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Chapter 550: Defeating The Two Generals


A deep deafening sound once again resounded across the sky. After which, the gazes of the entire city gathered towards the sky.

At that spot, Lin Dong’s hand had already forcefully inserted itself into the body of the fire giant as if it was the sharpest blade!

His hand had cut through the extremely powerful defence of the fire giant!

Many people were inevitably gripped by fear when this scene reflected itself in their eyes. Although they had never personally exchanged blows with Zhu Tianhuo, from its current aura, they could tell just how powerful this fire giant that the latter had created was. No one would have thought that such a strong defence would still be forcibly penetrate by Lin Dong. Such destructive strength was really a little shocking.


His body concealed within the fire giant, when Zhu Tianhuo saw Lin Dong’s blade like palm penetrate his flaming defences, alarm and fury flashed across his face. However, his expression quickly hardened. With a change in hand seals, the surrounding raging flames suddenly whizzed over. The flames frantically twined around Lin Dong’s arm as an untamed hot Qi continuously tunnelled into Lin Dong’s body with the aim of causing the Yuan Power in the latter’s body to riot.

Evidently, Lin Dong sensed Zhu Tianhuo’s intention. However, there was no panic to be seen in his eyes. Instead, he merely gave smiled in a mocking manner. In the next instant, a thought passed through his mind as Devouring Power suddenly spread from within his body. The torrid Qi that had invaded into his body was completely swallowed in a split second.

“Just watch how I break this Flame Demon Body of yours!”

Lin Dong raised his head and grinned at Zhu Tianhuo’s true body. With a twist of his palm, Devouring Power immediately erupted.

The Flame Demon Body was created from Zhu Tianhuo’s Yuan Power through some special method, causing it to become extremely powerful. However, this kind of strength naturally came from the Yuan Power that filled it. Now that Lin Dong’s Devouring Power had emerged, the Yuan Power swiftly started to disappear at a shockingly rapid pace. Immediately, the the Flame Demon Body started to fade.

“What are you doing?” The change in the Flame Demon Body was naturally sensed by Zhu Tianhuo, whose mind was connected to it. His expression immediately changed as he sternly cried out.

However, Lin Dong completely ignored Zhu Tianhuo’s cry. Devouring Power wildly erupted and actually swallowed most of the Yuan Power within the Flame Demon Body after several seconds. Having lost a great amount of Yuan Power, the body of the Flame Demon Body slowly started to crumble under numerous shocked gazes.

This Soul martial arts that Zhu Tianhuo so proud of, was actually broken by Lin Dong with such ease!

The Flame Demon Body disappeared and the body of Zhu Tianhuo once again appeared before the entire city. However, his face was currently colored a furious green, while the gaze with which he looked at Lin Dong with was faintly tainted with fear. Regardless of how proud he was, he had understood through this battle that Lin Dong could not be compared to those half baked dark horses whom he had met before.


Lin Dong blasted apart the Flame Demon Body and watched Zhu Tianhuo’s true body appear. Without skipping a beat, Lin Dong moved and flew forward as his green scaled hand cut towards Zhu Tianhuo’s throat like lightning.


Seeing that Lin Dong remained unforgiving despite having gained the advantage, Zhu Tianhuo snorted in anger. His spear shook as it stirred an extremely sharp wind that ruthlessly pierced towards Lin Dong’s hand. From the way he saw it, though Lin Dong was quite powerful, it was likely that the latter would not dare to meet the long spear with his bare hands.


However, he had miscalculated. Lin Dong not only did not show the slightest intention of dodging Zhu Tian Huo’s sharp spear. Instead, he reached out and grabbed the spear.

Creak creak!

Sparks wildly erupted from Lin Dong’s palm. However, no matter how the sharp spear struggled, it was unable to escape the restrain of Lin Dong’s palm.


Lin Dong suddenly clenched. The green scales that covered his palm suddenly flashed as a frightening force exploded. Immediately, a clear breaking sound rang out as the long crimson spear in Zhu Tianhuo’s hand, an Earthly Soul Treasure, was forcefully crushed by Lin Dong’s hand.

After crushing the spear tip, Lin Dong flung his hand as cold glows shot out in all directions. With unusual sharpness, they closed in on Zhu Tianhuo.

Bam bam!

Zhu Tianhuo’s figure quickly backed off in a sorry manner, a golden glow flickering on his body. After enduring several shots, he finally emerged from the storm formed from the spear tip fragments.


Although the attack did not cause much harm to him, Zhu Tianhuo’s expression had become extremely ugly. Earlier, his Flame Demon Body was broken by Lin Dong. Now, even his weapon had been shattered. It seemed as if he had completely fallen into a disadvantageous spot.

Just as Zhu Tianhuo could not endure it any longer and was about to curse furiously, a light flashed in front of him. His pupils immediately shrunk. A figure had adhered close to his front amidst the uproar that now shrouded the entire city.

The figure that had flashed and arrived in a ghost like manner caused Zhu Tianhuo’s pupils to shrink as a feeling of extreme danger spread out from the bottom of his heart. Without thinking, a bright golden glow exploded from within his body. A hand surrounded by a green glow seemed to tear through space at a speed that could not be seen with the naked eye and heavily slammed onto Zhu Tianhuo’s chest.


A low and deep muffled sound appeared at this moment as the bright golden glow on Zhu Tianhuo’s chest instantly dimmed. A reddish hue surfaced on his face before a mouthful of fresh blood was spat out from his now backwards flying body.

Upon seeing Zhu Tianhuo’s body flying backwards in a miserable manner, the entire city fell into silence. The eyes of many onlookers were practically popping out of their sockets. This was especially the case for Tian Zhen whose face was filled with disbelief. He was clearly aware of Zhu Tianhuo’s strength. He was an expert at the peak of the three Yuan Nirvana stage and he already possessed the ability to attempt the fourth Nirvana Tribulation. However, such a person had lost so miserably in a one on one battle with Lin Dong. Just how strong did Lin Dong become in the past few months?

Anyone could tell from this battle that the Great Gan Empire’s Fire General, Zhu Tianhuo, posed no threat to Lin Dong!

The nearby Zhu Tianhuo’s face was colored with both green and white. Clearly, he was furious. However, he was also no fool. If he continued to treat Lin Dong like those half-baked dark horses, he would not possess the qualifications to become one of the Great Gan Empire’s four generals. The strength that Lin Dong had displayed was enough to make Zhu Tianhuo extremely wary.

Lin Dong stared at Zhu Tianhuo. This time around, he did not attack again. Although he was now unafraid of the latter, he still needed to show some caution towards the super empire behind this individual. Forget about whether he was able to kill Zhu Tian Huo, even if he could do so, the price he would have to pay would also be quite heavy. This was not a situation that Lin Dong wished to see.

“Both of you have lost.” Lin Dong looked at Zhu Tianhuo, whose face was a mixture of green and white before suddenly declaring in a calm manner.

Upon hearing these words, Zhu Tianhuo was startled. He hurriedly turned around as he heard a soul-stirring loud rumble suddenly erupt from the distant battleground. At that spot, a monstrous ferocity swept over. A strong figure covered in a bloody glow swung his fist like a demon. The bloody light transformed into a ferocious tiger head on the storm of fists which descended. Each blow was powerful enough to wound a three Yuan Nirvana Stage expert!

Boom boom boom!

The fists were accompanied by a shocking wind pressure as they pounded Muhuang’s mountain like body from all directions. Immediately, a large crack extended on the yellow soil mountain body, growing larger and large until it completely exploded apart with a ‘boom’.


The mountain body exploded as a figure shot out from it in a miserable manner. In the end, a row of buildings below were turned to rubble as a dust cloud extended outwards. A moment later, Muhuang’s body rushed out with a trace of blood at the corner of his mouth and came to stand atop a building. The strength that he was so proud of had been completely been suppressed by Little Flame, causing him to end up in a disadvantageous position. This was not a situation that he had never encountered before but it was the first time that he was forced into this manner by someone from a low rank empire.

After sending Muhuang flying, when Little Flame saw that Lin Dong did not attempt to kill all his enemy, the blood glow over Little Flame’s body was also slightly withdrew, while the blood tiger on his fist also gradually scattered.

All the gazes in the entire city had gathered towards these two figures that seemed to have suddenly become extremely dazzling. None of them had expected that they were actually able to defeat the experts who possessed quite a great reputation within the Ancient Battlefield and had already advanced into the Nirvana Ranking!

Moreover, this also meant that from now onwards, Lin Dong and Little Flame would truly become experts on the Nirvana Ranking!

After a year of silence in the chaotic battlefield, Lin Dong had now finally started to emerge!

Tian Zhen’s expression was pale as he watched this scene from the front of the gold hall. Finally, he swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He knew that the future Lin Dong would no longer be an existence that he could offend. It was best that he obediently hid all those grudges from the past in his heart…

A cluster of people at a certain spot in the city also looked at the now dazzling Lin Dong with complicated expressions. Some of these faces were not foreign. They were from the Devil Cliff Empire.

“That fellow is actually already this strong…” Shi Xuan clenched his teeth, feeling extremely unwilling to resign himself to this situation. However, this unwillingness also contained a trace of fear.

“Let’s not bother about those past grudges. If we provoke him again, we will only be seeking death.”

Shi Kun stared at the figure for a long time. However, all he could do was sigh quietly. Who would have expected that the person who appeared to be akin to an ant in his eyes back then would actually reach this stage that even he have to look up to?

“Let’s go. We’ll head to the centre of the Ancient Battlefield. The Hundred Empire War should start there…”

Shi Kun waved his hand, turned around and walked out of the city. He really wanted to know just what kind of level this person, who had continued to create miracles, would be able to reach in the Hundred Empire War.

That was the true place where the strong would compete!

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