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Chapter 513: Majestic Fist Aura

Within the hall, numerous amazed gazes were currently glued to the ancient stone block. More accurately, the gazes had locked onto the three imprints on the stone block.

“What a forceful fist aura!”

Intense shock surfaced on Song Duan’s and Peng Fei’s faces. They had similarly sensed the terrifying fist aura that had emerged from the stone block when Mu Sha was sent flying.

Lin Dong’s gaze flickered. He had already understood that the Eight Level Sect’s inheritance should be located on this stone block. However, that fierce and powerful fist aura was quite frightening…

At this moment, the Mu Sha who had been sent flying once again dashed over. His face was a little ashen as he stared intently at the stone block, appearing as if he was on the brink of lashing out to blast it to pieces. However, he quickly calmed himself. This stone block was no ordinary object, if he continued to act thoughtlessly, he would likely embarrass himself even further.

Moreover, he now clearly understood the situation. This stone block was likely the most precious object within the ruins of the Eight Level Sect. This realisation made him feel a surge of joy, no matter what happened, it seems that he would no longer have to return empty handed…

Numerous gazes within the large hall were saturated with both surprise and joy as they looked at the stone block. However, there was no longer anyone who would act carelessly. Firstly, they had learnt from Mu Sha’s mistake. Second, with so many people watching, obtaining the inheritance of this place might not be a good thing.

Under the allure of the true sect inheritance, the boldness in the hearts of those people here would likely be magnified by countless times. Even someone like Song Duan and the others would not be able to deter the rest with force.


The silence in the hall persisted for a short period before Song Duan finally opened his mouth and spoke. His gaze swept across the area, pausing on Lin Dong for a moment as he said, “We have come to here for the Eight Level Sect’s inheritance. From what I can see, the inheritance should be inside this ancient stone block. We are not unreasonable people. Since all of us have come here, each of us will naturally have a chance at this inheritance. Thus, let each of us shall rely on our own ability. As for who will eventually obtain the inheritance, shall we let it depend on one’s luck and ability?”

Song Duan’s words were indeed pleasing to the ears. However, some of the sharper individuals managed to infer some clues from his words. Given how Mu Sha was sent flying earlier, this stone block clearly possessed an extremely ferocious fist aura. That fist aura was something that even someone who had stepped into the two Yuan Nirvana stage would have difficulty dealing with, much less the rest of them.

Song Duan’s words might seem fair on the surface, but it was obvious that he and the other strong individuals would have an advantage.

Even though this was the case, the rest could do nothing about it. This was a world where strength was king. They were not naive enough to think that Song Duan would give them absolute fairness. It was already more than fortunate that they were given the chance to try their luck at the inheritance.

Mu Sha and Peng Fei were clearly extremely agreeable to this suggestion and immediately nodded in agreement. Lin Dong merely glanced at them, his face like the surface of a still old well. However, he did not raise any objections.

Song Duan smiled a little when he observed that no one raised any objections. Unexpectedly, he took a step back and said, “Whoever is interested please go ahead.”

From the looks of it, it was apparent that he did not intend to be the first one to try. It was likely that he was worried that he would re enact Mu Sha’s miserable scene.

However, if Song Duan was worried, the others would naturally be even more worried. Hence, the main hall lapsed into a strange silence for a time. Everyone looked at each other but no one dared to step forward.

Yet, it was obvious that this situation would not continue on forever. A greedy expression involuntarily flickered in the eyes of some people as they looked at the ancient-looking stone block. After some time, a one Yuan Nirvana Stage expert could no longer endure and finally stepped forward. Under the crowds watch, he arrived in front of the stone block.

Having seen Mu Sha’s earlier attempt, this one Yuan Nirvana Stage expert was obviously extremely careful. All the Yuan Power inside his body surged out and completely wrapped around his body. After which, he very cautiously extended his hand towards the stone block.

The main hall was completely silent. Everyone’s gaze was glued onto the one Yuan Nirvana stage expert’s extended hand. Under their attention, he grew rather nervous, perspiration appearing on his forehead.

Under the crowd’s gaze, his hand finally made contact with the stone block. However, he did not touch the fist imprint this time around. Instead, he reached towards the pitch black finger hole.

No shocking change occurred when he made contact, but quickly after, Lin Dong’s pupils suddenly shrunk. He suddenly kicked the one Yuan Nirvana stage expert and sent him flying.


The fellow who had been kicked aside by Lin Dong was startled, just as the former was about to let out a furious cry, he saw a flash shoot out from the hole. With a swoosh sound, it left behind a bottomless thumb-sized black hole at the spot he was standing at earlier…

Remnants of a frighteningly sharp aura lingered around the tiny black hole. Evidently, if that fellow had been struck, he would definitely lose his life.


The one Yuan Nirvana stage expert immediately swallowed. His eyes turned towards Lin Dong in thanks but the latter ignored him. Those eyes of Lin Dong were solemnly staring at the stone block. This object was indeed not simple at all.

By the side, the Song Duan trio also looked at the tiny dark hole on the ground with grim expressions. It was clear that they also felt this was going to be extremely troublesome.

With the scene of that fellow narrowly escaping death everyone who had wanted to give it a try earlier finally squashed their desire. If it were not for Lin Dong reacting fast enough and lending a hand out of goodwill, that the fellow would have died on the spot. They were could not be certain if Lin Dong would show kindness and help the next time.

Hence, the main hall once again lapsed into silence. Even the Song Duan trio did not dare to act carelessly.

Lin Dong frowned a little as he stared at the stone block. A moment later, he slowly took a step forward.

As an existence that was the focus of everyone’s attention, this action of Lin Dong’s immediately caused everyone’s eyes to gather on him. Even the Song Duan trio became fully concentrated.

Lin Dong’s footsteps came to a halt in front of the stone block. With a thought, a surge of Yuan Power swiftly started flowing in his channels.

“I want to see just how terrifying the fist aura within this stone block is!”

Lin Dong’s eyes flickered as he softly mumbled. In the end, he finally extended his hand and touched the fist imprint.


Under the numerous unblinking gazes, Lin Dong’s hand made contact with the fist imprint. In an instant, his expression suddenly turned serious. He could sense a powerful and fierce fist aura suddenly sweep out from within the stone block like a crouching dragon.

The fist aura was as majestic as lightning, containing an ancient and forceful feeling. It was as though it was the most powerful punch unleashed by nature and was extremely wild.


The fist aura wildly surged up Lin Dong’s arm, causing his sleeve to burst apart.

Lin Dong’s eyes were solemn. Yuan Power whistled out from within his body and crashed into the wave of fist aura, attempting to force it out of his body. However, the the instant the two forces touched, the Yuan Power within Lin Dong’s body instantly crumbled. It was as if the fist aura was an existence above above his Yuan Power, causing him to have no means of blocking it.

Lin Dong’s expression changed when he saw signs of his Yuan Power crumbling. He hurriedly maneuvered his Mental Energy, however, even with the help of his Mental Energy, he was still unable to withstand the battering attack of the majestic fist aura.

“Lin Dong, use the fusion power of the Ancient Universe Formation. This fist aura is too formidable and berserk. An ordinary force will not be able to withstand it!” Little Marten’s cry suddenly rang out while the fist aura easily broke through Lin Dong’s many layers of defence.

Lin Dong concentrated, without wasting any time, Yuan Power, Mental Energy and the Devouring Power swiftly entered the Ancient Universe Formation above his Dantian. A grayish-black fusion force burst out and collided with the fist aura.


The two forces ruthlessly smashed into each other as Lin Dong’s body trembled violently. However, the fusion force did not crumble as expected.

The grayish black fusion force adhered to the fist aura like maggots in one’s bones, cutting its momentum in the process. Moreover, the Devouring Power within also erupted, swallowing the incomparably majestic fist aura little by little.

Everyone in the main hall was looking at the now deathly pale Lin Dong in alarm while a gloating expression surged in the eyes of the Song Duan trio. However, before the smile on their faces could spread, they suddenly sensed the wild and violent fist aura being emitted by Lin Dong’s body swiftly weaken.

The trio’s expressions immediately changed when they saw this scene. From the looks of it, Lin Dong had actually endured the majestic fist aura that even they were terrified of. Did this not mean that he would be able to obtain the sect inheritance?

Eyes flickering, the Song Duan trio suddenly stepped forward a split second later. Their hands also reached out towards the stone block!

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