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Chapter 531: Killed?

“Nirvana Demon Flame?”

Numerous voiced with incomparable shock were being emitted at almost the same time. Regardless of whether it was Liu Bai, Yan Sen or that Lin Langtian, all of their faces were covered by a shock that was difficult to contain, when that black coloured flame appeared.

Those who had reached their level was clearly aware about this kind of flame. This was a frightening object that would only appear from the third Nirvana Tribulation onwards. Most of those experts who were qualified to attempt the third Nirvana Tribulation, had been killed by this strange yet powerful Nirvana Demon Flame. Hence, many Nirvana Stage experts felt a horror towards this thing in their hearts.

It was also due to this that the shock, which they displayed when they saw this frightening thing actually rising from Lin Dong’s hands, was incomparable!

“This fellow.”

Even someone as calm as Liu Bai currently felt his head become a little numb. His heart did not even feel this shaken when Lin Dong had summoned the soul of the Heavenly Crocodile earlier.

The smile on the enchanting face of Mu Hong Ling by the side had also completely been withdrawn. Her eyes were peerlessly grave. Even she felt some disbelief that the object, which was viewed as the most frightening thing by those with the qualification to attempt the third Nirvana Tribulation, would actually appear in Lin Dong’s hands at this moment.

The entire area was completely silent. Some of those experts who knew their stuff stared at the black coloured flame in Lin Dong’s hand with a stunned expression. In the next instant, they recovered and began to flee like rabbits. That manner of theirs was as though they were afraid that the black coloured flame in Lin Dong’s hands would come and pester them.

The entire ancient square was filled with panic due to the appearance of the Nirvana Demon Flame. At the same time, that Lin Langtian also finally became clear headed. His eyes quickly shrunk as he stared at Lin Dong, who was holding the Nirvana Demon Flame in his hand. His dense face had become much paler.

“Lin Langtian, withdraw quickly. The current you will definitely not be able to block this Nirvana Demon Flame!”

That mysterious Yuan Spirit in Lin Lang Tian’s heart vaguely contained some shock as it suddenly sounded. That voice actually had a rare panic. It seemed that a Yuan Spirit existence like him was extremely afraid of this kind of Nirvana Demon Flame. Once this flame eroded and invaded Lin Langtian, it was likely that this Yuan Spirit might be completely incinerated into nothing.


At this moment, Lin Langtian had clearly lost his will to fight. He did not even possess the confidence to fight forcefully in the face of the wreathing black coloured flame. He was also clearly aware about just how frightening the Nirvana Demon Flame was. Although he possessed a strength that was similar to that of a three Yuan Nirvana Stage expert with the aid of the Yuan Spirit, he understood that his strength was unable to withstand that terrifying force of the Nirvana Demon Flame.

Hence, the words from the Yuan Spirit within Lin Langtian had just sounded when his body swiftly shot out with lightning like speed. From the looks of it, it was obvious that he was planning to temporarily seek shelter.

“It is likely a little late to leave now.”

Since Lin Dong had even displayed a trump card like the Nirvana Demon Flame, he naturally did not intend to return empty handed. Hence, he merely gave a cold laughter in the face of Lin Langtian, who was withdrawing in a miserable manner. A thought passed through his mind and the Heavenly Crocodile soul suspended in the sky suddenly lowered its enormous head. A blood glow gathered over its completely dark black horn. Finally, it emitted a swoosh sound and directly tore through the air. It carried a wave of incomparable sharpness, appearing just like an arrow that shot through the sky and jolted towards the swiftly withdrawing Lin Langtian.

The blood coloured ray of light was extremely fast. Even the current Lin Langtian could only see the blood light flash past his eyes. Immediately, a sense of danger surged up his heart. He did not dare to slight it and he summoned majestic Yuan Power like floodwater. After which, an enormous Yuan Power shield was formed in front of him.

The light ray shot past. A few breaths later, it ruthlessly smashed onto the enormous Yuan Power shield like a meteorite that rushed through the sky.


Wild and violent ripples surged past like floodwater and spread apart continuously. That spectacular momentum caused many to quietly click their tongue.


That Yuan Power shield’s strength was clearly quite great and it was able to endure such a sharp attack by the soul of the Heavenly Crocodile on the opposite side. However, this kind of endurance did not last for long before many tiny crack lines began to appear on its surface.

The crack lines increased. However, the blood coloured ray of light was also paling swiftly at a rate visible to the naked eye. Clearly, the energy with it had already been neutralized.


The mutual counteraction lasted for over ten seconds. Finally, the both of them exploded and scattered like smoke.


Lin Langtian’s body immediately rushed backwards the moment that large Yuan Power shield exploded. However, even though his reaction was quite fast, a lightning speed ghost like figure quickly followed like the maggots in one’s bones. A leaping black coloured flame was on the palm of that figure, which looked just like a death god, was emitting a dense deathly aura.


That ghost-like figure was naturally Lin Dong, who was waiting for an opportunity by the die. With the help of the temporary delay by the Heavenly Crocodile’s soul, Lin Dong had clearly found the best opportunity to attack at this moment. He quickly pressed his finger forward and a black coloured flame lingered over his finger, appearing just like a flame dagger that was revealing a chilly air.

The flame wreathed. Finally, it dashed towards Lin Lang Tian’s forehead. That speed was such that Lin Langtian could not dodge despite being able to clearly see it.

This unexpected change caused a horror to flash across Lin Langtian’s eyes. However, he immediately gritted his teeth. Wild and violent Yuan Power covered his fist as he threw it angrily at Lin Dong’s chest. That manner appeared to be with the intention of forcing Lin Dong to pull back and defend!

The fist that contained a wild and violent Yuan Power was swiftly magnified in Lin Dong’s eyes. However, Lin Dong did not show any signs of pulling back to defend. This was something beyond Lin Langtian. Instead, a thought passed through Lin Dong’s mind and a golden glow surged under his skin.


Lin Langtian’s fist directly and ruthlessly landed on Lin Dong’s chest. A faint clear metallic sound appeared. Lin Dong’s body also trembled intensely as a result. A flush redness rose onto his face.

Although Lin Langtian’s punch had landed on Lin Dong’s body, he did not reveal even the slightest joy. The horror in his eyes had intead become even denser. This was because he saw the corner of Lin Dong’s mouth slowly being lifted into a dense arc.

This fellow had actually went on out and forcefully endured a punch from Lin Langtian just so that he could unleash this killing blow!

“You should not use the branch family in Yan City to threaten me.” A soft yet densely cold voice slowly seeped out from Lin Dong’s mouth as he looked at Lin Lang Tian’s horrid face in close proximity.

Lin Dong was not afraid of any tactic Lin Langtian would use to deal with him. However, he was extremely concerned about what Lin Langtian would do to his father and relatives. That threat from Lin Langtian earlier had really touched a spot in Lin Dong’s heart that really should not be touched.

“Lin Dong, if you kill me, the clan head and the others will not let your Yan City branch family off!” A deathly aura covered Lin Langtian’s heart. At this moment, he let out a shocked voice. This voice had become much sharper because of fear.

“You will be useless once you are dead. No one will do anything to me because of you.”

Lin Dong’s expression was indifferent. He ignored this kind of low level threat from Lin Langtian. As long as he was able to stand out in this Ancient Battlefield and join a super sect, that so-called Lin clan would forever treat the Yan City’s branch family as VIPs. They would definitely not dare to slight the latter even a little.

“It’s over.”

The figure, where the black coloured flame was burning, finally reached Lin Lang Tian’s forehead like a dagger. After which, Lin Dong’s eyes coldly glanced at Lin Langtian, whose eyes were filled with horror. He did not hesitate as he pressed his finger forward.


The black coloured flame landed heavily onto Lin Lang Tian’s forehead. At the same time, all of the latter’s Yuan Power erupted. A incomparably sharp miserable screech was unleashed from his mouth like a roaring wounded wild beast.

In the face of this kind of intense pain, Lin Langtian’s original one gray and one black eyes suddenly transformed into a deep grayish colour. Within a short instance, he appeared as though he had turned into another person.

Lin Dong’s eyes shrunk slightly upon seeing this scene. He was aware that at this moment, Lin Langtian’s consciousness had actually been replaced by that mysterious Yuan Spirit within his body!


Sharp wind ruthlessly smashed onto Lin Dong’s hands. After which, Lin Langtian body withdrew quickly. A trace of blood flowed down from his forehead, causing him to appear as ferocious as an evil ghost.

Although his face was ferocious, a strange wild joy had actually surged up the pair of deep grayish eyes at this moment.


Lin Langtian’s backward withdrawing speed was extremely quick. Within two leaps, he had actually charged into the distorted space. After which, he swiftly disappeared from Lin Dong’s sight.

Lin Dong eyes quietly watched the figure that had fled quickly. He knitted his brows slightly. When the Nirvana Demon Flame had made contact with Lin Lang Tian’s head, Lin Dong could clearly sense that the flame’s eroding properties had seriously corroded Lin Lang Tian’s consciousness.

This finger was sufficient to truly snatch away Lin Lang Tian’s little life!

The black coloured flame on Lin Dong’s finger also quietly scattered. At the same time, the Heavenly Crocodile’s soul in the sky also gradually paled. Lin Dong lowered his eyes slightly as he clenched his hand.

“Did that mysterious Yuan Spirit control his body and flee?”

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