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WDQK Chapter 55: A Death Match

With ominous glints in their eyes, Dai En and his partner slowly approached Lin Dong.


Every step brought them closer and closer to their target. In the next instance, the two of them practically burst forward simultaneously, with vigorous Yuan Power gathering at the center of their palms. With a force powerful enough to split boulders, two palms, one from the left, the other from the right, chopped towards Lin Dong’s head.

When the two of them made their move, they revealed their almost perfect coordination. This incoming offensive from both left and right was rather hard for one to deal with simultaneously.

Lin Dong concentrated as he gazed at the two who were attacking him, a rare franticness in his heart that was still within his expectations. His left hand formed into a fist while his right took the shape of a palm. Penetrating Fist and Eight Desolations Palm were once again executed at the same time.

“Thud thud!”

When fist and palm collided, a deep, muffled noise sounded out from the three’s hands. In that instance where they briefly contacted, the originally malicious look on Dai En and his partner slightly changed. The huge force from their opponent’s fist and palm had jolted them to the bone, causing it to ache faintly. However, what astonished them the most was the opposing party’s Yuan Power. It seemed to contain a type of exceedingly icy-cold chill which caused waves of stabbing pain to transmit from their skin when they came into contact with it.

“Go all out, leave no mercy!”

From this exchange, Dai En and his partner were able to perceive that Lin Dong’s strength was unexpectedly one tier above their own. However, perhaps due to his tender age, Lin Dong still seemed a little rough around the edges in this life or death battle.

“Wind Splitting Claw!”

“Hidden Gentle Palm!”

The duo’s martial arts styles changed in a flash, as a violent claw and gentle palm immediately closed in on Lin Dong. Both were vicious moves that strived to hit a vital point completely without even the slightest shred of mercy.

Faced with such a ruthless attacks, Lin Dong was initially slightly flustered. However, this state did not last long as he gradually steeled himself and his defensive posture started to improve. Relying on the vigorous Yuan Power within his body, together with his mastery of martial arts, Lin Dong gradually gained the upper hand as he shifted from defense to offense. In response, Dai En and his partner had no choice but to continuously retreat.

In a short ten rounds, Lin Dong’s offense gradually shed its rough edges and sometimes, his strikes were even imbued with a trace of ferociousness, causing the two of them to fall into a somewhat difficult situation.

“Damn, there’s something strange about this brat!”

Faced with Lin Dong’s increasingly proficient attacks, Dai En’s and his 6th brother’s expressions turned somewhat pained. During this battle, they could feel that the other party was evolving at an exceedingly fast pace; it was as if they were the whetstone to sharpen his blade.


After another short bout, Dai En and his partner realized that they were both dropping to a more and more disadvantageous position. With a decisive shout, they both suddenly retreated.

After he saw the two of them retreat, Lin Dong’s eyes flashed as he abruptly dashed forward two steps. As he curled two fingers on each hand, he rapidly stabbed towards their chests.

Lin Dong’s finger strike was extremely quick and violent. Under Dai En and his partner’s frightened gazes, deep blue Yuan Power concentrated at his fingertips before finally piercing at the their arms which had been brought up to block their chest areas.


A deep and low sound rang out when finger contacted arm. Dai En and his partner both flew backwards and on each of their arms, a bloody hole appeared while fresh blood gushed out.

To one side, Qin Ying who was currently taking care of the other Lei Family Guards, also turned his head when he heard the noise. His mouth twitched upon seeing the two of them falling to the ground, with blood all over their arms.

“For him to be able to singlehandedly defeat two veteran Earthly Yuan Early Stage experts, I’m pretty sure that young master Lin Dong’s strength has already reached Earthly Yuan Middle Stage…”

At this point, Qin Ying could not help but sigh. This level of talent truly caused one to feel somewhat powerless.

“Dai En and his partner have fallen, do you still dare to resist like cornered rats?”

Sighing in his heart, Qin Ying quickly recovered his wits and shouted as he stared at the Lei Family guards who continued to resist.

After they heard him shout, the Lei Family guard’s faces changed as their footsteps slowed down.

“Dammit, where did those dogs come from? To think that they actually dared to stir up trouble in our Steel Wood Manor, do they want to die so badly?” However, just as these guards slowed down, a thunderous bellow suddenly sounded out from a distance. In an instant, a figure that looked as sturdy as a black tower swiftly approached.

“Lei Shan!”

When he saw the black tower-like figure, Qin Ying’s complexion abruptly turned 180 degrees, while looks of ecstasy appeared on the Lei Family guard’s faces.

“Young master Lin Dong, quickly fall back. This Lei Shan is an Earthly Yuan Late Stage expert!” In one leap, Qin Ying appeared besides Lin Dong and warned him in a low voice.

“It’s too late.”

Lin Dong shook his head in response. Although the black tower-like figure was quite bulky, his speed was not slow. In a mere ten seconds, he had appeared within ten meters of Lin Dong and the rest. Forcefully stepping off the ground, the figure burst forward as a vigorous Yuan Power hurriedly gathered at his right leg. That arrogant and oppressive force caused Qin Ying ‘s face to pale.

“Young master Lin Dong, let’s go!”

Qin Ying grabbed Lin Dong’s arm. Just as the former intended to forcefully drag away the latter, he was immediately repelled away by Lin Dong.

Pushing Qin Ying away, Lin Dong tightly stared at iron tower-like figure with a fire burning in his eyes. At the same time, his hands rapidly formed into a series of complicated seals.

“You little bastard, let Daddy stomp you into meat paste!”

The black tower-like figure gazed at Lin Dong, who unexpectedly did not even bother dodging. A malicious smile involuntarily formed on his face as the Yuan Power undulating on his right leg became more and more concentrated.

Lin Dong’s expression was serene. As the speed at which the seals changed became faster and faster, within his Dan Tian, a deep blue Yuan Power also gushed out at lightning speed, before condensing at the center of his palm.


Just when Lin Dong’s seals stopped changing, the sturdy shadow was already right before him. A violent kick ruthlessly smashed towards Lin Dong’s head.


As the leg smashed downwards, a deep blue light also burst out from Lin Dong’s palm. The bone-chilling chill exploded forth and the light took the shape of a seal before ferociously colliding with menacing kick.

A loud and low sound reverberated in the air and Lin Dong was jolted until both his legs sunk half a meter into the ground. However, the sturdy figure was also thrown backwards, and even stumbled a little before falling to the ground. He gazed at the youngster’s figure with complete disbelief, evidently unable to imagine that this opponent had actually received his attack head on!

“You are that brat from the Lin Family?!”

Shocked, Lei Shan suddenly shouted as he stared at Lin Dong.

Lin Dong’s hesitated to find the right words. At this moment, his entire arm was numb. That guy was undoubtedly an Earthly Yuan Late Stage expert.

“This brat is indeed not an ordinary character.”

As Lei Shan stared at Lin Dong, his expression suddenly turned sinister. The more talented Lin Dong was, the greater the threat he posed to their Lei Family.

Lei Shan’s mind screamed murder as his foot once again stepped off the ground. Like a raging bull, he charged towards Lin Dong as Yuan Power bubbled up on Lei Shan’s fists. It looks like he was really intending to finish Lin Dong off this time.

“Get lost!”

As Lin Dong gazed at Lei Shan, who was charging at him once again, his expression also darkened slightly. However, just as he prepared to dodge the incoming attack, an icy shout suddenly sounded out.

Just as the shout faded, a familiar figure appeared in front of Lin Dong. With a simple punch, the bull-like Lei Shan was heavily smashed back with his body dragging against the ground while he flew backwards.

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