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Chapter 558: Companion

The forest was a complete mess. The auras of the four Wind Cloud Empire practitioners were close to extinguishing. Lin Dong ignored them as he looked towards the direction Yan Mo had fled. Though he did not fear any super empire now, he still wanted to avoid any unnecessary trouble. Hence, leaving someone alive who could notify others, was something he was unwilling to do.

“Brother Lin Dong, Yan Mo is not weak and has many cards up his sleeve. Allowing brother Lin Diao give chase alone…” Su Kui clearly understood Lin Dong’s intention, hence he cautioned in a low voice.

Lin Dong chuckled and waved his hand. In the face of Little Marten, no matter what tracks Yan Mo had up his sleeves, they would all be worthless.

At this moment, Little Flame also retrieved his metal rod and his sturdy body landed at Lin Dong’s side. The shadow cast by Little Flame’s body enveloped Su Kui and the rest, causing their hearts to feel as if they were being crushed by a boulder. Little Flame’s ferocity from before had evidently left some lingering fear in their hearts.

Su Rou sneaked a peek at Little Flame. The face, which was overflowing with an astonishing cruelness just moments ago, was now decorated with a simple and honest smile. With such a smile, anyone would find it difficult to link him with the terrible asura like appearance from before.

Su Kui bitterly laughed as he secretly gave the Lin Dong trio a strange evaluation in his heart.

Lin Dong and the others did not wait for long. Several minutes later, the sound of wind could be heard in the distance. Soon after, a figure arrived from the sky, flickering a few times before landing. Upon seeing that lazy appearance, anyone would recognize Little Marten who had previously given chase.

“Is it done?” Lin Dong smiled and asked.

“A mere guppy. He isn’t even troublesome. However, I found a Spirit Jade on his body, it is likely that news of their deaths will reach the leader of the Wind Cloud Empire in no time.” Little Marten leisurely said.

When Su Kui heard this, his eyes rapidly twitched for a moment before turning to stare at Little Marten in disbelief. He clearly understood how powerful Yan Mo was. Even if he struggled with all his might, he would at most be able to last for a dozen rounds against Yan Mo. Yet, this Yan Mo was actually a guppy in the eyes of Little Marten?

“Are they truly from a low ranked empire?” Su Kui bitterly laughed in his heart. The fact that the Lin Dong trio came from a low rank empire was simply unbelievable. From their mannerisms, Su Kui would not doubt it if he was told they came from a super empire.

Lin Dong nodded his head, unsurprised by how the situation had developed. Even if this information was not sent back to the WInd Cloud Empire, they would not be able to hide it for long.

“Brother Lin Dong, this time around, it is all thanks to the three of you. Su Kui will remember this debt, and if there is any chance in future, I pledge on my life that I will repay it!” At this moment, Su Kui gradually became clear headed again. With a serious expression, he solemnly clasped his fists together towards Lin Dong and declared.

“Big brother Lin Dong, thank you.” Su Rou’s huge eyes stared at the Lin Dong trio as she also spoke up in gratitude.

Lin Dong laughed and glanced at Little Marten. This time, they had acted mostly because of Little Marten. This fellow was no charitable saint, if there was no motive, the chances of him being a good person was extremely tiny.

In response to Lin Dong’s glance, Little Marten grinned a little but did not speak. Yet, his flickering gaze allowed anyone to know that he was definitely up to something.

“What do you plan on doing next?” Lin Dong looked at the Su Kui trio and inquired.

“We had intended to head for the central area of the Ancient Battlefield. However, due to the past events, we could only flee…” Su Kui painfully smiled as he explained. Anyone who came here would dream of being taken notice of by the super sects, like carps dreaming of leaping through the dragon gate. Su Kui and his party had similar intentions, but due to the Wind Cloud Empire’s obstruction, they were unable to cross the Ten Thousand Elephant City.

“We also plan on going to the central area of the Ancient Battlefield. If you want to, you can follow us.” Little Marten smiled and offered.

Lin Dong was momentarily stunned. He clearly did not expect that Little Marten would take the initiative to invite them. However, he did not say anything in objection. After all, he had some rather good feelings towards the pure and innocent Su Rou

The Su Kui trio were similarly stunned. They stared at Little Marten before turning to Lin Dong, slightly hesitant as they replied, “The Wind Cloud Empire have targeted us. The fact that you have acted to save us today, has already brought you trouble. If we continue to follow you, I’m afraid…”

“Since trouble has already come, what would a little more be?”

Lin Dong chuckled and said, “Moreover, don’t you feel unfairness from being blocked off from Ten Thousand Elephant City?

“Of course, only if you trust us.”

“Brother Lin Dong what are you saying…” Su Kui hastily interjected. He looked to his side at Su Rou, before clenching his teeth, “Since brother Lin Dong has already spoken, then let us follow you. However, I’m afraid that we will cause you much trouble on your journey.”

“Big brother Lin Dong, thank you.”

Su Rou’s attractive face was full of joy. Her huge eyes gazed at the Lin Dong trio, filled with sincerity and gratefulness. This caused Lin Dong to feel a little helpless, while Little Marten released a hollow laugh and averted his gaze in a slightly unnatural manner. Truth be told, he was eyeing the enormous power hidden within Su Rou’s body. Although he had no intentions of snatching it away, when Su Rou learnt to control that power, her future accomplishments would not be small. If she were to aid them at a time when they needed it the most, what they would have gotten in return was a debt of gratitude that could never be measured.

This kind of exchange was something the sly and crafty Little Marten was naturally very happy to do.

“Heh heh, since we are not too familiar with Ten Thousand Elephant City, having someone to guide us will be ideal.” Lin Dong laughed before turning his gaze towards the distance, “It is getting late, shall we go?”


Upon hearing this, Su Kui hastily nodded his head. He swept into the air, taking the initiative to show them the way. Behind him, Lin Dong, Su Rou and the rest swiftly followed.

While on their way to Ten Thousand Elephant City, Lin Dong looked towards Little Marten, his lips slightly moving as a soft voice echoed in the latter’s ears, “What do you plan on doing?”

When he heard Lin Dong’s voice, Little Marten merely chuckled, “Grandfather Marten is doing this for your sake, the Hundred Empire War is no ordinary showdown. If you want to obtain victory, you not only need an overwhelming strength but also some decent companions. Miss Su Rou has strong hidden potential, if groomed a little, she will be a great asset in the Hundred Empire War.”

Lin Dong skeptically glanced at Little Marten. How could this heartless fellow possibly be so kind?

“Heh heh, normally, this kind of Spirit Seal power from ancient times is very demanding towards the inheritor. Yet, this little miss was able to fulfill its requirements. This is no easy feat, I believe that even if you encountered it, your chances of fulfilling the requirements will not exceed fifty percent.” Under Lin Dong’s skeptical stare, Little Marten paused for a moment before continuing.

“So powerful?” Lin Dong was also a little shocked. He had quite a bit of confidence in himself. Hence, he never expected that Little Marten would say that his chances would not exceed fifty percent.

“Among the people you have come into contact with all these years, there are only two individuals who have greater talent than this little miss.”

“Oh?” Lin Dong curiously turned his eyes. Su Rou was already so highly evaluated by Little Marten, to think that there were others who were even better than her?

“One of the two is closely related to you, the one you had a night of passion with, Ling Qingzhu, while the other is your sister, Qingtan.”

“Ling Qingzhu and Qingtan?”

Lin Dong’s opened his mouth before forcing a smile, “Ling Qingzhu’s background is not ordinary, I have nothing to say if her talent exceeds my own. However, that lass Qingtan’s cultivation is rather normal…”

“Tch, if we truly talk about talent, that lass is so far ahead of you that she wouldn’t even see your silhouette if she looks back. Some things will not reveal themselves from the start.”

Little Marten curled his lip, glancing at the depressed appearance Lin Dong displayed as he rubbed his nose. With a grin, Little Marten spoke, “Although talent is important, solely relying on it is not enough to become a top practitioner in this world. One’s character and unyieldingness etc. are also crucial, and you are better than Qingtan in these aspects…”

Lin Dong smiled, as the gloominess on his face retreated little by little. Yet, this eyes were still slightly deep as he softly said, “The price to reach such a stage is too high, Qingtan’s talent might be higher than my own, but I do not wish for her to journey too far on this road. As her elder brother, it is enough that those hardships can be bared by myself. If anyone bullies her, just I alone will be sufficient.”

“Isn’t that a little too much, if you don’t allow her to try, how will you know if she will like it or not?” Little Marten said in response.

Lin Dong spread out his hands, declining to argue with Little Marten. He had left Qingtan in the Great Yan Empire as he believed that that lass will be able to peacefully live out her life in such a place. As for the wind and waves of the outside world, he would be the one to face them.

However, as Lin Dong held these thoughts in mind, he did not know that at times, things would not proceed as he had imagined. Perhaps, in the not too distant future, he would see another scene that was out of his expectations…

“Ling Qingzhu…”

After suppressing thoughts of Qingtan in his heart, the elegant figure like a fairy that had descended from the heavens, barefooted as she stepped on a green lotus, surfaced in Lin Dong’s mind. She was his first woman and Lin Dong’s feelings for her were extremely complicated. This kind of woman was perfect and flawless, but it was because of this perfection that one could only gaze at her from afar.

Towards such a perfect woman, Lin Dong chose to respectfully keep his distance. However, because of that unforeseen event in the old tomb, a small blemish had surfaced in her perfection.

It was the appearance of this tiny blemish that had broken Lin Dong’s respectfully distant manner. Unknowingly, that beautiful woman had left an unerasable mark in his heart.

From that time, Lin Dong’s heart held a thought that would seem extremely bold and daring to others. He would make this goddess his woman.

Lin Dong had walked out from the Great Yan Empire. Without taking even a single glance back, he had come to this chaotic and battle-ridden Ancient Battlefield. The fact that he wanted to once again stand before that woman and tell her, those words he had said on the mountaintop outside of Yan City were not the frivolous words of a youngster, played no small part in this decision.

“Ling Qingzhu, the Hundred Empire War you spoke of will not stop me!”

Lin Dong raised his head and looked towards the brilliant sun in the sky, a fearless smile slowly forming from the corners of his lips.

“At that time, I will stand before you and tell you, a woman that I’ve slept with will definitely be mine!”

In that year, a blood red setting sun shined down onto a mountain peak. A young man gazed at the elegant and beautiful woman before him and fearlessly declared with passion.

In that moment, the feeling of tainting a goddess had felt incomparably wonderful.

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