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Chapter 530 Killer Intent

“They can leave but you can’t,”

As Lin Dong’s voice resounded through the wide field, Lin Langtian’s retreating figure froze abruptly. Soon after, a sinister look rushed onto his handsome face.

Compared to the Tian Zhen trio, Lin Langtian was still the biggest sore in Lin Dong’s eyes. The latter had an extreme understanding of this ‘comrade’ that came here alongside with him from the Great Yan Empire. This fellow still possessed the mysterious Yuan Spirit in his body. If he continued to ignored him, he would certainly achieve great accomplishments. Furthermore, the grudges between them were equivalent to fire and ice. As long as Lin Langtian had the opportunity, he would seize it and hit Lin Dong while he was down without any hesitation, like what had happened earlier today.

Therefore, this enemy must be eliminated as soon as possible. Otherwise, it would be much more difficult to deal with him in the future!

Even though Lin Dong understood that the Tian Zhen trio was equally troublesome, he knew it would still be difficult to kill the four of them simultaneously even if he possessed the soul of the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile. Furthermore, Lin Langtian still had the help of the mysterious Yuan Spirit in his body, Hence, Lin Dong had to leave the Lin Zhen trio to make sure that he could get rid of this problem.

At this moment, on the large field, Liu Bai and Yan Sen were flabbergasted at this scene. It appeared that Lin Dong and Lin Langtian had deep grudges between them. Otherwise, Lin Dong would not have hold on to his killer intent towards Lin Langtian even after he let the Tian Zhen trio off.

“Lin Dong, do you really think that you can make me stay just because you have this thing?” Under numerous surprised gazes, Lin Langtian sneered and his eyes contained a tinge of ghastliness.

Lin Dong dropped his gaze slightly. Without saying anything and with a jolt of his mind, the soul of Ancient Heavenly Crocodile, which was entrenched in the corpse, gave out a heaven-shattering roar. Its blood-colored claws started to tear through space again and blasted towards Lin Langtian with a terrifyingly violent force.

“Hand of the Universal Emperor!”

Upon seeing the soul of the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile struck again, Lin Langtian’s gloomy face paled. However, without the slightest amount of hesitation, the Yuan Power in his body began to coagulate rapidly and materialized into a huge Yan Power palm.


The huge Yuan Power palm landed forcefully against the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile’s claw, but it soon ruptured after withstanding the claw momentarily. The violent shockwave knocked Lin Langtian a few hundred metres back, causing the blood and qi in his body to boil violently.

“Master Mu, give me a helping hand and I will rip his body apart into tens thousand pieces today!” Lin Langtian bellowed in his head as blood gushed through his body and fury filled his heart.

“You are not his match, escape before it’s too late. If you want to take revenge, we will talk about it again in the future!” An indifferent voice rapidly rang across Lin Langtian’s mind. This voice belonged to the mysterious entity that Lin Langtian called Master Mu.

“I have already make an escape last time around, how can I escape again!” Upon hearing what was said, Lin Langtian snarled in his heart. He was an individual that was full of pride and arrogance. However,for the past few years, Lin Dong had been surpassing him time and time again and eventually, he was been forced to escape like a stray dog. The last escape he made was enough to make him feel extremely humiliated. This time around, with an substantial increase in his powers, how could he escape like a stray dog again?

“This Lin Dong is not as simple as you think. Even if I help you, we cannot kill him. If you insist on taking the offensive, I’m afraid you won’t be able to handle the consequences,” The mysterious Yuan Spirit reprimanded apathetically with regards to Lin Langtian’s snarling complaints.


Lin Langtian’s eyes slightly reddened and his fists were so tightly clenched that they gave off creaking sound. After a moment, he finally nodded his head reluctantly. However, in his mind, the level of viciousness he had towards Lin Dong had reached an indescribable degree.

Upon seeing Lin Langtian restrain the fury in his heart, the mysterious Yuan Spirit nodded its head. Then, it continued, “I will ensure that you escape. Even though Lin Dong is troublesome, he can’t stop me from securing your escape!”


As the Yuan Spirit finished it sentence, Lin Langtian’s body suddenly jerked violently. A weird greyish glow swept across his eyes. All of a sudden, a powerful aura erupted from his body.

As the aura expanded, Lin Langtian punched his fist out. Frantic and immense power gathered around his fist and collided brutally against the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile’s claw.


Visible air ripples swept through the air. However, this time around, Lin Langtian was not severely injured as expected. His body staggered backward and took on the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile’s claw by force.

Immediately, this scene created an uproar among the onlookers in the field. A surprise look even swept across Liu Bai and Yen Sen’s eyes. The strength of the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile was comparable to a Three Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner. Even if they combined forces, it would take all of their efforts to be able to withstand it. It was not expected that an One Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner like Lin Langtian could withstood such attack.

“It’s rumored that Lin Langtian and Lin Dong are both from the Great Yan Empire and the relationship between both of them is like fire and water…” Mu Hongling said softly as she gazed at the two persons in the sky with great attention.

“Oh? This Great Yan Empire seems to be a place that is filled with luck and treasures. It’s really surprising to see two extraordinary individuals like them to appear in such a low-ranked empire,” Liu Bai was startled. Apparently, he was rather startled at this fact.

Mu Honglin nodded her head slightly. Given Lin Langtian’s sudden outburst of such terrifying power, even if he was to be compared with some high-ranked empires, he would still be considered formidable, let alone an even more outstanding individual like Lin Dong.

“Finally taking the offensive huh?”

Just as the onlookers-filled site was astonished at Lin Langtian’s sudden outburst of aura, Lin Dong’s gaze suddenly froze. Other people might not know what was going on with Lin Langtian, but he clearly understood that the mysterious Yuan Spirit was responsible for this. Boundless Yuan Power, like gushing floodwater, were engulfing Lin Langtian’s body. The greyish glow that was coagulating in his eyes made him come off as extremely cold and weird.

“Lin Dong, I want to see how are you going to kill me!” Lin Langtian sneered as he curled the corner of his mouth and stared at Lin Dong sinisterly.

With the assistance of the mysterious Yuan Spirit in his body, he had reached a level that was comparable to a Three Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner for the time being. With regards to such level of power, even if Lin Dong possessed the soul of Ancient Heavenly Crocodile, he absolutely could not kill Lin Langtian.

Lin Dong squinted his eyes. He had no choice but to admit that Lin Langtian’s powers did increase a lot with the help from the mysterious Yuan Spirit…..

“Lin Dong, do you need my help?” Little Marten’s voice suddenly rang across Lin Dong’s mind as he squinted both his eyes.

“No need, I can handle this.”

Lin Dong shook his head slightly and rejected Little Marten’s offer. Right now, Little Marten just obtained the Samsara pill and it was best not to reveal it now. After all, once Little Marten recovered its physical body, its powers would advance by leaps and bounds. It would be a world of difference for its power between then and now. Therefore, because of the importance of this matter, Lin Dong did not want anything to happen to Little Marten now.

“No matter what help you have borrowed, I want your life today!”

With an indifferent expression, Lin Dong reached out his palm abruptly. Immediately, the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile soul that was in the mid-air, roared towards the sky. Powerful,sharp and piercing claw winds swept down from the sky and blasted towards Lin Langtian.

Bang bang bang!

Facing the relentless and brutal attacks from the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile soul, Lin Langtian quickly activated his Yuan Power and with the help from the mysterious Yuan Spirit in his body, he was actually able to withstand the savage attacks.

The surrounding onlookers were shocked upon seeing Lin Langtian who seemed to receive some kinds of god-given help. Previously, Lin Langtian could not even withstand one swipe from the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile’s claws, yet now he could go head-to-head with the incoming attacks. This turn of events seemed to be too abrupt.

“Haha, I have already said that you can’t kill me. However, Lin Dong, don’t be too pleased with yourself. This time around, count yourself lucky. The next time we meet, I will not give you any opportunity to make a comeback!”

After exchange one more round of blows with the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile soul, Lin Langtian cackled towards the sky and started to retreated quickly.

“This time around, I will not give you the chance to make a comeback!” Lin Dong’s eyes were piercing cold. With a jolt of his body, he flew violently towards Lin Langtian.

“You are courting death!”

When he saw that Lin Dong actually dared to take the initiative and rushed towards him, a glint of sinister look flashed across Lin Langtian’s eyes. Right now, with the help of his mysterious Yuan Spirit, Lin Langtian’s powers had already reached the level that was equivalent to a Three Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner. If they were to fight head-to-head, Lin Dong would not be his match.

“Faster escape now, this lad is not as simple as you think!”

However, the mysterious Yuan Spirit’s voice rang across Lin Langtian’s mind just as his eyes were twinkling with killing intent.

“Master Mu, you have overestimated this lad. Given my current situation, how can he handle me? Furthermore, if I kill him now, the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile soul will be destroyed. When that moment comes, we may even have the chance of obtaining the four great mysterious sects’ inheritances!” Lin Langtian replied eerily as his eyes twinkled.

“How can I give up such a rare opportunity!”

Upon hearing Lin Langtian’s words, the mysterious Yuan Spirit seemed to be stunned momentarily. There appeared to be some some hesitation. If Lin Dong was just controlling the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile soul by one side, there was nothing much they could do about the situation. However, if he was rushing them head-on like this, it was still undecided who might emerge as the victor.


Its hesitation lasted only for a short while because Lin Dong was already right in front of Lin Langtian. Upon seeing this, a ghastly look flashed across the latter’s face. With the Yuan Power surging frantically in his body, he punched his fist out ruthlessly!

“Since you wish to die, I shall grant your wish!”

Frantic and matchless Yuan Power swept out from Lin Langtian’s fist like a hurricane. Such power sufficed to make a Two Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner overwhelmed with shock.

However, in the face of such powerful attack, the incoming Lin Dong did not show any fear in his eyes as what Lin Langtian expected him to be. Instead, there was an ice-cold, smirking look in the former’s eyes.


Just as Lin Langtian was feeling uneasy about the smirking look in Lin Dong’s eyes, he suddenly saw a black-colored,weird flame spiralled out from Lin Dong’s palm.

At the moment when Lin Langtian saw the black-colored flame, his limbs went ice-cold instantly.

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