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Chapter 522: Little Flame Battles Tian Zhen


Lin Dong’s body rushed out in front of the eyes of many people while his hands reached for the Samsara pill. Due to the influence from the earlier big battle with Tian Zhen, no one actually dared to intervene and stopped him at that moment. Instead, numerous figures let out a swish sound as they turned towards Tian Zhen.

Right now, the smile on Tian Zhen’s face had finally completely disappeared. His eyes contained a faint crimson colour. They appeared a little distorted and looked exceptionally frightening.

“Metal plate? Ignorant fool. You have overestimated yourself!”

A densely cold bone chilling voice was finally emitted from Tian Zhen’s mouth in a slow manner. His voice was filled with a sinister aura that could not be hidden.

The hearts of everyone in the Pill Room leaped when they heard this voice. Tian Zhen seemed to be showing signs of exploding…

“Do you really think that just because Liu Bai thinks highly of you, you can treat yourself as some great person? Today, I will let you see just how hard you, this metal plate, can be!”


Tian Zhen’s voice suddenly sounded. At the same time, his body also rushed out from the ground. Surging Yuan Power churned around his body as waves after waves of powerful pressure swept apart, causing the breathing of the people around to turn ragged.


Tian Zhen was in the midair, as he threw a punch forward. A sharp fist wind containing a piercing cold killing intent, ruthlessly struck towards Lin Dong, who was grabbing towards the Samsara pill.

Lin Dong’s eyes turned cold as he sensed the wind that once again come attacking him from behind. However, just as he was about to turn around and retaliate, a strong figure appeared behind him. That figure was Little Flame.

“Big brother, just focus on obtaining the Samsara pill. Leave this person to me!” The black coloured metal rod in Little Flame’s hand suddenly shook. Those scales on it sprang apart, emitting a densely cold glow. After which, it was suddenly shot out and ruthlessly collided with the sharp Yuan Power wind.


A low and deep blast was emitted from the point of contact. After which, a wild and fierce wind swept apart. A black glow surged and appeared when it was about to reach Little Flame, completely blocking this powerful wind.

Lin Dong was momentarily stunned when he saw Little Flame intervene. Immediately, he gave a nod. Although Little Flame’s strength was also that of a one Yuan Nirvana Stage, his original form was of the Heavenly Devil Tiger Tribe. Hence, his physical body was much stronger than Lin Dong. Moreover, he also possessed quite a number of skills. Even if Tian Zhen wanted to finish him off, it would be no simple task.

“Fool who do not know what is good for you. With your skill, you actually dare to fight me?”

Tian Zhen could not help but let out a furious laughter when he saw Little Flame intervening. He had heard a little of Lin Dong’s reputation, therefore, he did not feel that it was unbelievable for Lin Dong to be able to receive his attack earlier. However, did this fellow really think that his subordinate also had the qualification to fight with him?

Little Flame was expressionless. His eyes stared at Tian Zhen as waves of energy swam around the surface of his body. There was a vague seemingly low and deep tiger roar that was being emitted from his moving muscles.

The other people within the Pill Room was also startled at this scene. They were aware of Lin Dong’s name but were unaware of the background of this strong giant like big fellow, who was standing behind the former. Moreover, from the looks of it, the latter was only just at the one Yuan Nirvana Stage. Could it be that he also has hidden abilities just like Lin Dong?

“Get lost!”

At this moment, Tian Zhen no longer had even the slightest demeanor from when he had just appeared. The fierce and brutal expression on his face caused one to feel a chill within one’s heart just by looking at it.

If it was an ordinary person, it was likely that he would have directly been suppressed by this fierceness of Tian Zhen. Unfortunately, the one whom he was facing at this moment was someone who possessed a human form, but had a heart which was even fiercer and more brutal than him.


Hence, when Tian Zhen charged forward with a savage expression, Little Flame did not step back. Instead, the surging black coloured energy swept apart, wrapping the metal rod in his hand. After which, the metal rod contained all the strength from his body, as he mercilessly smashed it at Tian Zhen.

Being a Demonic Beast, Little Flame had a natural born advantage when it came to his physical strength. Now that he had used his full force, the torn wind emitted an ear-piercing sound. Even Tian Zhen’s eyes narrowed slightly. After which, surging Yuan Power surged out. His body trembled before a bright golden glow surged out from within him, directly forming a substance like golden glow barrier in front of him in the process.


The metal rod smashed heavily onto the golden glow barrier and it immediately created a clear metallic sound. Ripples swiftly vibrated. However, it ultimately did not shatter.

“Your strength is quite good. However, you cannot break my golden body barrier!”

The golden glow vibrated as a ferocious smile flashed over the face of Tian Zhen within it. His fist penetrated through the light barrier as the Yuan Power on it formed the shape of a wolf’s head. After which, it contained a rolling ripple that smashed towards Little Flame’s chest.

“Tiger Demon Armour!”

Black glow flashed over Little Flame’s body. Finally, it directly transformed into a black coloured tiger pattern light armour. Some dim luster was flickering on the armour, which appeared exceptionally hard.


Tian Zhen’s fist heavily landed on the tiger pattern light armour. Something similar to a tiger roar was emitted from the armour as a mysterious strength surged out. This strength actually forcefully suppressed Tian Zhen’s strength.


A fierce expression also suddenly flashed past Little Flame’s eyes after directly and forcefully receiving a blow from Tian Zhen. The metal rod suddenly danced, transforming into numerous rod afterimages that covered Tian Zhen from all directions.

Tian Zhen’s face was filled with an evil aura as he looked at Little Flame’s attack. The surging Yuan Power formed the shape of a wolf, as it whizzed out and collided violently with the rod shadows that permeated the sky.


Everyone in the Pill Room looked at the fiery hot battle in the midair. A rich shocked expression filled their eyes. Clearly, they did not expect that the giant person who was standing behind Lin Dong like an attendant, was actually this strong!

While Little Flame and Tian Zhen were engaged in an intense battle behind him, Lin Dong’s hand was already half a foot away from the Samsara pill. However, his hand did not show signs of withering. This was because a purple-black coloured energy was wrapped around it. Although Lin Dong had managed to block the withering, his hand seemed to be only able to use this extremely slow speed to approach the Samsara pill a bit at a time.

It was obvious that Lin Dong could not be distracted at this moment. All he could do was to leave Little Flame to handle Tian Zhen.

“Clang clang!”

The rod shadow rushed past with a lightning-like speed and ruthlessly landed on the golden body barrier around Tian Zhen. Clear metallic like sound erupted in the process.

The blows that were exchanged between the two were all extremely vicious and they were merciless in their attacks. However, both of them did possess something to protect their bodies. Hence, despite the battle appearing fierce and ruthless, there were no overly obviously injuries appearing on their bodies.

This scene clearly caused the two people involved to be extremely displeased.

Tian Zhen was one of the four overlords of this north-western region. His reputation was extremely great. He was already extremely displeased that Lin Dong had successfully received an attack by him today. Now that Little Flame had appeared, his displeasure had clearly reached its limit. If news of this matter were to spread, it would be quite a severe blow to his reputation.

He did not want some stalemate. Instead, he wanted a genuine victory!

Similarly, this manner of thought had also unexpectedly appeared in Little Flame’s heart despite the fact that he was in a disadvantageous situation. Being a Demonic Beast which possessed the bloodline of the Heavenly Devil Tiger Tribe, his desire to win was also at an incomparable level!


The metal rod in Little Flame’s hand suddenly flew out of his hands, before a low and deep tiger roar was suddenly emitted from within his mouth. The roar was filled with a strange pressure.

Black coloured energy surged out from within Little Flame’s body like floodwaters. In the next instant, it vaguely formed a black coloured large tiger shape behind it.

“Heaven Devil God Transformation, Tiger Roar Transformation!”

Little Flame’s tiger leg stepped forward. Both of his hands curled into a claw shape. After which, the formed numerous strange seals in a lightning like manner. Finally, his hands pressed together before he widened his mouth like a furious tiger and roared at the sky.


The black coloured large tiger behind him roared towards the sky before transforming into a black glow that gathered on Little Flame’s tiger claw. Finally, the claw was accompanied by a terrifying ripple as it turned into a roaring large black coloured tiger with dancing claws as it suddenly whizzed out.

Boom boom!

The air let out a loud explosion as the large black coloured tiger rushed past. The speed of the black light was extremely fast. In an instant, it tore through the air and ruthlessly smashed onto the incomparably firm golden body barrier around Tian Zhen in front of the many stunned gazes.


A shockingly wild and violent ripple spread apart. After which, a slight cracking sound appeared in front of Tian Zhen’s shrunk eyes.

Crack crack!

Crack lines swiftly spread out. In the blink of an eye, the hard golden body barrier was covered with crack lines. Finally, it emitted a ‘boom’ sound and burst apart in front of the many shaken eyes.

At the same time, Lin Dong’s hand also penetrated through the Ring of Life and Death. He grabbed the black-white mysterious medicinal pill that seemed to possess a merger of the Ying and Yang strength!

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