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Chapter 514: Eight Level Fist Aura

The moment that majestic thunder-like fist aura was swallowed by Lin Dong, his mind suddenly entered into a trance-like state. Faintly, an ancient picture seemed to flash past his mind.

That picture was still that of an ancient large hall and one was still barely able to recognise it as the main hall where Lin Dong’s group was at. There was also a stone block quietly standing at the centre of the large hall. Meanwhile, there was a thin and elderly figure in front of the stone block. He was less than half as tall as the stone block, but the faint ripple emitted from within his body was so strong that it could shatter this world. It was as though a slight movement of his body could cause the land to shake.

Only the back of the old figure could be seen in the picture. After which, Lin Dong saw the old man raising his hand and casually swung his palm.


This palm might appear dull and ordinary, but when the wind from the palm was brandished, space itself became distorted. A formless powerful fist aura was just like a creeping prehistoric enormous beast that suddenly pounced over with killing intent, causing one’s mind to quiver.


The palm landed on the stone block. However, the frightening fist aura that could cause this domain to explode did not do any damage to the stone block. All it left behind was a palm imprint that was only half a finger deep on its surface.

This was naturally not because the material of the stone block was too hard. Instead, it was because this mysterious old man had already reached a level where he could retract and unleash his strength as he pleased.


The old man once again unleashed a punch and pressed a finger forward after the palm landed. He once again left behind a fist aura and a finger mark. Lin Dong seemed to have vaguely saw traces of a martial art as he did so. It was likely that this palm, fist and finger should be quite a powerful martial arts. However, Lin Dong also vaguely sensed that it was not so simple.

“The Eight Level True Ideal is on the Stone Block. Someone with affinity will be able to obtain it.”

While Lin Dong was deep in thought, that old figure also gradually faded. An indifferent voice that appeared to have been transmitted from the ancient times, sounded within Lin Dong’s heart.

One could see the picture strangely become real after the voice sounded, while Lin Dong’s body directly appeared in front of the stone block within that picture.


Following Lin Dong’s appearance, the palm imprint, fist imprint and finger imprint on the stone block actually transformed into three rays of light that surged out. After which, it transformed into three light clusters that were suspended above the stone block.

“Is this the inheritance of the Eight Level Sect?” Lin Dong’s heart was filled with joy when he saw this scene. His eyes swept over it before he extended his hand towards the cluster of light that contained the palm imprint.


Lin Dong’s expression suddenly changed the instant when he was about to extend his hand. His gaze swept over the place and saw that three figures had appeared behind him. They were clearly Song Duan’s group.

The three figures had just appeared when their eyes greedily looked at the three clusters of light above the stone block. Even though no one said anything, all the of them knew what was going on. Hence, they were merely hesitated for a moment before they rushed out.

The speed of Song Duan and Peng Fei were the fastest. However, they were clearly still a little afraid of Lin Dong. Therefore, they did not dare to snatch the palm imprint light cluster that Lin Dong was about to grab. Instead, they rushed towards the fist imprint and the finger imprint.

With their extremely fast speed, their hands grabbed the light clusters in a flash. Immediately, their faces revealed a wild joy. It was likely that they had sensed just how great of a treasure the thing within the light cluster was.

Lin Dong became extremely furious when he saw that these three fellows had actually appeared and spoil the situation. He had swallowed quite a great amount of the majestic fist aura on the stone block, only to allow these three fellows to take advantage of the situation and come to this place. This scene undoubtedly caused Lin Dong to be angry.

He was the only one who had taken advantage of others from behind. It was unexpected that he had actually been the one opening the path for these three fellows this time around. Moreover, looking at the intention of these fellows, it seemed that they were actually intending to snatch away the things that ought to belong to him!

A fury surged within Lin Dong’s heart. Soon after, he saw another scene that caused him to involuntarily laugh out loud in his extreme anger. That eyes of Mo Sha, who had argued with him earlier, flicked after he saw that the fist imprint and finger imprint had been obtained by Song Mo and Peng Fei. He actually directly extended his hand towards the fist imprint light cluster in front of Lin Dong.

“You are seeking death!”

A cold glint flashed in Lin Dong’s eyes. However, just as he was preparing to attack, Little Martern voice suddenly sounded, “… wait!”

This voice had appeared extremely suddenly, causing Lin Dong to be startled. However, the speed in his hand was also greatly reduced as a result. That Mo Sha took the opportunity to pass by and grab the palm imprint light cluster with a face filled with wild joy. His gaze contained some ridicule as it drifted towards Lin Dong.

Song Duan and the two others did not planned to remain for long after obtaining the item. This space seemed to be emitting an exclusion strength that pushed them out of it.


Lin Dong’s expression was gloomy. Immediately, he wanted to give chase and head out to settle the scores. However, Little Martern swayed and drifted out. He lazily said, “What are you so anxious about?”

“What have you discovered?” Lin Dong gritted his teeth in the face of this manner of Little Marten. However, he immediately calmed down. Although Little Marten loved to joke at times, iit would clearly not do something vexatious at such a time. Since this was not the case, it was likely that this cunning old fellow had discovered something again.

“How uninteresting.”

Little Marten, who originally wanted to see Lin Dong jumping on his feet, was startled when it saw this. Clearly, it had not expect Lin Dong to react to the situation so quickly. Immediately, he curled his mouth and spoke

“If you really go and snatch those three things, it is likely that you will allow the inheritance of the Eight Level Sect to pass by you.”Little Marten looked at the stone block. At this moment, the palm imprint, fist imprint and the finger hole had disappeared. However, Little Marten eyes were increasingly focused.

“Extend your hand…”

Lin Dong hesitated for a moment after hearing Little Marten’s faint voice. He extended his hand and gently touched the stone block.


Lin Dong expression instantly changed when he made contact with the stone block. A little paleness vaguely appeared on his face. At this moment, he could sense a wave of extremely fierce and majestic fist aura sweeping out from within the interior of the stone block in all directions. That fist aura was the same as the one which was present in the body of the old man in the picture earlier!

The fist aura was shapeless and colourless. However, one was able to sense its actual existence. It was a vast and mighty as an ocean and Lin Dong was just like a small boat that could be overturned anytime within it. Lin Dong appeared extremely tiny in the face of the fist aura.

Even Lin Dong’s legs felt weak in the face of the majestic steel like pressure.


The stone block suddenly cracked, forming numerous crack lines. After which, they expended and the stone block finally completely cracked apart.

Following the bursting apart of the stone block, an invisible cluster that seemed to be like the fiercest and most powerful thing in this world in Lin Dong’s eyes, slowly surfaced from within the stone block. After which, it was suspended in front of Lin Dong.

“This is, fist aura?” Lin Dong eyes shrunk as he stared at the strange thing in front of it. He could sense the frightening strength contained within it.

“Eight Level Fist Aura. This is the real Eight Level True Ideal. Those earlier are merely low quality objections. If you take them, you would instead be directly expelled from this place and you can forget about obtaining the Eight Level Fist Aura.” Little Marten spoke faintly.

Lin Dong inhaled a breath of cold air. From the picture earlier, he was aware that this Eight Level Fist Aura should be left behind by that extremely frightening old man. Lin Dong was unaware of just what level that old man had reached. He was actually able to formed such a fist aura. This invisible ethereal thing was not something that someone of Lin Dong level could come into contact with.”

Lin Dong involuntarily felt an impulse to form some cold perspiration when he thought of how precious the Eight Level Fist Aura was. It was fortunate that he did not obtain that light cluster earlier. Otherwise, he would really lose something precious and obtain something that was far less valuable.

No wonder that old man mentioned someone with an affinity. It seemed that those words were true. Those three clusters of light earlier were clearly just something to trick people.

Lin Dong parted his mouth and quietly calmed his heart. Only then did he extend his hand and grabbed at the Eight Level Fist Aura. The latter did not pose any resistance. It directly and successfully entered Lin Dong’s body. After which, Lin Dong could also sense the Eight Level Fist Aura entering his Dantian and quietly suspending within it. It was completely without any fierce overbearingness. However, Lin Dong could sense that as long as he activated it quietly, this Eight Level Fist Aura would unleash an extremely powerful and lethal blow.

This thing was just like an enhancement item. In the future, as long as Lin Dong mixed any attack that he used in the future with a little of it, the might of the attack would suddenly soar!

This was the true inheritance of the Eight Level Sect!

“Child, you still have more to learn. Once you possess Grandpa Marten’s eyesight, you will be able to roam this world as you wish.”

Little Marten laughed. Its laughter contained a pride that could not be hidden.

Lin Dong involuntarily parted his mouth and smiled when he heard this. However, he must admit that Little Marten eyesight was sharp. If it was not because Little Marten had opened his mouth earlier, it was likely that Lin Dong would have been expelled from this place and would not be able to obtain this Eight Level Fist Aura.

“Let’s go. It’s time to leave. There are still some scores that must be settled. It is not so easy to take advantage of me.”

Lin Dong smiled while his eyes gradually sunk a little. Although he might not have obtained this Eight Level Fist Aura if it was not because of the interruption of those fellows, the feeling of having been robbed by others was truly displeasing!

Since Lin Dong felt displeased in his heart, he naturally needed to settle the source of his displeasure!

A cold glint flickered in Lin Dong’s eyes. His body moved and gradually faded. Finally, he completely disappeared from this place.

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