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Chapter 507: Nirvana Burning Sky Array

Lin Dong did not linger on for too long in the remains of the Heaven Cloud Sect. After seeing Mo Ling and the rest entering the large hall and receiving the inheritance, he once again turned around and directly left this wide ancient ground.

The light barrier that surrounded the remains, was one that was difficult to enter but easy to leave. Hence, it did not take Lin Dong much effort to leave this place smoothly. When he came out from the light barrier, the people suspended around the island had mostly scattered. Following which, he observed his surroundings a little before he directly led Little Flame and hurried towards the deeper regions of the Ancient Treasure Trove.

Of course, Lin Dong did not come out totally empty handed from entering the remains this time around. Quite a bit of information related to the Ancient Treasure Trove were recorded on the stone tablet. The information on it was much more complete compared to those which Lin Dong had obtained from those bones. He even became aware of some routes that led towards the deeper regions.

Having a final destination in mind, Lin Dong did not have any intention of randomly roaming around. There might be many inheritance within this Ancient Treasure Trove but Lin Dong did not want just any ordinary inheritance.

Lin Dong usually did not act. However, once he did so, he would go after the best. Clearly, the strongest inheritance in this Ancient Treasure Trove ought to belong to the four mysterious sects. After all, they were the ones in charge of this Tiangang Alliance. Therefore, their inheritance were definitely not ordinary in nature.

Of course, Lin Dong was also aware that he was definitely not the only one who was after the inheritances of the four mysterious sect. Even Liu Bai and the others like him, were gunning after these four mysterious sects. Hence, it was not going to be an easy matter to snatch for the best amidst so many competitors.

After all, those empires and experts, who possessed the qualification and the ambition to gun for these four mysterious sects would definitely surpass the Devil Cliff Empire and Shi Kun. These people were all going to be extremely troublesome to deal with…

“Four mysterious sects. No matter what happens, one of their inheritance will land in my hands. Only then will I have not wasted my time on this trip.” Lin Dong raised his head, looked at the distant dusky space and muttered to himself.

Lin Dong did not stop anymore during his subsequent travel. Even the appearance of the remains of a sect in certain locations did not pique even the slightest of his interest. His direction did not change as he headed straight towards the deeper regions of the Treasure Trove.

While Lin Dong was swiftly travelling, he also began to sense that the surrounding natural Yuan Power seemed to have become vaguely dense after half a day’s time. Moreover, the originally dilapidated space also showed signs of shattering. Numerous frightening spatial crack lines that were just like the sickle of a death god suddenly appeared, causing Lin Dong to appear to be a little miserable looking.

However, Lin Dong also understood that the changes in this surroundings also meant that he was gradually approaching the deeper regions of the Ancient Treasure Trove. This place was not one that any ordinary empire or expert would dare to enter.

As Lin Dong proceeded towards the deeper regions of the Ancient Treasure Trove, the noisy surroundings that Lin Dong had seen earlier became increasingly rare. Along the way, he would only occasionally see some figures with powerful auras rushing by. All of their aura had actually reached the level of one Yuan Nirvana Stage.

Clearly, those empires and experts who could come to this place were all the top ranked individuals in this north-western region.

Lin Dong travelled in this manner for another hour or so before he suddenly sensed that his surrounding temperature seemed to have soared. His eyes immediately narrowed. After which, he seemed to have thought of something as a joyous expression flashed across his eyes.

Lin Dong raised his head while the joyous expression flashed across his eyes. The space in the distant had suddenly turned crimson. There seemed to be a fire cloud that spread over the sky at that spot, blocking all the paths.

When Lin Dong gradually approached, the fire cloud-like thing was finally clearly witnessed by Lin Dong. His eyebrows immediately twitched involuntarily.

This was a crimson sea of flames that stretched to an unknown place. It was as though this space itself was burning. The originally dilapidated space around the sea of fire was being incinerated until it showed traces of being distorted. The space was extremely unstable.

“Nirvana Burning Sky Array…”

Lin Dong started at this majestic scene in front and muttered to himself. From the stone tablet, he was already aware that there was a formation guarding the deepest region of the Ancient Treasure Trove. Clearly, the sea of flames in front of him was that so-called formation. Its was called the Nirvana Burning Sky Array.

If one wished to enter the deepest region of the Treasure Trove, one must pass through this sea of fire.

The flame within this array was burning fiercely and it was not ordinary flame. Instead, it was a fire that was agglomerated from Nirvana Qi. This Nirvana fire would ignite the Nirvana Qi if a Nirvana expert remained for too long within it, causing the later to die as a result. It was indeed extremely vicious.

Lin Dong looked at this never ending sea of fire, before his mouth clicked in a praising manner. This thing was a true hindrance. He wondered just how many experts had turning back upon witnessing this sight.

“Heh, this formation is truly not a simple one. You need to be careful.” Little Marten appeared before it glanced at this sea of fire that spread across the space, and cautioned him with some shock.

“I know.” Lin Dong nodded. He was not a fool. This formation was something that this large sect alliance used to guard their most important treasure. Even after several years, its strength was still frightening. If one was to underestimate it, that person would truly be a fool.

Lin Dong’s eyes glanced all around. He could vaguely see some human figures arriving from the distant. Finally, they were suspended outside this sea of fire. They hesitated for a moment before clenching their teeth and charging in. It seems like the inheritance of the four mysterious sects held a great allure.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Dong waved his hand. He did not hesitate as he moved his body and directly charged into the sea of fire. Little Flame also held a metal rod in his hand and swiftly followed behind.

A frightening hot wave came pouncing over the moment Lin Dong charged into the sea of flames. Immediately, Lin Dong felt his skin turn bright red. A thought ran through his mind before his invisible Mental Energy surged out. After which, it formed an invisible barrier around his body, isolating the frightening hot wave.

This Nirvana Burning Sky Array would automatically ignite as long as there was the presence of Nirvana Qi. Hence, no one dared to maneuver their Nirvana Qi in this place. One would also have to be extremely wary when they used their Yuan Power. After all, once one stepped into the Nirvana Stage, one’s Yuan Power would have experienced the refinement from Nirvana Qi. No one knew whether it would be ignited in this place…

However, it was obvious that Lin Dong did not care about this. His Mental Power had no relation to Nirvana Qi. Hence, it was the best choice for him to use to block the erosion of the Nirvana flames.

The invisible Mental Power covered Lin Dong and Little Flame. The two people also turned into a rainbow glow that cut through the sea of fire at a lightning fast pace as they advanced towards deepest region.

While Lin Dong was passing through the sea of flames, Lin Dong’s Mental Energy spread apart. He was constantly keeping tabs on the activities surrounding him. From the stone tablet, he became aware of how frightening this Nirvana Burning Sky Array was. If he was truly able to charge past it in such a manner, its reputation would be a little too comical. Yet, it was clear from that sect alliance’s combined strength that he would not be allowed to.


Clearly, reality proved that Lin Dong’s predictions were not without reason. Not long after they had charged into the Nirvana Burning Sky Array, an unusual movement was suddenly transmitted from the surrounding Nirvana fire.

Swoosh swoosh!

The unusual movement was detected by the cautious Lin Dong immediately. His eyes congelated. After which, he saw that numerous flames had suddenly rushed over from within the sea of fire. There were numerous small bright red balls, which were the size of a fist. A wild and violent fluctuation that spread from the balls caused Lin Dong to narrow his eyes slightly.

“Nirvana Fire Thunder!”

Lin Dong naturally recognised these strange balls. Immediately, his expression became somewhat solemn. These Nirvana Fire Thunder were all formed from pure Nirvana Qi, and they were extremely violent and would explode upon contact. Their powers were also very powerful. Just a single one would be able to blast an ordinary Nirvana expert until he became seriously wounded. If there were many of them, it was likely that even Lin Dong, who had the strength of someone who had endured one Nirvana Tribulation, would wound up with a great headache while dealing with them.

Evidently, it was obvious that these Nirvana Fire Thunder that had appeared in front of Lin Dong, had already reached the extent where he would feel endangered.

Little Flame held the metal rod in his hand tightly. His eyes cautiously looked at those Nirvana Fire Thunder that were rushing over from all directions. It seemed like he had also felt a little endangered.

“Brat, don’t touch these things. There is an uncountable number of Nirvana Fire Thunder within this Nirvana fire. If you cause one to explode, you would likely ignite a chain reaction. At that time, a couple of thousands or even tens of thousands of them would come blasting over. Disregarding someone like you who has the strength of a one Yuan Nirvana Stage, even if you endure another Nirvana Tribulation, it is likely that you will still be blasted into pieces.” Little Marten came out at this moment and warned him.

Lin Dong frowned when he heard this. He felt that these things were extremely troublesome. If he did not take care of these Nirvana Fire Thunder, it was clear that he would not be able to advance even a single step.

“Fool, what is your Devouring Ancestral Symbol used for? Regardless of how violent these Nirvana Fire Thunder are, they are also formed from Nirvana Qi. As long as they are made up of energy, the Devouring Ancestral Symbol would be able to devour them!” Little Marten involuntarily chided when he saw his awkward appearance.

It was really the case of giving direction to someone who was lost. Only at this moment did Lin Dong finally woke up. He had forgotten that these Nirvana Fire Thunder were Nirvana Qi at their core, regardless of how violent they were…


Since he now had a method to resolve his problem, Lin Dong ceased procrastinating. A thought passed through his mind before a circular black hole spread apart behind Lin Dong. After which, Devouring Strength surged out. The Nirvana Fire Thunder that came rushing over from the surrounding sea of fire directly whistled past and flew into the black hole.

Boom boom boom!

A vague low and deep muffled sound was emitted from within the black hole. The blood within Lin Dong’s body also churned a little at this moment. Soon after, waves after waves of powerful Nirvana Qi were poured into his body from the black hole.

A joy flashed past Lin Dong’s face following the pouring of such surging Nirvana Qi. This degree of absorption was faster than when he was training at the Pill River.

Lin Dong and Little Flame swiftly rushed through the sea of fire. Those Nirvana Fire Thunder that were repeatedly shot over were completely absorbed into the black hole. Finally, they transformed into raging Nirvana Qi that coursed through Lin Dong’s limbs and bones, refining him from inside out.

This scene was somewhat spectacular and shocking. If another person was to see this, it was likely that he would end up being stunned. Even someone at the level of Liu Bai and the others would have to carefully and slowly navigate through such a place. Who would dare to raise his speed to his limit like Lin Dong and becoming increasingly jubilant in the face of an attack by so many Nirvana Fire Thunder?

Lin Dong’s momentum continued for around ten minutes. However, he was still unable to spot an end to the sea of flames. As he had absorbed a large amount of Nirvana Fire Thunder during this journey, the interior of his body was faintly feeling a little swollen. He was unable to completely absorb the great amount of Nirvana Qi within a short while despite his strength.

However, his rapid pace did not continue till he had reached the edge of the sea of fire. Perhaps it was because of this wanton absorption but he had finally stirred up an even more powerful existence within this Nirvana Burning Sky Array…


Lin Dong’s swift moving body suddenly stilled. The transition between his fast pace and its sudden drop caused his eyes to feel a little uncomfortable. However, Lin Dong was not concerned about this at this moment. His eyes were firmly staring at his front. The Nirvana flames was burning fearsomely at that spot. A faint black coloured flame was quietly suspended in that Nirvana flame. That flame wiggled repeatedly, appearing to possess some intelligence. At times, it would transform into a beast form with a human face. It looked extremely strange.

Lin Dong was startled as he looked at this cluster of black coloured fire substance. His mouth was dry as it moved. A moment later, a soft voice was finally emitted from his mouth.

“This is… Nirvana Demon Flame…”

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