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Chapter 555: Su Rou

The glowing embers leaped and twirled, their faint red light illuminated Lin Dong’s face, causing the shadows on his face to appear a little deeper. He merely glanced at Su Rou’s immature and attractive face for a moment, before nonchalantly withdrawing his gaze.

Though he appeared calm on the surface, Lin Dong was slightly troubled inside. In that split second he had come into contact with Su Rou’s finger earlier, he had distinctly felt an extremely terrifying Yuan Power undulation within the girl’s body.

This undulation was much stronger than even his own and was extremely well hidden. Lin Dong was sure that the portion he had sensed was not in its entirety.

That is to say this girl, who looked about Qingtan’s age, had a frightening power hidden within her body that even he could not match up to.

Lin Dong’s lips pursed slightly as his eyes involuntarily turned towards Su Rou, who was currently happily enjoying the roast meat in her hand with unconcealed glee on her face. He was somewhat unable to imagine that this adorable girl was a someone who could mask herself so well.

Lin Dong casually offered the roast meat to the Su Kui duo before exchanging a look with Little Marten. He knew that Little Marten had astonishing senses and would definitely have sensed something earlier.

When Little Marten saw Lin Dong’s gaze, the former covertly nodded his head, indicating for Lin Dong to be a little more careful. Among the trio, the Su Kui duo were nothing to be worried about. However, this girl called Su Rou was someone even Little Marten could not get a feel of.

If her naiveness was merely an act, it would mean her acting skills were truly superb. Even someone with Lin Dong’s character had manifested good feelings for her.

Little Flame clearly did not know what the Lin Dong duo had discovered. However, given his understanding of the two, his keen senses told him something was up and his oppressive figure immediately leaned slightly forward, like a vicious tiger that was about to pounce on its prey.

“Thank you big brother Lin Dong.”

Su Rou finished off the roast meat in her hand and wiped off the bit of oil on her tiny rosy lips before blushing as she revealed a sweet smile to Lin Dong.

Lin Dong faintly smiled in response, his gaze lowering to stare at the rising flames. After some silence and after the Su Kui duo had eaten their fill, Lin Dong slowly asked the trio, “Given younger sister Su Rou’s strength, the demonic tide in the mountains shouldn’t be much threat towards all of you, right?”

As Lin Dong’s words faded, the atmosphere practically froze in an instant. Su Kui stared at Lin Dong in shock, while Su Rou pretty face paled as her body involuntarily shrunk backwards.

Little Marten and Little Flame were momentarily stunned at their response, a little baffled inside.

“What do you know?” Su Kui’s expression fluctuated for a while before he suddenly stared at Lin Dong and asked.

“My Mental Energy cultivation is somewhat passable. Hence, I am able to sense the enormous power hidden within her body. I am not interested in where you come from, but I do not plan on being the target of someone else scheme for no reason. In the Ancient Battlefield, you should understand my cautiousness.” Lin Dong replied in an indifferent tone.

“You believe that we have a hidden agenda?” The lady in red angrily said.

“Then what would you have us believe?” Little Marten sarcastically replied. “Who would not be on guard when a group of unknown origin suddenly approaches them at such a time. Even more so when one of them possesses a formidable strength, yet pretends to be a frail little girl.”

Su Kui’s eyebrows tightly knitted together, his expression fluctuating. By his side, Su Rou still gave off a shy appearance, her huge eyes tinged with a little redness as if she now understood that Lin Dong and the rest were suspicious of her.

“The fact that the three of you believe that we have a hidden motive is normal.” Su Kui’s expression finally ceased fluctuating and helplessly said as a bitter smile surfaced on his face.

“Brother Lin Dong’s senses were indeed spot on. My little sister’s body does indeed contain an extremely powerful strength. However, that power does not belong to her. Well, more accurately, it does not belong to her for the time being.”

“Little sis is very talented and she is the most outstanding in our Great Qing Empire. However, her character is too weak. Truth be told, she is not suited to this place.” Su Kui stroked Su Rou’s tiny head as he bitterly explained.

“Some time ago, we mistakenly entered an ancient territory. Originally, we were under the impression that we had came across some kind of treasure inheritance. However, in the end, we did not find anything at all. Of course, we did not leave completely empty handed. Our only reward was little Rou unintentionally opening a seal and drawing a long lost power into her body…”

Lin Dong was dazed. Moments later, he regained his wits as his face involuntarily tightened for a second. He had struggled to the death and endured so much pain just to increase his strength a little. Yet, this Su Rou had had unfathomably opened a seal and obtained an enormous power that even he would have trouble facing?

Little Marten frowned as he stared at the shy Su Rou as if in thought.

“That power is both very mysterious and tremendous. Thus, we are completely unable to probe it while little Rou is also simply unable to control it. Of course, we know that this power is still considered something good. As long as this power stays with little Rou, she will eventually get used to it over time. Yet, who would have known that we would be targeted by some people after obtaining this power, leaving us no choice but to flee. What happened today was mostly due to us being chased to this place and we definitely harbour no ill intentions towards you.” Su Kui bitterly said.

“However, the three of you need not worry. We will not cause trouble for you and we will leave immediately when the demonic tide retreats.”

As he observed the apologetic look on Su Kui’s rough and wild face, Lin Dong once again looked towards the timid Su Rou, while the latter stared back with a slight trace of fear in her eyes. It was likely that she was scared by him earlier on.

While being stared at by her in such a manner, Lin Dong could not help but release a pained laugh, as if he had done something wicked beyond redemption.

“Haha, it’s alright. This guy is just too paranoid. He has been cheated too many times in the past and thus, he will become extremely sensitive whenever he encounters such a situation.” The one who had suddenly spoke was Little Marten, who had been somewhat in opposition of the Su Kui trio from the start. However, wide and extremely warm smile had now appeared on his handsome face.

Lin Dong gazed at the brightly smiling Little Marten, both angry and amused at the hat that Little Marten had placed on his head. However, Lin Dong did not say anything. He understood Little Marten’s character extremely well. This fellow was crafty without equal and would absolutely not do anything that was not beneficial. The fact that his attitude had shifted so rapidly meant that he must have discovered something.

In response to the previously extremely cold yet now extremely welcoming Little Marten, the Su Kui trio were caught off guard and could only awkwardly look towards Lin Dong. They could tell that Lin Dong was the heart of this trio.

“If I was a little too paranoid earlier and I have offended you in any way, please forgive me.” Lin Dong clasped his hands together towards Su Kui and said. When faced with an enemy, Lin Dong could become rather vicious, but this did not mean that he was an unreasonable person.

“Brother Lin Dong is too polite, we are already very grateful for being able to avoid the demonic tide here.”

Su Kui hastily said.

At this point, Su Rou clearly breathed a sigh of relief. She sat down beside Su Kui but kept her distance from Lin Dong, her huge eyes sneaking a look before hastily shifting away. This little girl’s attitude made Lin Dong feel a little happy. He had been stretched taunt in this Ancient Battlefield for too long and this was the first time he had seen a naive girl like Su Rou.

“If I am not mistaken, the enormous power that had suddenly appeared in her body should be a Spirit Emblem left behind by a powerful practitioner. This thing has its advantages and disadvantages. However, if it is truly able to be controlled, it can indeed allow one to reach the sky in a single step, but if it not, one will be mind will be secretly invaded by the power within the Spirit Emblem and be completely taken over, like the turtledove that occupies the magpie’s nest.” Little Marten suddenly remarked as he played with a wisp of fire.

When his words sounded out, the Su Kui trio’s expressions changed drastically. Evidently, they had never imagined that this kind of power would be so dangerous.

“I hope that this little miss will be able to control this power on her own. This can be said to be a gargantuan opportunity that others would seek but never receive. After all, there is no free lunch in this world, everything comes with a price or a risk.” Little Marten indifferent said.

“I will control this power. I will protect my brother and elder sis Liu Ya, so they will not have to continuing fleeing.” Su Rou lowered her head and declared a she bit her lip.

Lin Dong and Little Marten were slightly stunned, obviously not expecting that this weak natured girl would possess such inner strength.

The night enveloped the land as the flame soared into the air, like a warm halo that wrapped around everyone and fended off the cold and gloomy darkness.

As time passed, the darkness finally retreated. When a thread of light appeared in the horizon, the berserk Yuan Power of the land once again regained its calm.

“Brother Lin Dong, many thanks to the three of you for last night. We will not stay any longer, so farewell.”

Beside the dying embers, Su Kui gazed at the now bright sky as he sighed in relief before solemnly clasping his hands together towards Lin Dong. Without wasting anymore time, he turned to leave.

“Big brother Lin Dong, big brother Lin Yan and big brother Lin Diao, we are leaving so please take care.” Su Rou blushed as she waved her little hands at the Lin Dong trio. Her innocent appearance caused even the heartless Little Marten to involuntarily shrug his shoulders.

After the Su Kui trio left, the Lin Dong trio remained seated by the dying embers. For the time being, they showed no signs of leaving.

“They’ve been obstructed.” Little Marten suddenly said from out of nowhere.

Lin Dong gently nodded his head.

“That little girl’s potential is not bad. If nurtured, her accomplishments will not be low in future. Such a good sapling, it’s a pity if anything happens.” Little Marten continued.

Lin Dong rolled his eyes at Little Marten as he casually threw aside the wooden stick he was using to prod the soil. To one side, Little Flame grabbed his black metal rod.

“Let’s go. All along, the number of people we have offended is too many to count, but we have yet to save anyone out of kindness. This time, let’s make an exception.”

Lin Dong stretched his back as he slowly stood up. On his face, a brilliant yet cold smile appeared.

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