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Chapter 521: Violent Wolf Tian Zhen

The man who had suddenly appeared was wearing a glaring red robe. There seemed to be a faint bloody scent spreading from him, informing others that the person before them was definitely no saint despite the friendly smile on his face.

When the green clothed man and the others by the side saw this smiling red robed man, their expressions suddenly changed as they cried out in alarm, “Violent Wolf Tian Zhen?

“Violent Wolf Tian Zhen?”

Lin Dong’s lips tightened a little when he heard this form of address. A grave expression flashed across his eyes. There were four great overlords of this north-western region. Demon Spear Liu Bai, Mountain Shattering Axe Jiang Shan, Beast Fist Mu Shou and Violent Wolf Tian Zhen.

To think that the one who had appeared was actually one of the four overlords of the north-western region, Violent Wolf Tian Zhen, who was ranked alongside Liu Bai.

“Haha, so it is actually someone from the Desert North Empire…” The red robed man glanced at the green clothed man and replied with a friendly smile.

However, this smile contained some chilly aura when it landed in the eyes of the green clothed man and the others. Everyone knew that this Tian Zhen might appear friendly on the surface but deep down, he was an extremely brutal and ruthless man. Otherwise, he would not end up with the name Violent Wolf.

“You must be that Lin Dong, right? It is rumoured that even that fellow Liu Bai thinks highly of you.” Tian Zhen merely glanced at the green clothed man. After which, he turned his eyes towards Lin Dong and smilingly said.

“I have met him once and it cannot be said that I am held in high regard by him.” Lin Dong’s voice was calm. He did not appear as terrified as the green clothed man and the others. This Tian Zhen’s aura was indeed extremely powerful and it was likely that he possessed the ability to attempt the third Nirvana Tribulation. He was many times stronger than an ordinary two Yuan Nirvana Stage expert. However, his level was insufficient for Lin Dong to feel fearful.

Tian Zhen’s eyes narrowed in the face of this calm attitude of Lin Dong. His large hand curled. Anyone who knew him understood that he was a little displeased with Lin Dong’s attitude.

Swoosh swoosh!

An increasing number of experts were attracted to this Pill Room after Tian Zhen show himself. Within a short couple of minutes, numerous figures landed one after another and hurried into the Pill Room. After which, all of they also gathered towards this middle area where everyone was.

“That is… Samsara pill?”

Those who had arrived at this place saw the black white medicinal pill suspended over the stone pillar immediately after they arrived. Soon after, numerous exclamation resounded in a wave like fashion.

Lin Dong’s brows were involuntarily knitted together as he looked at the many greedy eyes that suddenly shot from all around him. Seems like he was unable to obtain the Samsara pill before it caused a commotion.

“That is Violent Wolf Tian Zhen. I didn’t expect him to be here as well…”

Those eyes, which had become boiling hot because of the Samsara pill, suddenly turned towards the red robed man in front of them. Immediately, quite a number of their expressions changed. Clearly, the reputation of this Violent Wolf Tian Zhen was quite strong.

Moreover, all of them also clearly understood Tian Zhen’s character. He was a ruthless person. It was rumoured that only some time ago, a two Yuan Nirvana Stage expert was viciously killed by him in an exchange. Hence, there were no one who dared to offend this fiend.

“I am quite fond of this Samsara pill. I believe that everyone here will help me to fulfill my wish of obtaining it, right?” Tian Zhen ignored the surrounding gazes. He stared at the Samsara pill before immediately speaking with a smile.

Although he wore a smile on his face and his tone was an inquiring one, everyone this Pill Room was completely silent as they sensed the surging violence under Tian Zhen’s smile…”

Green and white mixed on the faces of the green clothed man and the others. Their eyes flickered and immediately spoke in a sinister manner, “The first person who arrived is Lin Dong…”

Although his words did not contain much meaning, it caused Tian Zhen’s smilingly eyes to looked towards Lin Dong. He smilingly inquired, “Brother Lin Dong will not mind, will you?”

Lin Dong glanced indifferently at the green clothed man and the others. Finally, he lowered his eyes and replied, “I need this Samsara pill. Anyone who wish to obtain it should rely on their own strength.”

What a joke. Lin Dong had undergone so much in order to obtain this Samsara pill. Although this Tian Zhen had a powerful reputation, he had overestimated his so-called reputation, if he thought that was enough to force Lin Dong to back off.

The surrounding people were startled at these words of Lin Dong, which did not intend to give in. Immediately, a pitiful expression flashed across their eyes. They had heard about the news of Lin Dong having defeated Shi Kun. However, Tian Zhen was not someone that Shi Kun could compare with. This brutal and ruthless fellow had even killed two Yuan Nirvana Stage experts…

A cold smile flashed across the green clothed man when he saw this. Lin Dong actually dared to rebuke him in front of so many people. With the latter’s character, it was likely that he would not forgive Lin Dong.

Numerous gazes gathered towards the red robe figure. The latter’s face still wore a smile. However, there was a faint fierceness that flashed across it.

“I do not like others snatching my things…” Tian Zhen’s hands slowly tightened. Immediately, he walked forward and faintly said, “Receive one blow from me and I will give you the right to fight with me for the Samsara pill.”

Lin Dong grinned. This Tian Zhen had indeed released his domineering aura. However, from the way Lin Dong saw it, this domineering aura was a little foolish. Did he really think that obtaining the title as one of the four great overlord of the north-western region was sufficient to allow him to become extremely arrogant in this place? There are countless number of experts in this Ancient Battlefield and there were many hidden experts lurking around. It was clearly not his turn to display this arrogance.

“Just attack.”

“Gutsy!” Tian Zhen parted his mouth and grinned. The dense white teeth that he revealed contained a dense chillness.


The surrounding people emitted a shuttling sound as they swiftly withdrew after seeing the two facing each other maliciously. However, they felt a tinge of regret when they looked at Lin Dong. Although Tian Zhen’s overbearing arrogance was indeed dislikable, it was based off his strength. The number of people who could beat him in this north-western region, could be counted with one’s fingers. Clearly, Lin Dong was not one of them.

Tian Zhen stared at Lin Dong. The smile on his face withdrew a little. Meanwhile, a haughty aura slowly spread apart from within his body.

Tian Zhen at this moment seemed to match with the name Violent Wolf.


Tian Zhen’s feet stomped onto the ground. At this moment, he was just like a woken fierce beast. A blood redness climbed up both of his eyes. In the next instant, his entire body directly transformed into a red glow and rushed out. There was even an afterimage remaining on his original spot.

“Lin Dong, I have never held back when fighting with anyone, regardless of strength. If you cannot handle this attack, then… die!”

Tian Zhen’s figure had appeared in the midair in front of Lin Dong within an instant. Surging Yuan Power spat out. After which, it agglomerated on his palm at a shocking speed.

“Thousand Wolves Army Breaking Fist!”

A low and deep densely cold cry was emitted from Tian Zhen’s throat. The surging Yuan Power transformed into tens of thousands of dashing wolf figures. All of them contained a merciless aura as they ruthlessly encircled Lin Dong.

Tian Zhen’s attack was indeed as completely merciless as he had described. This fist was something that even an ordinary two Yuan Nirvana Stage had difficulty receiving. If Lin Dong’s genuine strength was truly reflected on his surface, this fist would mostly likely be able to end his life.

The expressions of those surrounding experts changed slightly in the face of this vicious attack from Tian Zhen. The name Violent Wolf was indeed fitting. It was likely that this fellow had the most fearsome reputation amongst the four great overlords.

Tens of thousands of wolves dashed forward and were swiftly magnified in Lin Dong;’s eyes. A serious expression also surged up his face. Yuan Power, Mental Energy and Devouring Power surged out from within his body. Finally, they were swiftly poured into that Ancient Universe Formation.

Bang bang!

A merged force that was grayish-black in colour spat out from within Lin Dong’s body. There was a strange ripple being vaguely emitted at the same time.

“Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger!”

The merged force swiftly gathered. Within the blink of an eye, it transformed into an ancient large finger. However, it not bright in colour. Instead, it was grayish-black. At a glance, it was permeated in mystery.

This was the first time that Lin Dong had used this force that was merged from three types of energy to mix with a martial arts ever since he gained control of such an energy!

This usage did indeed greatly exhaust Lin Dong’s Yuan Power, Mental Energy and the Devouring Power. However, its might was something that did not even need to be mentioned…


The grayish-black enormous finger wrapped around Lin Dong’s body. It carried a frightening momentum that could crumble the world as it violently collided with the tens of thousands of wolves without hesitation!

The entire Pill Room trembled intensely at this moment. Those surrounding experts also swiftly pulled back. A shocked expression flashed in the eyes of the green clothed man’s group. In fact, Lin Dong’s attack even caused them to feel a sense of danger. It was likely that if they were the ones facing such an attack, they would likely wound up in a miserable state…

The wild and violent energy swept apart like a storm in the midair. Some of the stone pillars within the Pill Room were blasted apart when struck by the energy.


Two figures also shot out from the aftermath of the explosion. Finally, they landed on the ground and took a couple of swift steps back. Only then did they stabilized their bodies.

Numerous eyes were shot over almost at that very instant.

The clothes of the two people who had appeared were somewhat tattered. The Yuan Power over them fluctuated intensely. From the looks of it, they appeared to have actually ended up in a draw.

“That Lin Dong… he actually received Tian Zhen’s attack…”

Some people faced each other. Their eyes were filled with a stunned expression. Clearly, their hearts were quite shaken because of this result.

Everyone knew that this Tian Zhen had never held back regardless of his opponent’s strength in any fight. He had only used one attack earlier but the strength of it was sufficient to severely injury a two Yuan Nirvana Stage expert. Nonetheless, it was still blocked by Lin Dong…

His genuine strength was truly hidden and deep.

The eyes of the green clothed man’s group had shrunk because of this. They looked at Lin Dong’s calm face and vaguely understood why the latter was not the least bit courteous to them. Lin Dong’s actual fighting strength had already surpassed theirs…

“There are many powerful people in this Ancient Battlefield. If one was too arrogant, one would eventually strike a hard metal plate.”

Lin Dong looked at Tian Zhen, whose expression was a little dense. His voice was calm. After which, he turned around and directly rushed towards the Samsara pill above. After which, his hand grabbed onto it. Little Marten already had a method to resolve the Ring of Life and Death!

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