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Chapter 526: Bronze Door


Yan Sen’s figure transformed into a black shadow and directly charged into the distorted space. Waves after waves of mighty Yuan Power erupted at that instant and actually forcefully scattered the wild and violent spatial ripple.

“Pluto Hand Yan Sen. I never expected that even this person has actually came to this north-western region to enter the Ancient Secret Trove…” Liu Bai looked at the figure that was the first to rush forward and spoke with a soft laughter.

“This fellow is a little troublesome…” Standing beside Liu Bai, Mu Hongling looked at Yan Sen’s back with her peach blossom eyes and said.

“Haha, most people who can reach this place are troublesome…” Liu Bai laughed.

“However, the real shocker is how fast that other guy has improved. When I met him for the first time, any random Nirvana stage expert can reduce him into a miserable state. However, I never expected that within a few short months, he is actually already able to fight with the four overlords of the north-western region…” Mu Hong Ling suddenly turned her pretty eyes before she glanced at Lin Dong a short distance away.

“Lin Dong is not a simple person. It is likely that he will be an incredible dark horse in the Hundred Empire War half a year later.” Liu Bai slowly said.


Mu Hong Ling lifted her pretty eyebrows. She spoke in a noncommittal manner, “Although I do not doubt his growth potential, it is not as though you do not know what kind of terrifying characters will appear in the Hundred Empire War. Those abnormal individuals from the super empires had firmly held onto the top positions since the Hundred Empire War started. It is quite a difficult thing for an ordinary person to shake them, even if one obtains some inheritance and have some lucky encounter.”

“Although it is difficult, something like that has occurred before… Who knows, maybe an exception will appear again this time around. I think that it might be very interesting when that time comes. The dignity of your super empires… have not been challenged for many years.” Liu Bai laughed.


Mu Hong Ling stretched her waist and her curves were exposed. Her pretty eyes had gathered onto the figure in the distance for some unknown reason. It was extremely difficult to challenging a super empire. Could this fellow really do it?

“We should leave. Once we barge through this distorted space, we should be able to reach the remains of the four great mysterious sects…” Liu Bai waved his hand. After which, his figure moved… he took charge and rushed forward and directly shot into the distorted space. Mu Hongling and the others closely followed behind him.

Swoosh swoosh!

Seeing that Yan Sen, Liu Bai and the others have moved, those crowds that were eyeing the four great mysterious sects’ remains, were finally unable to endure any longer. Numerous figures rushed out. Finally, they jumped into the distorted space.

However, many people seemed to have underestimated the wild and violent spatial strength that existed in this distorted space. Therefore, when these people charge in one after another, some unlucky fellows was struck by the spatial crack line. Finally, a muffled ‘boom’ sound was emitted and they were torn apart, forming a rain of blood. A bloody scent spread apart.

The suddenly bloody scent also immediately stirred a panic. Some people had finally understood that this distorted space surrounding the four great mysterious sect remains was not as simple as they had imagined.

Lin Dong looked at the blood fog that was drifting over from the distorted space. He knitted his brows slightly… these fellows had really been tempted by the four great mysterious sect remains, until they had lost their minds.

“Let’s go.”

This kind of matter… Lin Dong did not have the strength nor intention to be bothered about it. He nodded towards Little Flame. Immediately, they both of them rushed out at the same time and shot straight into the distorted space.


After the two of them charged into the distorted space, they were able to sense the incomparably wild and violent spatial strength around. Numerous spatial crack lines would occasionally spread apart, appearing just like the sharpest blade. Should one accidentally touch it, even their Nirvana Golden Body would be directly torn apart. Vast and might Yuan Power covered Lin Dong and Little Flame. At the same time Lin Dong’s Mental Energy also swept apart. Each time a spatial crack line appeared in the surrounding space, Lin Dong would be the first to sense it and lead Little Flame to dodge it.

Although this kind of distorted space was dangerous, an expert of Lin Dong level would not easily end up facing a fatal danger as long as he was careful. Hence, with this success and speed, the remains of the four great mysterious sects hidden deep within the distorted space also began to gradually appear within the sight of Lin Dong’s group.

That place seemed to be an extremely ancient and enormous field. Nothing on the field appeared to be particularly special. However, the majestic aura that it emitted caused one to feel a little breathless.

“That is…”

Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the middle of the field. After which, he discovered that there was actually four tightly shut ancient bronze door quietly standing at that spot, appearing as though they had lasted forever, since the ancient times.


Some of the more powerful experts had already passed through the distorted space and landed on the large ancient field.

Lin Dong and Little Flame also followed closely behind. They slowly landed on this large field. After which, they swept their gazes around. This ancient field looked as though it was completely casted from a large rock and there was not the slightest crack line on it. The field was as smooth as a mirror as though it had been randomly carved by someone.

“Is this the remains of the four great mysterious sects…”

Those figures who had landed in this field carried a pair of fiery hot eyes as they slowly swept over this place… deep within their eyes was a surging greedy expression. After experiencing so many obstacles, they had finally reached the remains of the four great mysterious sects!

The ancient field did not have any overly unique things. The only special objects were the four ancient bronze doors. Hence, after many gazes swept once around, all of them gathered on these doors. From the looks of it, it appeared as though these four bronze doors were the key to the inheritance of the four great mysterious sects.


Numerous gazes flowed over the bronze doors. A moment later, a person was finally unable to endure any longer. He stepped forward. After which, wild Yuan Power surged as he unleashed a powerful martial art. His fist smashed onto a bronze door.

A low and deep sound spread over the field as a circular ripple spread apart. It directly scattered the dust that had been lying on this field for countless number of years.


However, just after that ripple spread, the expression of the expert who had unleashed this attack immediately paled. After which, he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. His body directly shot backwards in front of numerous stunned eyes. It finally shot out of the field and was sent into the distorted space. His waist was split into two by a spatial stream that was spreading apart. Immediately, a sharp screech sounded.

This scene immediately caused the experts on the field to become quiet. Some of those who were originally planning on attacking together and blasting apart these bronze doors immediately stopped with faces covered in cold sweat. It seemed that these bronze doors cannot be broken with brute force…

“The inheritance of the four great mysterious sects should be behind these four large bronze doors…” Lin Dong’s gaze swept over those bronze doors. An expression of deep thought flashed across his eyes.

In other words, it meant that he must open the large bronze doors in order to obtain the inheritance.

Everyone on the field engaged in private conversations. They seemed to be discussing about how to break the door. Liu Bai’s group, on the other hand, was staring at these large bronze doors with strange expressions. Their eyes did not contain the doubt and loss like those of the others.

“Everyone, do you really wish to know how to open these large bronze doors?” A voice suddenly spoke faintly while everyone was at a loss. Immediately, all the eyes turned towards him. Lin Dong’s gaze also looked over. His eyes was slightly cold. This was because the person who had spoke was Lin Langtian.

“It is not possible to use brute force to break these large bronze doors. This is because one must have a key in order to open them.” Lin Langtian placed both of his hands behind him. His gaze carried some dark chillness as it was slowly thrown towards Lin Dong a short distance away.

“The keys to open them are the four Ancient Secret Keys!”


Lin Langtian’s words immediately stirred a commotion on this field. After which, numerous gazes instantly became filled with a heated greed as they paused on Lin Dong. Everyone present clearly knew that Lin Dong possessed an Ancient Secret Key.

“Haha, this fellow likely possess more than one Ancient Secret Key in his hands. He had defeated Shi Kun and it is likely that the Ancient Secret Key in the latter’s hands should now be with him.”

Lin Langtian smiled densely. After which, his eyes looked towards Liu Bai, Tian Zhen and the other two individuals amongst the four great overlords. He said, “Let’s join hands and snatch the Ancient Secret Keys from him. What do you say?”

Tian Zhen’s expression immediately turned dark and dense when he heard this. He immediately stared at Lin Dong with malicious intent. The smile on his face was a little ferocious.

“Ancient Secret key?”

Liu Bai smiled faintly. He clenched his hand and an ancient key appeared on it. He lazily said, “We have coincidentally met the Prehistoric Empire along the way and took their Ancient Secret Key in passing…”

“Looks like I don’t need it either.”

The black robed Yan Sen glanced at Lin Dong. After which, he extended his long hand. There was actually also an Ancient Secret Key on his fingers!

Clearly, this should be the one that belonged to the Death Valley Empire!

It seemed that these fellows had also guessed something. Therefore, they took action and snatched the Ancient Secret Key after the Ancient Treasure Trove was opened. Those like the Devil Cliff Empire and the Prehistoric Empire had completely wasted their effort to bitterly search for the Ancient Secret Key…

Lin Langtian’s eyes were a little dark and cold as he glanced at Liu Bai and Yan Sen. It is unexpected that these two fellows had actually done something like this…

“Hee hee, Lin Dong, you have offended quite a number of people. I have already said that you will regret it sooner or later!”

Tian Zhen had a shady face as he slowly stepped forward. After which, his eyes stared at Lin Dong with some hostility. He extended his hand, “Hand over the Ancient Secret Key!”

Shuffle shuffle!

The man with an axe behind him and the beast robe man also carried some chilling aura as they slowly stepped forward from behind Tian Zhen. Finally, they stood beside Tian Zhen. Their eyes stared at Lin Dong in an indifferent manner. It seemed that they also wanted the Ancient Secret Key in Lin Dong’s hands.

“Lin Dong, you should obediently hand them over if you do not wish to die here.”

A chilly expression surfaced on Lin Langtian’s face. He softly said, “No matter what tactics you have, you will definitely die in the face of this lineup!”

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