Great Yan Empire had, Lin Dong felt that it was really little to the point of being pitiful. It was likely that his current wealth alone would surpass the entire Lin clan.

Of course, given his current strength, it was likely that he would have difficulty finding someone even stronger than him if he returned to the Great Yan Empire. Within one short year of training, his level had already surpassed the limits of the Great Yan Empire.

The price of eight million immediately deterred over ninety percent of the practitioners and empires that were hankering after this Heavenly Soul Treasure. Regardless of how much they converted it in their hearts, the cruel reality allowed them to understand that they did not possess the qualification or boldness to fight with the super empires.

“Eight million five hundred thousand.”

It was likely that those four super empires at the front had been waiting a long time for this Heavenly Soul Treasure. Hence, just as Song Tai’s voice faded, Feng Cang became the first to speak. His gaze sharply swept around the place after having shouted his bid, acting as though he would definitely obtain it at all cost. His overbearing demeanor was one that suggested anyone who fought with him would become an enemy of the Wind Cloud Empire.

“Nine million.” Of course, this intimidation might be rather effective against an ordinary expert, but it was clearly useless against the other super empires. Hence, Mu Lin from the Lone Moon Empire laughed coldly after the former’s voice faded.

Feng Cang’s eyes turned chilly. He looked at Mu Lin in a dark and stern manner. However, the latter merely faintly smiled in response, completely ignoring the chillness that permeated Feng Cang’s eyes.

“Hehe, since the two of you are fighting this intensely, my Lihuo Empire shall also join in!”

The man had a fire tattoo on his back also laughed heartily. He waved his large hand cried out, “Nine million five hundred thousand!”

The eyelids of everyone in the auction ground twitched rapidly because of the price that was soon entering the ten million mark. Such a large sum was likely something that only these super empires could fork out.

Lin Dong quietly watched this fight, not immediately joining in. However, his heart involuntarily let out a sigh. Nine million five hundred thousand Nirvana Pills. If this was the Great Yan Empire, it was likely that even the all four great clans combined would have difficult forking out such a great amount of Nirvana Pills.

“Ten million.”

Finally, the price was raised to ten million amidst a loud uproar. The one who raised the price was one of the four super empires, the Forest Empire.

From the looks of it, it seemed that these four super empires were going to enact a competition solely based on their wealth.

Feng Cang’s eyes narrowed slightly when the price reached ten million Nirvana Pills as a dark chillness flashed across his eyes. Immediately he directly stood up and looked towards Mu Lin and the others, before coldly laughing, “I don’t have spare time to play around with all of you here. I am only too aware of the kind of wealth all of you have.”

“Your Lone Moon Empire can at most spend sixteen million Nirvana Pills, right?”

Mu Lin’s expression gradually darkened after Feng Cang revealed the limit of his wealth. It was unexpected that such information would be known by Feng Cang.

“Am I right to say that Your Lihuo Empire’s limit is fifteen million?” Feng Cang turned his head and once again looked at Mo Fen from the Lihou Empire as he coldly laughed.

Mo Fen’s face twitched. A sharp and cold glint flickered within his eyes. “It seems like you have bought one of our men, huh?”

“The Forest Empire’s limit is also fifteen million.”

The leader of the Forest Empire, Wu Tuo, rubbed his face. He glanced at Feng Cang with eyes that contained an inexplicable meaning.

All the gazes in the auction ground were gathered at this spot as they watched the shocking fight between the four super empires. The involvement of tens of millions of Nirvana Pills at every turn caused them to tremble with excitement.

“Since I am aware of your limits, it is pointless to continue this kind of fight.” Feng Cang smiled. There was a proudness that was difficult to hide in his eyes. He immediately looked towards Song Tai on the auction stage and declared in an indifferent manner, “Seventeen million.”


Feng Cang’s voice swept across the auction area like a hurricane, shocking everyone to the point that they became flabbergasted. Clearly, no one had expected him to be so aggressive and bold. To actually raise the price by seven million in one go!

In this way, the price of the Heavenly Soul Treasure had now reached the terrifyingly high level of seventeen million. Moreover, from the information earlier, any sharp person would know that this price had coincidentally surpassed the limit of the Lone Moon Empire. In other words, the Lone Moon Empire would not be able to raise the price any higher.

The entire auction ground was deathly silent. Everyone here had witnessed another form of battle. It had nothing to do with strength. Instead, it was a true competition of wealth.

Sure enough, Mu Lin’s expression gradually turned grim in the face of this situation. The amount of wealth that one could maneuver was the most secretive thing when it came to such an auction. Hence, he never imagined that Feng Cang would be aware of such information.

The price that Feng Cang had bidded was only one million more than his limit. However, this one million was also the last straw that caused a camel’s back to collapse. It was very difficult for Mu Lin to surpass Feng Cang’s bid.

The Lihuo Empire’s Mo Fen was also similarly ashen faced as he watched Feng Cang swiftly blocking off all their routes.

Feng Cang was all smiles as he gazed at Mu Lin and Mo Fen, whose expressions were ugly but were unable to say anything. After which, he turned his eyes towards Song Tai on the auction stage as he chuckled and said, “Auctioneer Song, it seems like there is no one else who is able to bid a higher price than me. Looks like this Heavenly Soul Treasure is bound to land in the hands of my Wind Cloud Empire.”

Mu Lin’s face was ashen. He clenched his fist tightly but he could only sigh in a dispirited manner.

Song Tai’s expression was calm. His eyes overlooked the entire auction ground and was about to announce the winner when he saw Lin Dong in the distance standing up amidst waves of shocked gasps.

The gasps from behind caused Feng Cang to frown slightly. He turned around and his expression immediately darkened as he stared at Lin Dong, before sneering, “What? Even you wish to join this fight? Are you certain that a low rank empire member like yourself will have enough Nirvana Pills to do so?”

Numerous bewildered gazes in the auction ground were gathered on Lin Dong. Although they were aware that Lin Dong was not too poor when he bid earlier, the current price was something that even the other three super empires could do nothing about. Could it be that Lin Dong was actually able to challenge the Wind Cloud Empire?

Seventeen million Nirvana Pills. Even if Lin Dong really had reaped a great bounty from the Ancient Treasure Trove, it impossible for him to gather this much, right?

“Indeed, I do not have so many Nirvana Pills.” Lin Dong smiled and said in the face of those numerous gazes.

Feng Cang’s expression immediately turned sinister upon hearing this. He laughed coldly, “Lin Dong, what do you think this place is? If you randomly cause trouble, it is likely that you will lose the qualifications to participate in the Hundred Empire War. Of course, I don’t think that you will be able to live until that time.”

Song Tai’s eyebrows slightly knitted together as he stood on the auction stage. He stared at Lin Dong and said, “If you are unable to take out the Nirvana Pills, please return to your seat. You will be expelled from the auction ground if you do this again.”

“Auctioneer Song, although I do not have Nirvana Pills, I wish to use something else as a substitute.” Lin Dong cupped his hands together towards Song Tai and said.


Song Tai was slightly startled. He immediately frowned and said, “There must be someone who will provide a clear price for the substitute that you suggest. Otherwise, it will still be useless.”

“Haha, I think that quite a number of people will be interested in this item I possess.”

Lin Dong smiled. He ignored Feng Cang’s sinister eyes as he clenched his hand. Three pills that had a silver shine appeared in his hands.

A potent medicinal fragrance immediately spread across the area when this bright silver pill appeared, causing the hearts of quite a number of people to move.

“This is…”

Atop the auction stage, a bright glint suddenly erupted within Song Tai’s eyes as a rarely seen expression appeared on his face.

“Crossing Disaster Pill. It will increase the chances of successfully passing a Nirvana Tribulation.” Lin Dong faintly smiled. He could sense the suddenly excited gazes from the auction ground.

Lin Dong had collected quite a number of spirit pills from the Ancient Treasure Trove’s Pill Room. Amongst them, he had found a total of five Crossing Disaster Pills. He left one for himself and one for Little Flame as this thing could only be consumed once and consuming any more would not have any effect. Therefore, it was more worthwhile to use it to exchange for the Heavenly Soul Treasure at this moment.

“Crossing Disaster Pill?”

The eyes of Feng Cang, Mu Lin and the others revealed a shaken expression when they heard this name. Clearly, they did not expect that Lin Dong actually possessed such a rare spirit pill!

“Everyone, if anyone is interested in my Crossing Disaster Pills, you can perhaps offer me a price. If the price surpasses seventeen million, I do not mind selling them though it will pain me…” Lin Dong grinned and said.

The entire auction ground was completely silent. The Crossing Disaster Pill was similar to the Heavenly Soul Treasure. They were items that had demand but no supply and hence did not have a clear price. However, it was usually not too difficult to get a price of more than five million.

The eyes of many of the high rank empires flickered. Clearly, they were interested in it. They were unable to fight for the Heavenly Soul Treasure but they could fight for this Crossing Disaster Pill.

“Lin Dong, the Crossing Disaster Pill is priced at six million per pill in the auctions of the outside world. I will pay eight million for each of your three pills. The total price is twenty four million. What do you say?”

However, when those interested empires were prepared to bid, a voice was suddenly sounded out, immediately causing some people to grow furious. They were just about to curse and scold when they saw the person who had spoke. All of them instantly shut their mouths in a stunned manner. This was because the one who had spoken was actually Song Tai on the auction stage!

This person who was supposed to be an auctioneer was actually going to purchase the Crossing Disaster Pills from Lin Dong?

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